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cbeats97·a year agoAnswer
gimme sad salarry smooches

Sad kisses: Almost not a kiss at all. Just holding onto each other tightly, A’s lips pressed to B’s temple, whispering soft words, desperately trying to provide whatever comfort they can.

The bedroom was dark, only a single, thin line of light filtering in through a small crack in the door. Larry held a shaking, wet-eyed Sal close against his chest, his hand gently stroking his hair as he whispered soft, comforting words to the other.

Sal couldn’t breathe. He could barely register that Larry was holding him, but he still clung to the solid body beside him as he quietly sobbed into his neck, his shaking hands grasping at the back of the other’s shirt, trying to keep himself grounded, to let himself know that he was safe. He wasn’t sure if he should keep his eyes opened or closed, for he feared either option could lead to a horrifying image staring him in the face. His body wracked with painful sobs, and the boy holding him could feel his heart twinge with pain at each sob. He hated seeing Sal like this.

Sal could heard the dog, snarling and barking at him inside his head, only making him cry harder. His skin felt like it was on fire each time he heard that damned beast bark, the horrid images of his mother flooding back to him, feeling more vivid than when he first saw it.

Larry wasn’t sure what to do. He had been woken by a screaming Sal beside him, barely getting the boy free from his nightmare before the other had burst into tears, his only coherent words being no and mom and stop. Everything else was a mumbled, jumbled mess, but his focus was trying to help ease the boy’s worries, let him know he was safe. His lips gently pressed against the scarred skin of Sal’s forehead, his voice as soft and gentle as he could manage with his worry. Lisa had even come into the room when the screams had woken her up, worry etched into her expression before Larry had gently waved her off.

“Sal, hey. Listen to me, okay? I’ve got you, you’re gonna be okay.” He whispered softly, holding the trembling boy as tight as he could without hurting him. “You’re safe. I won’t let anything hurt you, I promise.” His fingers carded through Sal’s hair now, and the smaller boy slowly began to calm as Larry’s voice began to break through the sounds in his head, hearing the comforting words that had previously fallen onto deaf ears.

He finally began to calm, and even after his tears stopped flowing and he finally found himself relaxing in Larry’s arms, his hold on the other didn’t loosen.

The raven-haired boy gently pressed his lips against Sal’s forehead, slowly rubbing his back as he whispered to him. “I’ll keep you safe, Sal. Nothing’s gonna hurt you anymore, I promise.” A soft ‘okay’ was whispered softly in reply.

Lisa came into the bedroom again once everything had settled, pressing gentle kisses to both boys’ heads, being sure they would both be alright before she left them one final time, leaving the two in silence.

It wasn’t a terrible one. Sadness hung over them, but the unspoken promise if it’ll be okay pulled through, the two boys holding each other tightly as sleep took them once again, neither having any dreams the rest of the night.

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