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comfortbucky · a day ago
reblog if your inbox is always open for new members of the fandom who may be a little shy or intimidated. doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a “popular blog”; everyone here is equal and if you’re reading this as a new person/someone considering entering the fandom, we will not turn you away!!!! talk to us!! make friends!! i more than understand being shy but trust me this fandom is chill come join us in this hellhole
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comfortbucky · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This one may be tired of war. But the White Wolf has rested long enough.
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comfortbucky · a day ago
PLS alpha!Bucky and alpha!Steve live rent free in my head 24/7
they're just so big and warm and I just know they'd love to nuzzle their cute little faces in your neck and tell you all about how good you smell 🥺
i fully think that alpha!bucky would be the softer alpha? maybe that an unpopular opinion 👀 but i see alpha!steve as nomad!steve and he definitely growls and spanks you.
meanwhile bucky will pet your head and whisper how good you’re being while steve calls you his dumb baby yk?? 😩
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comfortbucky · 2 days ago
If she uses the "🥺" emoji she is either:
Smol and needy
Wet and needy
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comfortbucky · 2 days ago
dude! congrats on passing your exam <3 dont rush you come back. idk why youve dipped but pls allow the universe the time she needs to heal your soul
thank u🥺💗
yeah i thought everything would be okay after my test but i was Wrong😃
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comfortbucky · 2 days ago
BESTIEE THANK U FOR UR THOUGHTFUL REVIEW🥺💗i defo had bucky from tfatws in mind when i wrote this🥺🥺🥺 u absolutely get it
falling for you
Tumblr media
gif credit: @buckysbarnes
pairing: roommate!bucky x fem!reader
tags: fluffy!/shy!bucky🥺
A/N: so yes i AM obsessed with roommate!bucky and i cannot stop thinking about him … it’s an epidemic innit
sorry if this feels kind of sloppy or rushed but i had this idea come to me today and just had to write it IMMEDIATELY!!!
s/o to my bestie @swtbbybarnes for letting me rant about roommate!bucky daily🤣 <3 i came up with this idea while we were talking hehe (make sure to check out her work! she is so talented!)
word count: 1.2k
my masterlist!
She knew she shouldn't have had that second cup of coffee, but the afternoon slump hit her hard at work and she didn't think she could get through the rest of the day without it. But now, Y/N was lying in bed awake, unable to fall asleep. She tossed and turned in bed, unable to get into a comfortable position. Y/N let out a sigh of defeat as she threw the blankets off of her. There was no shot of her going to bed at a reasonable hour at this point, and she accepted her loss. Y/N climbed out of bed and quietly walked out of her room to grab a glass of water. She carefully shut her bedroom door in an attempt to not disturb her roommate, Bucky.
Y/N couldn’t quite place her finger on it, but something about Bucky drew her to him, though she would never admit it. It might have been his stormy blue eyes, which were a stark contrast to his all-black wardrobe, or the fact that he never revealed anything about himself, other than telling her that he was an army vet, always leaving her wanting to know more. But she was too shy to ask, never wanting to cross any boundaries.
She tiptoed through the living room, silently cursing to herself, as she realized she had left her phone plugged in on her nightstand, forcing her to make her trek to the kitchen without a flashlight. But Y/N had lived in her apartment long enough to map out a path to the kitchen in her head, avoiding any obstacles along the way.
Y/N had made it to the other side of her living room when her foot, unexpectedly, made contact with something hard and metal, causing her to fall over and land on her stomach.
"Shit!" She whispered, quickly moving her legs off of whatever she had tripped over, remaining on the ground. Y/N turned her head to see none other than Bucky, his eyes wide as he stared at Y/N, lying perpendicular to her.
"Shit, are you okay?" He mumbled, his voice scratchy from just waking up. Y/N nodded in response and groaned in pain as she slowly started to stand. Bucky quickly scrambled to his feet to help her up. Y/N ignored the warm feeling that rushed to her cheeks when she felt the coldness of his metal hand in hers and the warmth of his flesh hand resting on the small of her back. A soft thank you escaped her lips as Bucky quickly pulled away, moving one of his hands to nervously scratch the back of his head.
