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burntuakrisp·27 minutes agoAnswer

I've see your yandere Tom Nook and yandere Isabelle teaming up and raise you; yandere Tom Nook vs yandere Crazy Redd

Crazy Redd: *looks at you*

Tom: *goes crazy goes feral*

Today was the day.

A feeling of melancholy hung over you as you made your way over to the campsite. You tried your best not to feel guilty - he had this coming. He’d been harassing your fellow islanders, his paintings had been exposed as fraudulent by Blathers, his prices were ridiculous! You could go on and on.

Everyone was in agreement - it was time for Redd to go.

The fox wasn’t even using the proper campsite, choosing instead to shack up his tent beside it! You kept your face neutral as your eyes roamed over the sign across his tent - “Black Market’, with the "Black” shoddily scribbled out with a red marker. You remembered thinking it cute when you first saw it.

Though, as much as you hated to admit it… Part of you was a teensy bit sad to see him go. He had this charm to him, but, it was most likely a learned trait - after all, charisma is a necessity when you’re a conman. Still, you couldn’t help but find him a bit endearing. His way of speaking, his playful nature, his flirtations. He seemed to favor you out of everyone else on the island, only charging you 3,000 bells your first time shopping there.

You rolled your eyes at the memory. What a gentleman.

Even still, you found yourself coming back to him, even in spite of Tom’s insistence that he was a bad egg. Sometimes, you talked for quite a bit with him - about art, his travels, life on the island, your past, his past. You could tell he wasn’t being completely truthful about,  well, a lot of what he told you. It was like a game. Like his artwork, it was all about seeing through the inconsistencies and finding the truth in between the lies.

And, maybe, just maybe, it’d be fine if it were just you - someone who learned rather quickly how to detect Redd’s frauds and had enough bells to spare just in case you were wrong. But, this was bigger than you. Redd was robbing your friends of their bells and went so far as to verbally harass them and chase them off whenever you came around. Enough was enough. 

The only reason he was even allowed to stick around as long as he did was that Tom had a big enough heart to believe that Redd had changed.

You stepped into the tent, brushing past the tarp entrance, finding Redd dusting off his statues and paintings.

He turned about, flashing a wolfish grin as he spotted you. He set down his feather duster and trotted over to you, his tail beginning to wag.

“Well, if it isn’t my favorite Island Rep!” Redd greeted you, eyes crinkling as he smiled. “What can I do ya for, Cousin? I’m afraid I don’t have any new works in yet, but I do still have the ones ya turned down!”

“Redd, those are frauds.” You said, deadpan.

“You wound me, Cousin!” The fox said, dramatically swooning and feigning hurt.

“I’m sorry, Redd, but it’s over,” You told the fox. “As Island Representative, I’ve come to tell you that as of today, you’re being evicted from the island’s premises. You have by tomorrow to pack up your stuff and leave.’

"What?” Redd recoiled in shock, his confident mask breaking. “You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“You’ve been selling fraudulent works of art, overcharging for them, and have been repeatedly harassing the folks living here. We have every right to ask you to leave.”

“Come on, Cuz’! Anything’s legal when the coppers aren’t around! And, last time I checked, we still haven’t gotten a police station built.”

“Stop trying to weasel your way out of this, Redd! You’re lucky Tom’s given you the day to get out instead of just shipping you out on the next plane out of here.”

“Oh, Nook’s an old fuddy-duddy! And he gone soft, anyway.” Redd replied, waving you off. “You know, he didn’t use to ne as much of a goody two-shoes as he is now.”

“I’m aware.” You said, frowning deeply. “Everyone has their last. Everyone can change. Tom thought that, maybe, you had changed. But, you didn’t. And Isabelle, Tom, and I… We all decided that it’d be for the best if you leave.”

“Aw, c'mon! Listen, Nook is an old fool and that Isabella-”

“Isabelle.” You corrected.

“Whatever. She’s just a goody two-shoes! And everybody else on this island is a sucker! You’re one of the good ones, though. You’re smart. You can see what’s real and what’s not. We could make bank together! You and me, we could go places!”

“Redd, stop, it’s over.”


“No, it’s done.”

You watched as the fox’s face fell, his body looking as though it was deflating as his arms hung limply at his sides. You didn’t like how it hurt your heart.

