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Surprise Proposal ~Will you marry me?~ (Faust)
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Words of vows are being read in the solemn air of the church.
Faust: "Do you promise to love and serve one another in sickness and in health, as long as you live?"
Man: "Yes, I do."
Woman: "I also do."
Tumblr media
Faust: "Very well. Then let's exchange rings."
The man and woman looked at each other, put rings on each other's fingers, and kissed in vows.
(Weddings are so nice.)
Today, Faust is officiating a wedding between a young man and woman from downtown.
I helped with the ceremony and watched the happy couple from my seat.
Tumblr media
Mitsuki: "That was one lovely wedding. You also looked great!"
Faust: "I'm only doing my part as a priest."
(He hates God himself, but he faces people who come to the church properly.)
Mitsuki: "Hehe, just watching you do your part warms my heart. You're like a different person."
Faust: "Are you complimenting me or mocking me?"
Just as Faust shrugged and chuckled, the bride and groom walked up to us.
Man: "Father, thank you very much for today."
Woman: "We'll keep your words in our hearts and support each other from now on."
Faust: "Marriage is a lifelong commitment. May God bless you on your path."
With these words, the bride and groom smiled at each other.
Tumblr media
(A lifelong commitment...)
As I watched them walk away, arm in arm, I suddenly remembered a memory from the past.
Faust: “If you see the same future, will you choose to live with me?”
Mitsuki: "Of course. I'll live with you. No matter what fate awaits us in the future.”
Faust: "Good answer."
Faust: “I've decided. I'm taking everything away from you, but for that to happen, let's spend the rest of our lives collecting the happiness you speak of.”
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
I remember what we said to each other about the future.
(I didn't exactly realize it at the time, but if we're going to spend a lifetime together, does that mean that one day Faust and I will get married, too?)
The word "marriage" suddenly felt real to me. I stole a glance at him, and my heart hammered against my chest as I imagined him in a tuxedo.
(But marriage is not something to take lightly, and I'm sure it's still a long way off.)
I looked back at the smiling bride and groom as everyone congratulated them.
Mitsuki: "They look so happy."
I couldn't help but mumble these words.
Tumblr media
Faust: "Mitsuki. That's―"
Just as Faust's voice reached my ears, I heard the footsteps and innocent voices of the children.
Girl 1: "Sis, I want to be a bride too! How can I become one?"
Girl 2: "I want to wear a wedding dress. If I have a groom, can we get married?"
Boy 1: "Then I'll marry you both!"
Mitsuki: "Um, marriage is between two people who love each other. That's why you can only marry one person."
Boy: "But Dr. Charles said that if you love a lot of people, you should love them all together."
Faust: "That philanderer will only harm your morals."
The boy smiled innocently at Faust, as he sighed deeply, and at me, who chuckled bitterly.
Boy: "I'll make big sister my wife, too!"
Mitsuki: "Yeah? Hehe, thank―"
Faust: "No."
Before I could even reply with his cute proposal, Faust quickly interrupted me.
Boy: "Ehh, why?"
Faust: "Mitsuki is my..."
My heart is pounding so hard I can hardly hear myself think.
(My what?)
(Lover? Or...)
As I waited for the rest of his words, Faust glanced at me and―
Tumblr media
Faust: "She's my guinea pig."
Mitsuki: ".................."
A brief silence fell between us.
(It's the same old Faust.)
(I know he's mean, twisted, and not a sweet talker. I know that, but...)
I was so excited that my feelings were quickly squeezed out of me.
It was kind of sad, and it made me want to sulk.
As my emotions got jumbled up, a hazy feeling spread through me.
Mitsuki: "You don't have to say guinea pig at a time like this, you know..."
I was aware that I came off sounding cold, but after seeing the beautiful wedding earlier, my yearning for it only grew.
Faust: "Even if you say that..."
Faust trailed off and coughed slightly.
Faust: "Anyway. Don't encourage the kids with their nonsense."
Faust: "And also, it's not something to be thankful for just because someone wants to make you their wife."
Mitsuki: "It's none of your business how I respond."
(I'm not asking you to understand all my feelings, but you're also you.)
(I know this is the kind of person you are. You're always calling me a guinea pig, too, but...)
(I feel like an idiot for being excited.)
Mitsuki: "I'm going back to the mansion today."
Faust: "Ha? Wait, Mitsuki..."
Mitsuki: "Come on, guys. Let's clean up after the wedding."
I turned my back on Faust and took the children back to the church.
After that, the air remained tense.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Charles: "But it's still sad that you're back in the mansion."
Dazai: "Ahaha, I guess this is what you call going back to one’s parents' home."
Isaac: "How did we end up drinking with this group?"
(True, it's definitely an unusual group.)
The next day, I found myself sitting around a bar table with Charles, Dazai, and Isaac.
Just like I said, I came back to the mansion yesterday.
After dinner today, Dazai suggested that we let loose once in a while, and Isaac, who was just nearby, got dragged into it.
What's more, I happened to run into Charles at the bar, and now here we are.
Charles: "Hey, Mitsuki. What are you going to do now?"
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Election 2022
Tumblr media
Kicho’s Special Story
Later that day, I went to Reichenbach, where Kicho works...
Kicho: "Welcome."
Mai: "Sorry for the intrusion!"
Kicho, dressed as a detective, greeted me with a scowl and showed me to my seat.
Even as he handed me the menu, I couldn't help but steal a glance at his detective look.
Tumblr media
(It looks really nice, but it's still kind of weird―like something is out of place.)
Kicho: "You can take a picture if you want. It'll last longer."
Mai: "Huh!? S-Sorry. I was just curious!"
My face slowly heats up with shame as soon as I realize I was gawking.
Mai: "Um. I'd like to order this detective's recommendation, please."
Kicho: "Got it."
With a graceful gesture, Kicho turned around and went to the kitchen.
He quickly returned, carrying a tray with cheesecake and tea on it.
Kicho: "What's wrong, Mai?"
Mai: "Did you perhaps remember what I told you before?"
Kicho: "Why do you think so?"
(The number of sugar cubes served in the cups, even the type of cheesecake.)
Mai: "I talked about my favorite foods when I came back here in the modern times until you worked here in the café."
Mai: "I'm just wondering if you remembered and prepared it for me."
Tumblr media
Kicho: "You make detective-like deductions in the weirdest place."
(This reaction, he really remembered it!)
(Wait. Why am I happy?)
I tilted my head slightly at my unexpected feelings.
Mai: "Hm?"
Halfway through my thoughts, I spotted two figures pictured at the edge of the menu.
(One of them looks like a detective, but...)
Mai: "Kicho-san, who is this person in white?"
I pointed to a picture of a skinny man with a cold, imposing look on his face.
Kicho: "It's the antithesis of a detective."
Mai: "So, you mean a criminal?"
Kicho: "That's right. This guy works behind the scenes to plan crimes."
Kicho: "Let's put it this way, he's like a rival to a great detective."
Mai: "I see."
(I feel like I can picture him and Nobunaga on these two.)
Tumblr media
Kicho: "For a detective to exist as a detective, he needs mysteries and cases."
Kicho: "Just as we need a life crisis to know how precious life is."
Mai: "Ah..."
(I felt weird when I saw Kicho dressed as a detective earlier.)
(Now I know why. It's because he's more suited to be a criminal than a detective.)
As if he could see right through me, Kicho sneered at me.
Kicho: "It's almost time for a case."
Mai: "What do you mean by that?"
(I feel like I'm being asked to be an accomplice to a criminal.)
Confused, Kicho pointed to a certain spot on the menu list.
Mai: "Oh, I see. I guess it's almost time for this guessing event."
Kicho: "It's an event where the criminal lurks among the detectives, sets up an incident, and the guests join the guessing game."
Kicho: "If you want, I'll take you to a special seat where you can see the whole case."
Mai: "............."
Tumblr media
His low voice whispering in my ear took my breath away.
(He's just showing me to a seat with a good view.)
The somewhat bewitching invitation jolted me out of my thoughts.
Mai: "Okay. I'll go with you."
Kicho: "I understand."
Curiosity stirred in me as I faced the mystery of wanting to know more about Kicho.
With my heart beating faintly, I took Kicho's offered hand.
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Election 2022
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu’s Special Story
I visited Steward, where Kanetsugu worked later that day.
(I've heard of butler cafes, but I wonder what they are like.)
(I bet Kanetsugu would look good in a butler's uniform.)
I opened the door excitedly and was greeted by...
Kanetsugu: "Welcome back, my lady."
Mai: "----!"
Kanetsugu's silver hair slightly swayed as he bowed, making me freeze in place, flabbergasted.
Kanetsugu: "Oi, what's―no, is something wrong?"
Mai: "You look cool. I mean, it suits you, or rather, it suits you too well."
Kanetsugu smiled dumbfoundedly at me as I spilled out my heartfelt words.
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "Thank you for the compliment."
Kanetsugu: "I'm glad you like it, my lady."
(Butler Kanetsugu didn't even say anything cheeky like he usually does.)
My heart thumped even louder as Kanetsugu served me dashingly.
(He's just making me a cup of tea, but I can't take my eyes off him.)
Kanetsugu: "My lady."
Mai: "Y-Yes!?"
Kanetsugu stopped making tea and frowned slightly.
Kanetsugu: "You've been eyeing my every move. Is something weird about it?"
Mai: "N-No. That's not true."
Mai: "I was just amazed at how perfectly you do everything."
Kanetsugu: "I'm just making tea."
Mai: "But making tea is not easy."
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "Not really. The concept is not that different from traditional tea ceremony."
(R-Really? I bet if it's me, I wouldn't be able to do it like this.)
(But seriously, Kanetsugu is so perfect no matter what he does.)
He can play the role of a butler perfectly, and not only that, even in his experiments and official duties.
(If he's this great, I bet he's...)
Kanetsugu: "What's the matter? You suddenly shut up."
Mai: "Why won't you smile?"
Kanetsugu: "It depends on your answer. So, tell me what you were thinking just now."
(The last part is in his usual commanding tone.)
Expecting him to be flattered, I slowly speak up to Kanetsugu.
Tumblr media
Mai: "If you really become a butler, I think you'll definitely become a top-notch."
Mai: "I bet you'll get offers from all over the world if you stay here."
Mai: "Then you won't be able to brew me tea like this."
Kanetsugu: "..............."
Kanetsugu fell silent and just shook his head.
Kanetsugu: "I won't just leave you like that. A perfect butler would never let his personal feelings get in the way of his work."
Kanetsugu: "But I will choose the master I serve voluntarily, without listening to anyone's orders or invitations."
(That means...)
Kanetsugu's words stirred up sweet expectations in my heart.
I looked into his wisteria eyes to urge him to continue.
Kanetsugu: "Mai."
The corners of his lips twitched in a smile.
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "I'll only serve you. If you'll allow me to."
(He pick me!)
Mai: "I'm so happy!"
Kanetsugu: "................"
I tried to hug Kanetsugu, but he stopped me with his other hand.
Mai: "Why...?"
Kanetsugu: "It would be dangerous if the tea spills. Instead―"
A soft, sweet scent hit my nose as Kanetsugu kissed my cheek.
My heart jumped as I looked up at Kanetsugu.
Tumblr media
Kanetsugu: "Please wait for a while. Lady Mai."
He gave me a slightly mean and breathtaking smile.
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Ikevamp Act 2.5
Tumblr media
Chapter 15 Dramatic Route
Let's go back to the time Mitsuki went to the World's Fair venue.
Leonardo: "It's been a few days since Cara mia was kidnapped."
Leonardo clucked his tongue despite the festive mood of the city.
Sebastian: "Everyone has been looking for Mitsuki's whereabouts, but we still have no leads."
They split up with the others to look for Mitsuki, but Vlad and his crew never showed up at the church they are using as a base.
And Shakespeare couldn't get any leads on them, probably because his memory may have been manipulated.
Comte: "Will said that Vlad and the others wear lapel pins that make them invisible to the purebloods."
Tumblr media
Sebastian: "You mean they're trying to hide their presence from you two? They're very well prepared."
Suddenly, a group of excited children runs past Leonardo and Comte.
Child 1: "I got this balloon at the World's Fair."
Child 2: "Wow, nice. Maybe I should get one too."
Leonardo: "World's Fair? If so, I'm sure Cara mia would be smiling like that right now."
Comte: "............."
Leonardo: "Hey, Comte, I don't know what that guy told her to go with him, but you said Vlad would never harm her."
Comte: "Yeah, Vlad loves humans equally. He can be kind or cruel, like a god. But for some reason, he seemed to be moved by Mitsuki."
Comte: "If Mitsuki is not "one of the many" but "a special person" for Vlad, I don't think he would do anything to hurt her."
Leonardo: "Knowing Cara mia, I'm sure she went to him for us. To find out what she can do."
Sebastian: "True. I think Mitsuki would really do that."
Sebastian: "She's the type of person who works hard to help everyone in the mansion or anyone else."
Comte: "Yeah, you're right. All the more reason to get her back in one piece."
When the three nodded strongly to each other, a loud explosion reverberated throughout their bodies.
Sebastian: "Are you two okay!?"
Comte: "Yeah, we're fine. But what was that sound...?"
Leonardo: "Over there. There's some smoke coming from around the World's Fair site!"
Leonardo pointed to a black plume of smoke.
After a while, people rushed in from the same direction, running for their lives.
Comte: "Was it an accident? Or…"
Duke Germant: "Ah, Comte! I'm glad you’re safe!"
It was the Duke, an acquaintance of Comte's, who approached him in the crowd.
Comte: "Duke Germant, what in the world happened!?"
Duke Germant: "There was an explosion at the main venue."
Nobody knows what really happened, and the scene is chaotic. The duke, however, frantically fled with his family.
Duke Germant: "By the way, the young lady you sometimes take with you in the hall, I think I just saw her."
