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We've been fed.
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Alright... Ngl...
I can just imagine Moon making Sun "walk the plank" from their loft balcony, and Eclipse is wading through the ball pit below like a shark ready to tickle Sun silly.
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Time to walk the plank~
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Sun and Moon Show latest episode!
New baby boi!
Eclipse is an ass!
... Lunar said wooooooords~
I was 🎶inspiiiiiireeeeeed~🎶
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Ima juuust...
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I know your deepest secrets, Floof...
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So hh uh do you remember that wip audio you posted? Is it gonna be completed? Not to sound pushy or anythin-
Hi there anon! Hey now, don't you worry about that, you aren't being pushy... it will however take much more time that I would have anticipated it to take though. 👋 yes- I'm planning on completing it as soon as I'm able... life has definelty got in the way of my online life however 👀 im... trying to get a change of scenery due to my living situation.
Nnnooo I won't go into details because it's much too personal, but I will say I haven't given up yet.
I also- apart of this is because I lost my laptop charger. Don't worry- I ordered a new one 👀
Anyway- I am working on two things in the meantime to feed both the lee sun, and lee mood sub communities. 😏
Prepare to see... the list~ ;)
Am I going to say what the list is? Nahhh you'll see! ^^
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Finally got around to hoomanizing Sun and Moon. I took inspiration from... Certain characters when coming up with their designs.
Sun is more fleshed out than Moon atm but I just love them so ima share now:
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I was uhhhh... Goofin off today and the day before... And Uhhhhh... Eeheehee... Sun and Moon Show yesterday?... May have... Inspired m- HERE JUST TAKE MY SHENANIGANS!!!
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Anyone up for a lil Eclipse? Cuz @sunny-side-up-giggles and I made a lil sumthin :3
(to preface: this Eclipse is based on the idea that he was made to monitor and supervise Sun and Moon. A caretaker for the caretakers if you will. Cute idea, I say)
Description: Eclipse is still quite new and very curious. Tonight, however, he has decided to explore the activity Sun and Moon tend to engage in on the daily. Sun is a willing Guinea pig. But mayhaps that was a mistake, for Eclipse has the best teacher on Earth to guide him.
Warning: lots of tickles
Curious Eclipse
A long day of work was finally winding down, and it was time for the three bots to get their relaxation in before their charging time in a couple of hours. Cleaning had finally been done, and it was much quicker and easier now with the extra set of hands around! The extra...three sets of hands, from the one new bot: Eclipse.
Moon was resting comfortably on one of his big squishy bean bags, while Sun was organizing brushes and colors in his arts and crafts section... and Eclipse was simply watching over both of them as they did their own thing.
But he was bored. Very, very bored. Moon seemed too comfortable to disturb...but Sun was still as energized and chipper as usual! May as well talk to him. Besides, Eclipse had a question that had been itching at him for a while now.
"Sun~" The tall robot crawled down from atop one of the playplaces, sitting beside him. "Hello…"
"Oh, hello there! Do you need something, Eclipse?" Sun said looking up from his work briefly.
Eclipse looked down at the much smaller bot, tilting his head as he watched on for a moment. He seemed very curious, as he was with many things...Eclipse was a fast learner though.
"I was hoping...we could play?"
Sun stopped what he was doing to look at Eclipse again.
" Oh, uh, sure! Just let me finish up here and I'd be glad to." Sun was surprised by the request. Its not that he didn't want to play, of course he did. It's just that Eclipse was still a little reserved... Until now it seemed.
"Right..." Eclipse fully sat down now, arms at his sides and legs out. He watched Sun continue his little task, smiling briefly.
"I just… it's just that I saw you and Moon playing a game the other night that looked very interesting...I hadn't seen anything like it."
One of his many hands reached out, gently poking Sun's side, as if to get his attention. "You know?"
