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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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More old people enjoying themselves!!!  😱

Oh the horror. Everyone knows that after 30, all fun is excised from your life by the Adult Transmogrification, but these people somehow  escaped!
Feel free to be inspired 😁

Also, to all young ageist little shits on Tumblr: fuck you 🖕

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ugh how the fuck do you cover letter

Greetings, Exalted One. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Solo.

I know that you are powerful, mighty Jabba, and that your anger with Solo must be equally powerful. I seek an audience with Your Greatness to bargain for Solo’s life.

With your wisdom, I’m sure that we can work out an arrangement which will be mutually beneficial and enable us to avoid any unpleasant confrontation.

As a token of my goodwill, I present to you a gift: these two droids. Both are hardworking and will serve you well.

  1. Polite greeting (Greetings, Exalted One)
  2. Self-Introduction (I am Luke Skywalker) 
  3. Establish Credentials (Jedi Knight) 
  4. Explain how you learned of this opportunity (Friend to Captain Solo) 
  5. Establish Purpose (I seek an audience with Your Greatness to bargain for Solo’s life.)
  6. Show what you can bring to the organization ( I present to you a gift: these two droids. Both are hardworking and will serve you well.)

This actually maps really well.

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Hey. If you can’t manage hope–that’s okay, I get that–hold onto surprise.

Hold onto the fact that, even in this utter hell year, things keep happening that you could not have predicted. (Like, we joke about the bingo cards, but literally no one had murder hornets on their bingo card.) Even when the surprises are terrible, hold on to that feeling of startlement, that jolt where the world becomes something other than you expected.

That jolt is you realizing that you do not know what the hell is going to happen. Not tomorrow, not in a month, not in a year. That jolt is what reminds you that things can change.

Because right now–when it’s, so, so easy to give in to despair; when it’s so easy to give up because we know how this will play out, we know there’s no fixing any of this–it’s more important than ever to remember that actually? We don’t know shit. Anything could happen. Even change. Even success. Even happiness.

Hope would be nice. I’d like to experience it again some day. But in its absence, radical uncertainty will keep you going a long time.

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I know y'all did not read the books but Roald Dahl talks about this in the book. Charlie’s teacher points out the fact that unless you buy a shit ton of bars you’re probably not gonna win. Just like the lottery. Just like how all of the other winners of the tickets bought a shit ton of bars. Except Charlie, who just got lucky. And Charlie was originally black. Literally the whole point of the book was that wonka wanted to give the less fortunate a fair opportunity and it wasn’t fair because the system isn’t fair.

Stop the car.

Charlie was originally black?!?!


He was and Mr. Dahl was forced to make him white. Also his widow has spoken and confirmed that as well.

Yeah, but he wanted to do it in a racist way, like, “Look at the chocolate boy makin’ chocolate! Charlie the chocolate boy hAhAHa.” Still, I’d be into a modern interpretation of the book where Charlie is black and they actually kind of, like, respect that and develop his character in a culturally-conscious way. 

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So Yknow that post about Iroh and Sokka having Hawaiian shirt energy? I saw it and I have no idea what happened but this randomly appeared

Also, Sokka with e-boy hair is just kkjebdkejbdkjbdkjbs


An artwork (digital I believe) of Iroh wearing a warm colored red orange yellow Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses. Sokka is wearing a blue Hawaiian patterned vest, sunglasses, and holding a steaming cup of tea. Iroh has his arm over Sokka’s shoulders and the background is a pale green with the underlined word “vibes” in white in the top right corner.

End ID]

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what’s the funniest reaction you’ve had to coming out to family/friends?

i’m screaming at theperson in the notes whose friend accidentally called them queen and then corrected to “monarch”

here’s a compilation of my favorite responses:

tag yourself i’m “hide the pans”

HS cooking class and we had a sub teaching us to fry eggs. Her first instruction? “Alright children, grab a pan”

And my buddy fucking picks me up and goes “alright, next step” and I have never achieves such flawless pan jokery again

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An Intro To Indian Dishes, by BuzzFeed India

Food Network is shook!

Give this girl her own show!!!

“because mom said so” is literally how i learned to cook i’m screaming

“you don’t have that kind of time, and are secretly wishing for this emotional release” M O O D

If this ever pops up on the dash and I don’t reblog, just assume I’ve died.  🖤🖤🖤


Yeahh Shrishti and Kusha review netflix films and shows it’s awesome!

*singsong* i need to watch this right this second

I need to cook like this. I only mix like 3 powders at maximum but from now on I’m going full force

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ok so AOC’s tips for consuming news critically are???? phenomenal??? they’re better than my entire undergraduate education in political communication. it took my entire career up until this point in news media to learn this stuff. she is SPOT on. 

to expand on a few of her points:

1) If you like a piece of reporting someone has done, follow the JOURNALIST, not the outlet. Digital news organizations come and go, traditional news lays people off, and freelancers don’t always work for the same place, but someone who really puts in the work that you come to trust their reporting is valuable. You have no idea what it means to be able to say “you know, I don’t know if I believe what all these news outlets are saying on this, but I know X reporter does a lot of work on this and I trust their work on it.”

2) In that same vein, you should trust public radio and print outlets more than TV (or YouTubers - both TV and YouTubers are looking for views and ad money). Seriously, I work in TV, and this is NOT a knock on TV producers at all, it’s just that TV has to work on a 24/7 news cycle, and sometimes they get stuff wrong because they have to do it quickly, or on a certain production schedule, or it has to be visual, or it has to get viewers. It is often the written/print reporters translating their scripts into published articles online who are doing the fact checking, if any. This isn’t to say all print and public radio is gospel (it sure as shit isn’t), but it’s a good place to start. 

3) Most people can’t afford a news subscription, however if you can afford Spotify or Netflix, you should subscribe to your local newspaper or public radio station. What AOC doesn’t mention here about newspapers specifically, is that you need to REALLY check if that newspaper has a) been gobbled up by a hedge fund b) has some sort of weird conservative slant. Do some research first. Also, if you can’t afford a local newspaper subscription, 99.99% of the time your library card includes subscriptions to some sort of news service, that will get you behind many paywalls. Check your library system’s digital services for what news services they offer and how to log in.

4) Just think before you share. Before you reblog or retweet something, do a quick Google. Especially when someone is like “the news isn’t talking about this!” when there probably are articles about it, maybe even with further information. It really helps to look. 

I am a local journalist. I 100000% believe in the work that we’re doing, and I beg of you to please, please support local journalism.

If you’re not sure in the power of local journalism, please research the work of Pulitzer Prize-winning papers. My own newspaper helped take down a notorious child sexual predator because of our coverage in 2012. I am so proud to be a member of that staff.

Disclaimer: This is not a political endorsement, as that is a big no-no. But it is an endorsement of local journalism and promoting the absolute wonderful work of the colleagues that I work with.

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