"Sorry about that," he said sheepishly, avoiding her gaze, his eyes glued to the floor. Y/N let out a soft laugh.
"It's fine," she started, looking down at Bucky's makeshift bed on the floor, a couple of blankets, and a single pillow for his head. She frowned at the sight. Y/N knew that it was common for vets to sleep on the ground, any mattress being too soft and uncomfortable for them, but couldn't help but feel a twinge of pain seeing Bucky's sleeping arrangement. It seemed that he could never catch a break from the horrors of war, even during something as precious as sleep.
"What are you doing out here anyway?" She finished, looking back up to see Bucky's eyes, a tinge of shame hidden in them. He felt embarrassed when he saw her look at his bed, thinking to himself that she probably thought that he was a freak for sleeping on the ground.
"Bed's too soft for my back," he replied quietly, looking down again, wanting to avoid her gaze.
"I know," Bucky quickly lifted his head to look at her as she spoke tenderly. He saw a soft smile on her face and found himself get caught up in her kind eyes, pulling him in. "I read about that when I was looking up online what it's like for veterans when they return to civilian life."
Bucky froze, trying to process the fact that Y/N had taken the time to learn about post-war life for veterans, for him.
"I meant what are you doing out here?” she gestured to the living room with a slight head nod, her hands fiddling with a loose thread on the end of her t-shirt.
"Couldn't sleep," he replied, after clearing his throat. "Helps to be near the door." Y/N felt a pain in her chest, realizing he must have had a nightmare and needed to be near an exit to relax enough to fall asleep.
"What about you?" His question pulled her from her thoughts.
"Just grabbing a glass of water," she said, walking towards the fridge. She turned her head around. "You want one too?" He nodded in response, slowly following her into the kitchen.
Y/N handed Bucky his cup of water before propping herself up to sit on a countertop, facing him. He leaned back and rested on the island table behind him. They sat in comfortable silence, taking long sips from their glasses, occasionally glancing up at each other and quickly looking away when they saw the other person notice their gaze.
"You know," she spoke slowly, breaking the silence. Bucky looked up to meet her eyes. "If you ever need to talk to someone, I'm always here to listen." She offered a warm smile to Bucky and his knees nearly buckled under him. He returned her smile and nodded in response, unable to find the words to show his thanks. Bucky always knew his roommate was nice, always offering to help him clean up his dishes or making an extra cup of coffee for him in the morning, but it wasn't until tonight when he realized how kindhearted she really was.
When they finished their drinks, Bucky pushed himself off the table, grabbing his cup, and took a step towards Y/N to grab hers to put in the sink. As he leaned towards her to reach for her empty glass, his fingers lightly brushed against hers for a moment, causing him to look up at her, sucking a quick breath in. His eyes met hers, and she let out a shaky breath, seeing that their faces were inches away from each other. Y/N couldn't control her next movements.
She lifted both of her hands to place delicately on Bucky's cheeks, holding his face gently. Y/N searched his eyes for permission and he nodded his head so slightly, allowing her to pull his lips to hers in a slow, soft kiss. He pulled away after a moment, instantly causing Y/N to panic, thinking she did something wrong. Bucky gave her a reassuring kiss on the cheek, grabbing their glasses before moving to put them away in the sink. He returned back to his spot in front of her, gently tucking her hair behind her ear.
"Wanted to give you a proper kiss, darling," he whispered, tilting her chin up with his finger, moving his hands to cup her face and pull her in for another kiss, this one fueled with more passion than the last. She smiled against his lips, wrapping her arms around his neck, bringing him closer to her.
For the first time in years, Bucky finally felt at ease. He didn't need to be near the exit to feel safe anymore, he just needed her, in his arms.