Comte: "!!!"
Duke Germant: "Did she go to the World's Fair with someone? I hope Mitsuki is all right."
After a few words of concern, the Duke left, and Comte and Leonardo looked at each other with impatience.
Comte: "Mitsuki is at the World's Fair?"
Leonardo: "It's the only lead we have so far. I'll go to the venue!"
Tumblr media
Leonardo: "We might miss Cara mia, so you two stay here."
Sebastian: "Understood!"
Comte: "Leonardo, I'll leave it to you. Mitsuki, please be safe."
Leonardo ran past the wave of people and ran for Mitsuki.
Tumblr media
The black smoke, ill-suited to this place, dimly stained the clear blue sky and the beautiful building had a large hole in the roof.
Vlad: "Mitsuki, are you all right?"
Mitsuki: "Y-Yeah. Thanks, Vlad. But what happened?"
Charles: "I think that building exploded. Was it an accident or...?"
Faust: "Nein, the explosion is still going on. It's possible that someone set it off intentionally."
Faust: "Anyway, we need to get out of here stat."
Vlad: "Let's go. Stay close to me, Mitsuki."
As I took Vlad's hand and managed to get up on my unsteady feet, I was surrounded by the angry shouts of people in an uproar.
Noble: "The World Fair is ruined! I'm sure those working-class people are behind this barbaric act!"
Citizen: "What did you say? You're blaming us? What do you even know? You're just an aristocrat!"
Mitsuki: "We don't have time for this!"
Vlad: "There's nothing you can say to them now. Let's hurry up."
Vlad glances at the people arguing, and a sad shadow appears in his eyes.
(Vlad. This is not the only aspect of human nature.)
I'm sure they're just venting their resentment at each other out of fear right now.
As I looked for a safe place with my thoughts running through my head, a shout came from behind me.
Man: "Get out of the way, woman! I'm going first. Move!"
Mitsuki: "Kyaah!"
Vlad: "Mitsuki!"
I quickly let go of Vlad's hand and almost fell into the crowd of fleeing people as the man pushed me.
???: "Mitsuki!!"
Then, an impatient voice called my name and hugged me from behind.
I turned around and saw amber eyes reflecting at me.
Leonardo: "Just in time. It would’ve been a close call if you got caught in the crowd."
Mitsuki: "Leonardo!? Why are you here...?"
Leonardo: "Someone saw you here, so I came to get you."
Tumblr media
Leonardo: "I've been worried about you. I'm glad you're safe, Cara mia."
I can tell more from his expression what he's feeling about me than his words.
Mitsuki: "Thank you so much, Leonardo."
Leonardo: "................"
Leonardo smiled without saying a word and patted my head like he always does.
(What should I do? I feel like crying.)
Not only now, but I must also have been worrying them tremendously.
The apology and the relief of seeing each other for the first time in a while made the back of my eyes burn.
After a while, Leonardo glanced behind me, and his expression turned grim.
Leonardo: "Vlad..."
Vlad: "Da Vinci."
Leonardo and Vlad trade intense glances, making me hesitate to call out to them.
Leonardo: "I'd like to hit you this time, Vlad, but..."
Faust: "Excuse me, I don't think we have time for some fistfights right now."
Charles: "He's right. We better get Mitsuki somewhere safe real quick. Then we'll talk!"
We nodded to each other and started running to get away from the explosion site.
As we were running, I heard a faint voice through the bustle and turned to look at the source.
Boy's voice: "It hurts. Somebody help me!"
(That's the boy who was put on the fence earlier as a human exhibit.)
I think that boy's name is Halil.
With no other people from his clan around, the boy stayed slumped over on the ground with his injured leg.
(At this rate, he'll get caught up in the stampede!)
Mitsuki: "Sorry, you guys go on ahead!"
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Mitsuki!"
Leonardo: "Merda, it’s too crowded―wait, that kid..."
I couldn't leave him alone, so I turned back from everyone and ran to Halil.
Mitsuki: "Are you okay!? Big sister will support you. Let's go."
Halil: "Okay..."
The minute I took Halil's hand to go back to everyone else...
Leonardo: "Mitsuki!"
Mitsuki: "Kyaah!?"
A loud noise and shaking made me close my eyes.
I opened my eyes and saw that a part of the building had collapsed across the street in front of me, blocking my way.
(No way, Vlad, Leonardo, and the others are just over there!)
Mitsuki: "I can't meet up with everyone like this. What should I do?"
Halil: "Big sister, I'm sorry. You lost your friends because of me."
Halil's eyes were shaking with anxiety.
(I need to get a grip. I'm the only one who can help this kid right now.)
Mitsuki: "Don't worry, it's not your fault. We'll see everyone soon, but for now, let's run!"
I squeezed his hand tightly to encourage him and to keep myself upright.
While I was looking for a way around, avoiding the debris with concern for Halil's injured leg, a few men approached me.
Man: "Mademoiselle, this way is safer!"
Mitsuki: "Really? Thank you!"
Man: "You're welcome. Come on, come with us."
One of the men chuckled.
Mitsuki: "Eh? Mmph!?"
The next moment, he pressed a handkerchief against my mouth.
As soon as I smelled the chemicals, my consciousness started to drift.
Tumblr media
(What's with these people? Don't tell me they lured me in!?)
Halil: "Big sis! Big sis!"
I saw Halil frantically calling me, getting squeezed by the man.
I wanted to help, but I couldn't even lift a finger.
(This is bad. My consciousness is already drifting away. Halil, everyone...)
My consciousness faded away as I thought of the faces of the people I cared about.
Tumblr media
A little later, on the main street of the city...
Citizen: "You're the butler at the mansion. I hear something awful happened at the world's fair."
Sebastian: "Don't worry. Panicking can cause secondary damage, so please remain calm."
Nobleman: "*pant* Is there somewhere I can rest?"
Comte: "There's a park up ahead. You can go there."
Comte and Sebastian wait for Leonardo, calling out to the anxious townspeople and sometimes guiding them to evacuate.
Sebastian: "Looks like the wave of people fleeing is decreasing."
Tumblr media
Comte: "Yeah. I wonder if they found Mitsuki."
Unable to do anything but wait and fret, Comte suddenly noticed a strange presence.
As he looked around, he saw a large carriage coming from the direction of the world's fair venue, rushing down the street.
Comte: ".............."
Sebastian: "Comte, is everything alright?"
Comte: "Is it just my imagination? I feel like I just sense a faint presence of a vampire."
Sebastian: "Maybe it's Leonardo and the others."
Comte: "No, it's neither a pureblood nor a regular vampire. It's different. What the hell was that...?"
As he was pondering the strange sensation, he heard a familiar voice.
Leonardo: "Comte, Sebas! Is Mitsuki here!?"
Comte: "Leonardo! Why are you here...?"
Vlad, whom he hadn't seen since that day on the hill of roses, rushed to the scene with Leonardo―and with two unfamiliar faces.
Charles: "Mitsuki is not with you guys? Then she's still at the World's Fair."
Faust: "Beruhige dich, Charles. I don't think she's going to stay there."
Tumblr media
Faust: "I didn't even smell blood. If she wasn't hurt, she probably ran to a safe place."
Comte: "What are you talking about, just now? And why are you here, Vlad? Did something happen to Mitsuki!?"
Barely restraining his rage, Comte gripped Vlad's shoulders tightly.
Vlad sighed as he met his anger-filled golden eyes head-on.
Vlad: "For once, I think I deserve a beating."
Vlad: "I lost Mitsuki while we were running away from the explosion."
Tumblr media
A few hours after the explosion―
All six of them went to the cathedral, where Vlad and the others used it as a base.
Vlad: ".............."
Sebastian: "We searched the venue again, but Mitsuki was nowhere to be found."
Charles: "We also checked for shelters and places where people had gathered, but she wasn't there."
Faust: "She didn't come here either. Any chance she's back at the mansion?"
Leonardo: "I went back, but Cara mia wasn't there."
Comte: "We didn't have any solid leads either, but we did hear one disturbing story from the officials and the police."
Sebastian: "They say the explosion was intentional."
Sebastian: "Fortunately, there were no fatalities, but there are still several people missing."
Faust: "Missing? Why did the police and the officials even spill that kind of information?"
Comte: "I have connections."
Sebastian: "The missing persons are all of different races."
Vlad: "Different races? You mean those who were displayed as human exhibits?"
Vlad, who had been silent all along, makes the air tremble with his ever-low voice.
Leonardo: "What do you mean by this human exhibit?"
Sebastian: "It's one of the main attractions of the Expo. It's about recreating the cultures of different foreign groups."
Leonardo frowned as Sebastian explained the exhibit.
Leonardo: "I see. It's like a freak show."
Tumblr media
Sebastian: "Yes. Actually, in later generations, some issues were raised because of this."
Comte: "I thought there would be a little more consideration given to this, but it seems the situation is different now."
Comte: "Anyway, they think someone set off the bomb and took advantage of the chaos to kidnap some of them."
Charles: "Are you saying that Mitsuki is involved in this kidnapping?"
Charles: "Also, how could they even kidnap so many people at once. Don't tell me their purpose is..."
Faust: "It's probably human trafficking."
Faust: "I bet they took advantage of the event to kidnap and sell them."
Faust: "As always, the weak are preyed upon. It's absurd."
Charles' eyes flickered with anxiety as Faust spits out a pent-up rage.
Comte & Vlad: ".............."
Comte and Vlad, who had been silent, simultaneously flipped their coats and strode to the cathedral doors.
Leonardo: "Hey. Where are you guys going?"
Comte & Vlad: "We're going to get Mitsuki back."
Their strong-willed words were perfectly in tune with each other.
Leonardo sighed as they looked at each other with wide-eyed amazement.
Tumblr media
Leonardo: "Wait. I totally get why you want to find her right now."
Leonardo: "But we still don't have any information about the kidnappers or any way to get them back."
Sebastian: "True. Right now, it's like we're holding onto a cloud."
Vlad: ".............."
After being calmly told off, Vlad sat down on the bench and exhaled deeply to calm himself.
Faust: "I didn't expect His Excellency to be this distraught."
Charles: "It's only natural. He's worried about Mitsuki."
Charles: "And for a long time now."
Vlad: "................"
Comte: "Vlad, for you Mitsuki is..."
Vlad never answered his question.
Leonardo then took one look at Vlad, Faust, and Charles in turn, speaking in a slightly stern voice.
Leonardo: "I have a lot to say to you guys about kidnapping Mitsuki."
Leonardo: "But let's leave it at that for now. We have better things to do than squabble."
Vlad: "Yeah. Let's save Mitsuki first."
He mumbled a silent oath to himself, and as everyone had the same determination in their hearts, Vlad spoke again.
Vlad: "There's just one other thing that's been bothering me."
Vlad: "Remember the kid Mitsuki helped?"
Faust: "Yes. Come to think of it, that kid was on the human exhibit, too."
Charles: "I believe the lore said he carries vampire blood?"
Vlad: "Yes. I got a faint vampire vibe from that kid."
Comte: "What?"
Leonardo: "I knew it wasn't just my imagination.”
Tumblr media
Sebastian: "What do you mean by 'faint'?"
Vlad: "It means that the blood has been diluted in the process of procreation."
His straightforward explanation made the three non-purebloods puzzled.
Vlad: "Perhaps his ancestors were Dhampirs with vampire blood."
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Election 2022
Tumblr media
Shingen’s Special Story
(I'm sure if it's Shingen, he'll be able to pull off the butler's job without a hitch.)
Convinced of this, I visited Steward, where Shingen works, but...
Shingen: "As a butler, I promised to provide you with a relaxing space, but it's quite difficult..."
Mai: "Really?"
I stared in surprise at Shingen as he proudly served me a cup of tea.
Mai: "But I think the way you showed me to my seat and the way you brewed the tea was perfect."
Shingen: "It's easy to learn these things.”
Shingen: "But in front of a young lady like you, I..."
With a teacup in hand, Shingen leaned closer to me.
Tumblr media
Shingen: "Just as I thought. The flowers on this teacup make you look even more beautiful."
(Why is he suddenly hitting on me? It's the typical Shingen, but...)
Mai: "No, you can't. If a butler acts like that..."
Shingen: "It means I'm crossing the line."
Shingen: "Either I'm not cut out to be a butler, or you're just too charming."
I can't help but smile at Shingen as he shrugs his shoulders playfully.
Mai: "Hehe. You're usually the one being served, so I get that it's tough being a butler."
Shingen: "I see..."
(But Shingen as a butler is so damn cool!)
(Just looking at him is relaxing. Or maybe I'm just excited?)
It's the usual sweet words he's whispering to me, but seeing him in a butler's outfit makes me shy.
(I better not look him in the eye.)
I reach for the sugar cube to put in my tea to distract myself from a perfectly dressed butler, Shingen.
Tumblr media
Shingen: "Lady Mai. You can order me to do that sort of thing."
Mai: "................"
Shingen softly squeezed my hand to stop me from moving.
Shingen: "How sweet do you like it? What temperature do you find most palatable?"
Shingen: "No. Not only that, I want to know what kind of moments I can make you blush."
Shingen: "Since I'm your butler, I want to know everything about you, my master."
I slowly blush as his fingertips wrap around my hand.
Mai: "Hey, you're crossing the line again, Mr. Butler."
Shingen: "Even so, I'm dying to know everything about the person I love."
Shingen: "Maybe I'm not a good butler to be this greedy. What do you think?"
Mai: ".............."
(Even if you ask me that...)
(If anything, I failed as a lady for getting excited at your words.)
Unable to reply properly, his handsome face came closer to mine.
Shingen: "It doesn't matter even if I get disqualified, as long as you, my lady, accept it and keep it a secret."
Mai: "Secret...?"
Confused by his sweet-sounding words, I looked at him, and a wicked smile appeared on Shingen's lips.
