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captainsayalikus · 94 days ago

To look for a digital marketing agency can be a stressful job, but it is an ultimate requirement and a great brand can’t go wrong with it. 

In the current times, digital marketing has become a vital part of any successful business and because of it, these brands are able to achieve their sales target. 

But before you go out in the market looking for it, there are many things that you should do at your level first. 

  • Fixing on the budget 

Deciding a market budget can be difficult, but you should take it up in terms of account with 3 things. 

  • What is your affordability?
  • What are your goals?
  • How negotiable can your budget be?

The brand may not be able to come up with all this if they go directly in conversation with the agency, you will have to understand your comfort level then you may proceed ahead. 

  • Set your marketing goals right 

Digital marketing comes with many handles such as SEO, SEM, PPC ads, social media marketing, etc. This means that the type of marketing you opt for, will decide the reputation and profitability of your brand. Your aims can be website clicks, sales, branding or many others. That’s the reason, you need to be clear of what you want and where you see the brand going. 

  • How do you want your advertising agency to work? 

It often happens that many brands hire an advertising agency to just work for a period of time and some of them have hired them for full time on the basis of contract. This is why a brand should calculate if they can put in efforts, or take out time to handle their marketing strategies to give approvals and if the brand can work with the agency hand in hand to get a better approach. In the end, the brand has to decide the kind of efforts and working they are expecting from the agency. 

  • Check the kind of team a digital marketing agency - 

An digital marketing agency in Vashi is known to be one of the most creative and difficult to crack platforms for any individual. There are several roles that are in the mainstream media & creative sector in the advertising agency who plays the most important role.

This structure is the most responsible for the earnings and paying off. The roles with the creative department are many and varied, these usually involves:

  • Creative copy & content writers
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Production artist
  • Web designers
  • Associate creative directors
  • Creative directors
  • SEO experts
  • SEM experts

All these factors play a huge role in your hunt for the best digital marketing agency. At Futurescape Advertising in Vashi, we are a 360 degree marketing agency that will take care of each and every marketing, branding, promotional requirements of your brand. 

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captainsayalikus · 94 days ago

Some old school marketing strategies can never go wrong, as they are so great and beneficial and often tend to become an icon for the brand. But since so many new and unique marketing strategies have been developed and made way to the brands, traditional marketing strategies are being overlooked at, but since at Futurescape Advertising Agency we have a team of experienced and experts in the field of marketing; we are going to give you 4 reasons why creating a brand calendar improve your marketing approach using calendar design company in vashi - 

  • Increase in visibility - 

It is an obvious thing that everyone makes use of a physical calendar, it is one such thing that meets the eye almost everyday. Making a brand calendar and givit it out to your customers/clients is one of the most tactful ways of spreading your brand awareness. This works well for B2B and companies as they will remember your brand and may get in touch with you in times of need. Calendars are made to looked at everyday, in comparison even social media copies will be acknowledged and may be forgotten. But then calendar printing provides your brand an opportunity to be in touch with customers and clients on a daily basis, even without any communication. 

  • Lives for the entire year - 

If you give someone a flyer that is talking about your business, product or services, please be aware that it will not last for a long time and it will soon happen that they put it in a drawer, forget about it or even hit the trash can. But a useful thing like a calendar, which reminds you of the date, month and year everyday is not going to go away anytime soon. 

It will be in front of the eyes of your customer for more than 365 days, the annual nature of them also ensures that they get replaced on a predictable schedule, and you know when to send your audience the latest version of your marketing materials.

  • Pouring opportunities  -

When a new year starts, the calendar goes to your clients and customers as a gift and offering. However it is not necessary for you to choose it to be given to your only customers only, it can go to employees and any personal contact of yours. This creates an open window for opportunities as apart from your typical genre of clients, there are many other people also who are willing to look to find a service that matches yours. 

 Conclusion:- A good design of calendar will always attract opportunities, at Futurescape Advertising, vashi is filled with talented individuals who will strategize your calendar as per your convenience and profit expectations. 

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

Now save time and effort from your home with an online food order through oneapp. Visit your website and download our app - cubeoneap for more information.

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

Online Grocery shopping has drastically changed the perspective of our country, due to COVID-19, everyone has become cautious and careful about each and every step they take. India is a country with more than 1.3 billion people and when they all went to lockdown, it became difficult for all of them to survive without the required daily essentials and groceries, that was the time when the business of online shopping and groceries saw a massive hike.

