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cherryglossie · 6 days ago
Okay so! For the one you wanted nsfw for
Tumblr media
This, and Fugitive predator.
Because he’d hug them and go,” alright ooman. Thats all the affection you’ll need for two years.” But the human is like, “OOH???? Oh????????” And just. Goes wild. Lol i hope that makes sense
(And if not thats fine, I just love fugitive)
I hope you like this!
Fugitive x reader
Warnings: swearing
Tumblr media
"You know, not everyone is as tall as you. Slow down!" By now, I definitely must be annoying the yautja stalking ahead of me, his steps becoming faster as he tries to decrease the time we have to spend together. 
In way of response, Fugitive brings his hand down on a branch, causing it to flick back and slap me across the torso. Grunting, I stagger backwards, hand grasping at the front of my gear as the air is knocked from my lungs. Up ahead, I can hear the predator let out an amused series of clicks and growls, his head turning to take in my discomfort, to which I flip him off, not that he knows the meaning of the gesture.
"Asshole." I grumble, straightening after checking the gauntlet on my wrist for any damage caused by the branch. Thankfully, the vital data all reads normal. 
"Asshole!" Fugitive mimics, voice twisted and garbled as he imitates me.
Scowling, I keep quiet, falling into step behind the tall yautja as I do so, looking out for the odd mess of plants native to this particular planet, trying to avoid the ones I know to be dangerous. My clothing will protect me, I know, but it still pays to be careful: I've known people who get caught unawares by the nature of foreign planets. Generally they never last long in this profession. Hunters, particularly those who like to keep up with their alien competitors, need to be swift, clever and precise, it doesn't do to be clumsy.
Sighing, I swat away a smaller branch, once again glad for the presence of my helmet as it swings back and catches me round the back of my head, drawing a curse from me. Internally, I'm praying that this leg of the hunt won't last too much longer, as Fugitive and I really don't get along too well. Something just never quite clicked with us, so this decision to group us off together made by the others in the party has been a particularly unpleasant one for us - and not very successful, either. Neither of us have caught anything today, a fact we'll both keep quiet if nothing changes. 
It's sweltering in this jungle, my brow and body drenched in sweat from the sheer heat, making for a very uncomfortable hike through the tough terrain. Naturally, Fugitive doesn't have a problem with this, given his species' particular preference for warmer climates, striding ahead with ease as he stealthily moves through the foliage, dreadlocks swinging with each move of his head. Even with his armour strapped in place he doesn't seem to be affected by the heat, nothing in his movements betraying any possible discomfort. Watching him now, I have to begrudgingly admire the fluidity of his actions, eyeing the flex of his rippling muscles and sinuous limbs, everything about him calculated and careful, clearly on the alert for prey. 
Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling that we won't find any prey today, which means the yautja is not going to be happy.
Being so deep in my thoughts, I don't notice the ground suddenly give way to a cliff until my foot swings precariously over the edge. Shocked, I allow a sharp sound of surprise to escape me, reeling back from the edge before I fall to the ground, far below. 
Glancing up at the predator beside me, I lift an eyebrow before speaking.
"What do we do now?" I ask him, chewing my lip as I observe the surroundings: I can't see any way of getting down safely. 
Fugitive clicks his mandibles beneath his helmet, sounding as if he's stating the obvious. 
"I can't understand you." I clarify, resisting the temptation to roll my eyes.
With what can only be described as an audible sigh, the yautja takes a step back from the edge, before he suddenly pitches himself off of it. 
Frowning in shock, I scramble back to the edge, a cold bolt of fear going through me at the thought that he may not have made the jump down safely. 
Of course, he's standing at the bottom, looking up at me expectantly, perfectly fine. 
Huffing in frustration, I glare down at him.
"How do you propose I get down?" I call down to him, gesturing to the steep drop. 
He makes a beckoning gesture, arms outstretched. Immediately, I know what he means, my heart dropping in my chest at the distance between us, my mind refusing to believe he means what I think he means.
"No! No! That'll kill me!" I shout back at him, shaking my head furiously.
Clearly exasperated, Fugitive tries again, gesturing more fervently now.
"No!" I yell down at him, scowling.
The yautja nods, roaring up to me to reassure me as he widens his stance, arms out and ready to catch me. Watching him, I feel an odd sense of trust well up in me, so I curse myself and line myself up with the cliff, getting inline with Fugitive's position on the ground below. Taking a deep breath, I steel myself, before I take a few steps and leap from the edge of the cliff, my body feeling weightless as the ground falls away from me. 