Tumblr media
Shingen: "What do you think, my lady? A sweet secret between the two of us."
(If you put it that way...)
I feel as if I am about to get sucked into his deep-colored eyes.
Mai: "I don't really have a choice, do I?"
Shingen: "You're smart. And sweet to me."
(I'm sweet because I love you, silly.)
Mai: "Fine."
Shingen: "Thank you, Mai."
Shingen thanked me and gently kissed the back of my hand like a prince, not a butler.
It was like a code between the two of us for the secret we couldn't share with anyone.
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Kanetsugu's special story
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Ikevamp Dramatic C15
Will you marry me (Faust) chapter 1
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Ieyasu's Sequel C1 part 1
Ikevamp act 2.5 dramatic C16
Wedding event 10%
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Ikevamp wedding event (Charles, Faust, Vlad)
Ikesen cafe (Kicho, Kanetsugu, Keiji, Motonari, Yoshimoto, Sasuke, Kennyo)
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Ikevamp Act 2.5
Tumblr media
【Enchanted in the sweet labyrinth】
They saved the hostages from the black group and prevented Vlad from harming the humans.
At the same time, his ambition turns into a dream, and the relationship between the vampires changes.
Comte: "You suddenly sent us a letter saying we should have a tea party."
Comte: "Can't you do something about that impulse of yours? Vlad?"
Vlad: "Charles said he would make a lot of strawberry sweets, so I couldn't say no."
Faust: "Lord Vlad is a crazy strawberry maniac."
Charles: "I made something delicious. And I want Mitsuki to eat it. And of course, you guys too."
Leonardo: "Vedo. We're just along for the ride, huh? Well, that's fine, but you guys insisted on it, so get on with it already."
The residents of the mansion, Vlad and his crew, are busily carrying table sets and making preparations for the tea party.
Mozart: "This table feels awfully heavy. Dazai, are you sure you're carrying it properly?"
Faust: "Both your skills as a musician and a writer are a bit unreliable. Ugh, fine."
Dazai: "Oh! It's much lighter now that Faust is helping. I can easily do it with just one finger."
Mozart: "You're slacking off after all."
Tumblr media
Jean: "Are you a good cook, Charles? Napoleon and Sebas are good too. I wish I could learn from them."
Charles: "You want to learn how to cook? Then how about we give you a cooking lesson?"
Shakespeare: "Charles, Jean is not just bad at it. He's so bad he could even blow up the kitchen."
Vlad gazes at the people chatting with a sense of wonder.
Vlad: "............."
Comte: "Come on, Vlad. Don't just stand there. Hold that one."
Vlad: "You're too rough with people."
Comte: "This kind of thing is called cooperation."
After they finish carrying the table together, Vlad looks up at the mansion.
The wind is blowing through the blue sky, ruffling the flowers in the garden and Vlad's silver hair.
Comte: "What are you thinking about, Vlad?"
Vlad: "Remember when I teased you about how big the mansion was? You replied these back then..."
Vlad: "Great men across countries and eras will come here. Together, they will live with us and get used to this new world."
Tumblr media
Comte: "Are we going to be a family? I remember you laughing at me after asking me that."
Only the two of them know each other's memories.
Vlad: "Now that there are so many more residents, it's become quite lively."
Comte: "Yeah. I consider them as a real family."
Comte: "Maybe that's the kind of connection I was looking for with humans after all."
Vlad: "You're such a lonely guy."
Comte: "Je sais."
Vlad chuckles and looks down.
Vlad: "But maybe I'm the same way."
Vlad: "Whenever Mitsuki holds my hand, it makes me feel very warm in here."
Comte gazes at Vlad's profile as he gently puts his hand on his chest.
His friend once called a God since childhood, is now finally walking alongside him in this world.
Tumblr media
While the tea party is in full swing, Vlad invites Mitsuki to join him.
Vlad: "Hey Mitsuki, will you show me around the garden?"
Vlad: "I want to take my time and look at the beautiful flowers. Will you join me?"
Mitsuki: "Sure!"
Comte watches them leave their seats, and Leonardo calls him playfully.
Tumblr media
Leonardo: "Are you sure you want to leave Cara mia alone with Vlad?"
Comte: "It's nothing to get so worked up about. Vlad is nice to Mitsuki."
Leonardo: "I guess you ain't losing either. Or maybe you're done overprotecting Cara mia?"
Comte: "Look who's talking?"
They chuckle at each other and turn their attention to the garden.
In the distance, Vlad and Mitsuki are gazing at the flowers, pointing at them.
Vlad is probably teaching her the language of flowers one by one.
Comte: "Hey, Leonardo."
Leonardo: "Hm?"
Comte: "I still keep asking myself if I made the right choice."
To revive great men...
To seek eternity for man against the laws of life...
To wish for a flower that would never wither...
Comte: "I guess these hesitations are karma I'll have to carry with me for the rest of my life."
Comte: "So thank you for neither affirming nor denying."
Leonardo: "................"
Leonardo's eyes widen, and his smile deepens at the unexpected words from his friend.
Leonardo: "Ha! That's not something you should be thanking me for."
Leonardo: "Even purebloods treat humans differently."
Leonardo: "There's more than one way to love. That's all there is to it."
Whether it's regretting the fleeting life of humans and inviting them to eternity or drawing a line and watching over them, whatever choices one makes, love involves both suffering and joy.
Comte: "Why are we so drawn to humans?"
After spouting one happy wonder and tipping his teacup, Comte stands up.
Comte: "Well, it's time to get Mitsuki back."
Leonardo: "Heh. I knew you were the most overprotective."
Vlad: "By the way, Mitsuki. I've been thinking. Maybe you should come to our castle after all."
Mitsuki: "Ehh?"
Tumblr media
Vlad: "The flowers in this garden are beautiful, but I'm sure you're already bored after living in this mansion for so long now."
Comte: "Haha, what are you talking about, Vlad?"
Mitsuki: "Comte!"
Comte stands behind Mitsuki, smiling at Vlad as he seduces her.
Comte: "Mitsuki is already my family. So how can she get tired of being part of it?"
Vlad: "Then Mitsuki, how about you and I become more than family?"
Mitsuki: "More than family?"
Comte: "As the patriarch of this mansion, I can't simply accept that."
Vlad also smiles back at Comte, and silent sparks fly.
Leonardo: "Seriously, those two still didn't learn their lesson. Leave those little mocciosi alone, Cara mia."
Leonardo: "I'll take care of you, okay?"
When Leonardo approached Mitsuki, the two, who had been staring at each other with smiles on their faces, frowned slightly.
Vlad: "Wait. You can't be too careful here, Da Vinci."
Tumblr media
Comte: "Why do vampires like Mitsuki so much?"
While the purebloods are engaging in their childish game, the others are making fun of them.
Shakespeare: "Oh? I was wondering where Mitsuki was, but it looks like those three took her away."
Faust: "Are all the pureblood geezers like this?"
Charles: "Count me in, Lord Vlad. If it's about seducing Mitsuki, I won't lose."
No one knows how much of it is a joke and how much of it is serious.
Mitsuki herself smiles at the three of them and simply enjoys the moment, unaware that she is the focus of the conversation.
Mitsuki: "Hehe, everyone is calling us. I'll make us a fresh pot of tea. Let's go!"
Leonardo: "Good grief, it's going to be hard to get out of this."
Comte: "Who will seduce Mitsuki? I guess it all depends on the fate that lies ahead."
Vlad: "Let's go then. Mitsuki…"
Tumblr media
Vlad gently pulls Mitsuki's hand to join him, while Leonardo holds the opposite hand, and le Comte extends his hand toward Mitsuki.
Comte: "Sometimes I think about the past, the beautiful memories and the bitter ones, but maybe all of it was meant to lead us to where we are now."
Suddenly, Comte's words fall into the distant sky.
Leonardo: "Present, huh? I guess you're right. Even though we experience pain and sorrow, the joy still outweighs it."
Vlad: "People sometimes create miracles that change destiny. That's what I like about them."
Vlad: "Mitsuki made me realize that."
Tumblr media
Vlad: "I wonder what kind of future awaits us in this world we're building with you."
Mitsuki gazes at the three of them, and her sparkling eyes, with her soft smile, are full of radiance.
Mitsuki: "What lies ahead must be…"
A destiny yet to be seen, a miracle yet to be performed, and unquenchable hope.
We will live in this world with the warmth of our connected hands.
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Ikemen Sengoku Election [Sengoku Warlord Service]
Tumblr media
Present day...
Sasuke's room is filled with seventeen warlords from the Sengoku era.
Sasuke: "Ladies and gentlemen, I've finally predicted when the next wormhole will appear. There is a high probability that it will be in a month."
Tumblr media
Kicho: "It's been two months since we were sent here. It's definitely consistent with the cycle."
Hideyoshi: "I'm surprised it's been that long already."
Kennyo: "We all had a hard time finding jobs back then."
Motonari: "Oi, Kennyo. Didn't you stay at the temple right away?"
Masamune: "Others were almost caught by the cops several times."
Kenshin: "I never thought I would be reprimanded for carrying a sword."
Mitsuhide: "Good thing Mai fooled them by saying it was just a drama shoot."
Keiji: "Mai also helped us find jobs after that."
Mitsunari: "I can't thank Lady Mai enough."
Sasuke: "True. That's why I'd like to discuss this with you."
Sasuke: "Gentlemen, why don't we open a concept café for Mai?"
All: "Concept Cafe?"
Shingen: "Cafe means a teahouse in this time, right?"
Sasuke: "Yes. We call it a concept café when certain elements are added to it."
Sasuke: "For example, maid cafes and cat cafes."
Ranmaru: "Oh, I tried that cat cafe before! All the cats were so cute and so relaxing ☆."
Sasuke: "That's right, a concept café is not just a teahouse. It's an establishment that offers relaxation to people."
Tumblr media
Yukimura: "You mean we're going to help Mai relax after taking care of us?"
Sasuke: "Bingo. Only if we can get her approval, though."
Nobunaga: "Hm. The answer is already obvious then."
Kenshin: "If it'll make Mai happy, count me in."
Sasuke's expressionless face relaxed, seeing everyone nodding.
Sasuke: "Thank you. I will arrange everything you need on my end."
Motonari: "We'll need more than one store. We don't want 17 people crammed into one place."
Shingen: "Right? What I want to see is a goddess smile, not these guys."
Sasuke: "You're charming, Lord Shingen, so I'm sure you'll please Mai."
Kenshin: "Don't be stupid. The one who will please her the most would be me."
Ieyasu: "There's no way you can do that."
Mitsuhide: "Then that means I'm the best?"
Hideyoshi: "What makes you say that!?"
Yoshimoto: "Why don't we let Mai choose?"
Kanetsugu: "So you want her to decide who's the best?"
Ranmaru: "Are you sure? I'm confident I'll win."
Masamune: "Funny coincidence. Me too."
Sasuke: "Well, let's just put up a ballot box in the store and get on with the work as quickly as possible."
Tumblr media
Finally, the day before the opening of the cafe...
[Butler Cafe "Steward"]
Yukimura: "Welcome back, milady."
Tumblr media
Shingen: "Yuki, you forgot to smile."
Shingen: "This is a butler's cafe. You should be nicer than that."
Yukimura: "There's no way I can do that! I'm already embarrassed enough."
Hideyoshi: "We're trying to please Mai. Bear with it."
Yukimura: "Ha? Why don't you do it!?"
Hideyoshi: "Welcome back. What would you like to drink?"
Yukimura: "Ugh..."
Mitsuhide: "Too bad. Hideyoshi's natural traits make him a good butler."
Yukimura: "Then how about you, Mitsuhide!?"
Mitsuhide: "Welcome back, my lady. Let me show you to your seat."
Yukimura: "-----!"
Shingen: "You still look sus, but it's still passable."
Kanetsugu: "Give up, Yukimura. You can't do it if you don't smile."
Yukimura: "You haven't even smiled for the last hour!"
Kanetsugu: "I only listen to Lord Kenshin's orders."
Tumblr media
Mitsuhide: "Well, Kanetsugu's unexpected smile is more likely to be a hit with customers."
Shingen: "Yuki, one more time."
Yukimura: "Damn it. Welcome back, milady."
Hideyoshi: "Your expression is still stiff!"
Yukimura: "W-Welcome back, milady!!"
Tumblr media
[Wizard Cafe "Witch & Craft"]
Ranmaru: "Lord Ieyasu, what are you making?"
Ieyasu: "It's chili coffee."
Keiji: "Wow! Even I, an eccentric, didn't have that idea."
Ranmaru: "If it tastes good, then it's truly magical!"
Yoshimoto: "But the color is not pretty."
Masamune: "The smell is not good either."
Motonari: "It's definitely not a good match."
Ieyasu: "Don't say that until you've had at least one sip."
Motonari: "I don't drink things made by others."
Yoshimoto: "I'm only interested in good food."
Keiji: "Sorry, but mochi is all I eat."
Ieyasu: "The last one is definitely a lie."
Ranmaru: "Oh, but wait! I think there are drinks like that in other countries."
Ranmaru quickly pulls out his phone and searches for it.
Masamune: "I see. So you can use chili peppers as a spice in Latte."
Tumblr media
Yoshimoto: "This looks good."
Ieyasu: "Wait a minute. Where did you get that phone, Ranmaru?"
Ranmaru: "Sasuke prepared it for me. I wanted to get in touch with Lady Mai."
All: "-----!"
Motonari: "You've got some guts sneaking around with that cute face of yours."
Ranmaru: "Really? Don't think I'll lose to you, Lord Motonari."
Yoshimoto: "Since Ranmaru beat us to it, I'm going to get serious too."
Keiji: "Let's see who can offer the most wizardly service!"
Masamune: "I'll be the one chosen, though."
