carlaerosie · 20 minutes ago
you asked so I will answer
things I hate about you and your blog:
1. you are using the fact that you are latinx to be racist
2. your whole blog is about you being latinx and how latinx Encanto is (bitch this is so annoying)
3. you are extremely rude to non latinx people
4. you use racial slurs
5. you are in other people’s business telling them not to ship something because you don’t like it
6. you think that only your opinion matters
7. you disrespect everyone who is not latinx
8. you are homophobic (I mean if you really have problem with people headcanoning Encanto characters as queer maybe you just hate queers?)
9. you are acting like a victim and harassing white and non latinx people
10. you are latinx (but I don’t actually hate y’all it’s only you)
I’m not the anon who you asked for the answer but I thought someone has to let you know how stupid and annoying you are
I’m also not white if that matters to you (it clearly does lmao)
wow that’s like a whole essay and it’s kinda aesthetic
okay so
1. I am not being racist to anyone
2. but like that’s what Encanto is…? It’s about Latine people you know
3. nope only to the white ones (in fact I am not - if I am tell me where because I really don’t see it)
4. gringo is not a slur
5. I mean okay you are kinda right but I am doing this on my account? I am not commenting it under some random proshippers’ post. I am talking about it on my blog and my blog only
6. I really do not I don’t know from where you got this
7. again not true. it’s only the white ones
8. i am queer myself (I know it doesn’t mean I can’t be homophobic. but I am really not and I’ve never said I have a problem with queer Encanto headcanons maybe read my blog again)
9. I actually think I may be the victim here but you know it’s only my opinion
10. how you gonna say that I am racist to white people by calling them gringos but then you hate me because I’m latina? weird
I am actually so tired of this but when I see stuff like this I just can’t do nothing. I was raised like that you know to always stand up myself and defend myself from people who want to put me down. So you can write thousands of messages like this. And I will answer
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carlaerosie · 40 minutes ago
You're kinda the reason I don't like the Encanto fandom. I'm not even white but you're just so hostile I never want to be around people like you. Have the day you deserve.
what but no really tell me what have I even done to yall that you hate me so much? because in my opinion the only things I did were asking to stay respectful about my culture, not to ship incest & pedophilia and not to bully me because of my english. this is what you hate so much about me? I really really would like to know so please tell me. here or in messages or in inbox anonymously. I don’t care just do it
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carlaerosie · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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carlaerosie · 23 hours ago
this is how I think how Encanto characters would react to asking about their pronouns
Mirabel: she/her and you?
Isabela: she/her.
Luisa: I don’t have time for this
Dolores: she/her *squeaks*
Camilo: he/him *shrugs* whatever
Agustín: my name’s Agustín
Félix: whatever you want them to be (if Pepa asks) what’s that (if anyone different asks)
Pepa: depending on her mood it would be: woman ones :) or leave me alone or I will start raining
Julieta: she/her *gives the asker something to eat*
Bruno: I’m Colombian if that’s what you mean
Alma: female ones or I don’t have time for this
Mariano: I don’t know but if you really want to know you should ask Dolores - she knows everything about me
okay I’ve never thought I would actually do something like this but I’m currently kinda struggling with my own pronouns and I started thinking about Encanto characters’ pronouns and yeah
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Encanto headcanon
where Dolores, Mirabel and Camilo gossip together
it would go like this
Dolores: guys you will NEVER believe what I just heard today
Camilo & Mirabel: cuenta, cuenta
Dolores: I heard Sebastián talking to his sister about Marcus…
Camilo: NO WAY
Mirabel: eh already knew it
Camilo: HOW
Mirabel: haven’t you seen how they look at each other? ahí hay algoooo…
Camilo & Dolores: *gasps*
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Mariano: a poem for Dolores <3
roses are red
violets are blue
your name is Dolores
Dolores: that was so cute 10/10
Camilo: he’s an idiot Dolores
Dolores: wrong. he’s MY idiot
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carlaerosie · a day ago
*all the stuff happening with Casita*
Mirabel: me, an empath realising something may be wrong with Casita
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Did you know? Luisa Madrigal edition
Did you know that the first time Luisa Madrigal was playing football she kicked the ball to hard and it never stopped turning? The ball was the Earth
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal never lies? The truth is just wrong
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn’t read books? Books read themselves for her
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal counted to infinity? Twice
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal is the one that makes onions cry?