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
def an idealized version of myself but UMMM lemme live my fantasy☺️
tagging: @barnesafterglow @becca-e-barnes @buckysbiota @buckyswatch
Tumblr media
got tagged by @diegos-butt to make this very cute pic crew, thanks babe! 💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
had to do two outfits, it's stronger than me
tagging my beloved(s): @ritesofreverie @mickey-henry @golden-bucky @winter-james @buckysbiota @noushbitesback
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
Babies! Assemble
Steve Rogers x Reader
Summary: On a mission involving time travel, as if they haven’t learned at all that it’s dangerous, the Avengers get turned into babies. Including your boyfriend.
Warnings: BABY. AVENGERS. so cute. 🥰
Inspired by this post. Also, this is how I imagine them to sound so please watch so you can hear their cute wittle voices as you read 🥺 Steve is the white one, Nat is the pink one, Thor is the purple one, Clint is the green one, and Bucky is the orange one.
Artwork found on Pinterest. Credit to artist.
Tumblr media
You told them not to do it. You told them goddamn it. Did they listen? Nope.
“It’s safe!” Bruce said.
“We’ve done it before!” Scott said.
Oh yeah. Definitely safe. No one got hurt, but now your teammates and your boyfriend were babies. At some point on their way back, a glitch occurred that sent their bodies back in time before the machine spit them out on to the hangar. It was a sight to see. Anxious, confused, and crying baby Avengers.
“What..the fuck.” You mumbled.
“Does anyone have snacks?” A tiny yet gruff voice asked nonchalantly.
Chubby baby Thor.
He was clad in a little red cape and onsie. In his hands were smaller, safer (thank God) toy versions of stormbreaker and mjolnir.
“You ate all of them already!” An all green baby that was significantly larger than the rest growled.
Great, one of the only people that could fix this was a fucking baby.
“Pepper! Rhodey!” You called out in panic.
Thank God they stayed. This would have been even more of a disaster if you were alone. Upon hearing your voice, the babies snapped their heads towards you. Their eyes big and wide with wonder. A blond baby boy with the biggest blue eyes began to cry hysterically as he crawled as fast as his little limps could take him to you.
Steve. Your boyfriend.
Your heart swelled. Even as a baby he was still a sweetheart.
“Okay, okay,” You cooed, picking him up and snuggling him into your arms. “It’s okay, Stevie. It’s okay,”
He nuzzled his face into your chest as he sniffled.
“Don’t wike it,” Baby Steve choked out.
You aw’ed before kissing his cheek.
“You’re so cute oh my god,” You whispered to yourself before snapping out of it to comfort the little boy in your arms.
“I know, baby. It’s over now. Your home.” You assured smiling down at him.
You felt a tug at the bottom of your pants. Looking down, a chestnut shaggy haired boy with grey eyes stared anxiously at you. The black pacifier in his mouth moved up and down quickly as he nervously suckled on it. He lifted a chubby finger and pointed up at Steve.
This was definitely Bucky.
“He’s okay,” You whispered, kneeling down so he could see for himself. “See! He was just scared!”
Baby Bucky began to pat Baby Steve’s head soothingly. He took out his pacifier.
“Okay?” He questioned adorably.
Baby Steve nodded and scrubbed his tears away.
“Okay,” He muttered.
They both looked at each other and smiled before giggling.
A red and dark grey ball was thrown at Baby Bucky’s head. A loud giggle sounded off from a baby with wings attached to him.
“Hey!” You scolded. “Play nice!”
Before you knew it, Bucky had picked up the ball and threw it back at Sam ten times harder with his metal arm.
“Jesus Christ!” You shrieked, scooping Bucky up in the opposite arm.
Steve laughed and held his chubby hand up for a high five.
“No, Steve. No high five. That wasn’t nice.” You said sternly, turning to Sam.
“Don’t do that again.” You warned.
He huffed and plopped down on to the floor.
“You need help, Y/N- Ohhhh shit.” Rhodey cursed at the sight of the babies. Pepper was hot on his trail.
“Shit!” Baby Tony exclaimed.
An even littler Baby Peter clapped his hands.
“Shit!” He copied.
“Oh my god!” Pepper breathed, her eyes wide.
Tony shot her a gummy smile.