"AYEEHEEhee! ECLIPSE!? Ah...?" Sun was startled by the little poke, the feeling shooting a ticklish jolt through him. He rubbed the spot tenderly, trying to relieve the feeling.
That sound immediately got a reaction out of Moon, who lifted his night cap to peek out towards the giddy squeak.
"Ah, see...that! That is very interesting to me...I don't really… understand." He kept his hands to himself for now, since a quick scan led him to believe Sun may be distressed...
"Its a game, right?"
"Ah, u-uh… Well yes. I mean... Yes." Sun was a little shell-shocked still, not expecting such behavior from Eclipse, but he'd be lying if he said he wasn't kind of excited to play this game with his newest friend.
"I see..." Eclipse examined his body language and the light blush on his cheeks. Sun seemed a little embarrassed...but not distressed, exactly. So he patted the spot in front of him on the floor.
"Will you sit with me?"
Moon secretly kept his eye on the scene, watching quietly from the sidelines…
"Uhm, j-just let me..." Sun quickly tossed the last few brushes into their bin. "There. Okay..." Sun stepped over to the spot next to the new bot and sat down. He was a little nervous, both aware and unaware of what was to come.
Slowly Eclipse reached out, this time poking Sun once very curiously in the center of his tummy. When he heard Sun's squeaky reaction, he pulled away.
"What is this, exactly? Why do you laugh?" Eclipse was genuinely curious, and looked...excited.
"Ohoho, well. It's.. I'm ... I'm just really ticklish is all..." a bright blush covered Sun's face. This normally wasn't so embarrassing, but he's also never had to explain it before.
"Ticklish..." Eclipse echoed. He thought for a bit before Moon spoke up.
"It means 'sensitive to tickling'...which is what you were doing when you poked him." Eclipse seemed to understand better now.
"Ah! Tickling... So this is tickling!" Two hands began softly poking Sun now, up and down both sides. "Like this?"
"Well thats one version ~" Moon suddenly got a mischievous expression.
"OhohoHOHOOHOO! W-wahahaheeheeheet a minihihihihiiikhkhkhkhkh. OHOHO! AHH!" the pokes had Sun dancing and jerking away in all sorts of directions, his laughter also being rather bouncy as each poke had a different intensity to it.
"Wow~ Why are you moving so much? It's hard to play..!" Now the orange bot pouted, and Moon couldn't help but laugh.
"It's a natural reaction to wiggle away. But it doesn't mean he hates it. In fact.... Sunny ADORES tickle games! You just gotta hold him still so he can enjoy them."
"Are you sure about that?"
"Absolutely. I'd never lie about that~ And besides, I do it all the time. Just pin him down and tickle away. You'll know when to stop." Moon watched from where he was, ready to be amused.
"..." Eclipse turned his head towards Sun before smiling, holding up all six arms. "Okay...~" He crept towards him now.
"Oh Stars..." Sun whispered to himself, eyes wide and nerves on fire already. Instead of getting up and running, Sun just started pushing his heels against the floor and crawled backwards away from the six armed menace before him.
"Hehe~ Gotcha!" Eclipse scooped him up rather easily, smiling and pulling him closer. "So I just keep using my fingers that way?" He questioned, and Moon finally turned to fully face them.
"Well you can~ Pokes tickle too...but the best method-" Moon held up his hands, wiggling his fingers in his typical manner, "-is to gently crawl aaaall around with your fingertips~ gentle pinches and squeezes also tickle..."
"I see...Like this~?" Eclipse held Sun by his shoulders in front of himself, then softly began to spider his fingers up his sides.
" PpptOHOHOHoho! AHHHAHEEHEEEE! OH! THAT TIHIHICKLES!" Sun squirmed as he tried to escape his ticklish fate, not too hard, though. He didn't really want to get away, but his sensitivity made him such a wiggle worm.
"Oh! Delightful..." Eclipse tittered and continued, but Moon spoke once again.
"And there are other spots, too, and methods and even ways to make it more tickly."