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal doesn’t breathe? She holds the air hostage
Did you know that Luisa Madrigal can make one minute rice in 30 seconds?
Did you know that once there was a man named Chuck Norris and his character was inspired by Isabela Madrigal?
now you know
Tumblr media
there was also a kid named Thor Odinson. Luisa Madrigal gave the hammer to him
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carlaerosie · a day ago
loook at them
Tumblr media
besties (Mirabel is also kinda like: what am I doing here)
Tumblr media
poor girl always has to do the same pose
Tumblr media
big bro Camilo (Antonio’s so cute)
Tumblr media
just perfect couple (looking so cute together)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Agustín is just happy to be there you know
Tumblr media
#proudabuela 😏
Tumblr media
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Camilo *writing a tweet*: I spend too much time on here I’m leaving gonna miss you all
Camilo *replying to this tweet*: I’ll be back in 2 minutes
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carlaerosie · a day ago
bitch if you want to have a blog in English at least learn how to speak this language properly
I’m really trying to speak English properly. It’s not my first language (I know it’s not an excuse or anything) and I understand that I make mistakes and that sometimes it can be hard to understand what I want to say. But I’m really trying
I can run this blog in Spanish but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t understand it then. So maybe instead of shaming someone for trying to speak in your language you could just learn their language? Idk but please leave me alone
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Hiiii! I hope you’re doing well and I’m sorry for all the hate you’re getting. Idk if someone has already asked you this but what are your favorite characters? You can rank all, top 5 or top 3 doesn’t matter. Alright that’s it for me, byee 👋
hii! I hope you are doing well too
so let’s go
1.Dolores (obviously)
2.Bruno or Isabela (I really can’t decide I love them both)
4. Félix
5. Alma
so that’s it and I really hope you meant Encanto characters jajajaja
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carlaerosie · a day ago
I’m so sad that you always get so much hate- from what I see, you are a sweet person, and even when you criticize people you are kind about it. I swear people are so sensitive and look for a reason to be mean or take offense to something…
hey thank you🤍
I always try to be polite but sometimes I just want to post “I HATE GRINGOS” and then delete this app 😭 or I want to be rude sometimes really because some people are just so annoying for example when they defend incest, pedophilia or when they are racist but yeah
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Hey question. Is it weird for an adult to ship the teenaged version of themselves with Camilo or Mirabel? Like they know if they used themselves as they are now, it’s weird. But is it weird they’re thinking back to their own teenaged years?
I don’t really know how to answer this. In my opinion it is kinda weird. I mean if you are an adult why would you think about a minor in that way in the first place?
But then maybe those adults just see their younger selves as someone who would totally be Camilo or Mirabel’s soulmate? I really don’t know it’s kinda hard topic & I’m scared to say my opinion because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings again
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carlaerosie · a day ago
This is kinda random, but what are your opinions on Abuela Alma?
I love her sm actually. She also reminds me of my abuela in a few aspects!
I think that people go too harsh on her - they totally ignore what she has been trough and how much this affected her life. They are like “Alma is a bad person 😡” and this is actually so disrespectful because generational trauma is something quite common in latin households and it doesn’t mean our grandparents, parents etc are bad people
I also think many people refuse to go deeper inside the topic of generational trauma and why Alma acted like this and they just stick with their “Alma is a bad person” because it suits their stereotype and it’s comfortable for them but this is actually really harmful
so yeah that’s it I think I will make a bigger post about Alma one day
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Tumblr media
lmao not an incest shipper rebloging (is that a word?) your posts
that’s suspicious 🤨 that’s weird
no but fr tf😭😭 imma block them
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carlaerosie · a day ago
Hello! Is it okay if I follow your blog? I see that you're a minor, and I don't want to make you comfortable with me following you. I hope you're having a good day :)
hii yes I’m okay with that! I hope your day is going well too!
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