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My name is Billie and I'm freaking out. "They," "she," and "he" pronoun sets are all super cool. I'm 24, disabled, and queer. Icon by punmastercella.
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cakesexuality · 21 days ago


supposedly career-ending results of jkr getting cancelled by trans women: she still gets to publish her new book to huge acclaim, still is rich, still has a large twitter platform and sway in the media, is literally rewarded for her transmisogyny by the bbc

results of the kind of transmisogynistic hatred spewed by jkr and those she supports: trans kids losing access to puberty blockers, which will result in a lot of dysphoria for a lot of people at best, and at worst will cost lives

remember this.

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cakesexuality · 32 days ago
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cakesexuality · 47 days ago



I made this meme to represent how it feels dealing with chronic illness. ∞

[id: meme in which a mama possum clings to a log with 6 baby possums on her back. the mama possum is labeled “me” and the 6 babies are labeled “my health conditions”]

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cakesexuality · 47 days ago

Do you know if it's common for people who have Autism to be sensitive to medications?

I’ve heard a lot of people bring that up, but I don’t actually know why it happens

Autism research is this kinda confused, messy place, bc you have actual autistic people talking about their experiences and scientists not really listening to us so when we’re like “Autism is genetic! We’ve been able to watch autistic traits get passed along the generations of our families!” they’re still going “Hm 🤔 Could it be caused by a number of incredibly odd and unlikely environmental factors?” and thus I don’t think I’ve seen someone actually pinpoint with a scientific study what’s going on when we have weird reactions to meds

I’m guessing it’s something going on with the extra synapses?? At least in medications with the ability to affect the brain, bc our brains have more things going on, but the drugs/doses aren’t designed for us due to us being a minority

I don’t think I can entirely use my own experiences to talk specifically about autism and medication reactions, bc it appears I may have too much serotonin as a result of mental illness, and I’ve reacted badly to nearly every antidepressant I’ve been on, bc giving SSRIs/SARIs/SNRIs to someone with excess serotonin is like treating high blood sugar with Skittles

But there are two reactions I’ve had that I could probably connect to autism!! I take Seroquel for depression and psychosis and I am quite sensitive to it. I get my dose upped about every year or so just bc I start having psychotic symptoms again and need more Seroquel to deal with it, but I did used to respond to 25mg the way most people respond to 600mg (I’m now at 225mg, but it’s still the same effects I used to get at 25mg). The other medication is Allegra, an over-the-counter allergy medication, and the first and only time I’ve taken it, my vision went dark for a bit, and I still don’t know why 12 years later.

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cakesexuality · 50 days ago


sorry i didnt “complete my obligations” i was busy having gay little thoughts and ideas

Like this??

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cakesexuality · 70 days ago



[ID: Text saying “doc: there’s nothing more we can do

me: what have you done so far?

doc: nothing”

over a picture of a female doctor with brown hair in a bun and dressed in a lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck, showing a male patient with short brown hair wearing plaid a chart.

end ID]

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cakesexuality · 77 days ago



I do not remember liking this, but clearly past me has good taste

I’m experiencing such joy thinking about how excited youd get when you hear the sound of hooves coming down your street - it’s the post!! It’s coming!!

Like an icecream truck response but for mail

Revoke the RCMP’s horses and give them to Canada Post

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cakesexuality · 80 days ago



The difference between a bisexual person and a pansexual person is that a bi person identifies as bi and a pan person identifies as pan and you don’t get to fucking tell them that their understanding of their own sexuality is wrong

Knew it wouldn’t take too long for folks to start clowning. Pansexuality is not biphobic. Bisexuality is not panphobic. Neither is more woke, neither is inherently more inclusive, neither is inherently fucking transphobic. Bi/pan solidarity is it, y'all.