“Pep! Pep!” He cheered, bouncing on his diaper clad butt.
“How did this..” Pepper trailed off, picking up Baby Tony and inspecting him as he made grabby hands at her.
“I’m assuming there was a glitch in their suits. No diagnosis yet.” You concluded.
“Are they all back?” Rhodey inquired.
You sighed and turned on your inner preschool teacher.
“Lets play a game! When I call your name, come here okay!” You proclaimed in an excited tone.
The babies all smiled and cheered.
“Natasha, come here honey,” You cooed.
The baby redhead determinedly stood up on her wobbly legs and walked to you steadily.
“Is there somewhere we can put them for the mean time?” You asked desperately.
Pepper nodded.
“I have one of Morgan’s old play pens in storage. I can set it up and but them in there while we get a room ready.”
“I got it.” Rhodey offered, going off to find it.
“I have Steve, Bucky, and Nat.” You informed.
“Alright, Clint buddy! C’mon!”
And so forth until you corralled all of the tots up in one place. They were all back and perfectly in unharmed. You watched them with Rhodey as Pepper began setting up a baby proof room.
“We need to get Lang.” Rhodey sighed frustratedly as Tony aggressively yanked his shirt. “Man, stop!”
He shot his friend a mischievous smile before making his way back to the pen and joining his teammates for a nap. Baby Natasha was almost asleep on your lap. Her small hands wandered curiously through your hair and face.
“Pretty,” She mumbled sleepily.
You smiled.
“But they’re so cute, Rhodes,” You awed.
A fart way too loud for a baby could be heard.
“Ew,” Baby Wanda whined, shoving Baby Clint away from her.
“Alright nevermind. Call Lang.” You groaned.
Pepper entered the room and clasped her hands together.
“Room’s all baby proofed and I’ve got a whole bunch of baby clothes and supplies coming in an hour. We should get them bathed and fed until Scott shows up.” Pepper informed.
You nodded.
“How are we going to do this?”
And that’s how you ended up with a bath tub full of baby Avengers.
Bucky and Steve were easy. They sat off to the side calmly scrubbing each others hair and playing wity their bath toys. Wanda and Natasha did the same on the opposite end of the tub. Clint was behind her tugging her hair for attention. Thor and Bruce were rambunctious as ever. The pair roared and screamed as they splashed each other with water. Sam and Tony watched in amusement and cheered them on loudly. When Pepper began washing Tony, you swear to god the baby Stark winked at her. You were both slightly disturbed and humored at the same time. Once the clothes arrived, Peter was the first one dressed. The youngest of the bunch had a long day and was sleepier than ever. You and Pepper dressed them in an assembly line fashion. When everyone was done, Steve had managed to crawl on to your lap for some snuggles. Pepper laughed in adoration at his behavior.
“Yours is so sweet, mine’s a heathen.” She commented.
You squished Steve’s cherub cheeks as he smiled up at you in astonishment.
“He’s always been a little softie, huh honey?” You whispered.
He giggled and wrapped his little arms around your neck, hugging you.
“Cuddle,” He said softly.
“Cuddles.” You agreed, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.
“Who’s hungry, kids?!” Pepper called.
“Me!” They all answered.
“SUSTENANCE!” Thor war cried, taking off to the kitchen.
You turned to Pepper with an exhausted look on your face. “This isn’t going to get easier, is it?”
She rubbed her temples.
“Not as long as there’s ten of them,”
All ten of the tots sat impatiently at the table as you, Pepper, and Rhodey plated food and filled sippy cups as fast as you could. While the rest could eat solids, Peter would only be able to consum formula much to his dismay. They calmed down as soon as a plate of mac and cheese, mixed veggies, and mini french fries was placed in front of them. Steve being the cutie he was, mumbled a shy ‘thank you’ before forcing the others to do the same.
“Thanks, toots,” Tony flirted at Pepper, his chubby cheeks covered in cheese.
“This is insane.” Pepper muttered, wiping her husband’s face. “I kind of feel like nothing has changed. I take care of him anyways.”