Fighting the urge to scream, I allow my arms to flail to slow my descent, hoping to hell I didn't misinterpret his instruction. Adrenaline courses through me, each nerve in my body on fire as I hurtle through the air towards the ground, quickly picking up speed as I go. 
Just as I start to think he won't get me, Fugitive steps forwards, arms ready to snatch me from the air, which he does efficiently, pulling me into him to secure me. Instinctively, my arms go around his neck, legs closing around his waist, my body pressed flush to his. 
For a moment, I have to recover, my breathing rough and heavy as I catch it again, body heaving in the yautja's grip. He makes no move to put me down just yet, keeping his hands where they are: clamped around my hips and ass, squeezing lightly. I can't see his expression behind his mask, but I can guess it, even as a conflicted ripple of awkwardness floods through me, my body screaming at me to stay in the warm circle of his embrace, whilst my head is yelling at me to get out before I make things worse. His body heat seeps through my clothes into me, making it difficult to focus until he finally puts me back down again, hands lingering on my body.
Blushing, I look away, almost wishing we could continue the embrace, though I know it will most likely never be spoken of again. Already, Fugitive has moved off, acknowledging my thanks as I call after him, cleafly not thinking too much of the embrace except that it was necedsary to my survival. I can't stop the lurid thoughts swirling through my head as I chase after him, biting them back as I catch up again, falling into step beside him. 
"Not so invulnerable, then, hm?" I comment after a few more minutes, laughing nervously at my own words.
I don't get time to laugh properly as I suddenly find myself pinned to a tree, a leg shoved between mine to keep me up. Eyes wide, I lift a hand to grasp at the arms holding me in place, ashamed of the fact I can feel desire starting to flood my system at his closeness and roughness. 
"Don't call me that." The predator almost snarls at me, the sound sending bolts of need through me, despite the awkward nature of them.
Dumbly, I nod at him, trying to ignore my body's reaction to the proximity of the yautja, not quite recovering properly until he's dropped me back down again. 
Watching him stalk off into the jungle again, I feel a change in mindset about him, a new need to be near him coming to life as I run after him.
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cherryglossie · 6 days ago
The male yautja in heat x female human reader was... Something... (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
So may I request some short of "second part" where his ooman mate is surprisingly good at riding him despite the fact that she is a bottom? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
i hope that something was good LMFAO, i just kinda threw some of my thoughts down, i will definitely be writing a full fic for it 🥴
Yautja w human s/o riding him while in heat
- Yautja have LOTS of stamina, but they do eventually get tired
- and when you noticed you mate getting tired, you had decided to ask to ride him
- knowing it'll be very uncomfortable, if not painful, when not inside you because the throbbing, he agreed
- and holy shit he's glad he did
- as soon as your hips start rolling and you start bouncing, he's a mess
- lowkey wonders why he never let you do this before
- he love just watching his dick slide in and out
- he fell in love all over again
- he places his hands on your hips and guides you to go faster, as soon as he does he lets out the most lewd sound you've ever heard
- that only got you more excited
- with this new found energy, you pick up the pace even more, trying to get more noises out of your mate
- and got damn you are going feral on that dick istg 😋
- your hands are resting on his chest as you ride him
- so as you both start to near your respective climaxes, his hands grip your hips, nearly full force, and you claw down his chest with your nails
- he climaxes before you do, because it just felt amazing
- he was in pure bliss for the first time his entire heat
- you kept riding until you got to your climax, which took a few more minutes, but as soon as it hit, it hit HARD
- you flop on to his chest, and join him in his blissful trance
- it's safe to say, you both will be doing that again
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cherryglossie · 8 days ago
Heyy i love your Blog💗 We really need more yautja content, i’m so obsessed that i’ve pretty much read them all‼️ But anyways Can i ask for number 6 or 17?
Number 6: wall sex
Number 17: degredation kink
Warnings: NSFW, degredation, choking, rough-housing, swearing, mention of blood
Thanks for the request @bitchywaifu-bre , I hope I met your expectations 💖
(also I feel you, we really do need more content of the big alien bois!!)
(also also as you didn't specify gender and you don't have your pronouns in your bio I went with a gender-neutral reader with a male-bodied Yautja. I hope that's okay.)
