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okay guy fill in your applications 

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batman comic arcs are so mindlessly dark all the time. “the killing joke” “death in the family” “batman’s grave” how about “batman has a nice fucking day for once” huh? “batman chills the fuck out and spends some time with his kids” “batman and the relaxing picnic” “batman has a really good cup of tea and its not poisoned or drugged because he’s been stressed lately” huh???? what about that, assholes.

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the only reason Talia doesn’t look that great is because i can’t draw someone that perfect. 

rebloggin because you guys didnt comment on it like bro its not that bad selina looks nice cmon bastards

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If you could see Damian fight alongside with someone who would it be?


‘ugh ris youre so lame i know you love them but I’m talking serious stuff’ 

yeah, I’m also talking serious stuff. Damian and Jon have trained together since childhood. Obviously, Damian is more skilled than Jon, but I have seen them in the Super Sons run and in other comics, and sure I might be biased, but Damian and Jon fighting together is such a great concept. Because Jon will always fight for the people. At the age of ten, in the first run of Super Sons, he saw death for the first time in his life. He became slightly paranoid for a few minutes, he completely lost it. He decided, there and then, that no one would die, not if he could help it. Yeah, he was ten at the time, but still. 

Damian has learned to fight for good. Being influenced by two completely different, yet extremely powerful figures, being the son of them both (+Alfred. Damian will always be Alfred’s son first.), he has now tried and is in most runs trying to get out of x/y shadows, and crazy as you may call me, Jon has helped him get out of those shadows. 

‘oh the sons of batman and superman yeah so much for getting out of shadows’

I mean…… yes. Despite being the biological sons of both the superheroic figures, they’re different than their respective fathers. I’ve never read much on superman, but I have read a lot on Jon. You can easily mark how Jon is different from superman, seeing him grow up, as a present tense. 

That’s why the Super Sons run was so important to me. Because Jon was a child, and Damian was an early teenager, and in the most recent (like three years ago, recent) run ‘Adventures of the Super Sons’ You see more than you might think. 

You see Jon being himself, you see him being a ten-year-old, his favourite ice cream flavour being double-double chocolate-chocolate with chocolate sprinkles on the bottom and top, you see him making “oooh she’s your girlfriend” jokes, you see him and Damian fist-bumping and yanking each other by the hair, you see really who they are as principal characters, as friends.

And that’s why they’d work so well together. 

  • ahah this was such a small ask but i made it huge so yay! 
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comicsandhoney·2 hours agoAnswer

i also see you as someone with like clear skin and do you have any tips for acne and how to cover up scars?

okay so don’t take this advice too seriously because I really don’t know what I’m talking about because I don’t have acne (but I had a mean pimple that was there for three weeks and then it disappeared) nor do I have scars (except one on my bottom lip because my dog is a bastard) so I really don’t have any good advice 

I have a friend that has scars on her face (not from acne) and she’s really self-conscious about it and she always tries to cover them up and I understand although not on a deeper level because it’s fine to feel self-conscious about something. It’s completely fine and understandable to want to hide something from the public eye.

But i just want to assure you that you don’t have to feel self-conscious of your scars because all bodies and faces and everything and everyone is different and that’s utterly beautiful. 

Also, if someone dares to make a mean comment know that if I were there I’d punch them in the face without further hesitation.

@anothertimdrakestan commented:  SAME ILL PUNCH THEM TOO!!!! also tho i had bad ish acne when i was younger and i used tea tree oil on problem spots that you just know are gonna try to scar (you know those big fuckers) then you put the tea tree oil on them and (for me at least) it not only dried them up but stopped most of the scarring and now a couple years later you can barely even tell i had acne!!! before careful tho cuz tea tree oil is a pore clogger for some people so you don’t wanna just spread that shit over ur face lol
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comicsandhoney·3 hours agoAnswer

who are your top 5 all time favorite dc characters i'm genuinely interested lmaooo

i mean im going to ‘characters who id actually die for if their eternal happiness was involved’ because ‘favourite characters’ - i mean I’m going to like say characters i just find interesting and attractive and that’s not the point. (oh and I’m going to write ten because :))
  • Damian Wayne
  • Bart Allen
  • Conner Kent 
  • Tim Drake 
  • Cass Cain
  • Babs Gordon
  • Alfred Pennyworth
  • Wally West
  • Donna Troy
  • Garth (what’s his last name even like bro)

BAHHAAHAH I HAVE MORE but like my favourite ever character will always be damian and that’s final

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comicsandhoney·6 hours agoAnswer

imagine: you're dating one of the batboys and you got into a really big fight and they were the ones that fucked up and they try to make it up to you and they're pining you to the wall slowly and they're about to kiss you. What do you do?


Idk how you guys see me but i’m not the person to get mad easily. I can get annoyed and then you say sorry and i’d say ‘it’s fine, don’t worry about it’ and i mean it, but if you made me really **mad** then you did something WRONG. 

And whichever fictional character it be, if they made me mad and they’re trying to fix it by being like idk ‘sexy’, i’d straight up punch them and that’s final. 

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Am I the only person that wants to ignore the whole Ric mess? I just want to forget Dick got shot and pretend the pass 2 years didn’t happen.

youre late for that bus dude ive decided to ignore everything and everyone until dc stops being a fucking bastard

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nobody talk to me im going to lose it

im going to fucking cry today of all days three issues nineteen different reasons what the fuck dc

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No I’m not fucking crying  but the fact that not only Damian knew that Jon would come after him, the fact that he WROTE A LETTER, and his handwriting is super nice, and he is probably with the league, with his mother, and he just- no I’m not about to cry over them. 

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Kontober  day 20. Snooping around Metropolis with the best stepmom.

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if it weren’t for fucking bruce, damian would bprobably be ridiculously close to being immortal and indestructible.  

Yeah this is a small rant to back up the ‘talia has lazarus in her bloodstream, therefore damian has it since birth’  idea and yeah, because Talia has been in the lazarus countless times, that had to do something in her bloodstream/dna/genes. But that was somewhat an evoutioned change, because Talia was born without the lazarus in her blood. 
As for Damian, I’m sure we have already established that he was born with a slight hellbound unfluence of the pit, yet was still bathed in it as he got older, activating the lazarus chemicals/factors in his body and making him stronger. And Bruce’s dna, obviously without any purpose in the lazarus, has probably… diluted Damian’s. 

And it’s a VERY cool concept because if not for Bruce, if Damian’s other biological parent had the same alteration in their bloodstream, or if Talia would have had Damian on her own (bone marrow..????? dont bite me if im wrong), Damian would have been born with possibly more lazarus in his bloodstream than he has now. It would make him age slowly, and it would make most weapons uselesss to his skin.

Damian could have been literally immortal, and i’m not saying it’d be entirely nice, because he’d see the ones he loves grow old and die, but if you think about it, it’s also fucking incredible.

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