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Full Moon : Scrying Mirror
       After a series of mysterious events, Lex has been slowly coming to terms with lance's passing, Rayne and Cesaro slowly has been backing away from him while that's been going on Cesaro has been developing new feelings and intentions as well.  The night before the arrival of Johnny and Maria, Lex had a strange dream about a dark-haired fellow but couldn't see his whole face. He wondered what it had meant but brushed it off. Later on that day, he has been having a pack of wolves following him as if they're protecting him.
Rayne: Have you heard from Lex recently? I'm kinda worried about him.
Cesaro: No. I haven't...as a matter of fact, I really don't feel the need to talk to him.       
            She wonders why he doesn't want to interact with him no longer. Lex and Cesaro been friends for quite sometime now and it's very confusing for her to try to understand such animosity. "You really wonder why I don't want to hang around him or just stopped caring about his well being?" Says an angry Cesaro. "I stopped giving a shit when all he cared about was Lance." "They were best friends."Rayne says. "Need I remind you what you did too?...You too had a part in it as well".
Rayne: Ughh...please don't remind me...you know what if i didn't know any better I'd say you were jealous of the kind of friendship they had or jealous of him.
Cesaro: Jealous of who? Lance? You must be smoking that weed from that burning bush over there. 
Rayne:....No and by the way I did that once and never again because of the dreams I was having.
Cesaro: I wouldn't call cotton candy dreams weird....
Rayne: That's besides the point....Look you were happy to be around him before lance came into the picture now it seems as if you're fighting for his attention like you like him or something...regardless of what you say you still care about him and if I were you Id drop the tough boy act. You know we are supposed to meet up with Johnny and Maria at Lex's place tonight.
Cesaro: Whatever....there's no jealousy at all...
Rayne: Again, why is it that you're coming off as if you're fighting for his attention like i said?
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All apologies
If you are following my charmed blog, I do sincerely apologize for the lack of content as far as my screen play. Life got in the way as usual and i’m trying to bounce back but please bear with me as i will still continue to post my acts :)
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Full Moon: Sparks Fly
                                                   Act two:      For the past few weeks, Lex has been seeing this mysterious creature outside his bedroom window repeatedly as if it was his overseer. He also been working on his gift of second sight in the form the cards and crystal ball. his usage of spell casting has been improving as well since he uses his alone time to hideaway in his forest of illusions....at least that what he calls it although it's his second home.      
Lex drives to his place of solitude in the dead of night due to not being able to sleep and felt like taking a drive. As he pulls up and leaves his car, he's greeted by the same bat-like creature that's been peering through his window and protecting his home in a sense. He acknowledges its presence and decides to give it a name...."Lestat".
Lex: (Thinking to himself)...Lance, I really miss you...I wish you was here with me now. I miss everything about especially how you looked at me when it was just us...although i felt like our time together was coming to a close, i didn't wanna believe that it would end this soon in a very untimely death....(out loud)....I still love you...
     "Who's there?" Lex asks in confusion because nobody knows about that spot but him. He hears more noises from the trees and bushes but automatically assumes that it was just animals roaming around. As he sits back on his bed of rocks near the creek that runs through his secret spot, He looks ahead as if he was being watched. Dazed and confused and a bit nervous, he's being accompanied by Lestat whose eyes changed from glowing yellow to a shade of blue that was like the ocean. He spread his wings out wide only to reveal that he had a message to give to Lex. "Soon..." it read. Lex jumps up in fear and looks up only to see that Lestat has flown away but is perched on a tree branch up high but his eyes went back to their original glowing yellow. Lex texts Rayne and Cesaro asking them to come to his place in fear for his life due to what he encountered last night.
Rayne: Hey. What's going on?
Cesaro: Yeah man what's up? I was in the middle of a new musical composition.
Lex: Ok I know this is gonna sound weird but there's this ominous bat that's been playing stalker with me..
(They look at him like he's crazy and don’t believe him)
Lex: Yes i know it's crazy and hard to take in but this thing has been around me for the last like three weeks now and actually appeared at my forest site.
