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callmecupcakecastmember31 minutes agoAnswer

Hi!! I sent in a request for something written . Baby daddy Jeff telling his gf he wants a baby 🥺 something mushy and sweet ! I’m not sure if you forgot haha !

I didn鈥檛 forget! :) I have a list of every request sent to me, I鈥檓 sorry I haven鈥檛 gotten to yours yet! But it has definitely not been forgotten! <3

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callmecupcakecastmember36 minutes agoAnswer

“Mhmm yea ahhhh “ talk that talk to me boy 🎶

He just looks at people so dreamy like. Or maybe his eyes are just dreamy in general.

He鈥檚 just a dreamy boy in general I think

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callmecupcakecastmemberan hour agoAnswer

Do you read books ? If so what's your favourite one, I'd love to read it

I do read books! So, this will be kind of a long answer, but it鈥檚 me, so you shouldn鈥檛 be too shocked. lol聽

So, the author who got me into writing in the first place was Edgar Allan Poe. I absolutely love his stories and the peek we get into his macabre mind. Favorite poem by him, of course, is聽鈥淭he Raven鈥 (yes, I did have it almost fully memorized at one point in my life); favorite short story has to be聽鈥淔all of the House of Usher鈥. Some other great ones are聽鈥淭he Gold Bug鈥,聽鈥淐ask of Amontillado鈥,聽鈥淭he Mummy鈥 - which is surprisingly hilarious,聽鈥淭he Pit and the Penduluum鈥,聽鈥淭he Murders in the Rue Morgue鈥,聽鈥淎 Descent into the Maelstrom鈥, and聽鈥淭he Masque of the Red Death鈥. And most of his poetry is pretty awesome too.聽

For lighter reading (I only call it lighter because it鈥檚 not in Old English), I love the Cirque Du Freak series by Darren Shan. There are 12 books in the series, which I recommend you read first. Then, there鈥檚 the Larten Crepsley Saga, which is 4 books long, and I suggest you read those after you read CDF. I am so in love with that series that I have had an OC fanfiction ongoing for that series for 8 years now. My love for it is intense. If you read it and ever want to talk about it, PLEASE. And I do mean PLEASE. Message me.聽

I enjoy Darren鈥檚 other series as well like the Demonata series. Demonata is super dark and suspenseful; the kind of book you read at 3am and you wonder why the hell you鈥檙e reading it at 3am but you can鈥檛 stop now so on you go til the sun rises. lol聽

And of course, you have the Stephen King books like Under the Dome or Carrie, The Stand, and the Shining. I have yet to read The Mist, but I saw the movie, and do yourself a favor… don鈥檛. Even Mr. King said that the movie adaptation of his book is a piece of crap, and I have to agree.聽

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callmecupcakecastmember8 hours agoText






we seriously need to bring back the concept of 鈥渄espite its flaws i still enjoy it鈥 instead of 鈥榗ancelling鈥 every fuckin thing in sight聽

#we need to trust that just because someone loves a thing it doesn鈥檛 mean they don鈥檛 know it鈥檚 flawed

We also need to stop insisting that everyone enjoying flawed things must put 25 cents in the Problematic Jar and recite all its failings from memory.

If I just may add: we really need to stop pretending that 鈥淚鈥檓 a Good person, ergo the thing I like is PERFECT and if you criticize it you鈥檙e an ENEMY鈥. You can enjoy stuff AND keep your sense of critical thinking.

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callmecupcakecastmembera day agoAnswer

Cab you write something where Jeff has a crush on the reader and he wants to ask them out but us scared and the boys hype him up or something like that

I wrote this at the weekend before my brain went to shit & I still have 0 energy to proof read so I apologise in advance鉂o笍 thank u for the request my love!!

Jeff is a smooth talker, waltzes into every room with a quiet confidence that captures other men and women alike, has them eating of his hand with a simple smirk and sweet greeting, no pickup lines or exerted energy necessary.

Until you show up and suddenly he can hardly form a coherent thought, let alone string together a sentence eloquent enough to have you falling into his awaiting arms.

He grows on you with time, uncontrollable fondness spouting in your chest at his stuttered words and clumsy actions, no smooth talker everyone else speaks of in sight.

Jeff fails to see it, how your eyes fill with mirth in his presence, lips always pulled in a smile or playful pout, expression uncontrollably alive at the mere mention of his name.

He doesn鈥檛 notice, too lost in his frantic thoughts but the others do.

It鈥檚 not all that obvious, particularly with Jeff鈥檚 unusually shy behaviour taking precedent in their observation, but it eventually comes to light as the two of you transition from mere acquaintances to friends.

And it鈥檚 sweet at first, to watch their cockiest friend melt at every simple and unintentional sentence that leaves your mouth, always battling with his need to be close to you but choking up when you鈥檙e in his presence.

But months pass and not much changes except for the way you begin to giggle at his dry jokes and sarcasm, Jeff almost gasps the first time it happens.

David decides on the intervention, casual hang out between the boys in his living room turning to first an interrogation when they鈥檙e discussing girls in general before shifting to their own group and inevitably whatever maybe be going on between the handsome man and yourself before Todd and Ilya voice their encouragements, others quick to follow.

鈥楥鈥檓on man! You need to ask her out, it鈥檚 getting painful to watch鈥 Todd shouts, Scott and Dave nodding along before the latter pipes up, 鈥榊ou鈥檝e become an actual puppy.鈥

Which garners him a sweet 鈥榝uck off鈥 from Jeff himself in reply.

鈥榃hat鈥檚 the problem bro? You鈥檙e hot, y/n鈥檚 hot…it鈥檚 basic math鈥 Ilya adds on, frustration clear in his face.

A groan escapes Jeff as his head falls back against the sofa, eyesight set on the ceiling as he confides, 鈥業 don鈥檛 know. I - what if she says no? It would be so awkward-鈥

His best friend interrupts, 鈥楯eff, Y/n already likes you alright? You don鈥檛 have anything to worry about鈥 It鈥檚 the first time anyone says it out loud.

Todd鈥檚 words ringing in his mind as he lifts his head so fast it almost gives him whiplash.

鈥楽he DOES?鈥 Jeff can鈥檛 help but raise his voice, falling into a coughing fit immediately after while the others either roll their eyes good naturedly or nod in confirmation.

鈥榊ou don鈥檛 see anyone else laughing so hard at your dad jokes lately鈥 David adds.

鈥楾hey have been pretty bad鈥 Ilya admits, shrugging.

Jeff would be offended, except his mind is busy floating on cloud nine at the prospect of finally having a chance with the girl that鈥檚 occupied his every thought for months.

That feeling, along with the encouraging words of his best friends is enough for him to finally take a leap of faith and ask you out that same night when you inevitably show your face alongside the other girls to hang out.

Jeff goes for it in the kitchen, elbow slipping when he overestimates the distance while trying to lean cooly on the counter, his cheeks dusted with pink in embarrassment while you laugh.

It鈥檚 worth seeing the pretty smile that stretches across your lips, especially when an excited 鈥榶es鈥 slips past them in reply.聽

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callmecupcakecastmembera day agoAnswer

I wish Jeff would put of behind the scenes or like bloopers somewhere, I bet there’s so much footage just sitting from the barbershop

That would be such a good idea!!! He totally should do that

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