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"Do the work. Write the story. Draw the art. Wash your dishes. It will never be perfect, but that does not mean that it can’t be good. You've done something." (Please don't repost or remove credit! Yet reblogs, likes, and comments are always welcome and appreciated!)

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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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HOW TO DONATE TO BLM WHEN YOU HAVE NO MONEY! a black woman named zoe amira posted a video on youtube. this video is an hour long and filled with art and music from black creators. 100% of the ad revenue from the video will be dispersed between various blm organizations, including bail-out funds for protesters. it has a ton of ads, and in result will rack up a ton of revenue. turn off your adblocker and do not skip ads. between each time watch 3-5 other videos (mix it up) before restarting. this will ensure you aren’t marked as spam by youtube. don’t mute the video itself. and let. it. play.

donations will be dispersed among the following organizations:

1. brooklyn bail fund

2. minnesota freedom fund

3. atlanta action network

4. black visions collective

5. george floyd’s family gofundme


7. reclaim the bloc

8. aclu

9. the bail project inc

10. chicago bond


Sorry this isn’t art related but I’m gonna make this crystal clear while providing at least one resource. Black Lives Matter, period. If you don’t support this, imo, you don’t believe in equal rights for your fellow Americans. Your fellow human beings. Being silent is just as complicit as the cops that stood there while their fellow cops killed one of your fellow Americans. Stand up, speak up, or support your fellow Americans. If you can’t protest, donate. Donate your time, money, supplies. If you can’t donate, educate. Educate your self and others on racism, on the system, and about your white privilege in your families and your communities. Don’t think your fellow Americans deserve your support and better?Get the Fuck off my blog and back into the inhumane sesspool you came from.

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Flower: Orange

watercolor practice series

Tried a Tiger Lily…I think I’m getting better at scanning and adjusting these but you tell me? I definitely felt much better about this watercolor than the last. Alas, I also know I was still really heavy handed here. I’m used to way thicker mediums like acrylic. Yet, yeah for learning something new!

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cllynnarts·5 days agoPhoto

Flower: Red

watercolor practice series

Tried a Rose…originally messed up the shape of the thing then added the black circle design to obliterate my mistakes then messed it up by adding metallic watercolors over that nice black…ya gotta know when to stop. Sometimes you don’t but lesson learned and onward I guess. 

Also learning how to scan and adjust watercolor paintings that get washed out by the light in the device is a thing I’m dealing with right now…so any tips and tricks are appreciated.

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cllynnarts·8 days agoPhoto

Flower: Buds

watercolor practice series

Tried doing some simple stylized rosebuds so I could test out the ways I could use metallic watercolors with these mediums. Seriously scanning water colors is hard let alone metallic ones so I tried a picture instead….but idk if what’s off is the something about the lighting or just the experimenting…

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cllynnarts·9 days agoText

Playing with #tiktok and art so enjoy a this smoking serpentine #dragon creature who was so much fun to draw with #pen and #markers.

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