Although the lockdown has eased and almost everything has reopened and we all can step out of our houses to buy groceries by taking required safety measures, but the nervousness and fear of being a victim of Coronavirus has not gone away, people are still choosing online shopping apps and home delivery services to order their groceries and daily essentials. Nevertheless, it is anyways a safer option to choose and move along with the technology to keep ourselves safe. 

In this article, we are going to talk about 6 ways how you can choose the best online grocery shopping app to make your life easier and get a better experience and convenience of the technology. 

  • Find an app with easy interface 

It is important to use an app that is easy to use and operate, as there are endless people out there who are unfamiliar with technology and the kind of conveniences it provides. Hence make sure to use an app to buy your groceries which is easy to operate and has a user friendly interface for almost every age. 

  • An app that offers you convenience of nearby stores 

It is always better to choose your local stores to buy your groceries, as they are considered to be trustworthy yet you are helping your neighbourhood grow and become financially independent. 

  • An app that lets you get home delivery 

The most essential and important requirement, you can take this reason to be the only reason for you to make use of technology and application. Choose your online shopping app wisely and shop from the one which gives you free home delivery. 

  • An app that allows you multiple options for payment 

Since contactless payments have been booming all over the world, cash on delivery has become a thing of the past. People have been preferring to pay from several different payment methods such as Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePay, Credit or Debit card or many others. 

  • An app that has variety of shops 

Variety is the spice of life! Hence make sure when you buy your groceries online from an app, it has different options for shop from every kind of essential you require. 

  • An app that’s trustworthy 

Make sure to check the reviews, before placing your order check if the shops are genuine or not by calling them or even knowing that if they’re around your vicinity and neighbourhood. 

oneapp is an online grocery application that’s one of a kind, this amazing application is filled with unique features that has all the best 6 qualities that’s worth your time and money. 

Download oneapp from your Google Play Store or Apple Store today. 

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

Order delicious meals & Healthy Tiffin Services from your nearest restaurants from the comfort of your home with one app, get it delivered while you’re at home!

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

Order online grocery stores by oneapp to stay at home and stay safe, find your nearest stores on your mobile phone, and get them delivered home.

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

Amidst many businesses, the business of tiffin service is seeing massive heights in the market. It has been determined that people are not very much interested in consuming healthy foods, there are several entrepreneurs who have entered the tiffin service market by spreading the awareness for healthy, yummy and tasty food that’s made at home. 

The growth is such that there are several offline and online food order companies and brands that have been launched and they offer really good quality meals made at home to serve the people in offices and homes. 

When talking about wellness in food and nutrition, you can always rely on tiffin service providers as making such meals is the true essence of their business. 

There are many people who are suffering diseases and health issues because of their lifestyle choices. The youth of India who travel from their home town to big cities feel home sick and have become a prey of the fast food and junk food, due to which they always tend to feel lethargic and their immune system is compromised in the process. 

A tiffin service subscription can help all these people to overcome all these troubles by providing them with timely and healthy meals everyday. 

But in spite of all this, a tiffin service provider should always make sure that they are not becoming monotonous and serving the same kind of meal everyday. Variety is the spice of life and every consumer is looking for taste along with good quantity, quality and variety as well. 

A tiffin service provider should always try to innovate and bring new kinds of meals to attract their consumers and help them stay loyal. 

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

The year 2020 has been significant for us all, especially for Indian’s where we have learned the importance of hygiene, safety and sanitation. 

We Indian’s have come a long way and experienced many things for the first time such as online grocery shopping, Several individuals were not fond of this trend of buying groceries from their mobile phones, yet there are several apps which are user friendly and it is easy to get services from them. 

There are multiple studies that took place in the year of 2020 which declares that online grocery shopping has become very popular and surged in the past few months. Around 76% growth was seen in the online grocery market compared to last year. 

Due to the pandemic and lockdown, it became difficult for people to move out of their houses to buy their kitchen requirements and groceries, and that’s when online shopping platforms and mobile apps started to create space in people’s mobile phones. 

On the other hand, online grocery shopping comes with some of its own benefits such as convenience of home delivery, contact-less shopping, ordering from the comfort of home, finding each and every item from the same store and much more. 

