Deaf to all but the Song

Ind. Touhou Project Multi-muse.Written by Velour.

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candypinkyoukai·9 days agoText


“…Please? I just wanna feel your ears once.” You can give Alice a cousin discount, can’t you Chen?

“…Alright. But be gentle.” She proceeds to remove her hat. Go ahead, Alice!

With an enthusiastic nod, Alice would begin petting the nekomata’s ears. Oh, so soft… Truly, this is bliss…

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candypinkyoukai·16 days agoAnswer
Have wriggle curl next to mystia cant copy and paste for som reason

During the cold, moonlit night, that was when these two youkai were supposed to become active, performing the usual task of hunting down lost humans as expected of their kind, among other things. Mystia also had her lamprey stand to worry about, but there were two things preventing the couple from going out to take care of any responsibilites they had: laziness, and attachment for one another.

Thus began the sparrow’s internal conflict: should she stay with Wriggle, or do her job as a youkai? She couldn’t just keep sleeping like this all night–that would make her just as lazy as the darkness youkai! But she couldn’t deny that spending time with Wriggle, albeit not doing much besides lying around, was just sliiightly more enjoyable than making humans suffer.

No…she couldn’t become like Rumia. That would be a fate worse than getting sealed away by the red-white miko. Her job as a youkai was most important. Mystia sat up. Streching her arms out with a yawn, she intended to take her leave soon. She could always just come back later, after all..


What would quickly change Mystia’s mind, however, would be the firefly youkai quietly cuddling up to her, as if asking her not to go. Oh…Wriggle’s sleeping face was so cute, now she couldn’t leave…


…well, she could just handle the important stuff later. Now was cuddle time. Lying herself back down, Mystia would cover herself up, holding Wriggle close as the sparrow would drift off back to sleep.

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candypinkyoukai·16 days agoText


Oh look, White is back.


“Good good sis! Just speak more from the diaphragm. Take in a deep breath, puff out your chest, hold out your arms and shout the message thats been building up for an entire year.” She did as she said, Turning away with her smile simply beaming as she shouted. “ITTSS SPRRINNG TIIMEE!” With her message said she looks back at her sister. “Like that. Go on try it!”

“O-okay,” Black nodded. Following her sister’s instructions, she would take a deep breath, and puff out her chest with confidence. She was waiting for this moment for over a year–she couldn’t just back out now. Taking the final step with her twin’s support, she would release her emotions in an explosion of cheer.



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candypinkyoukai·23 days agoText



Watch out here comes a wild miyu coming in for a tackle hug.


Mystia would spread her arms to prepare herself for the oncoming hug, successfully catching her daughter and twirling around with them in her arms, then stopping to plant a chaste kiss on Miyu’s cheek while holding her like a princess!

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candypinkyoukai·a month agoText


Send Me A Symbol For A (Fluffy) Starter!

Send me “◯“ for my muse to carry your muse

Send me “▲” for my muse to bring yours an umbrella when it’s raining

Send me “✘“ for my muse to react to yours being afraid during a storm

Send me “☁” for my muse to give your muse an animal

Send me “ϟ“ for my muse to offer yours something to eat

Send me “☒” for my muse to give your muse a compliment

Send me “©“ for my muse to hug yours 

Send me “ 🔴“ for your muse to carry my muse

Send me “▼” for your muse to bring mine an umbrella when it’s raining

Send me “✔“ for your muse to see mine being afraid during a storm

Send me “❅” for your muse to give my muse an animal

Send me “♒“ for your muse to offer mine something to eat

Send me “☑” for your muse to give mine muse a compliment

Send me “®“ for your muse to hug mine

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