It's been a rough day for your mate, not that it's different from the others. Being a warrior just wasn't an easy task, and you'd come to terms with it by now. But somedays when they'd stay out especially long, you'd still worry. What if your strong mate wasn't strong enough? What if they hurt themselves? What if they're stranded on another planet? Or got heavily injured? It's weighting heavily on your heart that you could do nothing to protect them. That you were helpless.
So when your mate finally made it through the door of your shared house, covered in so much blood you weren't sure if it was theirs or their enemies', you clung onto them like your life depended on it, mumbling words of worry and love into their chest. Your mumbling was only them stopped by a clawed hand gently caressing your head.
Teary-eyed you looked up, to see their beautiful face, those eyes you'd fallen in love with staring at you lovingly. It was as if they'd wanted to say "it's okay. I'm here now."
And as if a weight had been lifted off your chest, suddenly you seemed to be okay again. Happier than ever before that you'd been united with your mate once more.
Exhausted they flopped down on the couch, not caring about the blood that smeared all over it. Good thing you put a cloth over it a while ago. Your eyes wandered over to your mate's hips, to those skulls they'd strapped to their belt. There were a couple of new one's you didn't recognize, they were still bloody too.
And as your eyes kept lingering on their lower half you bit your lip, a thought creeping it's way into your head.
Sitting down on your mate's lap, you started tugging on their armour, earning a curious head-tilt. You chuckled quietly, glancing up at them as you removed the chest part of their armor. "Don't look at me like that, I'm just helping you relax. You're more comfortable in the nude right?"
"oh really?" Their gruff voice echoed with a faint growl, flustering you and making your legs clench around them slightly. Their English was good, yet they didn't speak it often. They didn't have to. You always perfectly understood their intentions without a word, but whenever they did speak it send a shiver down your spine.
"y-yes. Really." You swallowed, trying to remain calm as their big hands grabbing your cheeks and pulled your body closer. Their claws slighty digging into your flesh, they let out a deep growl that you knew meant you were in trouble.
"what is it? You don't believe-" but your response was cut off as they swiftly stood up with you still in their arms, being reminded once again how small and petite you were compared to them. They could toss you around like a rag-doll if they wanted to. And they might as well.
Taking your unspoken advice, they wasted no time slamming your body against the wall making you gasp. Their big physique towered over you, filling your mind with all sorts of nasty thoughts. Your mate seemed to pick up on those pretty quickly too.
"Do not lie to me, ooman." they said, face buried into your neck as they pressed their growing erection against your thighs. "I can smell how aroused you are, and I'm well aware of the affect I have on your body."
Taking off the last bit of their armor, they cupped their erection, pre-cum leaking from their swollen tip onto their hand. "And I'm sure you know what effect you have on mine."
Your eyes widened at the sight of their erect member. You would've been scared it wouldn't fit if this was the first time you'd done this. Truth be told, you couldn't wait to get it inside you.
"I don't know what you mean I-"
Once again your stammering didn't bring you anywhere as their grip tightened around you, claws cutting into your skin slightly as they spit their response at you "Don't play with me, slut."
Their rage and their growing arousal mixed together, making your body shake and your legs weak. As much as you loved how gentle your giant could be with you sometimes, these times when they just didn't care, when they used their strength to do whatever they wanted with you. It was pure bliss.
"You wanted this from the start, didn't you? Wanted me to fuck you, make you sore, make your little hole ache with pleasure. So don't fucking play with me,"
Impatient, they ripped open your shirt with their free hand, rubbing their erection harder each time they got a glimpse of your bare skin. Their pre now smearing against your thighs, they continued to growl into your ear, pressing themselves further against you.
"Come on, tell me how much you want this. Tell me so I can torture that body of yours, so I can ruin you, and make you regret ever having lied to me."
"Please," you breathed, barely audible but they understood just fine. "Please, I want this. I need this. Please--"
"How badly?" They growled, their stroking becoming ragged and messy. You bit your trembling lips, stuttering out your answer. "I-I need it badly... Please.. I'd do anything-"
With a low growl, your mate let go of their erection, lining it up with your throbbing hole before locking their eyes with yours. They took in your flustered expression and noted your heavy breathing as they slowly inserted themselves into you.