"Really?! Wow, there's SO much more to tickles than I thought..."
"There is... For example, instead of his shoulders, grab his wrists and lift em up! Then get his underarms."
Eclipse smiled, doing just this...and his hands slowly crawled up to Sun's underarm joints
"PfftAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NEHE-AHA-AHA-AHH! NOHOHOT THAHAHAHAAAT! " Now Sun REALLY struggled to get free, pulling down on his wrists that barely budged. Man Eclipse was strong.
"So loud and happy~ My sensors tell me you are having a lot of fun!" Eclipse outted him so easily, and Moon almost cackled!
"Like I said, he always loves it! Now...you can do simple things to really make it tickle more~ Like singing the word, or saying 'Coochie coo~' Sunny loves that too." Moon smiled as he watched, seemingly enjoying the show.
Eclipse's fingers toyed with Sun's wires gently as he giggled. "Oh yeah? Like...tiiickle tickle tickle...!"
"AAAHHHHAHAHAHA PLEAHEEHEESE DON'T SAY THAHAHAT! PLEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEE!" Between his wires being teased, the verbal teasing from Eclipse, the teasing from Moon, and the helplessness of the situation, Sun was dying of laughter and embarrassment.
"Ooohoo it works...!" Eclipse giggled again, and pulled Sun even closer. "Where else is ticklish...?"
"His tummy. Absolute death spot~" Moon smirked so wide.
"It just means VERY ticklish. Go on, try it out." Moon watched on as Eclipse nodded, lowering his hands to Sun's defenseless tummy, scratching softly along the surface.
"Does this tickle~?" He was getting good at teasing…
Sun lost what litte composer he had left.
"YEEEEEEHEEHEEHEEEEK! NYAHAHAHAHA! STEEHEEHEEHEE! NATMYTUMMYHEEHEEHEE!" He was wriggling and squirming like crazy but he just couldn't get away. And those fingers just tickled away at his defenseless belly without a care in the world.
Eclipse had to move back in order not to be kicked, giggling playfully and tilting his head. "I have my own idea~" His tickling stopped briefly so he could reposition Sun.
He pulled him right up against himself, Sun's back facing him, and then overlayed his legs atop of Sun's so he couldn't kick.
"What an open position~" Moon chimed in, chuckling. "You know, his feet are very ticklish too."
"Oh! Is thaaaat sooo~?"
"Wahahait! WAHAHAHAIT! NONONOOOHOHO!" Sun found that this particular position was, well, unescapable. He could barely move and everything was so vulnerable, including his feet... Oh no. He was doomed.
"Hehe, I'm not even tickling you! You're still so giggly..."
"It happens. He's just very excited!"
Eclipse nodded and wiggled his fingers, reaching down and back around to Sun's tummy. His other two free hands removed Sun's shoes, softly fluttering his fingertips up and down the exposed soles.
"Heheh...Coochie coochie cooo~ Is that how that works? Though, you're so ticklish I don't think I need to do much teasing..."
Moon laughed, putting his chin in his hands. "Oh this is tooooo good. Having fun Sunny~?"
"AAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA ! I CAHAHAHAN'T! I CAHAHAHAHAHAHAN'T!" Sun writhed as his feet and tummy were covered in tickles. He couldn't take it, but he had to. He was completely at Eclipse's mercy, and his mentor Moon of course.
Eclipse simply continued tickling and smiling away, almost looking evil in his own way...but truthfully, he was just having a blast.
Moon stood and wandered their direction, digging under his hat with a knowing smirk. "You know what else works very well for tickles...?"
Eclipse finally stopped to give Sun a break, smiling. "Hm?"
Moon pulled out multiple feathers...almost like a little bouquet! "Theeeese are one of Sunny's biggest weaknesses…"
Sun's gasping was forgotten at the site of the evil tools.
"Why do you say no...? If you're having so much fun ~?" Eclipse took the feathers as Moon answered.