Ces: Oook...um are you sure you're not imagining this ?
Lex: Dude I'm not crazy...Look here's the note it gave me.
Rayne: it just says "soon"...it could mean anything...
Lex: So y'all think I'm just looking too much into it?
Both: Yup! (Laughs)
Rayne: You're just fine. Ain't nothing gonna come for you.
Ces: yeah man just chill out..so i just got word that Johnny Is coming into town with Maria. Are you down to hang later on?
Rayne: Awesome! Lex you need to have some fun. Might as well say "yes".
Lex: You're right...let me know when they get in and we'll go from there.
Ces: Ok cool.
      After they leave, Lex pulls out his Tarot cards and Crystal ball and began to give himself a basic reading. As he lays the cards out before him, he notices that the  ball began to smoke. Strength, The lovers and The sun appeared in his three card quick reading and as he began to analyze them, He sees one ocean blue eye and glowing yellow eye appearing side by side in Crystal ball reminiscent to the eyes that he saw that night.  His apartment goes pitch black for a split second and then the lights come back on for him to find a single red rose right where he was performing his reading. The rose, like Lestat, came with a note.                                      " I see you deeply in pain                                        borderline going insane                                    I ask you please don't fear me                                      for that I am here to heal                                           and for you to love                                     it is me you will soon feel                                  Your tears will soon be mine                                                      to dry."
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Full moon: Ember
                                                          Prelude: The Scene sets in a dark green forest that is well lit by the light from fireflies that swarms it on this full mooned night. Deep in the middle of this enchanted forest sits a young guy with his pen and notepad, book of spells and his cards. Some knows about his witchery that he does however most do not. This forest is his safe place, his hideaway where nobody can find him and that allows him to clear his mind.
                                                          ACT one: After a stressfull day, Lex finds himself wandering through the forest that was known to everyone as the Devils playground. It was given that name due to its history of where people went to practice their magick and unfortunate sacrifices. He claimed this wooded area as his home away from reality with its natural lighting and clear waters that ran through it. Nobody knew that this place of recorded danger was his place of peace and solitude.
Lex's phone rings just in time after he finishes excerising his psychic abilities all alone in the middle of his hide away. "Hey, wassup?" he answers. " Not much man, just wondering how you been...I haven't heard from you in awhile and it seems as if nobody has been able to get ahold of you...is everything ok?". Cesaro, with deep concern, questions Lex's where abouts and why he's been a ghost. "Sorry about that....i...i just been staying to myself and been entangled in my thoughts.". He replies.
Cesaro: Dude you know you can't just go ghost on us---
Lex: I know...I know and I'm sorry....
Cesaro:  look...we just care about you...every since that one accident...
Lex: Now why would you bring that up? You know I'm still healing from that...
Ces: It's been a year.
Lex: I don't care....he died in my arms as i drug his body out of that house....I couldn't bring him back....I loved him....just have a hard time letting go...had i fought harder for him maybe he would be here now....or maybe just maybe if I went with him i could have protected him...
Ces: Or maybe if you would have told him you are psychic and a magician he would have never went to that party.....i still can't believe you never told him..
Lex: There's a reason why i never told him...He would've thought that I was crazy and wouldn't talk to me no longer....look it doesn't matter. He's gone and I can't bring him back nor do I have the power to...I just need time to heal.
One year ago, Lex lost a very good friend of his....Lance. He and Lex were the best of friends although Lex never out right just told him how he felt. Lance had an idea of said feelings but never really touched on it due to not wanting to make things awkward. The night before Halloween Lance went to a house party where a few of his friends were but had no idea that what was supposed to be a fun night out for him ended up being a night full of sorrow for Lex. Lance was a nice guy that everyone got along with however he often found himself in multiple dangerous situations...I guess you can say that he lived on the edge dangerously and lived for the adrenaline. To this very day nobody knows who opened fire that night and ended up shooting him through the heart except for one person...ultimately leaving him lifeless. Now we have a depressed Lex that’s full of guilty feeling lost and alone.
