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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

clickbearr2 months agoText


wow the way that ur so CUTE

moi :P

it looks like I鈥檓 looking up at u with disgust but I鈥檓 not I promise


thank you @han-man for tagging me in this picrew! v cute, i love making these shits.

tagging: @tempestaurora @theoceanismyinkwell @spideysforce @peter-stank and whoever else feels it!

tagging: @the-dust-of-stars @clickbearr @tinanewt and double tagging @tempestaurora just to make sure u do it

You鈥檙e both so pretty 馃槶

Here鈥檚 meee

Tagging whoever wants to do it :)

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clickbearr4 months agoText

MJ sips some of the sparkling cider Pepper had shoved in her hand before nudging her into the gala hall. 鈥淚 think he owns Pringles. Like, the company Pringles. He owns it and he鈥檚 here because Tony wants a flavor modeled off arc reactor discharge and suit sweat.鈥

Wanda鈥檚 head falls back as she laughs out loud. She covers her mouth with her hand in a vain attempt at muffling it. MJ grins.

-country boy, i love you by @peter-stank鈥 and @floweryfran鈥. What a wonderful fic. Absolutely everyone should go read it, stat.

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clickbearra year agoAnswer

Hey, bud! I'm gonna be pinch-hitting your prompt for the IronDad Fic Exchange! :) Are there any little details or tropes that you'd like me to include along with the prompts?

Hi, anon! The only thing I can think of is Peter and Tony saying 鈥淚 love you鈥 - I adore that :)

Thanks for the ask!

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clickbearra year agoText

Okay so @shydiver8 hasn鈥檛 seen all of the MCU yet and I鈥檓 slowly going through it with her and she watched The Winter Soldier for the first time this weekend

A little preface: when we watched The First Avenger, she was devastated that Steve was going to die alone (he was in the 2000s, so Peggy was old, and Bucky was 鈥渄ead鈥), and I texted her every week saying聽鈥淪teve dies alone鈥

So we watched TWS

And when Steve said 鈥…Bucky?鈥

Her face was priceless oh my gOd


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clickbearra year agoText

Honestly, the Moleskine Smart Writing Set is so helpful.

There are a lot of reviews on the internet that says it鈥檚 too expensive/too hard to use/etc., but here are a few points that refute those:

1) I got my pen off of eBay, and it works fine. It was a lot cheaper than you could find it new, and I feel like it鈥檚 been a good investment. Two notebooks came with the pen, and I got a planner for $5-ish in a sale at Barnes & Noble.

2) It鈥檚 really easy to use. You just turn it on, and it鈥檒l connect to your phone/laptop/other Bluetooth-enabled device. That鈥檚 it. You can start writing, and it鈥檒l appear on your screen.

3) It鈥檚 so handy. I have to turn in handwritten notes for my classes, but they have to be submitted online. Without this system, I鈥檇 have to scan in my notes, but with the Moleskine set, I just check the email image on the page I want and turn it into my teachers.

4) The planner is wonderful. I write something in at a specific time (assignments, appointments, etc.) and it automatically downloads to my laptop/phone calendar.

On the other hand, my pen is currently at 10% battery because I forgot to charge it. I barely made it through my classes.

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clickbearra year agoText


have i mentioned how much i hate writing papers

Update: The paper is finished! 15 whole minutes early! Wow!

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clickbearra year agoPhoto


tony stark discovers a new element (2/2)

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clickbearra year agoText

My cat is currently sitting right behind me with his paws on my back

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clickbearra year agoText

I get USPS updates in my email and the top of the email always says 鈥淐OMING TO YOUR MAILBOX SOON鈥 which makes me think of movie posters

鈥淐oming to your mailbox soon: Avengers: Xfinity War鈥

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clickbearra year agoText


Oromis: Ah Eragon, back from meditation so soon? Tell me what you have learned today.


This made me laugh so hard

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