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codecryptoandcaffeine·13 days agoText

I managed about a month

Let’s just admit that I am apparently addicted to academia. However, I am still going to be working on my start up on the side. I’m not giving up my love of coding, but somehow last week I did a thing and I’m pretty sure I’m making a paper out of it.

I don’t know how you accidentally write a paper, but I did. It’s like 80% done.

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codecryptoandcaffeine·2 months agoPhoto


Artist: Tim Ridley

Title: Hacker room

“I’ve always really been into cyber-punk and hacking since high school.

This was just a personal concept for fun of the room of a young computer hacker.”

Goals… I’m so having a place like this \m/

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codecryptoandcaffeine·2 months agoText


I feel like people would be less into self-driving cars if someone said “Statistics are driving this car”, instead of “Machine learning is driving this car”.

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Artist: Alexander Winkler

Title: Neural Interface

“Here’s a work in progress 3d character that I’ve been working on for about 2-ish weeks or so.

Really excited about the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077 so I figured I’d try to make a character that might fit into that games universe!”

Very impressive…

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codecryptoandcaffeine·2 months agoPhoto


yesterday: python, design work & mags 💻

This is so much cooler than my programming sessions ever look.

Just like:

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codecryptoandcaffeine·2 months agoText


JSTOR Makes Database Accessible to the Public

“The online academic resource has made over 6,000 ebooks and over 150 journals accessible without the need for an online login.”

“Online academic resource JSTOR has announced it is making its database accessible to the public, amid the widespread closure of universities across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The database, frequently used by university students for research and essay work, announced on Twitter today that it has made over 6,000 ebooks and over 150 journals accessible without the need for an online login.

Previously, students needed a university login to access these resources.

This is the first time that the database has been openly accessible to non-subscribers.

The database is also working to expand on the amount of free content available online to students accessing the database through their subscribed universities.

In a statement on its website, JSTOR said that it has “an expanded set of content that is available to institutions where students have been displaced due to COVID-19 through June 30, 2020”.

“We are working with publishers to make more than 20,000 books available at no charge for JSTOR participating academic institutions and secondary schools that do not participate in our books program”, the statement said. “The number of books available through this effort is growing daily as more publishers opt in.”

Universities that previously only had access to some areas of JSTOR will also have unlimited access to the complete archives, at no extra cost.”


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codecryptoandcaffeine·3 months agoText

I’m leaving academia (at least for now)

… and I thought I would tell you why. After getting sick, and all the ways my university was unwilling to make concessions for my new disability, I certainly became a little disillusioned with everything. But starting to build up my proposal for my new PhD, while also working in actual coding of websites and games, it started to become eminently more and more obvious that I want to code. I’m ill. I’m probably not getting much better. I can’t work a normal job or commit to specific times. But put my fingers on a keyboard and it’s like everything is suddenly right with the world. Like I’m not ill. Like I’m not in this chair. I’ve fallen in love with coding all over again. I need to be able to work on my terms, with my own skills. So I’m going to keep contracting and coding, with multiple projects already lined up. Nothing earth shattering. But I’m going to be my own boss and do the things I love. No publish or perish, no classes to give, assignments to grade. My new life on my terms.

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codecryptoandcaffeine·4 months agoText


Linguists throughout the ages: We have spent lifetimes gathering the significations of words and phrases in various language so everyone can appreciate them as well as possible.

Language teachers: Translate this text, no dictionaries allowed.



Sanyo ICC-0081 “Mini Calculator”: You can carry a calculator with you now, you never have to make big math in your head ever again!

Math teachers: We will multiply 14,762 times 2,853,654 among others in this test, no calculators allowed

Sanyo ICC-0081 “Mini Calculator”:


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It’s literally that simple

Friend: “hey my son can’t concentrate on his homework. He chooses to do literally anything else everytime. He said his head doesn’t feel like it.”

Me: “Did you give him music?”

Friend: “No! No tech until he’s done! He doesn’t need more distracted.”


“k, bring me the child”

*Go to her house*

*points to the obviously ADHD boy struggling with his homework*

Me: “so your head doesn’t feel like doing homework?”

Son: “yeah. It would rather do ANYTHING else.”

Me: *unwrapping earbuds* here, listen to this for an hour while you do it.

French voice: 1hr later

Son: “k I’m done! :-)”

Friend: “wow, what’d you give him? Concentra, Adderall, Ritalin‽”

Me: “Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics” and some lo-fi.