He sighed deeply. “Okay, okay, I see I can’t convince ya. I’m sorry.”

You didn’t respond, trying your best to keep your face neutral and your gaze stern.

“Okay, look,” The fox spoke up again. “I… I actually really care about you, okay? So, if I can’t convince you to let me stay or join me, then the least I can do is make it up to you.”

You quirked your brow. You… Certainly hadn’t expected this. It wasn’t like Redd to be giving. Or to give, at all, actually.

The fox moved over to a sheet that had covered a large object of some sort. You had figured that it was merely keeping the dust off one of his statues… But now, you were curious.

With a flourish, Redd removed the tarp, revealing… A metal cage. You blinked in surprise, you face scrunching up in confusion. What on Earth had made Redd come to the conclusion that you would have wanted this?

As quickly as the thought came, though, you suddenly felt guilty. Crazy Redd had gone out of his way to get you something, despite how outlandish it may seem. Goodness knows you’d received stranger gifts - Kody had gifted you that utility pole the other day… And, even still, you didn’t want to turn down an opportunity to push Redd in the right direction.

“Thank you, Redd.” You managed a nervous smile, stepping toward the cage.

You stared into the open maw of your gift.  You had to hold back a shudder - the cage seemed to radiate a cold feeling of dread. You noticed a lock by where the door would close, and wondered if there was a key that went with it-

You were suddenly slammed forward, soaring into the cage and crashing against the bars of the cage, the metal pressing coldly against your skin. You stumbled, in a daze, as you turned about. The sound of metal clashing against metal rang in your ears as the fox slammed the door, sharp teething flashing as he smiled deviously. In his paws, he held a key, quickly locking the door before you could get your bearings. 

You launched forward (as much as you could, considering the small space), hands grasping against the bars. Your eyes were wide and wild as you bore into the fox.

“Redd! What are you doing?!” You cried, heart rabitting in your chest.

The fox’s tail flicked playfully, his smile wide. “Hey, if I have to leave this little vay-cay spot, I might as well take a souvenir, right?”

“This isn’t funny,” Your voice was shaky, and you could feel tears building within your eyes. “Let me go!”

“No can do, Cousin,” The fox tutted. “You’re one in a million. You see… I’ve really grown to like you. I can’t just let ya go! You don’t belong here with these nobodies. So, I’ll do like ya ask and get outta here by nightfall, and you’re comin’ with me!”

Dread filled you to the brim as the fox chuckled. One of his paws reached out to grasp your wrist, pulling it past the bars. He leaned down to press a kiss to it, purrs and chuckles bubbling up from his throat.

Tom was worried.

Of course, there was a constant feeling of worry in the back of his mind when it came to you - how were you doing? Were you getting enough rest? Getting enough to eat or drink? Was anyone bothering you? Where were you? Did you need any help?

But, now, he had a real reason to be. He had sent you out earlier that day to kick out a…Particular nuisance, a ghost of his past, a reminder  of pf everything gone wrong in his past and everything he could have ended up being, if he hadn’t learned from his mistakes. And, he wanted to believe that the same could be said for Crazy Redd. 

Now, he knew that he should have followed his gut and booted that fox off the island the moment he set his thieving paws on the soil. 

He had plenty of reasons to be concerned, to be angered - Redd was up to his old, slimy tricks, making bank off of scamming poor innocent folks. Though, as much as it shamed him to admit, what really got his hackles raised was how much he seemed to distract you. Redd was no good, and you were practically the definition of goodness! Redd didn’t deserve to be near you. He didn’t even deserve to be on the same island as you!

The tanooki fiddled with his paws nervously. What a fool he was, sending you off to deal with Redd on your own. You may have been the Island Representative and he and Isabelle knew you could hold your own, but… Redd wasn’t like the other villagers.

He maintained a causal visage as he made his way over to the campsite, waving as various villagers as he did. He didn’t want anyone to panic. Once he was out of view and the fox’s tent grew closer, he steeled his gaze, marching faster and with purpose.  It was becoming difficult to quell the anger boiling within him, unconsciously unsheathing his claws.