Some of these benefits have been encouraging the consumers to make a switch to online shopping and one such application and online grocery shopping platform made its way to the customers heart is oneapp. 

oneapp is a shopping platform which will help you buy your monthly groceries within just a few clicks. 

oneapp is collaborating with the grocery stores near you so that you get your requirements fulfilled from a trustworthy store, plus we strongly support the idea of “Independent Neighbourhood” where we help our local stores and people to grow along with us. 

Hence whenever you order from oneapp, you will find grocery, vegetable, fruit and every other essential store just a minute away from you, which also ultimately will help you give faster delivery with better quality. 

Download oneapp today & experience the ease of life yourself!

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

Managing housing society is definitely not an easy task. There are a number of things to take care of and more importantly there are lots of responsibilities that are required to be shouldered by the management committee. Therefore stress is inevitable. However, an easy way to reduce stress is to ‘delegate’ tasks. But again, housing society management committee is generally voluntary duty and finding enough volunteers to delegate the amount of tasks so as to reduce stress is generally hard. Does that mean housing society management committee members are destined to grind under stress. Well definitely not. Technological solutions can be the rescuer. 

Opting for a technology solution to manage and maintain housing society tasks not only reduce stress on the committee members but also ensure more error-free and faster tasks. So what exactly is a ‘technology solution’? Technology solution is simply one or a bundle of software that is built specially keeping in mind the requirements and functionality of a housing society. The software can effectively streamline and smoothen the workflow and processes involved in the management of a housing society.

Let’s have a look at some of the arenas where a housing society management software offers help in reducing manual labor and stress.

Billing and Collection: Any basic housing society maintenance software will provide you with the feature of automating the bill generation process. Once the invoicing and taxation rules are fed into the system, the software will automatically generate bills for every unit every month and also send them to the specific unit owner. Not only that, a good software also automates the payment reminder process and keeps track of the payments and reminds the payer at regular intervals.

Complaints Management: Indeed an area which is most stressful. However a society management software helps in smoothing the whole process by entering the complaints and queries as per date and urgency and keeping the whole resolution process transparent for both the complaint raiser and management committee.

Income and Expense Tracking: Keeping track of each and every income and expenditure in a society is an important responsibility for the management committee. And needless to say the task is stressful as well. While the decision of expenditure entirely depends on human intelligence, keeping meticulous records of each and every expense incurred and also the income can be efficiently handled by a software. Keeping a clean record of income and expenses also eases the pressure of the year end accounting and audit process.

Facility Management: The modern societies today offer a number of amenities like swimming pools, gymnasium, party hall, yoga centre, library and what not. And with them comes the additional tasks of managing membership and booking etc. Facility management module in a software can help greatly in managing these tasks without any manual error.

Accounting: Accounting is the major part of the management of housing society. While involvement of an experienced accountant can never be ruled out, a good society accounting software will always help in maintaining error-free books of accounts and help in the year-end audit process.

These are some of the major areas where technology solutions have been offering help in the management and maintenance of housing societies. However, these days more advanced housing society software has entered the market that can easily make the entire job of society management merely a task of some clicks.

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captainsayalikus · a year ago

A visitor management software - its name itself is quite explanatory to what it does, although there are few additional benefits to a visitor management software apart from taking care of your visitor’s entry and exits. A good visitor management system is capable of handling your security in a very unique and subtle way. 

Let us get to know how a visitor management system works & how it takes care of your safety and security. 

A gread visitor management system onegate - Powered by oneapp is changing lives with its unique way of handling safety & security of every possible gated premises. Housing societies, Commercial IT parks, Educational institutes, Health care facilities, Industrial infrastructures & even Universities. It’s presence at any premises is valuable as it gives you a modern & robust security system and a different angle to look at the visitor management system. 

Below are the 5 different & unique features which are offered by onegate and will help you change the way of your living in a gated community. 

  • Capturing photos/pictures of the visitor 

With the help of onegate installed at your gate premises, we give you a feature where your gate personnel can click the picture of visitor or guest & send it across to the particular host which they are going to visit. This adds an extra level of security that the host is able to see and recognize the visitor even before they meet. 

  • Allow/Disallow feature 

This feature gives a complete authority to the host to allow/disallow visitors at their premises from the gate itself. Host will receive an allow/disallow notification from the security personnel upon the arrival of the visitor. This gives the host an authority to simply reject the visitor entrance if he is not willing to meet that person.  Has 

  • Pre-authorization guest entry

It is quite understandable that for every premise and community there has to be few specific people for whom all these procedures are not required and they need to be felt special. This is the reason onegate gives you the feature of Pre-authorization guest entry, where you can send a pre-approved pass via Text message, email, whatsapp message or any source of communication so that as soon as they arrive near the gate, they may proceed directly into the premises without much of a clarification hassle. 