Tumblr media
[Detective Cafe "Reichenbach"]
Sasuke: "Gentlemen, we have a serious situation."
Kicho: "What's the matter, something wrong?"
Sasuke: "Look at the kitchen. The tea we just stocked yesterday..."
All: "----!"
Tumblr media
Nobunaga: "There are tea leaves scattered all over the floor."
Kicho: "Someone must have dropped the tea can. I found it on the counter."
Kennyo: "But I didn't hear any noise."
Nobunaga: "He must have dropped it in an isolated area before going to work."
Kenshin: "Easy peasy, there's no need to guess. You're the culprit."
Mitsunari: "Yes, that is correct."
Sasuke: "CUT! Mitsunari, please deny it first. You confessed too soon."
Sasuke: "This café sells mystery-solving & tea time, so you need to put more effort into your acting."
Kenshin: "Seriously. I thought the tea leaves on your sleeve would be the clue to your crime."
Mitsunari: "I'm sorry. Not admitting what I did is harder than I thought."
Kennyo: "I don't think he can play the role of the culprit."
Nobunaga: "So you want us to leave this to you?"
Kennyo: "Only if I can accidentally take revenge on you."
Sasuke: "Please stop. I don't want a real case, so no thanks."
Kicho: "Then I'll take the role."
Mitsunari: "Kicho-dono?"
Kenshin: "I find it all the more disturbing."
Tumblr media
Sasuke: "No, it could work."
Kennyo: "What?"
Sasuke: "If we imagine Nobunaga and Kicho as a detective and a math professor in a famous mystery novel..."
Sasuke: "I'm sure Mai will be thrilled."
Nobunaga: "Oh? Fine, I'll leave the directing to you."
Who can entertain Mai to her satisfaction?
Their fate all depends on Mai's vote.
☕ Ikesen Election Event Masterlist
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Ikevamp Act 2.5
Tumblr media
Chapter 18 Romantic End
A few days after the events at the Black gathering...
Mitsuki: "So that black group got exposed?"
Comte: "Yeah. And those who were being sold as sacrifices were also freed. Thanks to everyone's cooperation."
(Thank God...)
I pat myself in relief as the string of incidents finally comes to an end.
Tumblr media
On the day of the gathering, we, who had infiltrated the scene and helped free Ulfa and the others, got away with it after only being questioned by the police, thanks to Comte's help.
The organizers and participants of the gathering were seized at the scene.
They also found the culprits who set off the bombing at the World's Fair, clearing Halil's clan of suspicion.
Comte: "The bombing was apparently a protest by those who found out about the connections between the showmen and the group."
Mitsuki: "I see, protest. So those people caused the bombing for their own sense of justice."
No one was killed in the bombing, but many people were injured.
I understand their reason, but I can't say the means they used were right.
Comte: "It would be best if we could fix the mistakes without using violence."
(Everyone should know that, so why is it so difficult?)
(There are as many justifications and beliefs as there are people. And yet, one aspect of it creates mistakes and sacrifices.)
As I'm feeling frustrated that problems are not easily solved in reality, someone knocks on the door, and a person with a genuine smile appears.
Shakespeare: "Oh dear. You look like a wilted flower, Mitsuki."
Mitsuki: "Shakespeare! Comte was just filling me in on what happened after the incident."
Shakespeare: "I see, so you have been depressed by the reality that things are not as they should be. Well, I have good news for you."
Shakespeare: "They caught the showman who sold Halil's sister, and it seems that the treatment of his clan improved."
Mitsuki: "Really? Oh, thank god!"
According to Shakespeare, the people who were put behind the fence and on display are now out, talking to onlookers, sharing their family's culture, and interacting with people on a more equal footing.
I hope they look more alive now than they did back then.
(This world is not an easy problem to solve.)
(But in this way, we can change little by little.)
We can learn from the past, bring our thoughts and feelings together, and figure out a way to gently hold each other's hands instead of hurting each other.
(If we keep collecting beautiful things, I'm sure we can change the future someday.)
(That's right. Let's believe in that.)
Shakespeare chuckles as I ponder this.
Tumblr media
Shakespeare: "Fufu, looks like the wilted flower has come back to life."
Mitsuki: "I'm just happy. I want to go to the World's Fair again!"
Comte: "Good idea. And the venue that was bombed is slowly being repaired with the help of craftsmen and volunteers."
Comte: "Let's go together this time. Mitsuki, Will, everyone at the mansion, and then..."
Comte and I looked at each other and nodded.
The faces that we thought of would probably be the same.
Tumblr media
At that time, the three people Mitsuki had in mind were…
Faust: "Oh, by the way, those dhampir siblings..."
Faust: "I heard that there's a couple who wants to take care of them until they return to their hometown after the world's fair is over."
Charles: "Oh yeah. Leonardo stopped by the church the other day and told me about it."
Vlad: "Heh. Da Vinci, huh?"
Faust: "I heard the couple offered to let those kids get a taste of life in Paris, not just a place of work."
Charles: "Halil also told them about their own lore. And you know what?"
Halil: "I've been told that our family has vampire blood in their veins."
Ulfa: "Look! You can see our fangs when we smile. Aren't you scared?"
Woman: "My goodness, that's a cute set of fangs. It's very charming."
Man: "Thank you for telling us. Can you please tell us more about yourselves?"
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
Vlad: "I see they have found a good couple."
Vlad: "This is another miraculous and fateful meeting between humans, huh?"
Vlad's eyes narrowed softly as he listened to the conversation.
Faust: "That aside, I heard that Comte also wanted to take care of the siblings at the mansion."
Charles: "But Leonardo stopped him, saying he couldn't let them see them drinking rouge."
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Pft―ahaha! It's so Comte to reach out to someone right in front of him like that."
Vlad: "I guess some people are saved by his kindness."
Vlad's eyes filled with nostalgia as he gazed at the scene of a distant day.
Faust stares at him for a moment and then asks.
Faust: "Old man, why didn't you use your brainwashing power when you entered that place?"
Vlad: "................"
Faust: "If you had brainwashed everyone who was there, things would have gone much more smoothly."
Faust: "Did you hesitate because Mitsuki would see you?"
Vlad: "No, it's not like that."
Vlad simply smiles at Faust's offhanded remark and gets up from the bench he is sitting on.
As he slowly walks, his footsteps echo in the quiet cathedral.
Vlad: "My power is actually not that versatile."
Vlad: "Brainwashing several people at once takes a toll on my mind and body."
Vlad: "If I used my power halfway in that place, I might not have been able to save them all."
Faust & Charles: "..............."
Vlad: "And I've been thinking about some things ever since I met Mitsuki."
Charles: "What kind of things...?"
Vlad suddenly looks up.
The light spilling out from the windows appears like the last remaining hope scattered in Pandora's box.
Vlad: "I love this world."
Vlad: "I wanted to nip their sins in the bud and guide mankind so that they wouldn't make mistakes and lead us to a future of peace."
Vlad: "But I think my ambition and this brainwashing power are taking away the hidden potential of human beings."
Vlad: "That's what I've been thinking since I met Mitsuki."
Charles: "What do you mean by hidden potential?"
Vlad: "The power to create miracles."
Mitsuki: "Vlad, you're not a God."
Mitsuki: "As proof, look, we can hold hands like this."
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
The warmth of Mitsuki's hand that held his blood-soaked hands still lingers.
Mitsuki's hand lifted Vlad up from his self-imposed destiny.
She connected his heart with a friend he thought he would never cross paths with again.
If Mitsuki had been brainwashed, this miracle would never have happened.
Vlad: "Mitsuki, you saved me again. Just like that snowy day."
Faust walks up to Vlad as he mutters to himself.
Faust: "Do you remember? I asked you a similar question before."
Faust: "I thought at the time that Mitsuki was the only one special enough not to be brainwashed by you."
Charles: "Mitsuki is special, isn't she?"
Charles: "From the day you guys met, I could see the love in your eyes as you looked at Mitsuki, Lord Vlad."
Vlad: ".............."
Charles: "I still don't know what love is, but that's how it felt to me."
Charles: "Mitsuki has moved Lord Vlad's heart."
Charles rushes bouncily to the door and peeks at Vlad with a smile.
Vlad himself found them and revived them using the door, hoping that he could use them as pawns for his ambitions, but when did it become natural for them to be by his side?
With this thought in his heart, Vlad tells them these in a soft voice.
Tumblr media
Vlad: "I'll continue to love this world. But I also want to have a little more faith in people."
Faust: "So you're going to give up your ambitions?"
Vlad: "No. My ambition to protect the world has become a "dream" that I want to fulfill."
Vlad: "I'll leave my dreams to the people I love."
Faust & Charles: ".............."
It's the first carefree smile that Faust and Charles see.
Charles: "Fufu. I'm so happy. I feel like I'm finally getting close to the real Lord Vlad."
Charles: "Right! Lord Vlad, Docteur. I'd like to know more about the people in that mansion."
Charles: "I've only known them through Will and you, but I'd like to talk to them."
Faust: "Considering what we've done, I don't think they'll agree to it so easily."
Faust: "But, let's at least try to work together just like what we did in that gathering."
Charles: "Agreed. I'd like to see Mitsuki, too. Maybe the three of us can go to the mansion together next time!"
Vlad: "Ahaha, that's a good idea. I'd love to see Mitsuki's surprised face."
The three voices echoed through the light-filled cathedral as they began plotting their "assault" on the mansion.
Tumblr media
In an art gallery on a corner in Paris...
A man named Gauguin appears from the doorway, looking down.
The picture of the vivid sunflowers he had just seen at the art gallery was stuck in his mind.
The artist, of course...
Gauguin: "Vincent. It seems my jealousy of your talent won't go away easily."
Gauguin: "I guess I'll just have to keep painting with this feeling."
Gauguin: "Haha, I can paint again. It's like a dream. I've been painting for what seems like an eternity."
Gauguin smiles to himself, still unable to grasp the joys and pains of painting.
Then, a couple of men pass by him...
Tumblr media
Mystery Man 1: "That's right. You shouldn't even be here."
Gauguin: "What?"
Gauguin had no idea what had happened.
But as he looked down, he saw a sharp blade, which appeared to be the tip of a spear, deeply stuck in his chest.
Gauguin: "Who the hell are you guys?"
Mystery Man 2: "Farewell, poor vampire. I'll make you disappear before you even dream."
The last thing Gauguin heard was a gruff voice.
Before he could even see their faces, his vision turned dark.
Tumblr media
Our mansion has regained its former peaceful lifestyle.
Then, one fine day...
Comte: "You suddenly sent me a letter saying we should have a tea party."
Comte: "Can't you do something about that impulse of yours, Vlad?"
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Charles said he would make a lot of strawberry sweets, so I couldn't say no."
Faust: "Lord Vlad is a crazy strawberry maniac."
Charles: "I made something delicious, and I want Mitsuki to eat it. And of course, you guys too."
Leonardo: "I see, so we're just along for the ride, huh? Well, that's fine, but you guys insisted on it, so get on with it already."
(I was surprised when those three suddenly said they were coming, but...)
I watched from the dining room window as everyone carried in tables and chairs to prepare for the tea party in the garden.
Seeing them working together somehow made me smile.
Sebastian: "Mitsuki, is the tea set ready?"
Mitsuki: "Yup, it's perfect! Oh yeah, I bought some new tea leaves the other day."
Mitsuki: "These tea leaves were specially mixed in to commemorate the world's fair. Since it's so special, let's brew this one."
Sebastian nodded and tilted his head.
Mitsuki: "What's wrong?"
Sebastian: "Oh, it's nothing. Speaking of which, there's one thing that's been bugging me."
Sebastian: "There's no recorded event of a bombing at the Paris World's Fair."
Tumblr media
Sebastian: "But history is not always true, so I'm sure it got buried in the history books."
Sebastian: "Just a small wonder from a former historian. Forget it."
Sebastian then accepts the tea from me and carries the tea set.
(The bombing didn't happen in history, but the incident still happened.)
(Maybe history has changed or something?)
If so, then that means...
Sebastian: "Mitsuki? Let's go."
Mitsuki: "O-Okay!"
I put that thought aside and walked to the garden where everyone was waiting.
Surprisingly, the tea party turned out to be lively...
Sebastian: "Would you like another cup of tea, everyone? We also have strawberry sweets that Charles made for us."
Sebastian: "Please also try the apple pie that Mitsuki and I made. Isaac gave us his seal of approval!"
Charles: "Seal of approval? Does that mean you like apples, Newt?"
Faust: "Newton and the apple. Ah, you mean the universal gravitation?"
Tumblr media
Isaac: "Ah, geez! Stop talking about apples already! And stop calling me Newt!"
Arthur: "Pfft...Newt's apple story is so classic."
Napoleon: "Guys, go easy on him."
Napoleon: "I get why you'd want to tease him―Yeah, no, never mind."
Isaac: "You just said you want to tease me! I thought you were on my side."
Mozart: "I think they're teasing you because you react like that. Well, I guess you're having a hard time, too."
Isaac: "It's true. Oh, by the way, Mozart, you said you have a concert coming up?"
Mozart: "Yeah. I've been turning down performance requests, but from now on, I'll try to accept as many as possible."
Mozart: "I guess I've come to terms with my past a little bit."
Isaac: "I see."
Jean: "Then I guess I'll have more chances to hear your music."
Mozart: "Yeah. I'm still aiming for ultimate music, and I don't intend to end up with self-satisfaction. So look forward to it."
Jean: "I will. Oh, I get it."
Jean: "I'm excited to have something to look forward to in the future."
Vincent: "Exciting, huh? Will, don't you have a new play coming out soon?”
Tumblr media
Shakespeare: "Aye. My next play is a comedy with a happy ending."
Shakespeare: "From now on, I intend to write various plays, not just tragedies."