Upon closer inspection, a new sign was hung across the tent. In big bold letters, “CLOSED! NOW SCRAM!” was scrawled, along with a doodle of an angry fox. Tom’s fur bristled and stood on end as he almost tore open the tent’s tarp entrance.

He paused mid-step, eyes going wide as he took in the sight before him. Redd was pushing a gag into your mouth as you squirmed and fought within the confines of a cage. His mind went totally blank as he stood, frozen by the sight in front of him.

Redd humped as he spotted the figure out of the corner of his eye, glaring and turning about. “Hey, can’t you read!?-”

The fox fell deathly silent and still, the wind taken out of his sails. Both animals simply stared at each other..

You spat out the gag, breaking the silence. You grabbed tightly at the bars. “Tom, please, help me!”

Your voice brought him back to the present.  Fury rose up within him, the only thing within his mind was his anger at the fox in front of him - not just for bringing his slimy, horrible business to his island, but for trying to capture you and take you away from him! A deep growl built up in his throat as he shook  with rage.

Redd took a step back, smiling nervously. “Heya, Tom, ol’ buddy, ol’ pal-!”

Redd was silenced as both you and he witnessed something neither of you had ever seen - Tom growled loudly, opening his maw to reveal a set of sharp teeth, drool dripping from his mouth.

Redd couldn’t even more before the tanooki charged forward, running on all fours and colliding with him, slamming him to the ground. Tom hissed and growled at him, raising a paw in the air and unsheathing his claws. Redd squeaked in fear, curling in on himself and hiding his face. 

Tom’s paws dove into Redd’s pockets, digging out a key and scrambling off of him and rising to his full height. He bayed and hissed and growled and screamed at the fox, chasing him as Redd got to his feet, darting out the door. 

You watched from the cage breathing heavily and blood pounding in your ears. You listened as the Tanooki’s roars faded away. And you waited.

It wasn’t long before you heard fast footfalls returning to the tent.

And you almost cried with relief when Tom returned to you, hurrying over and fumbling with the key in his paws to free you.

You fell into his arms, weeping as he held you. You let him shush you and hold you and rub at your back. He whispered soft comforting words and nuzzled against you. 

When you looked up at him, you noticed his fur was a bit disheveled. Cute.

“I’m sorry if I scared you,” He apologized. “I… Must have lost myself back there.”

You couldn’t help but laugh, sniffling somewhat. “S'okay, I… Just, thank you so much. He wanted to take me away. I don’t know what would have happened if he managed to sneak me out.”

“I would never have let that happen,” Tom reassured you. “I chased him all the way onto the seaplane, so you don’t have to worry about him anymore, hm?”

“Thank you…” You closed your eyes, melting into his warmth as he held you.

“… If you wanted to take a break from your duties as Representative, I’d understand. You went through so much… You deserve a break, yes?”

You simply hummed in response.

Tom knew it was wrong, but… In a way, he was grateful for what had happened. This had sent you right into his arms, where you belong. It felt so nice to hold you.

You were safe, you were still here and you always would be, you were his, he would protect you.  Tpm nuzzled against you, rubbing his cheeks against you as he held you, scenting you - that way, everyone would know you were his, and nothing bad would ever happen again.

He promised.

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burntuakrisp·38 minutes agoText


C'mon Nook show me

Where do you have the keys to the apartment we share? As an artist that has yet to take commissions, Im surprised you do livestreams…


So like.

It’s not just me, right? Like. He definitely has a crush, right? It’s not just me??

C'mon, Tom, tell us how you REALLY feel

And they were partners,,,,

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoAnswer

may i request tom nook being protective/jealous when island rep goes to talk to redd? 👀

He should’ve called the cops the moment Redd set foot on the island.

But he had wanted to give him one more chance, one last time. The opportunity to move past, well, the baggage their last relationship had given him, because he really, genuinely hoped he changed for the better. He hadn’t. Not in any way he could see, at least. Redd was still selling fakes and swindling people who didn’t know better out of their money. For as much as it was worth, Tom thought he’d moved past all of it entirely, but seeing him again brought up both unpleasant memories and emotions. The fact he knew you went to his ship, alone, did nothing to soothe his nerves. 