"He's shy...he finds it embarrassing! But it's really cute, isn't it~?" he mused. "Now these work best under his arms, in his belly dent, and aaaaall through his toes..."
"I see..! Lets try..." Eclipse gently began running them beneath Sun's toes first..
"AAAAACKEEHEEHEEHEEHEE! NOT THEHERE NOT THEEEHEHERE! OHOH STAHAHARS!" It amazed even Sun just how much damage a fluffy little feather could do. He could hardly stand it in general, but his toes were hypersensitive to such an instrument. Speaking of which, his toes where wigging and scrunching up and doing all they could to avoid the feather teasing them.
"You can totally hold his toes back..." Moon mentioned, and Eclipse nodded. He was not only a fast learner, but he was great at following instructions.
Sun's toes were held back by his middle arms, while the bottom set began getting in between them with the feather.
"Juuuust like that! Good job~" Moon chuckled, sitting between Sun's legs and looking right up at him. "Aren't you just having fun~?" He held up a feather as well. "Mind if I join?"
Eclipse just nodded with a smile, watching as Moon swirled that single feather slowly in circles on Sun's tummy.
"AAAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! IM TOO TIHIHIHICKLIHIHIHISH! AYEEHEEHEE!" Sun shrieked, desperately trying to get away from the feather now teasing his tummy. He knew full well where it was going to end up. He was gonna die…
"Why yeessss, you ARE...much much too ticklish for your own good~ Coochie coo..." Moon moved the feather right into that most sensitive dip, swirling it through.
"Eheehee, but you love it right? Just scanning you tells me how happy you are!" Eclipse let Sun's toes go, but the feathers continued teasing around them. Meanwhile his now free hands spidered along the middle of his soles ruthlessly.
"AAAAHOHOHOHONOHOHO! AHHHEE! *SNORT* AHHhhHHHhhhHHHAHAAA!" Sun's sensitivity was being put to the test. That and his sanity. But why oh why did Eclipse have to be able to call him out like that!? Those scanners are a blessing and a curse…
"Oho! What a noise! It's very cute..." Now Eclipse was purring, not much unlike how Moon sometimes did. His head nuzzled the back of Sun's rays, which in and of itself seemed to tickle a lot.
"He does that when he's having the MOST fun~" Moon smiled, his free hand gently tickling beneath Sun's chin. The feathers on him didn't stop, and neither did the fingers... He would just have to sit there and take it until they were done.
"OHOHO STARS! OHOHO STAHAHAHAHARS! IHIHI CAHAHAHAN'T! PLEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEHEEEEE!" Sun cackled madly. He was shaking his head and squirming as much as he could, but it did nothing to lessen the ticklish sensations that seemed endless. Moon was ruthless by himself. Eclipse was already a master, it seemed... But the two of them together? Perhaps Sun should have made a run for it when he had the chance…
"You can't ~? Can't what? Use your words, Sun..." Eclipse's purrs continued, the fingers on the center of his soles moving to instead crawl up Sun's sides and into his underarms.
"He's just so cute~ Such a ticklish thing, isn't he?" Moon now squeezed at his counterpart's hips, moving his head lower towards his tummy. "And you know what else? He has a veeeery yummy tummy..."
"Oh does he??"
"AAAAAAHK! MOOHOOHOOHOON NOHOHOHO! DAAAAHEEHEEHEE-DONTEATMYTUMMEEHEEHEEHEEEEEE!" Sun couldn't contain his (excitement) terror at the sight of Moony getting ready to snack on his belly. Uhg, and Eclipse's teasing sure didnt help the blush that seemed ever-present on Sun's face.
All Sun could do was laugh and squeal and witnesses his own tummy's impending doom.
"Yeheeeesss Im gonna eat your tummy~" Moon let out a raspy giggle before diving in, so to speak. His mouth began nibbling away at his tummy so quickly, and Moon even made little "Awwm nam nam nam~" noises playfully.
