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bumblebeesstudies·12 days agoText


☆ got a new surface for my desk…. it’s so much bigger!! But i might paint it red - this is looking kinda plain ☆

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hearing “im so proud of you” when you feel like you aren’t doing enough really lifts some weight off your shoulders

idk who needs to hear this but i’m so proud of you

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a late post!! today was incredibly hectic, not helped by the migraine i spontaneously got. this was today’s work, since my math class is now back in session. it was actually super fun i didn’t realize how much i missed equations and solving things. is there anything you do miss about school???

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2020 Quarantine Challenge

Sun - What are you doing to relax?

For me the best way to relax is to sit outside in the garden, drink a cup of coffee, listen to the sounds of nature and not do anything else!

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29/03/20 - Day 12 of Social Distancing

Image: A mug of hot chocolate, The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, and my gay polar bear pajamas.

Today I

  • Watched Jack Taylor on Netflix.
  • Listened to episodes 16-18 of Welcome to Night Vale!
  • Read chapter 5 of The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt!

Tomorrow I will

  • Wake up at 5:30am to do some yoga!
  • Start some spring cleaning! Tomorrow will be dedicated to the kitchen.
  • Do some research for my dissertation.
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Sometimes is hard to concentrate with all that is going on, but let’s try to get the best out of this.

Today I’m studying bank contracts, company law, and international law.

Hope you have and amazing day and week. 🖤

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Read for my thesis today - I’m almost finished with this part, I can’t wait to actually start writing…

I also went to buy a small fridge with my dad because my brother is an irresponsible fucker who went out with his friends even when it was already wasn’t recommended because of the virus and now he feels sick… So we’re stuck here if we don’t want to get anyone ill. We are trying to separate ourselves from him but it’s not easy…

Anyway, at least I don’t have to do this alone because my dad is here.

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- went through my adhd essay again and submitted it

- uploaded my plan with me, april and because it’s a real-time video, it’s insanely long and it took insanely forever to upload but yeah it should be up this friday

- my whittard parcel still hasnt arrive 😭

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I’ve finally been able to catch up on reading due to not so great circumstances - social distancing. I hope everyone is practicing social distancing (if you’re able to, if not then I hope you’re keeping yourself healthy!). Sending everyone well wishes during this stressful time 💛

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Online classes start tomorrow, and I am equal parts excited and terrified…
I have spent the last two weeks trying to get caught up in Calculus II and Physics, since I got a bit behind near the end of the quarter. At first, I was feeling absolutely hopeless, but now I can get through a problem without second-guessing myself. It is really validating to make that kind of progress in a short period of time. That being said, we shall see if it paid off when I take the quizzes and exams scheduled for this week 😬
My software engineering professor kept us busy during the break, which I actually appreciated because I love C and recursion! Programming homework is somewhat of a guilty pleasure because I feel bad about how much I enjoy it 🤓

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30 March 2020 | Monday
Take a picture of your desk / study space

I’ve wound up including two photos because, how do I choose just one? The first one is more recent than the second; here in new zealand we’re just settling into autumn, so the weather is warm enough to sit out on the deck and enjoy a pleasant sunny day with a copy of the dream thieves and a glass of apple and elderflower iced tea.
The second photo is one I posted here a few days ago, but seeing as I spent my day literally the exact same way there didn’t seem to be much point in taking an identical picture. In the image, you can see I’ve printed out pages from my pdf of the goldfinch in order to highlight and annotate evidence to help me with my upcoming english assignment.

As you can tell, I don’t really have a study space as such, and no desk to work at either. You’ll typically either find me sitting outside in the shade or on my bed with my laptop close at hand.

(2020 Quarantine Challenge courtesy of @myhoneststudyblr)

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hello from social distancing! i’m about to head into my second week of online classes, and so far things are going alright. i had two midterms last week that i did well on, but we were being tested primarily on things that we had covered already in lecture.

i’m trying to get most of my notes for this week done so that i can focus on assignments and studying for upcoming finals, so that’s been what i’ve been doing for most of today.

((i also really need to finish a calculus assignment that’s due tomorrow whoops))

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2020 quarantine challenge

day 7: what are you doing to relax?

I recently decided I wanted to start coloring again so I got some coloring books! I try to color a little bit everyday. I have also been trying to pamper myself by doing a face mask. :)

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— hey pals, how is everyone holding up ? I’ve been a little bored but overall doing okay. I officially start home learning tomorrow but I’ve already finished some of the easier things so I have less to do during the week. I wrote all of my assignments in my planner this week and found some mild liner hex codes on @studydev blog and matched a color to my classes on canvas so my canvas, planner, and google calendar will have the same colors!!! I’m also currently writing some notes on our next study in psych bc I’m going to try to take my quiz on it tomorrow. I also want to try to start posting more frequently since I’m going to have a ton of time so If anyone has post requests (?) let me know!!

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30.03.2020 | studyblr 2020 quarantine challenge

Week 2 - Pictures // Mon - Take a picture of your desk/study space

Same ol’ desk since I was like 13 lol.

Pictured: my laptop, iPad, 5-year journal, daily journal, to-do list, a mess on the right called stationery pile, stopwatch, and of course, a cup of coffee. Gotta live up to my username :P

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