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Emma//Canada//She/her International development student who loves coffee just a bit too much. ASKS:

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Resources for Canada:

Resources for America:

Resources for biologists and naturalists:

Resources for the arts:

Feel free to add to this!

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I’ve had a lot of different study places over the years, but I like my new home the most.

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Hello again guys, I just wanted to put something out here regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and what has happened in the past few days

These past few days have helped me think a lot about my place in this fight, and I encourage everyone to do so. As a white woman, I recognize my privilege, and I’m still trying to reflect on the learned racism in my life. I want to make sure everyone continues to learn and support this movement and really means it this time when we say “never again.”

Please read articles on what’s happening, listen to podcasts, discuss with someone when they make a racist comment or joke. If you can, please donate as well (I will link some donation websites below). Call or email your government representatives-they need to know we’re upset. I still have a lot to learn too but we can do it together

It’s been up to BIPOC for ages to fight for themselves, and it’s time that we truly join as allies. We need to fight agains the system that was DESIGNED to oppress BIPOC (and that even means police and cops). We all need to put our weight behind our words and continue this learning process. There has been a double standard for too long, and it’s very evident. Let’s make sure to do our part.

Home - Black Lives Matter

Reclaim the Block

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Black Visions Collective

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund organized by Philonise Floyd

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Hi guys, so I’m back after a little bit of a break. It wasn’t exactly planned; I just didn’t realize how much time it would take to really get used to this new situation. There have been all kinds of new obstacles and I’m just glad to be in a more comfortable place right now.

I wanted to offer some new, original content here, as I realized we have a lot of time right now. But all that free time has kind of become a double-edged sword for me. While I’m here with my family, I noticed I’ve been having moments of pretty bad anxiety and hopelessness. Whether it’s missing friends or wishing I could do more or longing for a deeper connection, these feelings have been coming in waves all throughout social distancing and quarantining.

I think part of it is because we’re out of a normal schedule, one that usually distracts us. Now, I’m feeling like I have no purpose as I’m stuck at home, and it can be a pretty scary feeling. I wanted to reach out because, as a community focused on studying and academics, I’m sure many of us must be feeling this way as we live day by day.

Our purpose right now, and in life in general, can be anything. But we are here for a reason, and that’s to smile, live life, be happy. Do something every day that makes you happy. Maybe hang out with your pet or talk to a friend. You can go outside, appreciate nature, even have a dance party in your kitchen! Make yourself feel fulfilled each day.

Maybe your purpose can be to create, and delve into your art. We can all be creators as long as we make the effort. Whether it’s making music, painting, writing, or baking, putting something you’ve made out into the world is ground-breaking. Even if you keep it to yourself, you’ve used your hands, mind, skills to make something all of your own. I’ve found this an especially helpful purpose. On some days, I write thoughts or poetry in a journal before going to bed, and baking has been a fun new hobby I’ve picked up. When you’ve put your love out into the world in this way, the feeling of satisfaction is extraordinary.

Maybe your purpose is to learn and share. With all this time on our hands, why don’t we take the time to educate ourselves on topics we haven’t learned about before? Read an article a day about something new, pick up a new non-fiction read, or start a course in a topic of your choosing. Then, you can pass on what you’ve learned, even start a movement. You can start by telling someone one new thing you learned during the day or share an informative social media post. Spreading the word provides a purpose to all.

Maybe your purpose is to help others. We’re all going through a difficult time right now, and some more than others. Make sure your loved ones and friends can rely on you by sending them a quick message, make sure they’re okay. You can go out and volunteer if it is safe to do so for yourself and others you live with. Even put a donation out there for a worthy cause. A little step to help others can make a huge difference in their lives and make them feel as if they matter.

All of this sounds easier to do than it actually is. Finding the effort and energy to look for this purpose can feel pretty exhausting, especially when we’re stuck with our own thoughts during this time. But we have to live in the present moment and keep moving forward. Take everything one step at a time and applaud all your movements throughout the day. You made breakfast? Awesome! Watching some TV? Woohoo! Sent out that final email? Look at you! The biggest thing to ask yourself as you do something is “why am I doing this?” Most of the time you’ll have an answer, which means your action has purpose. And purpose is what fuels our passion and desire to be better people. You mean so much to other people, and your existence is proof that you matter. With every action in life, you are important.