You giggled and watched the babies as they ate.
Thor was content with the food, picking a couple bites off of Bruce’s plate.
Peter watched Tony eat in envy while he sipped his bottle. Wanda and Natasha ate delicately like the little ladies they were. Sam and Clint took turns dumping their veggies on to each other’s plates, earning a stern look from Pepper. Bucky scarfed down his food so quick it gave you a whiplash. Crumbs and cheese surround his little mouth. Steve looked at him curiously before scooting his plate closer to him.
“More?” He offered.
Bucky immediately scarfed down Steve’s fries and veggies.
“Jesus, Bucky, calm down or you’re going to choke sweetie,” You said, wiping his mouth and patting his back.
“Careful, Buckyyy!” Natasha sing songed.
“Shut up,” Bucky shot back.
“Not nice, James.” You warned.
He put his head down in shame, a little pout on his face.
“Sorry, Tasha,” He mumbled.
You ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek.
“Good boy,” You cooed.
“Hey!” Steve whined jealously pulling you away from his best friend by the hem of your shirt. He spent the rest of his time eating while holding your hand tightly.
When you offered the kids desert, the same thing happened. Steve and Bucky shared and Peter threw a huge tantrum because Tony finished it all.
“Okay! Okay! Okay! I’m here! What happened?!” Scott Lang screamed in panic as he barged into the room loudly.
The babies were startled and Scott stared at the sight completely stunned, both completely silent. Peter then began to cry loudly.
“Great going, Lang.” Rhodey grumbled, picking up Peter and rocking him soothingly.
“Holy cow! They’re really..babies!” He guaffed.
“We need to reverse this as soon as we can, Scott. We can’t be single mother’s of ten forever.” You spoke urgently.
He scoffed. “You’re not single mothers when you have..oh right, they’re babies.”
Rhodey shook his head.
“Unbelievable.” He remarked. “Put them in the pen, lets see what we can do.”
So far, everything was running smoothly. The babies were occupied in their pen with an abundance of toys as you four worked diligently; inspecting their suits, tracing their timeline, a bunch of quantum realm shit that you wish Tony were here to help with. I mean, he was here. As a baby. Flirting with Pepper. This was still so weird. You periodically glanced back at them to make sure everyone was alright. You held back your giggles at the sight of Baby Clint bent over picking up toys while Baby Nat stared at his little diaper booty with interest. Your focus was back on to the computer in front of you until you heard a loud clutter.
“You’re m-my m-mission!” Baby Bucky grunted as he held Baby Steve down on the floor.
“Owie, Bucky! Stop it!” Steve cried, pushing his friend off of him who landed on the floor with an adorable ‘oof’ and a blank expression on his face.
“I dunno the rest,” He mumbled.
“You know what I do know?!” Baby Tony declared. “That Y/N is the most beautiful mademoiselle-“
“Don’t talk about her!” Steve angrily roared loudly, throwing his shield plushie at Tony so hard it made him fall over.
“What did he do?” Baby Wanda gasped quietly.
“How can he even say that word when he’s like...three years old?” Scott asked in wonder.
“Steve! Take this one!” Baby Thor screamed, tossing him plushie mjolnir.
Steve immediately waved it around before charging at Tony and hitting him with it.
“Is that really what matters right now?!” You screeched.
“Ah! Steve! What th- stop it!” Tony yelped in between blows.
“My Y/N!” Steve’s little voice attempted to snarl. It was like watching a puppy try to howl.
“Still protective I see,” Rhodey commented.
You rushed to the boys and separated them, scooping the baby version of your boyfriend into your arms.
“That’s not okay!” You chided to the both of them.
Steve arranged himself in your arms comfortably before popping in his Captain America pacifier and glaring at Tony.
“You, don’t egg him on. And you, no hitting.”
Despite you scolding him the tiny blond continued to beam at you with googly eyes.
“Stevie, I’m serious. Say sorry to each other, boys.” You warned.
