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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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[X] [X]

Pretty proud of this one, so I’ll let it speak for itself. <3

The Dolorosa as the Matron of Space!

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Honestly as a blind person I’m so tired of seeing fictional blind characters who don’t use white canes or other guides. “They have special powers so they know what’s around them” or “they’re confident enough to not need a guide” are common tropes, and I’m tired.

Are people scared that using a white cane will make their blind character seem weak? They can’t use a cane because they’re so special that they already know what’s around them, and other blind people who use guides are inferior because they’re not special?

I’m tired. Give your blind characters white canes and other guides. Let them hold onto their friends, let them have guide dogs. Don’t make white cane users feel ostracized for not being “strong enough” to go without.

Another thing that pisses me off is when a sighted character comes up with the fantasy equivalent of braille and teaches it to the blind character. Braille was invented by Louis Braille, a blind man, in 1824. The blind character should be the one coming up with it.

Tldr I’m blind and tired of sighted people lol

🔪 Sighted People MUST Reblog This 🔪

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If you guys have ADD/ADHD, autism, OCD, or something else that affects your ability to concentrate, I highly recommend the chrome extension Mercury Reader. You just open whatever link you’re using, then click on the MR icon (it should look like a rocket) and it’ll simplify the page so that it’s in a focus-friendly layout. Instead of having random pictures and word boxes all over the screen, it’ll be in a vertical format with nothing to distract you so you can focus on what’s important. You can also adjust the text size (small, medium, large), font (serif, sans), and theme (light, dark). And the best part is, it’s completely free! It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever downloaded.

This is an article without the extension. See that messy format, and how the actual article content only takes up a fraction of the page? It’s no wonder it took me 7 hours to write that paper.

The same article, this time with Mercury. The user-friendly settings are at the top, and the rest of the article is formatted vertically down the middle with no free-roaming pictures or words. How nice.

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Disabled Person: *is happy go lucky, friendly, and sweet*
Ableists: Ah a perpetual child. Unfit for this world. Doesn’t know how sad their life is. Poor thing. I sure hope that somebody is babysitting this clearly incapable wreck.

Disabled Person: *is bitter, antisocial, and abrasive*
Ableists: Prematurely aged by the suffering of their situation. Their life is a misery. They’ve known nothing but suffering and now they want to push everyone away. So sad. I feel so bad for whoever is caring for this Napoleon. 

Disabled Person: *is ambitious, career oriented, and serious*
Ableists: An inspiration! Even though they should have just laid down and died, they decided to have a life instead! They’re handicapable! They do normal people things despite being so abnormal. Gosh I feel so empowered right now.

Disabled Person: *is contented, self care oriented, and easy going*
Ableists: God they don’t even try. They’ve just accepted their fate and have resigned themself to never achieving anything. They’ll be a burden on their family forever. It’s so sad. What’s the point of being alive is you don’t do anything?

Disabled Person: *finds their symptoms frightening, painful, embarassing, or unpleasant*
Ableists: We must save them! We must find a way to end disability forever! We must find a cure for everything! Their life is such a horrible misery. We should make sure that nobody is ever forced to be like them ever again.

Disabled Person: *likes being disabled*
Ableists: They’re either lying or have a fetish.

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Work is hard, this much I do know; But I know you will be able to handle it, as well. You are strong, my liege, and you will get through it.

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i did my research and donated. this is the easiest way to donate to the lebanese red cross.

the Lebanese red cross is a charity that many Lebanese citizens endorse and are asking for others to donate to. As of right now (11:30 EST on the fifth), it’s the most up-to-date info I can find.

If you don’t know what’s up, Beirut suffered a chemical explosion the size of a small nuke (which is still fucking huge.) They have a host of other serious and deadly crises (humanitarian/political/social) going on right now, too, and the explosion destroyed their main port, where a lot of their trade and necessary supplies (such as medical supplies) come in.

Please, if you can, help Lebanon recover from this blow and tackle the rest of their problems. They need help.

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i think maka is really cool as a protagonist for a shounen series bc usually the archetypal shounen anime/manga protag is like a dumb impulsive boy thats an underdog but shes a smart analytical girl whos at the top of her class. unless shes pissed, then all bets are off and her braincells get transferred to her fists

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You open your eyes to nothing but blue. Bright light that surrounds you and blinds you. Then the glow begins to fade, and as your eyes adjust to the dark you realize that you’re actually awake, it isn’t just another dream. You’ve dreamed a few times, but they were always faint, distant things. This waking feels crisp, feels close to your skin. It also feels surprising. You weren’t expecting to wake up.

since i drew cal the other day i’ve been thinking about my other old old ocs so here’s a lil drawing of laz! the speedpaint of this will be up on my youtubes soon!

please reblog my art! i get very few notes on my art but your reblog could be the one that changes that

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if you been following this blog of mine for a while you know i’m NOT into conspiracy theories BUT this shit is fucking fishy as hell. this is NOT fucking normal and i truly believe this is a part of how police fight back against calls to defund and/or disband them. i’ve said for a while now (mostly on twitter) that ppl who want to abolish the police (i am one of them) need to get ready for war cause cops will fight us to the point of killing us to maintain their power. i absolutely believe they are believe this sudden and constant stream of fireworks happening across the country targeted in areas where there were massive marches calling to defund the police. this would be very easy to coordinate given all the communication tools we have today (whatapp, fb messenger, ig direct message, skype and etc) and like the last tweeter stated, given all the crap we know the police be involved in, giving away fireworks ain’t shit BUT if raises the number of complaints they don’t respond to, they can use that to make themselves look good. i mean check it…

that’s a hell of a fucking jump (for all the ppl who want to claim this is normal (stfu)) and they are not responding to those calls. why? they are behind it and then they can use this to say “see, y’all need us. don’t defund us.” 

i won’t repeat what’s already in the tweets but yea, i am 100% this is warfare by the police against calls to hold them accountable and to defund them BUT we can’t back down. the mere fact they are doing this proves they are scared and we are right. 

fuck the police! 