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9AM econ class. breakfast with family. watching totoro; studying calculus on the kitchen countertop. exercising while reading. eating dinner. learning chords on the acoustic guitar. revising chemistry till the sun goes down. long nights spent laughing, learning, lying down in bed texting. maybe a movie

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a sunny morning: studying chinese history and thinking about the future, travel plans, potentially moving to a new city (will depend on my exams results which i will only get in august. everything is postponed and i feel like everything will have to be rushed…)


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Dark/Light Academia during a pandemic:

- Romanticize quarantine. Quarantine is serious, and not a joke. However, self-isolation can trigger intense depression and loneliness. So do what you need to in order to care for your mental health and get through it. Pretend you are banned from leaving your castle because you and your forbidden lover were discovered. You write handwritten letters to him instead. Or you are now a maiden in a small village who has a secret that would ruin the King if you told. Now you are locked in your cottage for the village fears you can take down the kingdom. You keep a diary of different ways you plan to escape. (But don’t really. Stay inside everyone)

 - You now have all the time that you could want to read those books. Spend your nights reading by candlelight, draw up a bath with rose, open your window and let the spring breeze push papers around in your room. Take this time to make your room/home a sanctuary. You are going to be spending most of your time inside, so make it an aesthetically inspiring place.

 - If you find yourself going crazy being cooped up inside, find an isolated area outside. (If allowed where you live) This could be the forest, a pond, an open field. While you may not be able to have contact with humans, take this time to become better connected with nature. If you are not allowed to leave your house, sit on your porch and practice listening to the birds and the wind. Of course, with a good classic novel next to you.

 - Write down your experience. Your kids will hear about this one day, and let them have the experience of opening a battered journal with ink stains, filled with your stories of how you survived a global pandemic.

Please add more if you can think of any! I am trying to find ways to make this difficult time just a bit easier for everyone. Remember, this is serious. Please isolate yourself!!

- B

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Hello all! So I officially finished my first year of university on Saturday!! It’s such a crazy feeling, especially not being with friends to celebrate, but I can’t believe it’s over. If you’re going through the same thing and maybe need someone to talk to, my messages are always open if you need it 💗. I’m going to be taking a summer course just to give me something to do if things don’t go back to normal quickly, so I will have some study content up during this time! Thanks for all your lovely support this year and helping me get through my first year!!! It means so much and I’m so lucky to have met some amazing people. I love you all, and make sure you stay safe and healthy

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Once you become a certain age, it is your responsibility to unlearn behaviors that hinder your growth as a person.

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Tag game!

I was tagged by @naomikim-studies for this little game!!

Name: Emma

Birthday: March 21st

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Height: 5’7”

Hobbies: listening to music, playing music, reading, writing, learning languages, listening to podcasts.

Favourite colour: green

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick (but if lip gloss was on here I’d totally choose it)

Last book: Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

Current book: Emma by Jane Austen

Last song: “Love Shack” by the B-52s

Last movie: The Devil Wears Prada

Inspiration/muse: my experiences and the people around me

Dream job: something in foreign affairs or working at an NGO

URL: because I love coffee so much, and this is a studyblr, it’s just a combination of those two

Tag 9 people you want to get to know: @coffee-and-band @goodvibestudying @francophonestudy @verypolishstudyblr @aliens-on-jupiter @selenaisimproving

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introduction // 03.23.20

hello! in the midst of covid-19, i have decided to officially start my blog. my name is ainsley and i am high school senior. i am attending college in the fall and i am majoring in music education. this blog is going to focus on my studies both academically and musically and i am super excited to begin :)

on another note, i am going to be participating in the studyblr 2020 quarantine challenge, so look out for that every day!

q: have you made a study schedule to help you study at home?

a: for a little while, i acted as though school never ended. i followed my bell schedule strictly and studied the subject of the class that i would have been in during that time. after a while, i found that this did not work well for me and moved into simply using the pomodoro technique with the help of flipd, which has done a lot for my productivity! i still wake up quite early on weekdays to get things done

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04.17.20// it’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this. But I thought I would come back and talk about how I’m passing the time. Mostly, I’ve been trying to read more, just finished Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow (which I recommend highly) and now onto Emma by Jane Austen. I’ve been doing some walks too, especially with the dog. Thank you for 3000 follows by the way!!! How’s everyone been doing in quarantine? How are you passing the time?

🎶-“Fetch the Bolt Cutters”-Fiona Apple

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