Tony sight before begrudgingly mumbling out an apology. He still hated being wrong. Steve popped out his pacifier, smugly apologized, then popped it back in and began to cuddle himself in your arms.
You exhaled calmly.
“That’s that. I’m going to put you back now, oka-“
“Nuh huh!” Steve whined in distaste as he clung on to you tighter.
“I have to work on turning you guys back into your normal selves, bubba.” You attempted to reason.
Steve shrugged and closed his eyes, his tiny hand gripping your finger as he drifted off to sleep.
“Kids are something else,” You muttered, carefully sitting yourself back down onto your desk chair.
You smiled at the baby boy in your arms lovingly and began to work.
You don’t remember falling asleep. All you could recall was someone scooping up your drowsy form after removing the baby blond from your arms and moving you to the couch. You could hear him whining and squirming around.
“She has to sleep, Steve. She’s worked really hard.” Pepper spoke soothingly.
His big azure eyes widened before they began to water.
“I-Is she o-okay?” He whimpered worriedly.
“Oh, sweetie. She’s perfectly fine, she just needs a nap the same way you need to nap,” Pepper assured, wiping his watery cheeks.
“Y/N will be really proud of you if you go to sleep with the rest of your friends, can you do that for her?”
Steve quickly nodded.
It took all the strength Virginia Potts could manage to not squish him in utter adoration. Steve had always been a gentleman, but Baby Steve was so much sweeter. She carried him to the baby room before placing him down right next to his best friend and tucking him in.
“Where were you?” Natasha sleepily inquired, her little voice laced with sleep.
“With Y/N, who else?” Tony mocked. “Wanna tuck me in again, sweetcheeks?”
“Why does he get to stay up?” Clint complained.
“Not fair.” Sam pouted.
“Everyone go back to sleep.” Pepper ordered.
“Night night, friends,” Bruce yawned.
“Nighty,” Wanda sighed cutely.
Tumblr media
“Bucky, scoot over!”
“I can’t! Tasha’s on me!”
“Am not! Oh, oopsie!”
“When are you not?!”
“Give me my toy back!”
“It’s not YOURS it’s MINE!”
“No, it’s NOT!”
“Shut up!”
“Shhh! Language!”
Was all you could hear from the outside of their room. A full nights worth of rest resulted in the babies energy to spike significantly. It was bright and early, six in the morning to be precise, and they were bouncing around their giant shared crib already. You opened the door and drew the curtains back, allowing the sun to illuminate the room.
“Good morning, babies!”
You laughed instantly.
“Alright, alright! Relax! Lets get you guys changed, then we can all have some breakfast,”
You and Pepper deserved a raise. The two of you changed ten babies’ diapers and clothes and managed to calmly herd them into the living room while you made breakfast. While you cooked, sneaky little Natasha had managed to crawl over the play pen and wander off to the kitchen with you. The Black Widow can never be stopped, even if she’s a two year old. Or three. Their age really didn’t matter.
“What’s that?” She asked curiously as she hugged your legs.
“Pancakes.” You answered.
The itty bitty redhead gasped and waddled away quickly, returning seconds later with Wanda.
You gasped in disbelief.
“How did you get your sister out, little miss?”
The girls giggled before turning to you.
“Are they good?” Wanda asked shyly.
“How about you try one before everyone else gets to,” You whispered secretly, flipping over two tiny pancakes and handing them over when they were cool enough.
They studied the pastry before taking a small bite and letting out an over zealous ‘mmmm’. You watched them in amusement. Natasha and Wanda had eaten pancakes more times than you could count. Seeing their baby selves react to them so foreignly was an ironic, humorous sight.
“Can we have more, please?!”
“Yeah, please!”
They both begged with their best puppy dog expressions.
You shook your head.
“Breakfast is almost ready, you both can eat with your brothers all together.”
“Okay,” They sighed dramatically in unison.
You blinked at them before rolling your eyes.
“Fine. One more. But no more after that!”
They cheered in victory before hanging on to your leg while you cooked up two more pancakes.