Shakespeare: "I'll face myself on the stage of life, rather than on the sidelines."
Vincent: "Yeah. Hehe, I wonder what your happy ending will be. I'm definitely going to see it!"
Dazai: "I won't miss that comedy you're writing."
Shakespeare: "I think it's a little different from your idea of a comedy."
Dazai: "At any rate, I'll go with you, Vincent. It's a date, okay?"
Theo: "Hey, bastard. You're not going on a date with broer, got it? I'm not going to let you!"
Arthur: "Cool your jets, Theo. Your bother complex really knows no bounds. Though, in a way, I respect that."
Charles: "You don't have to be so mad. I also go on dates with Docteur, see?"
Faust: "I didn't, and I will not. Charles, don't call it a date every time we go shopping."
Faust: "Seriously, if you say one more stupid thing, I'm going to sew your mouth shut."
Tumblr media
Theo: "I'm starting to see how you guys really are. Arthur, don't lose to them."
Arthur: "Mate, I'm not trying to compete with them in the first place."
Dazai: "Ahahaha! I'll never get bored in this mansion."
I watch from a distance as everyone gets excited while I show Vlad around the garden to check the flowers.
(I remember back when we had a tea party like this.)
Vlad: "Mitsuki."
Mitsuki: "Oh, sorry. The roses are blooming over there."
Vlad: "No, I just thought you looked beautiful with those kind eyes of yours."
His bluntness made me blush.
Mitsuki: "Thanks. But it's kind of embarrassing to hear you say that so suddenly."
Vlad: "But it's true. Even in this simple moment, you're more beautiful than anything else."
Vlad: "Hey, what were you thinking just now?"
Mitsuki: "I was remembering something that happened a while ago."
Vlad tilts his head slightly, prompting the conversation to continue.
Mitsuki: "When I couldn't go back to my world, everyone in the mansion threw me a welcome party."
Leonardo: "What's the matter, Cara mia? You've been smiling for a while now."
Mitsuki: "Hehe, I'm having so much fun. I just couldn't stop smiling."
Mitsuki: "Besides, everyone here was born in different times and different countries."
Mitsuki: "It's strange that we're sitting around a dinner table together, but I think it’s wonderful."
Mitsuki: "When I'm with everyone, I feel we can connect no matter who we are."
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
The feelings I had at that time came back to me again.
Mitsuki: "Right now, I'm just happy to have Faust, Charles, and you in addition to everyone in the mansion."
Tumblr media
Vlad: ".............."
(So much has happened to get to this day.)
I sometimes don't know what I can do as a mere human being.
And I'm sure every one of us had a lot of emotions swirling around in our hearts, past that we can't forget, beliefs that we can't give up, and doubts.
But we overcame them and are gathered here now.
Mitsuki: "I think it is difficult for people to understand each other."
Mitsuki: "But nothing will change if we don't try to understand and stay away."
Mitsuki: "Even if it's baby steps, we should start communicating and give each other more chances to get closer."
Mitsuki: "I want to make the world a place where everyone can connect as a human being."
Vlad: "Mitsuki..."
This world is not made by one person.
The world is made by humans, vampires, and purebloods.
Everyone should be able to connect their hearts and live together.
As I speak out my feelings, Vlad gently narrows his crimson eyes like a man who has found a lost treasure.
Vlad: "Hey, Mitsuki, I'm here now because you found me."
Mitsuki: "Huh?"
Vlad: "You've kept me connected. You connected me to this world where humans and vampires live together."
Vlad: "Thank you for connecting me to my heart."
Vlad's eyes right now have the purity of a kid...
Mitsuki: "Let me also say this. Thank you for trying to protect this world, Vlad."
(Protecting something, helping someone, and keeping a fragile heart together...)
(Even if the means are wrong, the thought alone is precious.)
Vlad suddenly pulls up my hand and grins wickedly.
Vlad: "By the way, Mitsuki. I've been thinking. Maybe you should come to our castle after all."
Mitsuki: "Ehh?"
Vlad: "The flowers in this garden are beautiful, but I'm sure you're already bored after living in this mansion for so long now."
Tumblr media
Comte: "Haha, what are you talking about, Vlad?"
Mitsuki: "Comte!"
Comte comes in with his coat fluttering and stands behind me.
Comte: "Mitsuki is already my family. So how can she get tired of being part of it?"
Vlad: "Then Mitsuki, how about you and I become more than family?"
Mitsuki: "More than family?"
Comte: "As the patriarch of this mansion, I can't simply accept that."
Vlad and Comte exchange a cheery but somewhat intimidating smile across me.
(Is it just my imagination that it looks like sparks are flying?)
Leonardo: "Seriously, those two still didn't learn their lesson. Leave those little mocciosi alone, Cara mia."
Leonardo: "I'll take care of you, okay?"
Leonardo chuckled as he touched my head and looked into my eyes.
Vlad: "Wait. You can't be too careful here, Da Vinci."
Comte: "Why do vampires like Mitsuki so much?"
Their interaction is somewhat childlike, but their deep, kind eyes make my heart pound.
Shakespeare: "Oh? I was wondering where Mitsuki was, but it looks like those three took her away."
Faust: "Are all the pureblood geezers like this?"
Charles: "Count me in, Lord Vlad. If it's about seducing Mitsuki, I won't lose."
The people at the table beckon us to join them.
Mitsuki: "Hehe, everyone is calling us. I'll make us a fresh pot of tea. Let's go!"
Leonardo: "Good grief, it's going to be hard to get out of this."
Comte: "Who will seduce Mitsuki? I guess it all depends on the fate that lies ahead."
Vlad: "Let's go then. Mitsuki..."
Tumblr media
Vlad gently and invitingly pulls my hand he's holding.
While Leonardo gently holds my other hand.
Comte: "Sometimes I think about the past, the beautiful memories and the bitter ones, but maybe all of it was meant to lead us to where we are now."
Comte's words fall into the distant sky as he reaches his hand toward me.
Tumblr media
Leonardo: "Present, huh? I guess you're right. Even though we experience pain and sorrow, the joy still outweighs it."
Leonardo: "That's what encounters with people are like. That's why I'm drawn to people. I can't take my eyes off them for the rest of my life."
Vlad: "People sometimes create miracles that change destiny. That's what I like about them."
Vlad: "Mitsuki made me realize that."
Tumblr media
Vlad: "I wonder what kind of future awaits us in this world we're building with you."
(The world we're building?)
Mitsuki: "What lies ahead must be..."
A destiny yet to be seen, a miracle yet to be performed, and unquenchable hope.
We will live in this world with the warmth of our connected hands.
Tumblr media
In this world, there is a “reason” that cannot be changed in any way.
Life begins its destiny as soon as it sprouts, and it will eventually fall into eternal sleep, for that is its destiny.
There is no such thing as a flower that never withers. No, there never was.
Are these vampires who have deviated from "reason" good for this world?
Tumblr media
Or are they evil?
Mystery Man 1: "It looks like the vampire's presence has distorted another destiny."
Mystery Man 2: "They are nothing but a blight on this world. I wonder what they were born for."
Mystery Man 1: "Why don't we ask them ourselves whether they are right or wrong?"
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Ikesen: Ieyasu’s Sequel
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Part 1 || Part 2
Chapter 2
Part 1 || Part 2
Chapter 3
Part 1 || Part 2
Chapter 4
Part 1 || Part 2
Chapter 5
Part 1 || Part 2
Chapter 6
Part 1 || Part 2
Passionate Route
Chapter 7
Part 1 || Part 2
Chapter 8
Part 1 || Part 2
☆ Epilogue
Blissful Route
Chapter 7
Part 1 || Part 2
Chapter 8
Part 1 || Part 2
☆ Epilogue
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Ieyasu’s Sequel Translation
Tumblr media
Chapter 1 Part 1
Day after the bombing of Azuchi castle―
As the night fell, the mountains far from Azuchi were enveloped in an eerie silence.
There, the shadows of three men loom in the distance, gazing at the burned-down Azuchi Castle.
Motonari: "That was one hell of a fire. Nobunaga and the others must be in a panic."
???: "Yes. As a matter of fact, they had a hard time dealing with it."
The man who had been on his knees bowed his head.
Kicho: "This is just a starting point. You know what to do after this, don't you?"
???: "Yes."
Kicho looked at him sharply, and the man nodded his head.
Motonari: "Betrayal is the norm in turbulent times."
Tumblr media
Kicho: "You'll probably be the first one to betray me, Motonari."
Motonari: "I'm fine as long as I get to be entertained in a flashy way."
Kicho: "............."
As Motonari leaves, Kicho looks at the man.
Kicho: "Move with caution."
???: "Yes, sir."
Kicho, having heard the man's reply, flipped his cloak and also left.
Tumblr media
[Azuchi Castle Gate]
A few days after the bombing of Azuchi Castle...
Mai: "What the!?"
The Traveler’s Guide I opened was blank.
As I flipped through the pages one after another, a few pages remained unchanged, but most were gone.
(What's going on?)
I tucked the blank guidebook into my bag as I arrived in Azuchi and looked up at the destroyed Azuchi Castle.
(I'm worried about the guidebook, but I'm more worried about everyone.)
The report says that everyone in the Oda army is safe and sound.
(But even though they are safe, I'm sure they're pretty upset about it.)
(I can't wait to see everyone. I want to see their faces and make sure they are really safe.)
Just as I'm about to get swallowed up by anxiety...
???: "Mai!"
(This voice!)
I turned around briskly, my heart filled with excitement at the familiar voice.
Mai: "Ieyasu!"
Tumblr media
(Thank God. He's not hurt anywhere.)
Ieyasu: "I heard you're back, so I came to get you."
Ieyasu walks up to me and gently grabs my shoulder.
Ieyasu: "Are you hurt? Were you in any danger on your way home?"
Mai: "I'm fine, don't worry."
(You're still worrying about me at a time like this.)
I replied firmly, hoping to reassure the worried Ieyasu.
Mai: "More importantly, I hear everyone is okay but has anyone been seriously hurt?"
Ieyasu: "Everyone is fine."
(I'm really glad.)
Feeling relieved, I relaxed my shoulders a bit and breathed a sigh of relief.
Ieyasu: "Are you okay?"
Ieyasu gently pulls me close and hugs me.
(He's so warm...)
Mai: "I'm fine."
For the first time in several weeks, the warmth of my beloved spreads through my body as I hug him back.
(I'm sure that what he meant by "are you okay?" is not about my body.)
(Ieyasu is worried about me feeling down because of all this.)
Ieyasu: "You say you're okay even when you're not."
He gently pats me on the back, and my anxiety-filled feelings become a little lighter.
Mai: "I was surprised and worried. But if everyone is safe and fighting at this very moment, I want to help."
I muster up the strength to tell him that...
Ieyasu: "Seriously, you really are something."
Ieyasu gently releases my body from our embrace and wraps his hand around mine.
Ieyasu: "You could've said you were scared or worried. You really are strong, huh?"
Mai: "I'm just relieved to see your face. So, really, I'm fine."
(This is not the time to be anxious...)
I squeeze Ieyasu's hand back and smile.
Mai: "!!"
He then suddenly kissed my forehead, making my heart beat like crazy.
Mai: "I-Ieyasu?"
Tumblr media
Ieyasu: "A spell to make you honest."
(That surprised me, but I'm happy.)
As my cheeks slowly heat up, my tense expression naturally relaxes.
Mai: "Thank you."
Ieyasu: "You look better when you look like that."
Ieyasu: "You can always be honest with me."
Mai: "Okay."
(It's so reassuring to hear him say that.)
He pats my head using his other hand, making me smile, and he apologetically interjected.
Ieyasu: "Sorry you have to come back so soon."
Ieyasu: "We're about to have a military council. I think it's better for you to attend than not know what's going on."
Ieyasu: "Are you coming?"
Mai: "Of course."
(I'll tell him about the guidebook after things settle down. I guess now is not the time for that.)
Ieyasu took me by the hand and went toward the Honmaru Palace of Azuchi Castle.
Tumblr media
[Honmaru Palace]
With Ieyasu as my guide, we enter Nobunaga's room.
Ieyasu: "We're back."
Nobunaga: "I see you brought Mai with you."
Mai: "Lord Nobunaga, I'm glad you are all safe."
Masamune: "Yo, long time no see. Glad to see you're okay."
Hideyoshi: "Mai, you're safe. Thank goodness."
Mitsunari: "Lady Mai, welcome back."
Mai: "Thank you, Masamune, Hideyoshi-san, and Mitsunari."
Tumblr media
???: "Oh, you're the princess I've heard so much about!"
Mai: "Um..."
Mitsuhide: "Keiji, introduce yourself."
Keiji: "Gotcha!"
The large man stood up, walked briskly, and stood in front of me.
(I've never seen this tall guy before.)
Keiji: "I'm Keiji Maeda. The theater-loving eccentric, fearful enough to silence even a kid!"
Mai: "Eccentric?"
Ieyasu: "Can't you just introduce yourself normally? Mai looks confused."
Keiji: "What do you mean by normal, Ieyasu? This is perfectly normal!"
Ieyasu: "Your normal is not normal."
(Are they close?)
(Ieyasu looks a little annoyed, but not in an unfriendly way.)
Mai: "I'm Mai. Pleased to meet you."
Keiji: "Sure!"
Ieyasu: "Keiji was absent from the Oda army for a while because he was doing undercover work. He just came back from Sakai with info regarding the attack on Azuchi."
Keiji: "Yeah, that's why!"
(Then, thanks to Keiji's tip, the damage was minimized.)
Nobunaga: "Back to the main issue. Sit down, all of you."
At Nobunaga's words, we sat down on the cushions prepared for us.
Tumblr media
Nobunaga: "Keiji. Are you sure he's the mastermind?"
Mai: "----!"
The words Nobunaga said, along with his sharp gaze, made me gasp.