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cakesexuality · 80 days ago



My ideal gender presentation is masculinity but doing it wrong because I’m also doing femininity but doing it wrong. Yknow

Am I masc? Am I fem? Well. I’m a boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend that you had in february of last year, actually

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cakesexuality · 96 days ago


avatar talks a lot about frustration or anger fueling firebending,,,but no one ever talks about how cute it is that happiness can fuel it too? imagine little kids giggling so hard they shoot fire, being so excited that they make tiny sparks, warming themselves up whenever they smile,,,adorable.

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cakesexuality · 96 days ago


[ID: Seven gifs from She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power. The first is in black and white. It shows Catra on the ground, Melog on top of her. She has her season five hair and there are tears welling at her eyes. “Adora doesn’t want me!” She yells, then looks to the right sadly.

The second gif shows Adora embracing Catra on Horde Prime’s ship. Catra is wearing white clothing, and the chip on her neck is visible. Adora holds Catra’s head, pressing her fingers into Catra’s hair.

The third gif shows Adora and and Catra hugging tightly aboard the First Ones spaceship. Both of their eyes are closed, and tears are dripping down Adora’s face. 

The fourth gif shows Adora on Kryptis laughing. She is blushing, and tears well up at the sides of her eyes as she chuckles.

The fifth gif shows Catra placing a hand on Adora’s chin and pressing their foreheads together. Catra blinks slowly, then looks up at Adora and smiles. 

The sixth gif shows Adora and Catra from Adora’s dream sequence in formal wear. Catra extends her hand out Adora, and Adora looks down at it then back up at Catra and smiles.

The final gif shows the scene from the first one. Catra looks to the side, and says “not like I want her.” /. End ID]

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cakesexuality · 97 days ago


I am sick of every article trying to paint jkr as a victim of the merciless cancel culture. She is not a victim. She is one of the wealthiest people in the world and she is knowingly taking advantage of oppressed groups. Grow up.

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cakesexuality · 97 days ago
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cakesexuality · 97 days ago


One of the traits of allism that is most difficult to live with, as a family member of a person with allism, is their “stereotyped behavior”: meaningless, repetitive rituals that they not only insist on completing themselves but try to force others to engage in, as well.

Their obsessive need not only to perform these ritualistic behaviors themselves but for everyone around them to perform them as well can be a huge burden on family members.

For example, people with allism often have extremely complex compulsions surrounding eating, with which they will attempt to force everyone at the table to comply.  These may include such unusual and varied behaviors as only cutting one bite of food at once (vastly increasing the amount of time it takes to feed a meal to a person with allism), only using silverware in incredibly specific and often uncomfortable or time-consuming ways, resting a piece of fabric or paper on the lap whether it performs a function or not, and arranging all items at the table in a particular configuration.

A particularly common food-related obsession is a superstitious belief that some sort of harm will occur if people touch the eating table (for instance, if someone becomes tired and rests their arms on it).  This inexplicable superstition is so common that those in the allistic community have even made up childish rhymes about it, such as “Mabel, Mabel, strong and able, keep your elbows off the table”.

When others do not conform to the complex and often extremely inconvenient demands required by the obsessions of the person with allism, the person with allism can become extremely upset, resulting in a variety of negative behaviors.  They often become aggressive, sometimes even dangerous.

While the stereotyped behaviors of people with allism can be very difficult and disturbing to manage, it’s important to understand that the meaningless behaviors don’t feel meaningless to them.  For whatever reason, they appear to find these rituals soothing, which is why they become so distressed when others do not follow them.  Remember, people with allism are not capable of healthy self-soothing behaviors, like stimming, and therefore may resort to problem behaviors to cope.

With understanding, compassion, and unending patience, we can find a way to live happy lives with our loved ones on the allistic spectrum.