The conclusion of breakfast meant the beginning of more work. There were just enough leads to give you hope, but not enough to solve your dilemma. You downed cup after cup of coffee like they were shots. In your state of focus, you hadn’t noticed your tiny boyfriend watching you curiously from the play pen. His infatuation with you only grew every second he was with you. It warmed your heart in a way you couldn’t describe to know that no matter what state Steve was in, you were always the apple of his eye. Rhodey picked up your empty mug before filling it up, making his way to the play pen, and scooping Steve out.
“You wanna make her day, pal?” Rhodey asked.
Steve nodded so quickly you would think his little head was about to fall off, causing the older man to raise his eyebrows.
“You’re whipped in every single degree possible, bro. Even baby you is bending over backwards for your girl,” Rhodey joked.
“My girl,” Steve repeated, a gummy smile on his face.
Rhodey laughed before carefully placing your mug in his tiny hands and adjusting them securely.
“Go bring that to her, it’ll make her happy. Slow, buddy! Be careful, you don’t wanna spill!”
“I can do this all day,” Baby Steve huffed determinedly. His eyebrows furrowed as he intensively focused on not spilling.
When he reached your desk, he lifted the mug proudly with a giddy ‘here you go!’. Your actually uwu’ed.
“Thank you, honeybun! You are so sweet,” You cooed, taking the mug from him before covering his face in kisses while he squealed.
“Pepper doesn’t give me kissies like that,” You heard Tony muttered.
“You’re a three year old trying to flirt like you’re grown,” Rhodey snarked.
“What can I say? I have an old soul.” Tony shrugged.
“Ima smack the soul outta you,” Rhodey groaned.
“C-can I stay with you?” Steve asked shyly, shuffing his small fuzzy sock clad feet.
“Of course, handsome,” You cooed, placing him on your lap yet again.
The baby boy stared at your hands as they typed swiftly away on the keyboard. At some point, he rested his head against your arm and fell into slumber.
“That’s so cute!” Scott whispered loudly. “Anyways, I think I have plan. Get them on the hangar.”
Let this be a lesson learned; do not wake kids up in the middle of their nap. They will scream, cry, and throw themselves on the ground repeatedly. Just as your toddlers are doing so now. The two baby girls were babbling nonsense in Sovokian and Russian. Bruce has come close to losing his shit about ten times. Sam and Bucky were shoving each other back and forth claiming they were in each other’s ‘bubble’. Tony had a sassy remark for everything and you were close to committing child abuse. Clint, God bless Clint, was dosing off every five seconds and has fallen over a dozen of times. Thor was grumpier than ever because he didn’t get his post nap time snack, causing lightning and thunder to boom chaotically through the sky. Peter was crying so loudly you were about to start crying yourself. And Steve. Sweet baby angel Steve. Yeah, he’s lost his shit too. That’s how you all knew you fucked up.
“Okay everyone! Stay put!” Scott ordered.
“NO!” Steve yelled. “I WANNA KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON!”
“Oh my fucking-just please, get them back.” You begged.
“What? Was baby paradise cut short?” Rhodey mocked.
“They’re a nightmare,” You muttered.
Scott began to flip a couple switches on the power box. The buzz of the hangar filled the room.
“Commencing ‘bring back the normal Avengers’ in 3, 2, 1.”
A large zap of electricity whizzed through the air.
“Returning in 5, 4, 3, 2,1.”
With a boom, your normal teammates were dropped upon the hangar. No one said a word. Everyone just stared at each other blankly before breaking out into an argument.
“You bludgeoned me with his hammer!” “You were flirting with my girl!” “Why the fuck did you throw that ball at me, you dumb ass pigeon?” “You threw it back at me so much harder, what the fuck!” “You farted on me!” “Sorry! Babies are gassy!” “Parker wouldn’t stop fucking crying!” “Hey Y/N can you make us pancakes?!”
“I’m going to bed,” You grumbled.
Tumblr media
Steve had joined you shortly, wrapping his thick arms around you tightly.
“You did good, honey,” He praised. “It’s not easy taking care of ten babies,”
You tiredy nuzzled your face into his chest, your eyes heavy and stinging with fatigue.
