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I keep seeing too many people in the fucking fandom look at the Stolas Hallucination and go "This means Blitzo has feelings for him!!! He's just afraid of intimacy, thats the ONLY problem!!! Stolas is on a throne and yanking him in chains because he's the one good relationship Blitzo sees rn!!!"
For once we got the show itself going "Here are the problems with our ship." Which is NORMAL to show in any romance plots but the fandom just fucking ignores it??? Its literally right there-
I like Stolitz in the concept of how unhealthy the "Royalty/peasant" romance trope can be explored. I wouldnt mind if it became a romantic canon thing because then I would hope to see all the Actual Struggling it would take to get there. Stolas making hard choices and living with consequences and Blitzo questioning how much he actually respects himself to be in that kind of relationship.
but it feels like NO ONE else has got that message cause of how many "The cuffs are the fear of love being locked on to u😍" posts im seeing!!?
Honestly it's just so funny when they pretty much tunnel vision on everything concerning Stolas and the ship in general. Like it's so funny that it's genuinely sad.
But this is how these shippers tend to be in general with these things, especially since they received a kiss within the same episode.
Like I wouldn't even say that this is just theorizing about the chains, this is literally delusional shipper brain shit.
Because not ONLY are there chains within the scene, which should be a clear sign of negativity within the relationship to begin with, there's also silhouette Blitzos practically fanning him too. They're servants in this instance.
If the chains are supposed to be the "fear of love" why the fuck are those servants there as well? What does THAT mean then? That he's so in love that he just WANTS to serve his prince?
Like lmfao
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cherrikissies · a year ago
How do you kmow that this is really Vivzie's style? Maybe she just has bad anatomy though?
Well, considering that she has had college professors congratulate her work and saying they're very expressive/animated and that this style has been consistent throughout the years of her work.....I think it's safe to say it's her style x3
Literally, her style has not changed throughout the course of her years of drawing. Granted, there's been tweaks and she definitely has added more volume to her characters, but it's still the same. I don't see why it's so hard to believe.
Do you look at Jack Skellington and think "man, Tim Burton doesn't know what a human skeleton looks like" or do you know it's a unique design? When you watch the Lion King (1994), are you thinking that animals aren't that vivid in color and their bodies don't work that way or are you happy with their personalities shining through their movements? When you see Phineas and Ferb, are you confused as to why the characters are walking shapes or are you more focused on the songs because almost all of their songs are a certified bop?
If you never have thought about "perfect anatomy" when it comes to other cartoons that arent striving for such, then why can't you do the same for Vivzie? Why must she be wrong? Why is her anatomy when it works for her?
If you don't like her style, cool. I dont care. It's just so weird to criticize it, despite her clearly not going for realism. Like, ofc it's gonna look wacky. It's a cartoon. They're gonna be used for animation, so the more cartoonish they are, the easier it would be, especially when it comes to drawing several frames.
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Okay I got tired of all these people debating about characters heights so imma just make my own list to keep track of it. People are welcome to use it as a reference, i mainly just Google shit and used a height comparison calculator
Hazbin hotel
Niffty - 3'8-3'10 (Determined by height comparisons)
Baxter- 4'0-4'3 (Slightly taller than Niffty in concept art)
Mimzy - 5'0-5'3 (really hard to tell with this one, but it's my best estimate)
Arackniss 5'1-5'3 (based off old concept art, likely to change)
Crymini - 5'5-5'6 (Compared to Alastor)
Vaggie - 5'8-5'9 (Compared to Charlie)
Tom Trench 6'0-6'1 (very hard to tell as he only stands up for a short period of time but my best estimate)
Charlie - 6'1 (canonically confirmed)
Helsa von Elditch - 6'2 (shown to be taller than Charlie, but shorter than Lucifer in the portrait 🤷‍♀️)
Lucifer - 6'3-6'4 (compared to Charlie)
Seviathan - 6'4-6'5 (Slightly taller than Lucifer in the portrait)
Cherri - 6'8-6'10 (compared to Angel)
Husk - 6'8-6'11 (Shown to be slightly shorter than Alastor though always hunches :T)
Rosie - 6'10-6'11 (compared to Alastor)
Alastor- 7'0 (canonically confirmed)
Velvet: 7'0 (compares to Vox)
Lilith- 7'0 (compared to Charlie)
Katie Killjoy 7'0-7'4 (very hard to tell as she's either sitting or leaning down but it's somewhere around there)