Keiji: "Yes. This is definitely Kicho's idea."
Mai: "Um, who's Kicho?"
Mitsuhide: "He's my cousin, and he was originally in the Oda army."
Confused by the name I had never heard before, Mitsuhide explained it to me calmly.
(Kicho, Mitsuhide's cousin and a former member of the Oda army.)
(That man is the mastermind behind all this.)
In the tense atmosphere, I frantically hammer the information into my head.
Mitsunari: "He disappeared three years ago and has been missing ever since."
Mai: "That means you guys were originally allies, so why?"
(How could he do such a terrible thing?)
I can't get the image of the destroyed Azuchi Castle out of my mind.
(I heard that most of the people in Azuchi were safe, but some houses were damaged.)
(Even if lives were saved, what has been destroyed cannot be restored.)
Without Keiji's tip, a quick response wouldn’t have been possible, and the damage could've been much worse.
Tumblr media
Mitsuhide: "Betrayal is not unheard of here. That's what this turbulent world is all about."
Mai: ".............."
(Maybe so, but...)
I get what he's trying to say, but my heart can't catch up.
Seeing me like this, Ieyasu furrowed his eyebrows.
Ieyasu: "We don't know why he did that, though."
(I'm sure everyone must have been upset that someone who was originally one of their own was the culprit.)
(Is it that easy to split up just because it's a turbulent time?)
(Nobody is okay with being betrayed.)
I clutched my hands in my lap, feeling a sense of hopelessness.
Hideyoshi: "You said that the cannon fired at Azuchi Castle came from a foreign country?"
Keiji: "Yeah, without a doubt."
Keiji: "I think it was called a Culverin cannon or something like that. Yeah, that's the name."
Mitsunari: "Culverin cannon, I've never heard of that cannon before."
(Even Mitsunari, with all his knowledge, had never heard of it.)
Masamune: "Was he in a foreign country for the three years he was gone?"
Keiji: "I'm sure he was making contacts in other countries."
Keiji stops speaking, seemingly hesitant to say something.
Nobunaga: "Keiji. If you have something on your mind, say it."
Keiji: "Actually, that Kicho guy mentioned something strange back when I was hiding in Sakai."
Mitsuhide: "Strange?"
Keiji: "There is no need to kill Nobunaga Oda with this bombardment."
Keiji: "'There is someone else we should kill to reverse the course of history."
Tumblr media
All: "!!"
(To reverse history?)
My eyes widen in surprise at the unexpected words.
Hideyoshi: "He's not satisfied with just baring his fangs at Lord Nobunaga. What on earth is he up to?"
Nobunaga: "Calm down, Hideyoshi."
Hideyoshi: "I apologize."
Hideyoshi, who was about to lean forward, drops his gaze and sits back down.
(I can understand Hideyoshi's anger, but what bothers me more than that is...)
Ieyasu: "Reversing the course of history? He sounds as if he's seen the future."
Mai: "Future..."
My heart thudded, and cold sweat trickled down my spine as I sensed a bad omen.
(I thought Nobunaga was the target of the bombing.)
(But if what Keiji just said is true, does that mean he doesn't care about defeating Nobunaga?)
(Is there someone else he should kill?)
(In history, it was Hideyoshi who unified the country.)
(After Hideyoshi, Ieyasu united the country and established the shogunate.)
I tried to connect it to history in my memory, but...
(The history I know has changed.)
(Does this Kicho guy knows about the future before I timeslip and saved Nobunaga?)
There are so many things I don't know, and not knowing anything is a scary thing.
(I've always thought I would support Ieyasu's dream no matter what happens in the future, but...)
(What if something really big happens, and Ieyasu's life is threatened?)
Even though I almost get swallowed up by anxiety...
(I'll definitely protect Ieyasu, no matter what happens.)
I grip my trembling hands tightly with determination.
Tumblr media
Ieyasu: "Mai.'
Mai: "!"
I looked up hurriedly when he called out to me, and Ieyasu peeked into my face with concern.
Ieyasu: "You look pale. Are you okay?"
Mai: "I was just caught off guard."
Ieyasu: "Really?"
(I think Ieyasu might know that I'm worried about him.)
Mai: "Yeah, I'm fine."
Ieyasu: "............."
Ieyasu didn't try to probe any deeper but simply looked at me with concern.
(There's also the matter of the blank guidebook.)
(But talking about it now might confuse everyone even more.)
(I'll talk about it with Ieyasu once everything calms down.)
Mai: "Ieyasu, I'm really fine. If something happens, I'll be sure to talk to you about it."
Ieyasu: "Got it."
I smiled, and Ieyasu nodded reluctantly at me.
Masamune: "Take it easy, Mai. I'll feed you a nice meal later."
Mitsuhide: "It's not surprising Mai is surprised. It's that big of a deal."
Mai: "Masamune, Mitsuhide..."
Tumblr media
(Both of them are very thoughtful.)
Nobunaga: "Mai."
Mai: "Y-Yes."
Nobunaga: "Don't worry."
Nobunaga: "You're a woman of great luck. I can guarantee this."
(I guess that's Nobunaga's way of encouraging me.)
Mai: "Thanks, Nobunaga."
As I thanked him, Ieyasu's hand reached out and took mine.
Ieyasu: "I'm here for you. You're not alone."
Although he tells me it's going to be okay, I still feel a prickle of unease in my chest.
Yet, Ieyasu's warm hand is so soothing that I can feel my anxiety melting away just a little bit.
Mai: "Thank you."
As I thanked him, Keiji looked at me and smiled.
Keiji: "I heard you're in love with Ieyasu, but I see. You two are pretty passionate with each other."
Mai: "Keiji-san."
Ieyasu: "Can you please not get involved with us?"
Tumblr media
Keiji: "Don't be so testy."
Grinning, Keiji puts his arm around Ieyasu's shoulders.
Ieyasu: "You're heavy."
Keiji: "Oh, sorry, my bad."
(He's so friendly.)
Ieyasu let out a sigh at an unbothered Keiji.
Keiji: "By the way, Mai."
Mai: "Yes, what is it?"
I was a bit nervous as he called me over.
Keiji: "I don't need that stuffy honorific. You don't even have to address me as san."
Keiji: "Call me Keiji."
His bright smile helps me relax my shoulders.
(He's such a mood setter. He can easily lighten up a room.)
Mai: "Thanks! Nice to meet you again. Keiji."
Keiji: "Sure! Nice to meet you."
Masamune: "Ieyasu, don't be jealous. It's showing on your face."
Masamune smirks and looks at Ieyasu.
Tumblr media
Ieyasu: "Don't be stupid. I'm not jealous."
Keiji: "You always have that pouty look on your face. Why don't you smile a little more?"
Ieyasu: "Why don't you mind your own business?"
Mai: "Hehe."
I felt a little more at ease with everyone's happy mood.
(I guess everyone is trying to relieve my nerves.)
Nobunaga: "Let's get back to the topic at hand."
With a single word from Nobunaga, silence returns to the hall once again.
Nobunaga: "First, we need to find out what Kicho wants. Mitsuhide, you're in charge."
Mitsuhide: "Understood."
Mitsunari: "What do you think about the rebellions that are taking place in various parts of the country?"
Nobunaga: "I'm going there too. Many people have heard the rumors of Oda's weakening and have raised their banners."
(I've heard that the Tenshu of Azuchi Castle is a symbol of Nobunaga's authority.)
(And that’s why because of the bombing, rebellions are popping here and there.)
I was reminded again of the seriousness of the situation.
Ieyasu: "It's going to take a lot of work to calm them down."
Hideyoshi: "There are too many of them. Even if we split up and clean them up, it won't be an easy fix."
Everyone turned sullen and shut their mouths.
(I don't know what will happen or what I can do, but...)
(I want to help everyone. I want to get involved and be useful, even if it's in a small way.)
(More importantly, if Ieyasu will be in danger in the future, I can't just stay out of it.)
Mai: "Um!"
Nobunaga: "What is it?"
Mai: "Let me do whatever I can to help."
Ieyasu: "Mai...?"
Mai: "I want to help you guys, too. So, please..."
I strongly pleaded with them.
Ieyasu: "I don't want to involve you."
Tumblr media
Nobunaga: "Do as you please."
Ieyasu: "Lord Nobunaga!"
Nobunaga: "But you must follow Ieyasu's orders."
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Ikevamp Manga
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 2 is out. Please support the artist and Cybird by buying the manga.
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Ikevamp Act 2.5
Tumblr media
Chapter 17 Romantic Premium
【𝗛𝗼𝗹𝗱 𝗠𝘆 𝗛𝗮𝗻𝗱】
Vlad: "I don't want flowers that do bad things to this world or humans."
Mitsuki: "Stop, Vlad!"
The moment I screamed to stop him, the smile I had seen the day I met him came back to me.
Vlad: "Hey, fighting is bad."
Vlad: "Your hands are not meant to harm other people. Don't we all want to be friends all the time?"
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
(That's right. You said it yourself, Vlad.)
I hugged Vlad from behind, driven by the feelings that welled inside me.
Tumblr media
Vlad: ".................."
Mitsuki: "Vlad..."
I wrap my hands around Vlad's blood-soaked hands from behind.
The wound may have already started to close up, but I gently stroke it to drown out the pain.
Vlad: "Mitsuki, your hands will get dirty."
Mitsuki: "It's okay. It's okay now, Vlad."
Mitsuki: "Don't put any more blood on your hands."
Mitsuki: "These hands are not here to hurt anyone."
(Because these hands...)
Made many flowers bloom in that garden.
These hands can compassionately care for children.
These hands have the same warmth as mine and humans.
Mitsuki: "Vlad, you're not a God."
Mitsuki: "As proof, look, we can hold hands like this."
Vlad: "................"
Vlad is not saying anything.
I don't know what he's thinking in this silence, but still, I want to tell him.
Mitsuki: "Don't hurt anyone's or your own heart anymore."
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Mitsuki..."
The strength leaves his body, and the guy he's holding by the neck falls with a thud.
His clasped hands tremble just slightly.
Vlad: "The day I saw that future, I vowed to protect the world no matter the cost."
Vlad: "If my fate is to get my hands dirty, then that's what I'm going to do."
Comte: "Vlad..."
Comte approaches Vlad step by step.
Comte: "You don't have to carry the past, future, or the sins of humans alone."
Comte: "I'm not like you. I'm the lost in contradiction guy who can only help what's within his reach."
Comte: "But that's why I want to take your hand again."
Vlad: "Comte..."
Tumblr media
Comte: "Let's think about humans and this world together."
Comte: "Let's hold hands, so you don't have to dirty them anymore. Just like when we were little."
Vlad remembers the day he reached Comte's hands and said: don't cry.
But this time, Comte is the one who reaches out to him.
Their hands and feelings are now about to overlap again after hundreds of years of passing each other.
Vlad: "Mitsuki, Comte, what you guys say is always beautiful."
Vlad: "But I don't know why, even if it's beautiful, I want to believe it."
Vlad: "I wish I could be close to you..."
Mitsuki: "Vlad..."
His crimson eyes narrowed softly, and he tightened his grip on our clasped hands to fill the loneliness that had lasted for too long.
(I will never forget the warmth and strength of this hand.)
To others, this may have been just an ordinary night, but for us, it was a fateful night that held one lonely pureblood together.
We then handed Ulfa over to the police and left the place.
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Mitsuki..."
Mitsuki: "What's wrong?"
Vlad, who stood behind me, called me over, and as I turned around, he reached out to hold my hand with a slightly sad look in his eyes.
Vlad: "I'm sorry for getting your beautiful hands all dirty."
(He's right. I was so distracted that I forgot about it.)
When I grabbed Vlad's hand earlier, the blood got onto my hands.
I tried to tell him not to worry about it, but Vlad brought his face close to mine.
Mitsuki: "Vlad?"
Then, his lips gently touch the palm of my hand.
My heart beats faster as he repeatedly kisses my hand like an animal licking its wounds.
Mitsuki: "U-Um, Vlad. What's wrong...?"
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Because you looked like you were in more pain than I was."
Vlad: "I thought if I kissed you like this, it could heal you a little."
Vlad: "It's funny because I don't have the power to heal wounds."
Mitsuki: "Vlad..."
(This is the real Vlad.)
Even when he knows there's no wound, he'll be brokenhearted if it looks painful.
The kindness he shows me makes my heart ache.
Mitsuki: "No, it's not funny. Thank you, Vlad."
Vlad: ".............."
Vlad: "Mitsuki, why...?"
Mitsuki: "Huh?"
Vlad: "I've caused you so much trouble, so why are you smiling so happily now?"
Seeing Vlad's cute surprised expression made me smile even more.
Mitsuki: "I told you before, remember? If everyone I care about is happy, that's enough to make me smile."
Mitsuki: "And, of course, that includes you, Vlad."
Vlad: "................"
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Thank you, Mitsuki."
With that, Vlad smiles.
It's not a doll-like smile but a smile that exudes joy from deep inside.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some parts of the Ikevamp manga. You can check the PV here.
Please do not repost. Please support the artist and Cybird.
You can buy the manga on these sites:
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Ikevamp Act 2.5
Tumblr media
Chapter 17 Romantic
I'll find Halil's missing sister and clear the suspicion put on their family.
And if Vlad tries to punish the traffickers, I will definitely stop him.
With this determination, we planned our next move.
Comte: "I've identified the showmen, suppliers, and nobles who are deeply involved in the World Fair."
Comte: "I also found traces of some suspicious transactions."
We all look through the bundle of documents that Comte has brought.
Sebastian: "That's a very detailed information. As expected of you, Comte."
Comte: "I've been helping the organizers a bit."
Comte: "Plus, Theo and Will helped me out. They're very open-minded because of their work."
Tumblr media
Shakespeare: "Fufu, it was fun listening in with you. Little brother."