"fuck-" they breathed out curses as they tried to restrain themselves from mercilessly pounding into you. They knew how fragile humans were and that if they'd just do what they wanted you'd end up sore for the week, if not more. But their instincts made it harder and harder for them to control themselves, plus your squeals and moans weren't helping either.
So once their length was fully inside you, they slowly thrusted their hips, watching for your reaction. Once they met with pleasant moans and sighs, they picked up the speed. Thrusting into you faster with every plea to keep going.
You'd wrapped your legs around their waist as best as you could, timing your thrusts with theirs as you moaned I it in pleasure and a bit of pain. But even as your legs quivered when you were hit with your orgasm, your Yautja didn't budge and kept going at a faster pace.
Tears eventually started forming at your eyes as you held onto them, your pleas eventually fading out into slurred moans and gasps. And as you were about to near your third climax, your hand found it's way into your mate's hair, grasping at it tightly.
This seemed to not only bring you over the finish line, but it made your Yautja see white with pleasure, as they let out a final groan, before filling you with their seed.
Exhausted and overwhelmed, you just sat there, still held by your mate who was panting and leaning against the wall for support. A small smile crept itself onto your face as you gave their forehead a kiss, "relaxed enough?" you chuckled, earning a few amused clicks from them in return.
"I'm not done with you yet, little mate.~"
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cherryglossie · 8 days ago
I don't know why but I just thought that if the deity reader absolutly destroyed a bunch of xenomorph or something, the yautja would just "instant nut"
Ein komischer Gedanke
Oh, most definitely! Yautja mating is all about strength, so they'd totally get off on you being strong. Just imagine the first time they let you go hunting with them, well... The first time they let you hunt dangerous creatures, that is. The moment you take down something bigger than an average Yautja could handle, your pants are coming right off. There's just no way your mate could resist such a strong being.
And not just your mate either. Most Yautja would probably try to court you, the males fighting for your approval and the females flexing with their own strengths. Your mate can be lucky the get to be the one you chose at the end.
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cherryglossie · 8 days ago
Yautja Headcanons: Human Hair
- Given that Yautja hair was nothing more than fleshy dreadlocks - those that were usually dark in coloration and often sensitive to touch/force - there was only a few things the Yautja could do concerning how to tie it back, or to put decorations up within said dreadlocks. So having a human with hair so different from theirs’ would indeed be intriguing.
- So much thinner and more numerous in quantity compared to a Yautja’s - how such hair could either be coarse, sleek, or soft - how different the hair styles could form, and from it the various lengths it could grow. It would bring awe to those curious to learn the physical traits of oomans , especially since your kind could easily just change the hair’s color, or show the almost numerous ways your kind could style your locks. (Granted, some colors are a bit … much to some Yautja, and looks rather funny for a ooman to have such bright colors, as it would make you stand out more, especially if you were to hunt. To some they don’t understand the purpose of it.)
- Younger pups would be curious to see how your hair is and would ask to play/examine it. You would let them as long as they were gentle and they didn’t pull on said hair and that alone with have their attention for the next hour or so as you teach them how to braid, letting them put little flowers in your locks, and just interacting with said pups. (You also had a few curious female Yautja approach you about your hair and would later add little cuffs and beads to decorate your hair, minding to be gentle as your scalp was tender and sensitive. When you would later show your companion this, they would be awestruck at how beautiful you were, and would voice such a thought to you much to your delight, and glee.)
- While you’re brushing your hair, your Yautja companion notices how some strands will often fall out; this causes them to worry a bit, asking if it was normal for such a thing to happen. You explain that it’s a normal process and that you wouldn’t go bald from it, and newer strands would eventually grow back. At this, your companion is relieved - though not as much as they realize how often they find your fallen strands all over the living space; at this point, you could make a ball from them, and you can’t ever get away from your companion pointing this out much to your annoyance.
- Wait, what is? What’s this paler strand that’s barely hidden in your locks? A gray hair? Oomans get those??
- An ingrown hair? That happens, too???
- When the concept of cutting your hair was mentioned at one point by you, many Yautja would give you a confused look. Why cut the locks that you’ve taken so long to grow? Doesn’t it show your age and ranking to other oomans? It seems like a waste if that’s the case. After a bit of explanation that cutting your hair was normal and that it was often healthier to do so, as split ends would often cause problems if you didn’t, many did eventually understand, though there were still some that thought it shouldn’t be touched.