“I don’t know how I did it. You were really needy.” You sighed.
The man behind you chuckled and placed a trail of kisses fron your ears to your cheeks and to your lips. “I’m always needy when it comes to you.”
“You’d make a good little mama.” He said shyly. His hands found their way to your hips. A small, timid smile etched on to his handsome face as he stared down at you with sparkles in his eyes.
“Maybe we can have one. What do ya say, doll?”
Never in a million years did you think you’d have to take care of your teammates because they were turned into children. Never in a million years did you think the ending would turn out like this.
“Maybe we can, Captain.”
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
BESTIES !!! i passed !!! ☺️💗✨ hehe
i still need to get some personal shit together though :/ so i think i’m gonna slowly get back to being on tumblr but pls forgive me😭
i need to catch up on literally everything so if u tagged me in something or anything i will get to it i swear but it’s just gonna take me a lil’ while😭
love u all sm☺️💗✨
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
BESTIES !!! i passed !!! ☺️💗✨ hehe
i still need to get some personal shit together though :/ so i think i’m gonna slowly get back to being on tumblr but pls forgive me😭
i need to catch up on literally everything so if u tagged me in something or anything i will get to it i swear but it’s just gonna take me a lil’ while😭
love u all sm☺️💗✨
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
comfort meals || a roommate!bucky drabble
Tumblr media
summary: a bad week and a trip to the thai place around the corner from your shared apartment
wordcount: 800
note: takes place before no filter but lives in the same au. also i don’t have enough people for a proper taglist so @comfortbucky​ , i hope u read this on a study break
If the door slam of the front didn’t signal Bucky, the stomps leading to your bedroom door followed by another slam definitely tipped him off. 
Tumblr media
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
i’m jealous … but happy that steve making mik happy☺️💗
i have the best nonnie ever idec i swear it’s midnight and im a puddle of feels rn
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
hi ki!! wishing you luck again on your test results <3
i won’t say too much since you won’t see this for a couple days but
i love you and i’m still so proud of you!!✨✨
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comfortbucky · 3 days ago
good afternoon ki!!! how did you test go?? how relieved do you feel?? and what are you doing to celebrate !!
i hope you can rest a little easier now, at least for a bit.
you are so amazing!! love u the most 💖
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comfortbucky · 4 days ago
i’m so proud of you ki!!! i love you so so much
🥺💗THANK U TIFF!!!!!!
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comfortbucky · 4 days ago
BESTIES !!! i passed !!! ☺️💗✨ hehe
i still need to get some personal shit together though :/ so i think i’m gonna slowly get back to being on tumblr but pls forgive me😭
i need to catch up on literally everything so if u tagged me in something or anything i will get to it i swear but it’s just gonna take me a lil’ while😭
love u all sm☺️💗✨
edit: i am away this weekend !!! so will be inactive 🥺
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comfortbucky · 5 days ago
hi besties i’m really anxious about my test results and i find out in like 2 days so i’m gonna be inactive until then :/ just don’t feel like talking to anyone rn😀(nothing personal i just don’t have the mental capacity for this)
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comfortbucky · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We need a diversion. Give him someone to rescue.
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comfortbucky · 6 days ago
      pretty boy
Tumblr media
abstract ; “friendship is the purest love.” 
pairing ; best friend!bucky x f!reader
word count ; 1,824 words
warnings ;friends to lovers, needy!bucky, sub!bucky, whining & begging, teasing, praise kink, crying kink, authority kink, unprotected sex, pet name [pretty boy & baby boy], shy!bucky, subspace, aftercare, soft ending — 18+ ONLY • MINORS DNI
a note ; i think i might be in love with bff bucky
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comfortbucky · 6 days ago
being on tumblr is like i post for myself. i need the validation of my followers. numbers mean nothing. numbers mean everything. this is my blog i do as i please. i need to post content my mutuals will like. everyone hates me. everyone loves me. i am a genius. i cannot write for shit. what has my blog become.
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