Theo: "Tch. You were just covering your favored clients."
Vincent: "I see you two were playing detective together. Thanks for your hard work."
Shakespeare chuckles at Theo as he asks him bitterly to stop.
Arthur: "I also looked into the weird movements of showmen and aristocrats, leading me to a certain black organization."
Putting together what everyone had found out, the showman who brought Halil and his family had ties to a black market group, and Halil's sister, Ulfa, may have been sold to that organization.
Arthur: "In addition to that, I got this information."
Arthur pulled out a letter of invitation.
It was an ominous-looking black envelope with a bright red wax seal.
Mitsuki: "Let's see. On a moonlit night, we will hold our meeting."
Mitsuki: "Does that mean something will happen on the night of the full moon?"
Isaac: "There's some cryptic writing on it that probably indicates a location within Paris."
Arthur: "Mitsuki and Newt are both right on the money. A shady black organization is planning to hold a meeting."
Isaac: "How did you even get an invitation like this, Arthur?"
Arthur: "Hm? Well, I had to sweet-talk a maid who works for an aristocrat and ask her to do all sorts of things."
Isaac: "What do you mean by that?"
Theo: "I guess being a flirty writer in heat can come in handy sometimes."
Arthur: "If you're going to compliment me, you could do a little better than that, Theo."
Arthur: "And Mitsuki, this is just for research. I didn't really hit on her, okay?"
Mitsuki: "Hm? Yeah, sure. It's something you can only do. Good job!"
Tumblr media
Arthur: "Wow. You don't even care at all."
As I tilted my head at Arthur's reaction, Comte put his finger to his chin and muttered.
Comte: "Dark gathering, huh? Sometimes, people buy and sell illegally obtained goods, slaves, and perform satanic rituals in those venues."
Sebastian: "Does that mean there's a good chance that Halil's sister will be brought there?"
Shakespeare: "If the nobles are involved, they may be colluding with the police. It's better to move with caution."
Napoleon: "If we call the police, they will escape before we even get there. They'll be on the lookout."
We should probably figure out how to move on from here.
Mitsuki: "I have a plan."
Tumblr media
A few days later, on the night of the full moon, we visited the place mentioned in the invitation.
Nobleman: "Oh? If it isn't the Count of Saint Germain? I didn't expect to see you here."
Comte: "I've heard rumors of an intriguing gathering. When you get tired of living out in the open, there's always a lot to be curious about."
Comte: "Mitsuki, you should say hello too."
Mitsuki: "Good day to you. Let's have some fun tonight."
Comte and I linked arms as I lifted my dress lightly and did a curtsy.
Tonight, Comte and I are infiltrating the gathering as invited guests.
(Great. Looks like everyone got into the venue safely.)
I quickly look around and see Mozart playing the piano in the hall.
Jean, on the other hand, is mixed in with the guards deployed for security.
Dazai and Shakespeare also followed us right along as invited guests.
(Leonardo said he would sneak in from the back, but... he'll be fine, right?)
The other members are supposed to stay outside the venue, and if anything goes wrong, they will call the police or help us.
Tumblr media
Comte: "Chérie, whatever happens, you have to stay with someone. Is that clear?"
Mitsuki: "Yes. Let's trust everyone that it will work out."
Comte: "Yeah, I believe in them. I have you and everyone.”
I was the one who suggested that we infiltrate the gathering.
Despite their objections, I begged them to let me join the undercover team.
As we were casually conversing, I heard the voices of the invited guests around us.
Guest 1: "I hear tonight's ritual involves a special sacrifice."
Guest 2: "They say it's going to be a child of a foreign tribe."
(Foreign tribe? Are they talking about Ulfa?)
(It looks like the guests are looking forward to the sacrifice thing.)
Apparently, this organization performs human sacrifices under the guise of rituals to pray to the gods.
Dazai: "It looks like an elegant party, but it's actually a horrifying one."
Dazai: "For Vlad, both the organizers of this group and the invited guests are likely to be purged."
Mitsuki: "Will he come tonight?"
Shakespeare: "It would be easy for that man to use his brainwashing powers to obtain information about the gathering."
(If Vlad tries to harm someone, I'll stop him.)
(But I don't know if I can really change his mind even if this whole thing settles down.)
Tumblr media
(What can I tell Vlad...?)
Just as I was pondering this, the place started to buzz.
A man who looked like the organizer of the group appeared in the center of the hall and smiled.
Organizer: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this gathering. Tonight is the night of the full moon, a time when the power of the devil rises. Let us drink together!"
As the guests raise their glasses high in unison, a large cloth-covered crate is brought in.
Organizer: "Ladies and gentlemen, here is tonight's sacrifice."
Organizer: "She is the daughter of an aberrant race of vampires―monsters that sip the blood of humans!"
As the organizer signaled the cloth to be removed, a frightened-looking girl appeared trapped in a cage.
(He looks like Halil. That's Ulfa!)
Guest 1: "Oh, so this is the vampire. How dare you deceive us by looking like a human!"
Just the presence of one little girl makes the invited guests weep and lament, filling the air with an odd atmosphere.
Ulfa: "Where am I? H-Help!"
Several hooded men drag the unwilling Ulfa out and force her to lie on a prepared pedestal.
I couldn't help but grab Comte's coat, seeing her being forced like that.
Tumblr media
Comte: "Bear with it. It's going to be okay."
Mitsuki: "Okay."
As I watched with bated breath, one of the hooded men took a dagger.
Ulfa: "!!"
Organizer: "Let's now sacrifice this girl and praise our God!"
He raises the dagger above Ulfa's head and lowers it.
The next thing I heard was a man moaning.
Hooded man: "Guh!?"
The hooded man next to him squeezes the arm of the man holding the dagger.
Organizer: "H-Hey you, what are you doing!?"
???: "Sacrificing and praising God, you say? More like a satanic ritual to me."
The man who took off his hood was...
Leonardo: "Well, this is as far as you go."
Leonardo drags the man and thrusts the dagger into the floor.
His charming, confident smile is still very encouraging at a time like this.
Comte: "As expected of Leonardo. Just as planned."
Comte: "We'll attract the guards. Will, take care of Mitsuki."
Shakespeare: "Yes. Let your instincts, hidden under a mask of elegance, run wild."
Mitsuki: "Comte, be careful!"
Comte smiled and flipped his coat.
Organizer: "Intruder! Guards, get them!"
The armed guards attack Leonardo while protecting Ulfa behind him.
As he dodged them effortlessly, one guard came up behind him and tried to knock him down.
But Comte knocked him over before he could even land a punch.
Tumblr media
Leonardo: "Oh, you're joining in?"
Comte: "Yeah. I can't let you have the floor all to yourself... Right?"
Guard: "Agh!"
While chatting, Comte knocked one of the guards.
Their sudden appearance, standing shoulder to shoulder, without even using weapons, is enough to make the guards flinch.
Comte: "Okay, who's next?"
Leonardo: "Come on, I'll go easy on you."
The two men overwhelmed the guards with their inhuman presence.
While the purebloods show their hidden strength, the invited guests panic and rush toward the entrance.
But the door didn't open, and the pianist, who had just been playing, said these in a cold, icy voice.
Mozart: "Don't even try. By now, my friends waiting outside had probably called the police."
Mozart: "Too bad you're all caught red-handed here."
Guest 1: "Are you one of the intruders? Open the door!"
Dazai: "If the door won't open, why don't you just go out the window?"
Dazai: "I've closed that one too, though. Ahaha."
Dazai laughs as he swings a bundle of keys in his hand.
Tumblr media
Mozart: "Looks like it worked. Dazai, when did you get the keys?"
Dazai: "Well, I just borrowed it from one of the vips."
The guests, realizing that there’s no way out, kneel on the spot in horror.
Guest 1: "Damn it! If we get caught like this, it will be the end of my family's reputation."
One of the desperate guests attacked Mozart, but a shadowy figure between them knocked him off his feet.
Jean: "It's not something an aristocrat would do recklessly."
Dazai: "Jeanie, you look so dashing and handsome.”
Mozart: "Dazai, stop talking nonsense, and help me find the other captives."
Dazai: "Got it."
Mozart: "Jean, I'll leave this to you."
After making sure Jean nodded, Mozart and Dazai ran out of the place.
Tumblr media
While Leonardo and Comte distracted the guards, Shakespeare and I headed to Ulfa.
Mitsuki: "You're Ulfa, right? Don't worry. We talked to Halil, and we're here to help.”
Ulfa: "My brother is safe? Thank God...!"
Shakespeare: "Napoleon and the others should be waiting outside. Come on, let's hurry."
Mitsuki: "Gotcha!"
Shakespeare picked up Ulfa and ran to the escape route he surveyed beforehand.
As I tried to follow, the organizer behind me shouted angrily.
Organizer: "Our precious sacrifice! Don't think I'll let you leave after ruining our gathering!"
He picked up the fallen dagger and stared at me, sending chills down my spine.
(It's okay. I've got enough distance. If I keep running, I can―)
Mitsuki: "Kyaah!?"
I was in such a hurry that I didn't watch my step.
Seconds after my foot stumbled over a knocked down guard and fell, the man who was closing in on me swung the dagger over my head.
Shakespeare: "Mitsuki!!"
(I can't dodge it!)
The moment I closed my eyes and prepared for the pain, I felt a slight breeze and smelled the scent of roses.
(Right now...)
I opened my eyes fearfully and saw...
Tumblr media
Vlad: "..............."
Mitsuki: "Vlad!?"
Tumblr media
The sound of swords clashing echoes high in the air.
Jean lets out a small gasp as he knocks down the guards, trying not to hurt them more than necessary.
Jean: "Guh! One after another. Looks like the odds are against us."
The sword's tip closed in on him just as he was thinking of taking up a stance with Comte and Leonardo.
Guard: "I got you, intruder!"
Jean: "----!"
Immediately afterward, however, the guard who attacked him jumped and fell on the spot.
With a syringe in hand, the man behind him looked down at the twitching guard.
Faust: "Looks like the sedative I gave him is a little strong."
Jean: "You―no. I'll thank you later."
They glance at the guards surrounding them and put their backs against each other.
Faust: "There are a lot of guinea pigs here. How would you guys like me to experiment on you? Cutting you up with a scalpel or drugging you?"
Tumblr media
Jean: "Hmph. Just don't kill them, Father."
Jean readies his sword again, and Faust pulls out a silver scalpel.
Their piercing look and smile are enough to scare the guards away.
Tumblr media
As I looked up from my tumble to the floor, I saw a jet-black cloak and silver hair reflecting the light.
I have no doubt that he showed up to cover for me...
Mitsuki: "Vlad..."
Just then, another figure rushes to my side.
Charles: "Mitsuki, are you hurt?"
Mitsuki: "Charles. I'm fine, but..."
Leonardo & Comte: "Vlad!"
Shakespeare: "My Lord..."
As they all lock gazes, Vlad grabs the organizer's wrist with one hand and grips the blade of the dagger with his other.
The blade dug into his skin, but he didn't even care about the blood trickling down.
Organizer: "Eeek!"
Vlad: "You're using this stuff to glorify God?"
(He's angry.)
His usual soft voice sounds horrifyingly cold.
Vlad, obviously mad, threw down the dagger and immediately grabbed the man by the neck.
Tumblr media
Vlad: "What will your God grant you for sacrificing this poor soul?"
Organizer: "Guh! You're hurting me. Let go!"
Vlad: "This world is rotting ugly because of stupid and wicked people like you."
Vlad continues to squeeze the man even tighter.
(He's going to die at this rate!)
Shakespeare: "Wait, my lord."
Leonardo & Comte: "Vlad, stop!"
Vlad: "I don't want flowers that do bad things to this world or humans."
Mitsuki: "Stop, Vlad!"
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Ikevamp Act 2.5
Tumblr media
Chapter 16 Romantic
On the night of the Paris World's Fair bombing, I returned to the mansion for the first time in a while.
After some deliberation, I took Halil back with me and showed him to my room.
Mitsuki: "I'm sure you're still in pain, so you should stay here and rest, Halil."
Halil: "Okay. Thanks, big sister."
I left the room and went to the living room.
Tumblr media
Isaac & Jean: "Mitsuki!"
There, all the residents of the mansion are gathered around, perhaps being informed of my return.
Mitsuki: "I'm so sorry for worrying you all!"
A large hand patted my deeply bowed head.
Napoleon: "Whatever the case, I'm glad you're safe, Mitsuki."
Jean: "I'm sorry for not noticing you were gone."
Isaac: "Are you hurt anywhere? You're so reckless once you're on your own."
Napoleon, Jean, and Isaac were with me back then, so they must have been worried.
Mitsuki: "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm really sorry. Thank you for worrying about me."
Dazai: "I'm relieved that you're safe, Toshiko-san. By the way..."
Dazai suddenly shifted his gaze.
Dazai: "Who are those three unfamiliar faces over there? Are those who I think they are?"
Leonardo: "That’s right."
Vlad: "This is the first time we've met in person like this."
Vlad: "I'm Vlad. Glad to meet all of Comte's family."
Arthur: "So those two fellows over there are Johann Georg Faust and..."
Mozart: "Charles-Henri Sanson."
Faust: "I never thought we would meet head-on like this."
Charles: "................."
There is a tense atmosphere as everyone is gathered in the same room.
Jean: "So you're the one behind Gilles's manipulation and even Mitsuki's abduction."
Vlad: "That's right. Oh, Will. You're here too, long time no see."
Shakespeare: "Lord Vlad, what brings you to the mansion?"
Napoleon: "You didn't just come to drop Mitsuki off, did you?"
Comte: "Let me explain that to you."
Comte first tells everyone that I was at the World's Fair with Vlad and that I got caught up in the bombing.
Theo: "What are you doing at the World's Fair with these guys again, Hondje?"