Ces: He's not himself and hasn't been in a while.
Rayne:  I know....I still haven't really held a good conversation with him since....well you know when.
Ces: Are you still hung up on that shit too??
"He was my friend too!!" Rayne shouted. "Friend!?...ya'll were friends huh?? more like fuck buddies if you asked me!!!" an irate Cesaro screamed at the top of his lungs. Before Lance's death, he and Rayne had a secret relationship that barely anybody knew about...not even Lex and they were all best friends.
Rayne: How in the hell did you know that!!!
Ces: You must have have forgotten that Lance and I were really tight until a female started to come in between us and ruined "Bro Time"...I didn't know that it was you that he was talking to until he showed up to my apartment sporting the same crescent moon indentation as you on his arm....You are so lucky that I kept it to myself and spared Lex's feelings. You have no idea how many times I listened to him crying and wishing that Lance loved him the way he loved him NO IDEA!!
Rayne: .....You're right....absolutely right....I’m really sorry....I didn't think....Lance told me that Lex had a thing for him but was trying to distance himself from him until his feelings for him dissipated..but it was hard for him to do so because he knew how much that would hurt him and that he couldn't stand to break his heart...
Ces: Lance wasn't gay though.
Rayne: you're right...but he never claimed straight either Ces: Oh damn....it makes since why he would always try to make Lex happy...
Rayne: Apparently they had something going on or whatever but only reason why we hooked up those times was because we was lonely...and needed that connection. It felt good for a while but things started to get complicated and it wasn’t long that we had to part ways for a while...reason why i didn't go to the party with him plus my ex was going to be there too but had i still went I'd be dead too.
Rayne's ex boyfriend Marc couldn't stand Lance and his somewhat clean image. He felt as if Lance was better than everybody and was hell bent on causing him major destruction. Lex goes home to his apartment at Firestone villas on the outskirts of  Constellation ranch. He paces the living room with his mind racing at 100 miles per hour. His head filled with guilt, sorrow and stress while he's feeling lost and alone. He reaches for his Egyptian dagger and begins to make slits on his arms and legs a form of relief and ease tension off of his heavy soul. So that nobody will catch on to the harm that he does to himself, He recites the Latin healing spell that brings his body back to its original scar-less form.  His phone lights up in the darkened bedroom in which he lies in with tears still falling from his eyes.
Lex: ...Hello?
Rayne: Hey there my mystic oracle. how are you doing?
Lex: ehh...i’m alright just here in bed jamming out to some Midnight Hour before I retire for the night. Wassup?
Rayne: Not much Cesaro and I wanted to make sure you was OK (Cesaro chimes in to say hi) ..you know we worry about you.
Lex: Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. Both Rayne and Ces: No problem, are you feeling any better?
Lex: Somewhat....like i said before , it's going to take some time to heal from lance's death on top of this chronic sadness---
Cesaro: How about you smoke some chronic?
Rayne: Cesaro-Miguel!!!
Cesaro: What!? hell it could probably help him.
Lex: Look i don't need drugs...I just need time and for this healing process to be as smooth as possible...however i’m coming to a conclusion that what I so desperately need...doesn't exist for me...
Rayne: Don’t say that..
Lex: why not? It's true. Look history says that the more i get close to a guy the more they push away...until they leave...I’m tired and need to at least attempt to get some sleep but there’s this big ass bat that looking at me though my window with its bright yellow eyes...
Rayne: You been drinking?
Lex: No..
Ces: Lies!!!
Lex: (laughs) no lies...but let me get some sleep, I gotta get up early in the morning. Good night y'all.
Both: Rayne and Ces: Night bud
Lex goes to his window to look at the mysterious bat. He looks at it with confusion is his eyes because the winged creature spread its wings ��as if it was getting ready for a hug. Still in awe Lex looks at the bat and wanted to take a picture of it but the bat started to flap his wings and flew towards the full moon in the sky leaving Lex to get a feeling of warmth and protection.
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