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First of all, thanks to those who already submitted their poems and short story! We’ve gotten some wonderful and touching stories that we can’t wait to share.

If you’re not the artistic kind, we just want to let you know we are also accepting written submissions. Share with us your lockdown experience with the band, or maybe a recipe inspired by a song?

Having trouble getting started or are you stuck? Don’t worry. We have a team of beta readers who not only will help you get started but also check and edit your writings! Isn’t that great!

Get in touch. Deadline is June 10th.

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Greetings! We have decided to extend the deadlines for submissions to June 10th. Thank you to all who have submitted artwork so far, your pieces have been absolutely incredible. 

We would like to take the opportunity to encourage those who wish to submit written works to do so, we would love to hear from you all as well! If you’re having trouble or need help brainstorming, don’t be afraid to DM us this account or on our other socials. 


insta: @caution.fanzine 

twitter: @CautionFanzine 

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Brandon Flowers on Battle Born, DIY magazine september 2012 (x)
This is us being us. I was pushing myself lyrically more than I ever have. I really wanted it to just be fully realised. Before, we had deadlines and I ended up fudging a couple of things, and then I’ve gotta sing it every night… This record is very different in that respect. These stories are fully realised. Every song is.
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Hi everyone! We wanted to thank everyone who has spread the word about our zine and submitted art. We’ve gotten some incredible responses so far.

To celebrate our diverse fanbase, we made a list of all the countries we’ve gotten responses from. Once again thank you for your contributions!!

As a reminder, submissions close June 10th. More info here 

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I’m entering my early 30s, and looking back, there are only a few artists whose entire career I’ve followed from the start without missing a single album.

Coincidentally, two of them are bands called…

The Kills… and… The Killers…

Why do I love bands with murderous names?

What does that say about me heh?

Anyway, I can confidently say that these three: The Kills, The Killers and Laura Marling; are my top 3 all time favorite musicians / artists.

Yes, I grew up with them, but they especially became even more important during my college-university years. All three had records out between 2008-2012 and these records became super influential in my life as those years were difficult years for me with living abroad and depression.

And thank the lord they’re all quite prolific. I just couldn’t pick 5 albums. I’m including The Dead Weather into Alison’s discography since really she’s it for me (sorry Jamie), Brandon’s two solo albums cos the Killers without him is what?, and LUMP for Laura (plus, her own two other albums, damn this girl is PRODUCTIVE AS HELL).

Out of all these amazing records, the following albums were my rock during those years in university and therefore hold a special place in my heart:

  • Sea of Cowards (DW, 2010)
  • Flamingo (BF, 2010)
  • A Creature I Don’t Know (LM, 2011)
  • Blood Pressures (Kills, 2011)
  • Battle Born (Killers, 2012)

All of these records…my days and my nights, man. My days and my nights.

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live at download festival 2005 or the day when everyone was done with Brandon

Brandon: “They call me the Seducer”(™).


Brandon: I’m a giver…on stage.

Me: It ain’t giving when no one’s taking, boo.

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Georges Malkine, Rene Crevel, André de La Rivière, Robert Desnos, André Lasserre 

ph Man Ray, 1930

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