I-I’m gonna try this for myself

Go for it! From what I’ve seen, everyone has a different genre but instrumental (no words) seems to be key. I guess Sweet Dreams words are so ethereal, ADHD just rolls with it????

For me, orchestral covers of songs I know work best since my ADHD is using the extra hyperfocus to remember and keep up with words. Have fun experimenting!!

I have some arrangements of songs I did that I just loop. Mind you, these are, like, 1-3 minutes long, but the drone really helps with focus

Y'all I just listen to Lana Del Rey. Would recommend because with instrumentals I tend to focus on where actual words would be but with Lana’s stuff her vocals sound like music but it’s words

really wish I could’ve done this when I was spending 4 hours on every page of math homework in the 90′s. Fast forward to my last year of college when I finally figured out I could just listen to Blackmill and blaze through an entire semester of college math like it was nothing. 

Find the study methods that work for you!!! Help kids find the study methods that work for them!  

It takes me all day to do simple chores because i keep getting distracted. If i put in earbuds with upbeat music I’m done with everything in a couple hours AND i feel really good and probably danced a little i.e. exercised.

Try songs in another language - one you don’t speak. The idea is that since you don’t understand the words, your brain doesn’t go “Oh hey, someone is talking to me” and thus you can maintain your focus. Although, this is something probably  best suited to writing. But on the other hand, if it works, it works. 

Personally, I like Opera. BUT, I advise against using Pandora’s Opera Station. At least in the free version, it either cycles through the same ten Singers/Albums or drifts off into instrumental covers. 

On the other hand, it’s great for background noise when gaming. Just be sure you have an ad blocker running. You will also have to confirm that you are listening every hour or so. 

Followup on the lofi front:

I recommend the following channels.
Chillhop Music:

In particular, I recommend the relax/study livestream radio. Or just about any of their mixes.

Fantasic Music:
h the Chill and the Jazz playlists are excellent. 

Jazzhop Cafe:

Their ChillMix videos are the best. 

Jazzhop Cafe Archive:–QKXKosHmSXarqYUeg
Name is self-evident. 

I believe ChilledCow also has a livestream, but I honestly prefer Chillhop. YMMV

EDIT: Oh, Pandora’s Vitamin String Quartet IS good, but it tends to drift off into New Age type stuff. Adblocker thing still applies though. 

Here is my personal ADHD get shit done playlist. It’s mostly film and game soundtracks. 

I use orchestra covers of video game music and the LOTR soundtrack

I also find jazz, city pop, and vaporwave work well for this purpose too. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Vivaldi’s Four Seasons also got me through many a college paper back in the day.

I use Pokemon music or Youtube readings of reddit stories to do my work. 

Pokemon works great for me too, i also have a couple other songs from video games i like to listen to

Headphones are essential for this, I’ve found. Don’t play the music through your speakers.

I don’t have ADHD but listening to music while doing honework or chores makes it so much easier and more fun to do.

Very good tip for kids ❄️💫✨

Every single sound I could hear distracts me when I’m doing something involving cognitive focus. I usually have to pause whatever I have on youtube while I type a post or comment on here because my brain automatically prioritizes sound. Because of this, I had a ton of trouble reading and writing in high school and college. I would hear the littlest thing or subtlest change in my surroundings and my brain would completely shut off from doing its task and I would end up doing something else. I’m not a reader or a writer by any means, so I can never keep my attention on that. I eventually resort to something audio or physical every time. I also tend to fall asleep if I have nothing to keep my attention.

Audiobooks are a savior to me, but when I can’t use one, I put acoustic guitar on my headphones. Any acoustic guitar playlist will do, so long as it is consistent and has nothing resembling a human voice. That got me through every single college essay I ever wrote and every single reading assignment for 4 years.

My other favorite thing to do when doing mindless tasks is to put on an EDM playlist because it keeps me moving and upbeat while giving me something for my brain to stay occupied. These tasks like cleaning don’t require my brain to focus, so I can have more fun and include vocals into it.

I have ADD/ADHD and I teach SPED. I really like this playlist, and my students seem to really get some good focusing out of it.

It’s video game music for studying.

Video Game Music for Studying - YouTube

I love making playlists. Songs that work best for me are songs that I’ve heard quite a bit (that way I don’t start daydreaming music videos) or instrumental if I’m doing math.

I also use video game music! And sometimes.i end up finding really cool versions of songs I already love.

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