Mitsuki: "That's..."
Charles: "I invited her to go. I wanted Mitsuki to smile."
Tumblr media
Vincent: "For Mitsuki?"
Theo and Vincent both look surprised, but Comte continues his story.
Comte: "We took a boy into custody at the scene of the bombing. His name is Halil, and we brought him home."
Comte: "He was on display at the World's Fair as an exhibit."
Halil: "Please, find my sister!"
Halil pleaded with tears in his eyes.
Halil and his wandering clan were forced to participate in the Paris World's Fair after repeated negotiations with the showman.
However, when they were brought to Paris, his sister, who had come with them, went missing.
Halil: "When my sister disappeared, I saw the man who brought us here getting paid by someone."
Halil: "So I thought maybe she was sold somewhere."
(That's, don't tell me...)
Faust: "Human trafficking?"
Leonardo: "That means the showman is connected to the traffickers."
When Halil and his group questioned the showman, he told them that he had left the matter in the hands of the police, and they had no permission to go looking for his sister, so he was forced to work as an exhibit.
Halil: "If anything happens to my sister―to Ulfa, I..."
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
Mozart: "I'm starting to get the story. You want to save the boy and his sister?"
Mitsuki: "Yes. I don't know if the police will act, but I can't just turn a blind eye to this."
(Besides, it might be some kind of coincidence that we are all meeting like this.)
Mozart: "You seem very determined."
Dazai: "It's a very straightforward idea, just like you."
As I felt relieved that everyone was listening, Arthur, with a serious expression on his face, frowned slightly.
Tumblr media
Arthur: "I understand how you feel, Mitsuki."
Arthur: "But why do those vampires even want to meddle in this case?"
(I was wondering about that too. Why did Vlad even show up in front of everyone and come with us?)
(He seems like he cares about Halil, though.)
Vlad opens his lips as everyone's eyes are focused on him.
Vlad: "Halil and his sister―they are a little different from other humans."
Vlad: "They are probably a Dhampir, one with vampire blood. A descendant of it."
The fact that Halil has vampire blood and the unfamiliar word is confusing.
Comte: "A Dhampir is a hybrid between a pureblood vampire and a human."
According to what Comte tells us, pureblooded vampires differ in the way they relate to humans depending on their clan.
Some clans consider humans only as their prey and do not interact with them at all. Others hide their true identities and blend in with human society, but some reveal their true identities to humans and seek coexistence with them.
Comte: "Some of the purebloods made love to humans. Some tried to be together, while others parted, but..."
Comte: "Halil's ancestors probably bonded with a pureblood and miraculously produced a mixed-breed child, Dhampir."
Because of the difference in race between humans and vampires, it's difficult for both to have children, and in most cases, Dhampirs are rarely born safely or grow up to adulthood.
Vlad: "In a way, you could say that Dhampir is the end result of vampires and humans trying to coexist."
Tumblr media
Leonardo: "Ancestral Dhampirs grew up and had offspring with humans..."
Leonardo: "I guess the end result of that cycle is Halil and his sister."
Comte: "I don't think he's aware that he has vampire blood in him..."
Comte: "Halil has a very little vampire in him. He wouldn't even need to drink blood."
Vlad: "However, the stories of his ancestors were passed down in the family as folklore."
Vlad: "The showman took note of their different ethnicity and strange folklore..."
Vlad: "I guess he brought Halil and his family along to make a show of it."
Neither the showman nor Halil and the others believe the lore to be true.
Vlad: "But what if they really have vampire blood in their veins?"
Vlad's words brought to mind a scene I saw at the World's Fair.
Showman: "This boy here, Halil, is a descendant of the head of a certain family."
Showman: "And it is said that his ancestors once mingled with a fearsome vampire and produced an offspring!"
Onlooker 2: "You have the blood of a monster in your veins? Might as well see if you have any interesting fangs."
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
The sound of the onlookers' mocking voices is not something nice to recall.
Isaac: "Wait, not many people believe in vampires that easily, do they?"
Faust: "But even if there's no basis for it, if it continues to be talked about, as it was at the World's Fair..."
Faust: "The family could be looked upon as an abomination."
Charles: "You mean they will be hated and persecuted...?"
Sebastian: "I have heard that even now, people are being made suspects in bombings simply because they are of a different race."
(Place of birth, environment, race. Minor differences like that can lead to discrimination and suspicion.)
If such negative feelings develop among people, the family may be ostracized in the worst-case scenario.
Vincent: "Vlad, are you saying that you also want to help them?"
Tumblr media
Theo: "Are you worried that the vampire's existence might be carelessly exposed to the world?"
Vlad: "Whatever the reason, yes."
(Then everyone and Vlad feel the same way.)
(If we all work together, we can even help Halil.)
If we could join hands as Comte and Vlad did in the past, we would be able to reach out to each other.
Such faint hopes are held in my heart.
Dazai: "Let me ask you something."
Dazai: "If you saved their clan, what will you do with those who preyed on them afterward?"
Vlad: "................"
My heart made a sickening sound at Dazai's question.
(Vlad has the ambition to manage thoughts so that humans don't commit stupid sins.)
(He says he's willing to make sacrifices in the process.)
If he follows that belief, Vlad...
Vlad: "I don't need flowers that do evil. I don't need those who have become irredeemably ugly and evil in this world."
Vlad: "I will reap the bud of sin, even if it stains my hands with blood."
Comte: "Vlad!"
Vlad's relentlessness instantly caused everyone's air to tense up.
Mitsuki: "Wait, Vlad! If you keep making sacrifices like that, you will..."
(You'll crush your own heart, more and more.)
Vlad: "I just don't want people to make mistakes."
Vlad: "They hate and kill each other. No one should ever have to experience that kind of sorrow again."
For a moment, Vlad's eyes turn sad and shadowy, but they are quickly drowned out by his strong will.
Napoleon: "Is that your justice, Vlad?"
Tumblr media
Vlad: "Yeah."
Napoleon's words poke at a gap that cannot be filled.
Vlad gave only a short reply, stood up, and turned his back on us.
Jean: "Wait. Where are you going!?"
Vlad: "I'm not going to excuse myself for what I put you guys through. You can come after me and put your sword through this chest."
Vlad: "I'm not going to die, though."
His crimson eyes looked back at me, and our gazes locked.
Mitsuki: "Vlad..."
Vlad: "Mitsuki, I'm sorry I couldn't give you what you wanted."
Vlad: "For the future of this world, I will make my choice, even if no one understands it."
Vlad: "Bye-bye, Comte, Mitsuki."
The smile he gave me as he said goodbye was so beautiful it made me speechless.
Faust & Charles: "............"
Faust and Charles also left the room after Vlad, and I just stood there.
(Why it's not possible?)
(Why can't we just go hand in hand...?)
Everyone watched in silence as their footsteps faded into the distance.
Tumblr media
Vlad, noticing the presence following him, asks them both without slowing down his steps.
Vlad: "Both of you, do you not want to go to Comte and the others?"
Charles: "Nah, the only lord for me is you, Lord Vlad. Right, Docteur?"
Faust: "I simply prefer the more interesting guinea pig."
Faust: "If I'm going to go after a pureblood, I prefer to dissect an old geezer so creepy it makes me want to peek inside his head."
Charles: "You really are a twisted person."
Vlad smiles unconsciously at the unchanged attitude of both of them.
Charles: "Hey, Lord Vlad, do you want to help that family because you're like them?"
Vlad: ".............."
Vlad: "Pity and compassion may sound kind, but in the end, it's all about my staggering ego."
Faust: "Ego?"
Vlad: "Helping only those you can reach is a stopgap measure. This cruel world will not change."
Vlad: "I know that, but..."
Vlad: "A descendant of Dhampir, born of the coexistence of humans and vampires."
Vlad: "I just couldn't abandon that existence."
Tumblr media
Faust & Charles: "............"
Faust: "Everyone's heart is so egoistic."
The conversation melted into the quiet night, and the three disappeared into the woods without looking back at the mansion.
Tumblr media
Comte: "Vlad was once treated badly as a child by someone he trusted."
Comte: "Maybe he compared his own circumstances to that family."
Leonardo: "Whatever the past may have been, it's no reason to forgive inhumanity. We have no right to condemn his righteousness."
Napoleon: "But we can't just leave Vlad alone now that he's involved in all this."
(Vlad's heartfelt wish is for a kind world where vampires and humans live together.)
(Why are we so different from each other?)
We understand each other's feelings, but our hearts don't click like we are out of each other's reach.
I feel like I'm lost in a maze with no way out.
As I was thinking about this, I noticed a small shadow peeking into the room.
Mitsuki: "Halil?"
Halil: "I'm causing trouble for everyone. I'm sorry."
Mitsuki: "No, it's not your fault."
I crouch down in front of Halil, who apologetically slumps his shoulders.
He looked at me with big eyes. Suddenly, Vlad's words came back to me.
Vlad: "In a way, you could say that Dhampir is the end result of vampires and humans trying to coexist."
~~~~~~~Flashback Ends~~~~~~~
(Existence for coexistence.)
He has a faint hint of vampire blood in him, inherited from his ancestors.
In the distant past, his ancestors, both human and vampire, were united.
Even if they are of different races, live different lengths of time, or think differently, they surely seek to know the other person.
Connecting heart to heart.
(Everyone can be connected. Halil's existence proves it.)
Halil: "Big sister?"
I gently hold Halil's hand.
His slightly warm body temperature, distinctive of a child, overlapped with my own, and I felt encouraged by it.
(Let's believe again that we can hold each other's hands...)
(I'll connect us all...)
(So I'm not going to waver anymore.)
I stand up, still holding hands with Halil, and turn to everyone.
I look over at each person's face and speak my mind.
Mitsuki: "Everyone, I want to help Halil and his clan. And I also want to stop Vlad."
Comte: "Mitsuki..."
Mitsuki: "I know it's out of line to ask you to do this after the attack led by Vlad."
Mitsuki: "But I don't want his hands to be stained with more blood."
(Humans commit sins and mistakes. But if he still says he likes humans...)
(No matter how distorted that love may be, I want to be sincere with him as a human being.)
Napoleon: "Mitsuki, I don't know if your desperation will stop that guy. Do you still want to?"
Mitsuki: "Still. I don't want to give up before I've done anything yet."
Mitsuki: "I know this is all a selfish request. But please lend me your help!"
This is ego, arrogance, and pretense. But still, I bowed my head, knowing everything.
The silence continues for what feels like an eternity.
Comte: "This might be my last chance to find out what's in that guy's heart."
Mitsuki: "Comte..."
Tumblr media
Shakespeare: "Lord Vlad himself has made a move. He will not abandon the family like this."
Dazai: "Then I guess there will be another chance for contact, huh?"
Mozart: "You're really reckless."
Jean: "It's not the first time."
The twelve of them smile and nod.
I felt our hearts unite, and my chest burns passionately.
I said "thank you" in a hushed voice and squeezed Halil's hand.
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cirillafionariannon · 17 days ago
Ieyasu’s Sequel Sneak Peek
Tumblr media
Overcoming many difficulties, we promised to walk hand in hand for the future we want to pursue.
Despite Ieyasu's fragility, I have always wished to support him while trying to be strong.
But I never thought that the future that was supposed to happen naturally would be taken away from me.
The bombing of Azuchi Castle casts a disturbing shadow over Japan.
Ieyasu: "You could've said you were scared or worried. You really are strong, huh?"
Tumblr media
Mai: "I'm just relieved to see your face. So, really, I'm fine."
(This is not the time to be anxious...)
Ieyasu: "You can always tell me how you really feel."
An unseen fear is approaching us with the sound of footsteps, threatening to swallow us up...
Mai: "I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't be so anxious."
Ieyasu: "That's not what I meant. I don't blame you for being anxious."
Ieyasu: "But when you're anxious, what you should be doing is not trying to stay busy."
Tumblr media
Ieyasu: "What you need to do is rely on me. Got it?"
Ieyasu gives me courage, and I make up my mind to look forward, but the devil's hand still looms very close around us.
Ieyasu: "A blank Guide Book?"
Ieyasu: "Mai probably knows what was written here."
Tumblr media
Nobunaga: "I can't let you stay in the Oda army like this."
Nobunaga: "Ieyasu, our alliance ends here. You must leave the Oda army."
Nobunaga: "You know what I mean. Right, Ieyasu?"
Ieyasu: "Yes."
Tumblr media
Kicho: "I'll keep this woman."
Tumblr media
Ieyasu: "Screw you! Let go of Mai!"
Motonari: "You can't even move, yet you're still barking like a dog."
With a blank guidebook, ousted from the Oda army, and kidnapped by Kicho and his men, we are faced with a cruel choice.
Kicho: "Your life and Ieyasu's life are hanging on a scale."
Kicho: "Because of your love for each other, Ieyasu will try to save your life."
(Ieyasu would die for me?)
(I can't let him do that.)
Tumblr media
Kicho: "Ieyasu Tokugawa ruled a war-torn world and established a peaceful era. And to continue this turbulent era, your death would be the key to it."
Kicho: "I will let you choose: the death of your loved ones or your own."
Kicho captured my life, the lives of tens of thousands more that should have been saved in the future, and the life of my beloved Ieyasu.
But because I love you, I will risk my life for the future you want to create. I want to protect your life.
I would choose to protect you, but...
Ieyasu: "There's no way I can create a world where you can smile if I can't even save the lives of those I love."
Ieyasu: "Live with me."
What is your true strength?
The answer to this question is something that we both must grasp together.
The desire to not give up on love, fate or anything else opens up a dazzling future.
Ieyasu: "I want you to remember me with everything you have."
Tumblr media
Ieyasu: "The happiness you wished for me is what keeps me strong."
No matter how many times I get hurt, I will protect you.
I believe that this love will lead to hope...
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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