Vox - 7'5-7'6 (compared to Val)
Molly - 7'7-7'9 (compared to Angel)
Sir Pentious 7'10-7'11 (compared to Angel)
Angel Dust - 8'0 (canonically confirmed)
Valentino 9'5 (canonically confirmed)
Helluva Boss:
Millie - 4'11-5'0 (based on comparisons to both Moxxie and Stolas)
Moxxie - 5'0-5'1 (compared to Blitzo)
Blitzo - 5'4 (pure speculation based on comparing him to several different things in the back ground and makes the most sense)
Striker - 5'6 (compared to Blizto)
Robo Fizz - 5'8-5'9 (based on comparisons to Blizto but his body does stretch out a lot so it probably changes)
Octavia - 6'5-6'8 (when compared to Blizto and Stolas, once again probably some height added cause of heels)
Loona- 6'8-6'9 (compared to Blitzo)
Vortex - 6'10-7'0 (compared to Loona)
Verosika - 8'0-8'3 (Based on comparisons to Blitzo, bet solid money she's only this tall cause of her heels. I assume she be only a little over seven feet without em)
Stella - 11'0 (compared to Stolas)
Stolas - 12'5 (compared to Blizto)
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Some gifs of the hazbin gorls for y'all that love them <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
I want this cheating Pri*k dead!
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하늘의 빛이여 우리를 구원 하소서
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Tumblr media
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i got 99 problems and alastor being my father figure would solve at least all of them.
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hey !! welcome to #cherrikissies ...
☆ ☆ my name is dia, i'm an aries × intp ☆ ☆
" this is a hazbin hotel × helluva boss blog, i'll be mostly simping for the girls. maybe i'll be posting some stuff about them-- ♡♡♡ "
" also i consider alastor my fictional parental figure,, for some reason "
(´• ω •`) ♡ :: cherri, loona, rosie, octavia, velvet, verosika !!
dm me if you want to talk about the show !! it'd be cool to have new friends lol.
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Tumblr media
Stolas is such a good dad. I want a dad like him. 🥰
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Octavia: I’ve never been to Kentucky.
Loona: Me neither. The closest I’ve been is KFC.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Can’t believe we’re being called out.
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Tumblr media
Some Hazbin doodles from a discord stream!
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Husk to Angel: Just because I came to you when you said 'pspsps' doesn't mean I like you. Fucking idiot.
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What did he ask for?? Can you share
Alright. Don’t laugh at him ok I know this is fucking weird but he believes it. I am NOT sharing this to make fun......Even if some of it is quite funny.
Dear Santa.
What’s up bitch me again. We both know the deal by now babe. I try and be good, defend your honour and you deliver the goods! Well this year these motherfuckers really been testing me on the believing in u part but I stuck it out and told em exactly whats up! That being said I have some requests this year that are a little bigger than most years. Let’s cut to the chase fat man.
1. I want all of my stupid friends at the Happy Hotel to have a good Christmas. I know they’re dumb as shit Santa and they don’t all believe but if u could give em a free pass on me that would be real cool of u. Even Al who I’m pretty positive is on your bad list.
2. A sister for Nugs. I ask for this every year you stingy fuck and still nothin. Considering the rest of these requests this one is the most do able so I’m thinking this year might be the one.
3. Alright. I’m gonna level with u here this ones a tricky one. See I don’t know if this is even possible but here goes. I would really really like to get a letter from an old friend you know ‘friend’. Ye that one. I don’t even know if the letters got written it was a very long time ago and if they did I didn’t get em. If they do exist Santa please please even just one would be really great. I think about him a lot round this time but this years been extra fucky in the guy department and I could really use some words from him even if they are old ones. You understand what it’s like.
4. This ones kinda important. Don’t skip on this one! Could u please make Husky happy. I know that’s vague but he needs it this year maybe even more than me and between u and me he’s kinda a Christmas grouch in the first place. Just make him a lil bit happy so he knows Christmas ain’t all bullshit and that things do get better! I love the miserable bastard even if he is a dope. He’s a good boy really So he does deserve it.
Alright that’s it. Those are my demands for this year don’t let me down chubby I’ve actually tried to be good this year so you better deliver.
Love Angel Dust
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