Worry itched underneath his skin. He’d reread the same email 5 times now, though the words still hadn’t registered. Tom worried about you often, perhaps more than he should. But this time, it was different. Redd wasn’t to be trusted, he was the living proof of that fact. He couldn’t do this. The mere thought of him having his paws on you, his sweet island representative, made his vision blur. After moving the things on his desk around again and feeling Isabelle’s increasingly worried stare burning holes into him, he stood up. 

“I’ll be back.” 

He found you exactly where you told him you would be. At the secret beach up north, outside the rusty old boat Redd now called his home. He only felt worse at the sight of the two of you conversing, however, at least you looked fine. You were intently listening to whatever Redd was rambling to you about and the fox’s tail wagged as well, perhaps happy to find a more willing conversation partner. Though Tom couldn’t say he was good at pinpointing his thoughts anymore. He didn’t like any of this.

Redd’s ears twitched and he glanced his way. For a moment, as their eyes met, a look Tom couldn’t identify flashed across his face. It was gone as soon as it came however, replaced by a wide grin and swishing tail, one arm waving at him. “Heya, Nookie! Didn’t expect ya to stop by! Guess there’s still some love left in your heart for poor me, huh? C’mere, c’mere!” And while he didn’t like to obey anything that he said, he did want to get you out of there, so he obliged. 

“You’re not welcome here, Redd.” It took more self control than he’d like to admit to keep his voice steady. The air was tense. You were uncomfortable, clearly, questioning things but not sure where to interject. Or to say anything at all. “I won’t allow you to run havoc on my island. To cause any trouble for the villagers. I thought, maybe-” But he caught himself, going quiet, before a sigh moved past his lips. “Leave and don’t come back. I won’t contact law enforcement this once, it’s the only courtesy you’ll get.” (It was more than he deserved.)

His shoulders slumped. “You’ve become even more boring than I thought, what a shame. I didn’t do anything yet, take my word for it! And besides…” In one swift movement, Redd wrapped an arm around you, pulling you against his side with a smile. Eyes focused on Tom all the while. You squirmed, your smile nervous at best, eyes shifted sideways. “We were just having a nice convo, weren’t we, cousin? I was teaching ‘em some tricks!” 

“Um, actually, I-” You wriggled in the fox’s grasp, he didn’t release you, and Tom felt the small remainder of his composure slip through his fingers like sand. A growl build up in the back of his throat, a low rumbling noise, hairs on his tail standing straight. His lips turned back into a snarl, sharp teeth revealing themselves. It was merely your presence keeping him from tearing his claws into his skin right then and there. 

He got into his face. “Get. Out.” Each word was more a growl than anything else, his voice trembling. Tom had to answer the many questions that were probably running through your mind later, but in that moment, he couldn’t care less. Any coherent thought was swallowed by the noise of his furious heart. 

Redd’s gaze darted from Tom to you and back, before jumping back and turning tail. But not before looking back one last time, with a final toothy smile. “See ya next week!” And slamming the door shut.

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoAnswer

I can’t stand it. Looking out at the world. This world full of lovers who’d give their lives for each other. Because I’m so lonely. I want someone to hold me and love me and be possessive. Marking me, calling my their’s, holding me constantly, growling when anyone else touches me. I want someone to take me away from this lonely, cold hell im living. Put a leash on me and be angry over those people who were too friendly but pin me to a wall and passionately kiss me. Tell me you love me. Need me.

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoAnswer

what if... yan tom nook.. and yan redd... were going after the same s/o

im gonna cover this one if thats ok!!!!! if not u can send it in again so button can do it ~vixie🦊

🦝Tom Nook & Redd🦊 teaming up edition

🍃tom obvi wasnt for teaming up at first, with his burning hatred for redd. he doesnt want redd to lay a finger on his s/o! but.. in the end, wouldnt fighting over them end up with more bloodshed than necessary? neither him nor redd would openly suggest it, but it would just happen by itself.

🍂redd isnt for the idea of sharing either, but its better than not being with them at all! he knows the amount of power tom holds, being the one who brought you to the island in the first place. he also wants to reconnect with the guy, so what would be better than protecting the same person?

🍃conflict would arise every so often, sure, but it would always work out. they may be in love with the same person, but they would never want the love of their life to be terrified of them. one killing the other would end in their s/o running in fear! and the only way they want their s/o to run in fear is to them, not away!

