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buttercupvenus·3 days agoText
Hello everyone! I uploaded a monthly review today talking about what anime i have been watching, what manga I’ve been reading, and overall what I’ve been enjoying this month. If you’re interested feel free to grab a cup of tea, get cozy in a blanket, and catch up with me 😊
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buttercupvenus·17 days agoText

I haven’t even read the manga yet but I watched the two episodes released and I’m already hooked! I haven’t been this hyped by an anime in awhile and you can bet I’m about to binge read this series.

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buttercupvenus·22 days agoText

So I just got my copy of Piofiore Fated Memories and I’m so excited to play it! I haven’t been this excited to play a switch otome game in awhile (probably since Code: Realize). The artwork in the game looks really good and you get these gorgeous character photocards if you buy the physical copy of the game. I just started up the game home page and even the music sounds incredible. I hope I’m not getting my hopes too high but so far I think I’ll really enjoy playing this 🥰

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buttercupvenus·25 days agoPhoto


Since Theo’s route is coming in approximately 36 hours (wow, how the time flies!) we figured it’s a good time to post everybody’s favorite part of the route countdown… Dev Notes!

Don’t forget to bring your tissues 🥰

(BTW, this didn’t fit in the actual Dev Notes, but… if you want extra drama, choose the Romantic End! If you want extra romance, choose the Dramatic End!)

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buttercupvenus·a month agoText

Well guys I just watched the first episode of Yashahime…

and I’ve been smiling ever since!

From hearing Towa speak for the first time, then hearing the classic Inuyasha music, then the flashback with all the OG characters, and then finally seeing Moroha and Setsuna. I was grinning from ear the entire time watching  😊 I also really like that they were able to bring back nearly all of the same voice actors!

I can’t wait for next week when we get to see Kohaku and Hisui all grown up!

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buttercupvenus·a month agoText



What is the worst otome game you’ve ever played? It could be because of anything (bad plot, bad characters, artwork) but I’m looking for ridiculously bad games. Please let me know if you’ve come across one! 🙂

Also of there’s any games that you find just downright hilarious please let me know!

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buttercupvenus·a month agoText

So I took the leap and finally read Fruits Basket and…. oh my gosh.

I don’t think I’ll ever be the same. This is such a good manga series that covers such a large range of topics and I finished the last manga with tears streaming down my face but I haven’t felt that warm, fuzzy, and content in a LONG time. It was so wholesome series and if I ever have a child I know that this is something I’d love to have them read. ❤

On another note the final anime season of fruits basket is going to be an absolute wild time and I cannot wait.

Thank you Natsuki Takaya for this beautiful masterpiece.

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buttercupvenus·a month agoText

Okay so I know I’m like a decade late but tonight I just finished watching Inuyasha and I’m dead.

 Like I was literally sobbing at the last episode. 

This was such a wholesome anime that has quickly become one of my top favorites and I WISH I had watched this when I was a little girl (but better late then never right?)

Then halfway through watching this series I found out Yashahime is coming out in just a few weeks?! AND OMG THESE CHARACTERS.


KOHAKU?!?!?!  ❤️️ ❤️️ ❤️️

And the daughters?! Beautiful!

I am so excited for this anime and although I wish I had watched Inuyasha as a child I’m also super happy that I watched it just before Yashahime comes out!

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buttercupvenus·2 months agoText

I think I speak for everyone when I say: 


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