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@ abled people: instead of saying “tone deaf” to mean “in poor taste / insensitive,” just say those words (in poor taste / insensitive) directly. instead of saying “blindly” to mean “without critical thought,” just say those words directly.

instead of calling oppressive systems a “disease/illness” in society with “symptoms,” just say it’s institutionalized. instead of calling the bigoted things people say “brain damaged,” just start directly calling it bigoted.

stop using disabilities in a negative light in your language to try to make your point.

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Have you ever wondered why Kate, writer of Homestuck^2, is a despicable fucking human and should be extracted from the fandom like the rotten, festering tooth she is? 

Yes? Well, good news, everyone!

Here is a series of screenshots from her various accounts showing just how terrible she really is. 

This includes:

  • Harassing minors online
  • Trivialising the fact that her actions have caused people to attempt suicide
  • Claiming that no male characters in Homestuck are victims (completely ignoring Dave, a literal abuse victim, and Tavros, also an abuse victim)
  • Claiming that Vriska has never done anything wrong despite quite literally being the reason that Tavros is paralysed, Aradia is dead, and Terezi is blind
  • For some reason, making the Tavris meltdown about Vriska being a transwoman, despite Vriska not being coded trans at that point and the clear intent of it to be Vriska being so disgusted that she’s merged with Tavros that she’d rather die
  • Calling someone who pointed out the hypocracy of Vriska later prototyping Tavros and GCAT a transphobe
  • Having actually really terrible takes on what is or isn’t transphobia, and seemingly deciding that transmen/masc-aligned enbies aren’t actually people
  • Carrying on from this: Deeply transphobic, actually, which is highly ironic.
  • Claiming that June Egbert can be a “bi lesbian”, thereby showing that she actually cares about representation about as much as she cares about men
  • Claiming that we, as a fandom, need to grow the fuck up because deserve nothing we do not create, and outright stating that she’s writing HS^2 in the most upsetting way possible as a result of this ideology
  • Refusing to understand that her childish actions are childish because she’s a grownass woman (apparently, being one of the youngest on the HS^2 team justifies her attacking literal minors)
  • Somehow not understanding why people were upset with dogdick Jade (being a transwoman, you’d think she’d recognise the inherent transphobia in seeing a cis woman being given a dog penis)
  • For some reason, claiming that an actual, real life, living transwoman is cis, like some form of conspiracy - again, despite being a transwoman herself

And the list goeth on! I am, to say the least, fucking disgusted and infuriated that these are the sort of people writing Homestuck^2. Bitter, violent, phobic, outright antagonistic people with no care for the origins of the comic and no care for the fandom that helped forge it. 

Homestuck^2 will never improve. Not when we have people like this writing it.  

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here is a carrd for BLM 

here is a carrd for the crisis happening right now in Yemen

here is a carrd for Hong Kong

here is a carrd for Palestine.

here is a carrd for trans rights 

here is a carrd for the terror bill in Philippines. 

here is a carrd with various donation links (for Syria, BLM etc)

here is a carrd for LGBT+ rights

this post is constantly being updated - please send an ask if you find more!

NOTE: There are many more Carrds under the cut. This post would become too long if I added more and for the sake of easier access, I put the rest under cut!!

Keep reading

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“There is no logical or natural limit to how fragmented a dissociative patient can become. The more helpful question is What is the integrative capacity of the patient? The lower the capacity for the challenges the patient faced as a child and still faces in the present, the more dissociation will occur as an ongoing coping strategy.”  – Treating Trauma-Related Dissociation

Splitting dissociated parts is a very complicated, confusing topic–it can be difficult to determine when, why, and how it happens. As such, it’s perfectly okay to be unsure of whether a new part has split or not. Some things to know:

  • Splitting is a coping mechanism in response to stress
  • Not all stress causes splits
  • The same stress that causes a split in one person might not cause a split in someone else
  • The same stress that didn’t cause a split in the past may cause a split later; it all depends on the current coping ability of active parts
  • Some splits happen quickly; some can take much longer

Keep in mind this infographic pertains to people who already have DID/OSDD (you can learn what causes DID/OSDD [here.])

[Check out my DID/OSDD Casually Explained masterpost for sources and more infographics!]

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UHMMM im planning on visiting my best fiend @dhovorei this summer but due to covid-19 im unable to work as i had planned so im opening up commissions!!!

i prefer to be messaged on discord but u can dm me here if you’d like! my discord tag is 🧊kip🧊#9456

if u have any questions regarding guidelines and prices please let me know!!! 

examples can be found in my art tag and on my toyhouse!!

if u want to help out but don’t have enough for comms my paypal is !

btw! only the commissioner can use the piece i make for them for whatever purpose with credit!!! i accept payment before i start or after i finish the sketch! I also have the right to refuse anything that makes me uncomfortable!!

PWEASE RB THIS IF U CAN! i’ve been really wanting to visit my best enemy for a while and i would like to have extra money apart from travel costs!!

um hi so i haven’t gotten any since i posted this and i rlly need money to move out of my abusive grandparents house so im repurposing this post for that 😳😳

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