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoAnswer

im really happy to see another yandere ac blog, esp one with such amazing writing!! i dunno what ideas you have on the rivalry between tom and redd, but could you write something for those two being yandere for the same person? thank u

ahhh you flatter me too much anon. I do not write, I shitpost

still, I will honor your request.

redd would most defiantly figure out tom’s love for you first, and honestly? it makes him less of a scumbag to you. as much as he loves you, he hate tom just as much so it would be his fucking dream to get you to willingly fall for him. maybe even to willingly leave the island with him.

in order to accomplish that he knows he can’t be as sleazy as he would like, so as much as he likes selling you fake art, he’ll start steering you towards the real pieces. he’ll start being more charming - using some less than legal techniques he’ll learn what you like and dislike. 

tom won’t start catching on to redds mutual obsession until Redd, unable to be apart from you for so long, starts visiting more and taking up more of your time. 

tom is not a fan of that.

so more and more, tom will start giving you meaningless tasks to keep you occupied. redd, realizing you should have stopped by his boat by then will go out to look for you. you, having gotten quite close to him, will tell him that tom needed you to do some work on the island. and that’s when they both know the game is on.

okay so I have a idea for a tom v redd full fic. I’ll probably write it soon enough maybe, but someone best remind be about the ‘redds boat “broke” idea’

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoText


Im pretty sure you havent thought much about this, mm? Hah, of course you havent.

The paintings on your bedroom, it looks scary, right? It smiles for I can see how your chest rises and fall every night.

The damsel with the earring, it closes her eyes when the stars come up, I no longer need to see you dance to your favorite song like you believed you were alone.

Have you perhaps noticed the lingering gazes? Mona Lisa furrows her eyebrows as I try to take a glance inside that open door. Smart girl/boy…

You like teasing me, dont'cha?

If I had the ability, Im sure you’d see me. If you had the ability, Im sure you’d see them. One, two, three.

Yi, er, san. Ichi, ni, san. Un, dos, tres. Un, deux, trois… Im quite the charmer, mm?

They are all looking at you, darlin’

The way you move.

The way you speak.

The way you breath.

That immaculate skin of yours.

Fragile like porcelain.

Darlin’, you’re making me anxious…

Sweet talk is the way to your heart, isnt it? I’ll make up a lie, make you believe you have a chance.

I’ll take your heart and everything you can give to me.

I’ll take your warmth and consume your insides.

I’ll make you mine… Can’t you see that leaf behind your neck? Oh darlin’

Darlin’, darlin’, darlin’…

I feel so cold


Why dont'cha keep playing the doll at the doll house a little longer?

~“Yan”!Redd, as he watches your daily life.

Wouldnt it be fun if this was, you know… a Prologue to Hunger…?

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoText


Oh everyone´s has been spending years villanizing Tom Nook for….. giving a job when you arrive and allow you to pay your mortgage whenever you want, without worrying about losing your house or charging you interest or buying anything you sell him, even trash…

You want an actual sleezy character? One who sells you overpriced furniture and fake paintings? Who is working with the insurance company where they probably will take a share of the profits by giving you back money that was way less than what you bought that forgery for?



 Do you see Tom Nook selling you fake items? No. Dude has a tragic story, he too had once big dreams as a young racoon… Until con men betrayed him and stole his money. He adopted two kids off the streets and taught  them everything he knows. 

i only used his services because that the only way for me to complete the art gallery at the museum. Also fuck Lyle

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoText


Art majors busting up into Crazy Redd’s house boat about to ruin his entire career

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoText


Tommy: Hey, Resident Rep! You went spider hunting last night but we haven’t seen you today!

Timmy: Yeah, where’s all the spiders?

R.R.: …

*distant screaming from Redd’s boat*

Tom Nook: …Sounds like you found a good place for them.

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoPhoto


You can either have the bells and nets or you can walk outta here. You can’t have both. Whaddya want?

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burntuakrisp·an hour agoText


I like the idea of tom nook being a father-esq figure to the player. makes it even better when redd comes to visit. it’s like when dad’s evil ex girlfriend/boss/roommate/whatever shows up and you’re like “oh it’s not that bad!” but dad’s Behind You with a Shotgun

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