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i‘m in love with tim drake. and what about it.(she/her)

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cassfries·24 days agoText

hello!! if you guys want to become twitter mutuals, my @ is junniexx !! as u know, i really like the flashfam, batfam, superfam, yj core four, wonderfam and arrowfam, but i am also kpop stan! if u want to talk about any of those things with me, dm me on there!! 💞

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cassfries·a month agoText

dick’s soulmate tattoo appears first.

he’s 15, into the later years of his robin days, and one day he looks at a particularly deep slash into his arm. he had never expected a name to be healing itself over the huge cut.

it reads ‘wallace’ and dick can’t help but wonder if the boy had a nickname for his silly real name.

it turns out he does, and the wallace he’s been looking for turns up in his life, but as wally, and with the name ‘richard’ on his thigh.

they laugh, and already start to plan to get their nicknames tattooed beside their full names.

jason’s shines through at age 14.

as he’s being murdered.

the huge, purpley bruises spread across his skin like weeds as the crowbar beat into him, and jason smiles the best smile he can manage.

because finally, as he is about to die, he may read the name of his soulmate.

soulmates, his brain corrects, as he reads ‘roy & koriand’r’ etched into the side of his foot.

tim comes along, and is way too excited to be batman’s sidekick than anyone ever.

fighting means more injuries, which means all the more possibility of getting his tattoo early.

but it never comes, and tim feels ashamed.

the shame washes away when he meets conner kent, and he can feel it in his bones that this is who he’s meant to be with.

months later, ‘kon’ finds itself tattooed on tim’s ring finger.

and then cass joins the family, and somehow hadn’t gotten her mark yet, despite being injured many times in her past.

but then she’s punched in the face on patrol, and an ugly, yellow bruise forms itself on her jaw.

‘stephanie’ replaces it, and cass traces the name whenever she feels down.

damian’s appears at age 11, earlier than all his siblings’ had.

his reads ‘jonathan’, and he can’t help but scoff at the weird, obviously male name on his wrist.

he uses makeup to cover it up, contrary to his usual long sleeves when he was with his mother, because she didn’t believe in soulmates, and would always talk about setting damian up with a lovely woman that could kick ass with him.

he felt pulled towards the name on his wrist, but only when he met a certain little superboy, did he understand why.

babs gains hers in the accident.

‘dinah’ spreads itself in cursive across her stomach, right above her belly button, and she thinks.

she knows a dinah, a dinah that has a boyfriend.

she tries to refuse it, make another name appear, but she can feel the pull towards dinah lance.

babs cries herself to sleep that night.

stephanie gains her’s after jason tripped her.

yes, you read that right, jason tripped her, and she landed so hard her knee got dislocated.

during the x-ray, the doctor said there was a weird, light carving into her bone that couldn’t be deciphered.

stephanie knew from first look that it said ‘cassandra’, and got it inked on the outside not long after.

duke never gets a name.

and he’s okay with that.

he’s happy with his familial and friendship ties, he doesn’t need romance for himself and just wants to love a peaceful life with his siblings by his side.

the word ‘happiness’ appears on duke’s collarbone after a while, and duke beams.

his siblings always told him he was destined for happiness.

bruce’s tattoo appears last.

he’s finally happy, happy with all of his kids, his light’s, the things that keep him going. and that’s when he notices a pretty, cursive ‘diana & clark’ etched into his shoulder blade.

he smiles.

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cassfries·a month agoText

dick is dead.

dick grayson is dead, and wally west refuses to accept it.

“my love, you’ll come back to me, right? this isnt the end, please tell me this isn’t the end.” wally whispered painfully, his voice strained as he stared at the tombstone that read his fallen lover’s name is big letters.

“you-you’re not gone, you can’t be. you’re dick grayson, dick grayson doesn’t die.” he continued, his voice becoming more and more whiny by the minute.

but, as it seems, dick grayson can, and did, die.

and wally’s soul went along with him.

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cassfries·2 months agoText

why does everyone hate jayroy what-

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cassfries·2 months agoText

i will literally PAY someone to write a cute soft siblings oneshot of cass and jason 🥺 i would but i suck at writing

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cassfries·2 months agoText

for my first headcannon: my take on what the batkids call bruce!

babs — bruce. will never call him anything but his name, occasionally b slips out but she has to keep up the facade that she hates him

dick — refers to him as ‘my dad’ when talking about him, but doesn’t call him dad or any variation straight up

jason — a combination of ‘daddy’ to annoy him, 'old man’ with the same desired effect, and accidentally but too often to be a coincidence, ‘dad’

tim — doesnt call him dad straight up, although he definitely views bruce as a father figure and doesn’t correct anyone when they say that

cass — the only batkid to consistently call him dad, that was one of the first words she ever said 🥺

damian — still tries to use father as much as possible, but sometimes ‘papa’ or ‘dad’ slips out, and then he gets made fun of for the next week

stephanie — steph would call him daddy unprompted and then proceed to let out a creepy giggle and walk away

duke — the same as babs

harper — her and steph planned the daddy trick together, bruce proceeds to malfunction and not be able to work for the next 8 to 12 business days

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