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When Bruno haves a bad day
Your biggest problem right off the back would be finding him
Would need to get Casa to help find Bruno
Went back to hiding in the walls
When you get to him be ready to face Hernando
Having to tell Hernando your looking for mi amor Bruno
He would slowly peek out from under his hood before pulling it down
Get ready to pull this boy into a hug and whispering sweet words to him
Your fingers would run through his hair as he melts into you
Letting him mumble into your shoulder all his worries and problems
After some time you would stand making Bruno come with you back to your shared room
Stoping only to grab some comfort food
Once back in your room pulling Bruno into bed for cuddles is a must
Tell him a story. Doesn’t care if real or not
Let this poor man fall asleep with his head on your lap with fingers running through his hair
It will help him lots as he listens to your story
Tumblr media
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 3 months ago
Having a bad day
Having one of those days Bruno gets it he haves them to
Depending how bad the day is depends if he hovers
He knows if it’s ok to hover he will get as many blankets as he can and make a nest in his vision cave for you
Gets your favorite drinks and snacks all ready for you
When everything is set up he will pick you up and carries you to the nest
Once there get ready to be cuddled and kissed
If it’s really bad he will sit next to you running his fingers through your hair humming softly
He will stay there till you fall asleep
When you do he goes to the kitchen making your favorite meal for you
He will have Jorge give you the food knowing you would smile for him
Is trying to be your knight in shining armor
He doesn’t know you see him that way everyday
Tumblr media
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Dolores: Y/n what going through your mind I can see it is something.
Y/n: well I was thinking of that song you sang to Mirabel. When you said you associate him with the sound of falling sand.
Dolores: yes?
Y/n: I think you was hearing him throw salt and sugar.
Dolores: I don’t know Y/n have you seen all the sand in his room.
Bruno walks by giving the girls a quick wave before heading out. Stoping only to throw salt over his shoulder before heading out the door.
Y/n: mi amor silly man (sighs happily before looking back to Dolores)
Dolores: …yes you might be right Tia.
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If adopted by Bruno headcanons
First things first he found you in the forest around the village and decided to bring you home.
Best dad ever
Sometimes can be a little over protective
He would never get mad if you messed up he be proud that you tried your best.
brags about you to anyone even if your standing next to him.
will always come running with hot coco/ tea if you have a bad dream
Let’s you know it’s ok to cry and you can always cry on his shoulder
helps you with anything you need.
One thing he doesn’t understand is you alway try to be with him when he looks into the future
Loves when you want to help him with his plays.
He teaches you how to play hide and seek. (Meaning he teaches you how to win)
Loves that you get along with all the other kids in the family
Is surprised when you get a gift and so proud
Brags about you even more now
Will cry the first time you call him dad maybe every time
Tumblr media
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 4 months ago
With the family
Something I see Bruno doing with his family after the house is rebuilt!!
Him and Antonio would get all of their animal friends together, having a huge animal party pretty much. The rats would go between acting out story’s that Bruno told or nibbling on the food that was around. Were Antonio animal friends would be flying around or laying around him and his tio, watching the rat show.
With Camilo I can see Bruno taking him a bit from the house waiting for the perfect moment that Dolores was busy. He would pull out an old notebook, giving Camilo a shy smile before handing the book over. Camilo would be the one he would pass his old tricks and safe pranks to and of course tio Bruno would show Camilo that they still work even now. (But Bruno does keep his best ones to himself. He needs to make sure Camilo is ready for best Bruno pranks.)
With Dolores things would be more simple and relaxing. He would thank her for not telling anyone were he was hiding when he was living in the walls. Knowing how sometimes loud sounds still get to her even to this day. They would sit in her room simple reading and having conversations about books to life.
Isabela would be doing most of the talking, I don’t mean that in any way but excited. She would be showing Bruno of all the plants she could grow. She would somehow get Bruno to dance with the family like old times. Surprising Bruno dances better then most only to stop when everyone is staring. Isabela would smile and distracted him to forget everything but listening to the music just as he did for her as a child.
I can see Luisa and Bruno going off to were the donkeys graze so she could relax. He would show her how to make her own story’s so if she ever wanted to. I see Bruno trying to teach her to relax only to have it turned on him. The would both just lay back in the grass cloud watching till it was time to go home. Once dinner was done he would tell her stories of the stars in the sky.
With Felix and Agustin would pick Bruno up by the arms and pull him away from Casa. Now this is were poor Bruno regrets everything. They spend half the time running away from the bees chasing Agustin. (Having to go home to get some of Juliet’s food real quick.) Then the other half of the time Felix dragged them to a party that was happening at one of his friends house. Poor Bruno had to be coaxed out of the walls.