  • Automated visitor entry management system 

Whenever a guest arrives and feeds in their vital information such as their name, number, address, name of the host etc. these informations can be very useful and may be required in future due to an unforeseen situation. When stored manually, it becomes hard to keep track of every detail & keep things save, but with onegate, every single information which has been entered by you or the visitor will be saved in a cloud storage, so that whenever required you can revisit the past dates and events to understand the movements of every visitor in your gated premises. 


The features listed above are only a few which you will get to avail the best visitor management software for your gated premises. 

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

Futurescape Advertising Agency, Vashi’s Best Social Media Marketing Agency, invites you to take the brand to new heights of social media with success in our marketing campaigns. Please visit our website for more information.

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

Futurescape Advertising is  leading digital marketing & branding agency in navi mumbai
agency in Navi Mumbai offering a variety of services such as SEO , SEM, email and sms marketing, etc. For more details , please contact us.

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

The operations of an advertising agency is very different from the others, they use a wide range of strategies that come under the genre of advertising to create new and unique marketing campaigns that go as per the requirement of their clients. An ad agency is supposed to work with the client in an up-close manner to collect the required information and then pitch the campaign ideas that will follow the creative execution and process with the making and distribution of prints and online ads. 

In this article, we will try to understand the workflow and process of an advertising agency. It is basic that the copywriters and art directors pair up and work as a team together, they bring out the talent of the designer by giving the concept and creative ideas as this is one of the most important tasks to be done at an advertising agency. The art director is responsible for whole and sole work happening at an Advertising Agency. The traffic and distribution of work are all done by the art director. 

Usually, the work is given to the content writer first to write up the content about the given brand, then the content goes to the client servicing, art director & the client for approval. Once approved, it goes to the art director again and then he or she assigns the work to the department of graphic designers, and then the designers would make the art a piece of work and similarly it goes for approval to the art director, client servicing and the client for approval. 

  • Production From Ad Agencies

Ideas are just ideas until they’re made real. This is the job of the production department. During the creative process, the production department will be consulted to talk about the feasibility of executing certain ideas. Once the ad is sold to the client, the creative and account teams will collaborate with production to get the campaign produced on-budget. This can be anything from getting original photography or illustration produced, working with printers, hiring typographers and TV directors, and myriad other disciplines needed to get an ad campaign published. 

The production also works closely with the media department, who will supply the specs and deadlines for the jobs.

  • Human Resources and Facilities

Most businesses, whether they’re related to advertising or not, will have an HR department. This is the department responsible for the nuts and bolts of hiring and firing employees, dealing with state and federal employment laws, monitoring vacation and sick time, and the overall well-being of the staff. They are often rolled in with the facilities department, which is responsible for building maintenance and keeping everything in the office working, safe, and up to code. 

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

If you’re looking for some advertisement and marketing ideas, Futurescape Advertising is the best brochure designing agency in Vashi to help you provide all of the services you need including brochure designing. To find out more about us, please visit our website or contact us.

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

Futurescape Advertising is the best email marketing agency in vashi
, offering online marketing and email marketing
strategies for the digital expansion of your business. Please contact us if you want your business to expand digitally!

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

Futurescape Advertising is one of Navi Mumbai’s largest Creative advertising agencies. We give our customers the ideal mix of advertising solutions, digital presence and optimal content. For more info, please contact us!!! 

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

Futurescape Advertising is the best advertising agency in Navi Mumbai 
, offering a variety of services needed to expand your company online. We include branding services, brochure & calendar services, etc. Visit our website for more information.

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

An advertising agency has a very huge impact on the business and its sales. They are the one who are supposed generate new and fresh campaigns for your business so that it reaches the potential customers. They are the wizards who are taking up all the effort to sell your product or services. These people are a group of professionals who are working together on 1 goal, that’s to help your business reach its target. 

An overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs believe that a good creative advertising agency will put their best effort to build your brand and help you build your brand image. 

What will a creative ad agency do for you?

They’ll - 

  • Create an Advertisement based on the information collected from the product.
  • Perform in-depth research about its product & services and customer reactions.
  • Plans for the product promotion via social media.