- Mentioning cutting your hair, your companion would also be a bit on the disappointed side; they would miss being able to run their fingers through your locks, especially when the both of you were cuddled close, or were sleeping together. Your companion had learned that other oomans do this as a show of intimacy, but would later turn into just being fascinated at how your hair was just another trait that they absolutely adored about you, and couldn’t help but touch it like it was going to disappear from their grasp. Thankfully, you told them that said hair would eventually grow back but who ever said patience was the strongest trait in everyone? lol
- As fascinating as ooman hair was, no Yautja would be envious of the fact that you had to use quite a bit of products to keep your hair looking healthy and pretty. The dedication that some oomans would good for hair was surprising, even to species such as the Yautja.
- Oomans could also grow beards? … For what purpose?
- Some Yautja don’t mind being so close to your hair as it often had much more of your scent for them to bathe their senses in. Though there have been a few times when some strands got tangled in mandibles … It was not a fun process to detangle said hair from a grumpy Yautja’s face while others were having fun laughing at the sight.
~NSFW Headcanons~
- This one event happened where you and your Yautja mate were seeing what things the other was comfortable with as things became more intimate between the both of you. As your mind was distracted by your mate’s mandibles enclosed around your jugular, while their inner mouth was gently nipping and licking at the vulnerable skin of your neck, you didn’t pay attention to where your fingers were moving to until you felt something smooth, yet thick come into contact with your digits; your mate gave a violent shudder, a deep noise from them causing the heat pooling in your core ignite even further.
In response to this, you gave an bemused giggle - but not before your mate felt that a challenge had been made - then you felt their fingers lace within your own hair, and give a pull of their own. What came next was a throaty moan that came spilling out past your lips - one that caused you great shock as you stared down at your mate, who was equally surprised to hear such a sound come from you, noting the rather red blush that marked itself all the way to the tips of your ears.
Needless to say, you both found out you had a kink for hair pulling~
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cherryglossie · a month ago
fic: the awful edges 1/?
i maaay have made this sideblog just so i could finally share this fic (and write more like it)   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You wake for a second time to the bedsheets twisted about your legs, the fading sound of laughter and music in your ears. You’d dreamed you were at a fair, and the scent of popcorn and cotton candy lingers in your nostrils, sweet and cloying.
You scrunch your nose, but the scent doesn’t fade; instead it shifts, becomes sharper. Almost sickly, like rotten fruit. You blink open your eyes, your sleepy gaze falling on the alarm clock by your bed and it’s glowing green numbers. You’ve woken in the middle of the night, as you sometimes do, though never because a strange smell has pulled you from your dreams - a smell that’s growing stronger. It’s sickly sweetness is underscored by a hint of musk, and your nose itches with an oncoming sneeze. Confused, you move to sit up.
Only to realize that you can’t.
Your legs are too heavy, pinned down to the bed. You try to kick them free of the sheets, but something long and thin curves over your shins and keeps you still.
You freeze.
Your mind kickstarts into overdrive, all traces of sluggishness and sleep obliterated in a rush of cold understanding and naked fear.
Someone is in your room.
Read it here.
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cherryglossie · a month ago
Reblog this if you’re obsessed with daddywise so we can all be friends 👀
Tumblr media
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cherryglossie · a month ago
bumblebee, counting on his fingers:
store clerk: i just asked how old you were
bumblebee: can you just shut the fuck up for a second
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cherryglossie · a month ago
Optimus’ reaction to hearing Ratchet’s alright
Optimus: 😍”Loud and clear, old friend!”😍 
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cherryglossie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Saw this meme and immediately thought of the TFP gang XD
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cherryglossie · a month ago
starscream: my lord
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cherryglossie · a month ago
Little TFP things :
When a mech with sharp claws goes tink tink on something
Somemech walking in slowly and it goes [CLONK] [CLONK] [CLONK] as the camera sloooowly pans up
Bumblebee's eyes dilating/expanding and going whirr whirr in the process
"Eeeehp ep ep ep !!"
Megatron's wide theatre kids arms gestures
Optimus having huge flats digits but Very Gentle
How heavy the bigger mechs look, sound and feel
Character : finely crafted, insane amount of details, scratch marks on their paint to showcase how much the war took a toll on them, subtle nuances in expressions
Rocks : Ugly CGI Shapes
Everyone's unique eye's details so you can never get wrong on a dramatic eye close up
The Transformers Transformation Noise™️ but it actually sounds like hundred of mechanical parts shifting and clanging together
*Megadeep Peter Cullen Voice™️ : "MEGATRONN."