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cakesexuality · 98 days ago


Idk what psych major needs to hear this but if you’re learning about mental illness, remind yourself that mentally ill people are real human beings and not sideshow freaks or your personal “true crime” story or an experiment waiting for you to examine or dissect. And treating mentally ill people as such makes you the EXACT opposite of a good psych major

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cakesexuality · 98 days ago



hello unfortunately im in need of a lot of help at the moment

i was recently let go from my job after they decided not to extend my contract and im trying to find a new one but its not going well so far

im really struggling, im not gonna be able to afford to refresh my prescriptions of antidepressants and painkillers and im not gonna be able to pay rent soon

and its gonna be


so im sorry to ask but

if anybody can help by sparing anything at all

my paypal is

let me know if you want anything in return like a drawing and ill do it as soon as i can after christmas

im probably gonna reblog this post a lot sorry

hi its been a while since i reblogged this

i have some interviews lined up but theyre not for another couple of weeks

im gonna have to ask for help a few more times i think and im sorry to spam your dashboard with this but its

incredibly hard to find stability in the middle of a pandemic yknow

i would really appreciate any help at all thank you a lot ily


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cakesexuality · 98 days ago






it’s sometimes hard to believe rasputin was real. like there’s no non-fucked up part of rasputin’s existence

did he do something problematic i thought he was just russia’s greatest love machine

basic (true) story: fanatical russian monk who has almost never shaved or washed and smells like goats shows up at the russian capital with a creepy look on his beardy face and everyone just assumes he’s a prophet or a saint because he’s got a cult following that believes he can cure illnesses. his stans are sexually obsessed with him and he gets just a fuckton of russian pussy wherever he goes cause apparently he can cure his true believers of illness with god-given dick magic. russia’s queen has him come stay at the palace and sets him up in luxury because she thinks he can cure her son’s haemophilia with the power of russian goat jesus, and they (allegedly) become lovers, probably, ‘cause she craves that unwashed goat-scented dick like the rest of his cult which she now  (allegedly) belongs to. 

then the worst assassins in the history of assassinations try to assassinate him, because all of russia is slutshaming the queen he has too much power over the royal family and it’s helping revolutionaries turn people against the royals. so these idiots have him round for tea and cakes which are poisoned with cyanide, but he is magically unaffected by poison they get the dose wrong and he doesn’t die, and then he drinks three glasses of wine, which are also poisoned, and he doesn’t die, so they tell him to look at a crucifix and shoot him in the chest with a revolver when he isn’t looking, and he doesn’t die, but they think he’s dead so one of them dresses in his clothes and gets driven to his apartment to make it look like he’s gone home to hide the crime, and when they come back he gets up and attacks them, so they stab him in the side with a knife, and he doesn’t die, and then he frees himself and runs outside, so they shoot him a few times more, including in the forehead, and they wrap his body up and chuck him in the icy river, and he doesn’t go into the water, so his body is found on the ice the next day. and get this…. he died…. of hypothermia.

additionally, everyone who wasnt in the party of getting rid of rasputin was pretty bummed out when they found him and his miracle dick dead the next day and there was a pretty bangin funeral of which the royal family themselves attended. however after the tsar was overthrown a few month later they exhumed his body and burned it because the new leadership was very adamant about making sure there were no ties left to honor the old monarchy. however this dudes body had never been properly prepped for a cremation which meant that under the extreme heat his tendons and ligaments began to retract and shrink causing his dead body to move and twitch around as if still animate. according to some testimony his body actually sat up straight on the pyre, and at least one spectator fired a gun at the body and another may have allegedly died of shock.

op was right. there’s no non-fucked up part of this dude’s existence. even his second funeral was fucked

But how can you leave out the severing of his dick

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cakesexuality · 99 days ago

*carrying around some of my empty pill bottles* Wow this is just like in Marble Hornets

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cakesexuality · 104 days ago





last night I dreamt that there was like a new meme/slang and it was ‘bode’ as in like bodacious so like ppl would zoom in on pics of rlly fat cats and it would just say ‘BODE’



we should never have abandoned bode. look what’s happened since

good god was that really 4 years ago?

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cakesexuality · 116 days ago




Boston marriage….? Anyone? No? Okay :(

From Wikipedia: A “Boston marriage” was, historically, the cohabitation of two wealthy women, independent of financial support from a man. The term is said to have been in use in New England in the late 19th/early 20th century.


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