Along with the team of creative professionals, they ensure that your sales are boosting along with these factors - 

  • Cost-Effective 

Employing an agency is cost-effective on the off chance that they arrange the digital media advertising solutions alongside their customary contributions. Thus agency guarantees that you will approach an all-encompassing marketing and advertising solution. Moreover, you will approach top-level specialists in advertising your business. The best thing about connecting a creative advertising agency in Vashi is that they are there when you need them. 

  • Estimation of Time 

Each business owner comprehends the estimation of time and it’s impractical for them to deal with freely. An advertising agency investigates the market with their various promotions and campaigns and conveys at the best possible time. 

  • New Set of Connections 

One of the significant advantages of employing or working with an Creative advertising agency is that the business gets an entrance to meet a new arrangement of connections which are as of now working with that advertising agency. They become acquainted with various marketing methodologies of various organizations to investigate in the business. 

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

A branding agency has the power and voice to speak with your audience, irrespective of the size of your business, advertising and its marketing can help you go a long way by helping you grow your business.

In a simple language, an advertising agency can help you generate informal clients from an endless number of sources and it is obvious that as many clients you have, your company will develop that bigger name. 

A creative branding agency in Navi Mumbai will help you strategize different kinds of ideas that are best suited for your business and implement these activities in different mediums to generate publicity for your business. 

You can use this engagement to promote your products in Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio, Social Media, Billboards and many other sources to curate more customers. 

A branding agency in Vashi will make sure to create a buzz about your idea that will convert it into a business. So if your idea is to make your business grand with the help of your efforts, you do surely need help from an advertising agency to give your idea a push and turn it into a business. 

Let us talk about in a few points how advertising can help you develop your business right - 

  • It will show the quality of your products and services  - 

Before purchasing a product or buying a service, any curious customer would like to know what will be the highlight of your product and how it can be beneficial to them, a creative agency will always work on your USP’s and present it in unique and creative ways to represent your product or service to be the best among them all. 

  • Promotes special offers - 

Consider the time when to generate more business, you are coming up with exciting and new offers that can be beneficial for your business and the customer as well, but how would it be fruitful if your customers and general audience don’t know about it? A creative agency will promote these offers and help you attract your audience’s attention which can bring you good sales. 

  • Help you develop your brand image - 

A creative agency will not only help you generate sales, but will also change the perception of your audience about your business. Once your audience starts to know more about your name, you start getting attention and respect from them which is a must in the first place.

 Note: The very first objective and job of a creative branding agency is to help you meet your sales target and spread the word about your services and business to your customers, but in the gist of it, a good advertising agency will not only help you get sales, they will also stand by you to develop your business to the higher and new levels. 

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captainsayalikus · 2 years ago

As it is said that Old is Gold, email marketing strategy is one of the most important and great ideas to promote your business and no it’s not to just generate subscribers, there is actually more to it. 

Email marketing can be done by any email marketing agency in Navi Mumbai is a process of sending and receiving optimized commercial messages via the help of the internet and email to target the audience and consumers. This also consists of the idea of processing and developing promotional emails, testings and maintaining them as well.

Email marketing is used to boost the sales and increase the customer’s loyalty in terms of your brand and deliver important information, offers and so much more. 

Basically, it is considered to be direct marketing and can be targeted at a mass amount of people at the very same time. 

How does email advertising work? 

Email advertising is a form of email marketing in which the recipients will share their consent to see the promotions and sales from respective brands. This kind of subscription allows the customer and audience to be aware of the ongoing offers and help them understand when it can be good for them to go make their purchase. 

How do I advertise via email? Here are a few effective tips for advertising on emails - 

  • Always ask for email addresses, as you should not send unsolicited messages
  • Keep records of the registrations
  • Always give people an option to opt-out
  • Show your privacy policy
  • Keep your email list secure

There are many people who think that email marketing does not work in the year 2020, but they are in a wrong idea. Email marketing has been utilized and people have been benefiting from it since the birth of the Internet, the power of internet and email marketing has evolved since then and come out to be an amazingly useful marketing tool. 

What is the Benefit of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is beneficial because it is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. Using this method of marketing provides you the means of reaching out to potential customers and retaining existing ones by encouraging repeat visits to a site. In addition, emailing is the top method email marketers use to nurture leads to convert.

Note: An ideal email marketing agency in Vashi will help you get your heart desired results by generating your goals and aspects of the business in respect of marketing. 

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