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-Memes, pics, and random Pokemon stuff. -Recognized twice by the official Pokemon account. -Featured in Forbes, Porygon, and Kotaku.

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bulbasaur-propaganda·10 hours agoAnswer

Just wanted to say that any time I see a post from your blog, it makes me smile :) So thank you!!

Glad to know that my page is still worth it 💚

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bulbasaur-propaganda·a day agoText


What the hell is this.. 👀

Someone just sent me this.

If you want these figures, please don’t buy them from any store. They are actually free downloads. Don’t support scammers.

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bulbasaur-propaganda·13 days agoAnswer

do you have variations of bulbasaur you love? some you hate? post pics and tell us why!

Bulbasaur with variants by @butt-berry are amazing and among my favorites.

There was an artist who made Bulbasaur with different types (fire, ground, electric, etc…) but forgot their username.

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bulbasaur-propaganda·15 days agoVideo


When Hoenn fans play Kanto games

Fast Forward to the end. he chose Bulbasaur after being impressed with Ash’s Bulbasaur’s courage and strength.

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bulbasaur-propaganda·16 days agoAnswer

favourite bulbasaur attack?

Giga Drain. Nothing better than regaining HP while causing damage in games

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bulbasaur-propaganda·16 days agoText

elephantemos submitted: yo as a bulbasaur connoissaur, can you help me? My older sister gave me this bulbasaur pencil sharpener and I, for the life of me, cannae open it up. The bulb wiggles very slightly so Gut says to pull it up but when I put pressure there I feel something bending inside and I fear breaking this ancient boy. It will need a fair bit of force to open after laying dormant for however odd many years.

If you are granted arcane knowledge on all bulbasaur related memorabilia OR somehow just know this on the fly through various means, should I test my luck and try removing brute force removing the bulb, or maybe use some sort of lubricant to ease it off or should I just let this dude retire and live his life next to my snake plant?

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bulbasaur-propaganda·18 days agoAnswer

If a troll told you to delete system 32 and you do it, would you blame yourself for not searching it up beforehand, or the troll for telling you to do it in the first place?

Myself. Never trust random people/strangers who just wanted to meme or fool around online

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