Juliet and Pepa would pull Bruno into the kitchen just like when they were all kids. They would all sit around the table just talking and telling jokes as if kids again. They would catch Bruno up on some of the things he had missed outside the walls. They would show him pictures of moments they thought he missed only for him to tell them he was there just in the walls. Bruno would then get more hugs from his sisters then he had in a while.
Alma and him would be a little bit more tense in the beginning of them spending time with each other. But things would be fine in no time, they would spend time each day drinking tea and talking. Alma is just happy to have her family back together.
Mirabel would be the one to coax Bruno to spend time outside of Casa. She just wants her tio Bruno to be happy, after hearing her mama and grandmother talking about someone he used to spend time with. She would bug him tell he told her stories of his childhood so she could figure out who this mystery person was. They both enjoy just spending time together.
Tumblr media
When Bruno finally got a minute to breathe to himself. He walks into town taking a path he had taken many times before. He comes up to a green door, slowly raising his hand to knock. Taking a deep breath he knocks three times, he quickly pulled out the salt and surger he brought throwing them over his shoulders. As the door opens he hears his named whispered as if the voice couldn’t believe what they was seeing. Soon after he was pulled into a tight hug and the words I missed you whispered into his ear.
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Y/N: Bruno el caruño, why are you crying in front of the Mirror?
Bruno with tears in his eyes: 7 feet tall
Y/n: what?
Bruno: I wish I was that tall like they sing about me. I am smaller then my hermanas.
Y/n: oh Bruno, why would you want that. Your perfect the way you are.
Bruno: I am?
Y/n: yes if you was any taller I wouldn’t be able to do this.
( pulls him down and kisses him on the cheek)
Bruno: Mi corazón..
Y/n: Now tell me who made you think you needed to be taller.
Bruno: ummm no one?
Tumblr media
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 4 months ago
Bruno as a child headcanons
As a child Bruno played pranks on his sisters…and he used his gift to know when the best time to do prank them
His pranks never hurt anyone
The reason he cares for rats as an adult is because Julieta found one in the kitchen and gave it to Bruno as a pet
He used to tell Pepa stories to help her calm down. Soon falling in love with the arts
The reason he likes green is not because of his gift or his family, it’s cause his first friend outside his sisters told him he looked good in green
He grow up hearing how his father loved them so, and how he gave his life for the family. Bruno wanted to be just like his father and protect his family no matter what.
He always won at hide and seek
Tumblr media
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 4 months ago
Camilo: this doesn’t look like what you think tio Bruno
Bruno: your not pranking (Y/N) and your mama pepa?
Camilo: ..ok it looks exactly like it’s supposed to.
Bruno: it will not work try water in a bucket above the door.
Camilo: that it?
Bruno: si, it works every time.
Camilo: gracias tio Bruno ( he says with a smile before running off to find a bucket)
Bruno: Your welcome ( he throws salt over his shoulder)
Tumblr media
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Sweet Dreams
(Y/N) sighed softly as she stepped into casita walls. “Hello Casita have you seen mi amor Bruno?” Casa giving a happy wave of its floor tile stoped moving as if in thought. (Y/n) gave a small laugh as casa pulled the tiles under your feet till you was standing before the stairs. “Ah I see, is he upstairs in his tower?” Casa pushed you onto the stairs as if saying yes before giving a happy flap of their windows before going still. “Gracias Casita.”
After making it up to Bruno vision cave (y/n) gave a sneak peek into the room. Seeing a form laying on the pillow pile you put there to relax with Bruno. Smiling (Y/N) walks in slowly as to not wake the sleeping man up. Sitting down next to his head (Y/N) started to run her fingers through his curly hair. Bruno gives a groan as his lips turn upward. “Hola, hermosa.” He mumbles as he opens his eyes to look up at (Y/N). “Did you forget something.” Bruno blinks up at (Y/N) slowly, before his eyes widen. “Lo siento, I must have overslept.” He said as he shot up to his feet. (Y/N) smiles as she grabs his hand pulling him back down beside her. “It’s fine Bruno, You can make it up to me.” He smiles nervously as he reaches over to knock on wood. “Anything for you.” Giving a laugh (Y/N) pulls Bruno back down into the pillows. “Let’s take a nap.” Laughing Bruno kisses (Y/N) forehead “as you wish.”
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brunolivesinthebwalls · 4 months ago
Y/N: no
Bruno: come on you know you want to.
Bruno: you even get a pretty dress
Bruno: the rats will be your back up actors
Y/N: (groans)
Bruno: pleases mi amor (gives her puppy eyes)
Y/N: (sighs) your lucky your cute.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Hola everyone, (laughs nervously) I’m here to ask any questions or if you wish we can act together. (Looks at Mirabel quickly seeing her give him a thumbs up)
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