*Smug Villain Frank Welker™️ Voice* : "INDEEEED"
*Deep Plotting Villain Steve Blum Voice* : "Yes, Maaaster~"
*High-Pitched Shrill Steve Blum Voice* : *SCREAMS*
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cherryglossie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cherryglossie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A war that ravaged our planet until it was consumed by death, and the Cube was lost to the far reaches of space. We scattered across the galaxy, hoping to find it and rebuild our home. Searching every star, every world. And just when all hope seemed lost, message of a new discovery drew us to an unknown planet called… Earth. Transformers (2007) dir. Michael Bay
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cherryglossie · a month ago
Surnames are just as important as given names. So, I compiled a list of the websites I use to find my surnames.
English Surnames
Dutch Surnames
Spanish Surnames
Scottish Surnames
German Surnames
Italian Surnames
Irish Surnames
French Surnames
Scandinavian Surnames
Welsh Surnames
Jewish Surnames
Surnames By Ethnicity
Most Common Surnames in the USA
Most Common Surnames in Great Britan
Most Common Surnames in Asia
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cherryglossie · a month ago
“Historically, whenever women [especially young women] are interested in a form of media, we like to tell them it is bad for them and that they are bad for liking it — unless the media goes mainstream, in which case it becomes no longer feminine and hence okay. Novels are dangerous and cause insanity, until they become classics worthy of being studied in college. Beatlemania is the province of ‘the dull, the idle, the failures,’ until the Beatles become a band that everyone loves. Women are so attacked for loving the media they love that it is a radical act for a woman to love something unashamedly. And transformative fandom is the most radical act of all, because it reverses that ‘lady thing to respectable thing’ process. It takes a piece of media that may not have been designed for women and makes it for women.”
— Constance Grady, Why we’re terrified of fanfiction (via fluffycakesistainted)
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cherryglossie · 2 months ago
This is 🌈 hate free zone 🌈
Reblog if you’re safe for people of any gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, etc
as long as you spread love.
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cherryglossie · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
more on my Twitter
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cherryglossie · 2 months ago
Hey monster lov3rs (18+ Only!) || Monster erotica series
I found this self-published monster erotica author on Amazon, who has about 20 short stories (15K-20K words).
One of the premises of Blue’s series is a “mating season” where monsters can court humans. AHEM.
If you have Kindle Unlimited ($14.99, like Netflix for books) then the books are no-cost.
Link to book here (affiliate)
In the city of Deathfall, cold weather only means one thing. Mating season.
Olivia, a grad student, knows the odds of being chosen by one of the city's monster residents. It's a large city and there are hundreds of thousands of other women just like her. Despite her fascination with the fearsome creatures, she has to put the whole idea of being chosen out of her mind and focus on actual possibilities. That is, until she is face to face with one of the city's more monstrous citizens. Suddenly, the odds don't seem to be so against her.
Link to book here (affiliate)
Note: All stories feature heterosexual and cisgender characters (as I understand it).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cherryglossie · 2 months ago
Do you know who or where I can find a master list of monsters/creatures of all kinds?
I made a masterlist for you.
In General
Supernatural Beings: The Masterlist
Masterlist of Lycanthrope Species
Describing Fantastic Creatures
Creatures & Spirits Masterlist
Supernatural Guide Vol. 1
Supernatural Guide Vol. 2
Mythical and Fantasy
How to Describe Fantasy Creatures
Little Known Mythical Creatures
Mythical Creatures A-Z
Different Types of Fae 
Animals in Mythology
Birds in Mythology
Mermaid Guide
Sea Creatures
10 Creepy Historical Vampires You’ve Never Heard of
Vampire Guide and the Types of Vampire
Ten Worst Vampire Cliches
How To Portray A Vampire
Vampire Writing Prompts
The History of Vampires
How to play a Toreador
How Vampires Work 
Writing Vampires
How To Write a Non Cliche Werewolf
How to Play a Werewolf Character
Werewolf Genre Pet Peeves 
Playing a Werewolf Guide
How to Play a Werewolf
Writing Werewolves?
Wolf Body Language
Top Tips for Writing Zombies
Zombie Guide
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