"Oho~! Can I join?" Eclipse looked at Sun as he squealed, grinning so wide before nuzzling into his neck and nibbling away. "Omnooom~ Heehee!"
Oh he was doomed... There wasn't a thing the poor robot could do to get away!
The loudest, most hight pitched squeal was released from Sun's voice box as the onslaught of gentle nibbles and playful teasing drove him over the edge.
Sunny couldn't even utter a word, finding himself lost in ticklish bliss.
Eclipse took a moment to briefly scan Sun, making sure he was still okay. Seemed his inner heat was rising, fans kicking in to cool him off. But otherwise he was seemingly blissful and pleased, having a great time! Perhaps getting close to needing a break though...
"Sooo yummy yummy ~ Aaaaand~!" Moon inhaled, pressing his lips over Sun's little gigglebutton before exhaling in a long raspberry.
"Oho! He loves that ~!" Eclipse giggled, softly poking up and down the center of Sun's sides. "Tickle tickle~ Almost break time, dearie…"
'A break? That sounds nice right about now' Sun thought as raspberries and pokes kept him laughing uncontrollably.
Moon was enjoying his playful little meal, nuzzling, nibbling, and blowing raspberries on Sun's tummy. Eclipse kept an eye on Sun's mood, and feelings… keeping the scan on him to see when he became overwhelmed. And it began happening as he repeated patterns from earlier, stroking the feathers between his toes.
"Heehee...so cute ~" Eclipse mused, slowing his tickling before stopping completely. "Okay~! Break is good now."
"Aw~" Moon smirked, stopping and looking up towards Sun's blushing giggling face.
"Eeheeheehee *pant* hehehehehe *pant* gahaha... Ahhh..." Sun panted between the lingering giggle fits, phantom tickles still teasing his tummy and toes. After a moment of cooling himself, Sun started to become aware of the look of absolute adoration on the face before him... And if his blush could get even deeper, it sure would have.
"This is fuuun..." Eclipse purred, gently petting Sun's rays and nuzzling the back of his head.
"Isn't it~? And Sunny loves it, so its only more fun." Moon smiled, hugging his friend as Eclipse released his arms. Four large hands came up around them both, and now they made a cute, large cuddle pile.
"Can we do this more often...?" Eclipse asked hopefully. Moon was amused by this question, offering his response.
"Any time you'd like~"
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Since it’s storming here, and I hate storms:
Headcannons of Sun and Moon comforting when there’s a storm? 🥺
Moon is the master at comforting those with storm based fears. He's good a lulling and rocking and singing to those that need it. If there are a LOT of kids having trouble, then Sun and Moon work quickly to put up the emergency "storm fort". Its like a big tent. They guide the children in and make sure there are plenty of fluffy pillows to squeeze and soft blankies to wrap up in. The fort tends to make the storm a little less scary and a little more exciting. It feels safer, but if some children are still anxious, then Moon is once again to the rescue while Sun plays games and tells stories to the rest of the kids.
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This is all messy but IMA POST IT ANYWAY!
NEWEST SUN AND MOON SHOW EPISODE... gave me ideas... Heeheehee~
Also my camera was having a color fit lol
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I can attest... This is tru...
I’m watching the witherstorm sun and moon episode and god hearing Moon so panicked is so jarring. He’s genuinely so worried about Suns safety. It’s so sweet even if it’s from panic. 
Also I really love how Sun is just like “Okay you need to take like a five minute breather”, advice which Moon promptly ignores in favor of more stress. XDD You know it’s serious when Sun is the one trying to tell Moon to calm the fuck down.
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Tumblr media
literally all tickle related fnaf stuff w/sun and moon lately has only been lee!moon and my ler heart is craving lee!sun so so bad im going feral 😭
im happy lee!moon people get to eat lately but I feel so down in the dumps with the lack of lee!sun blahhh
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wishing I had the confident to draw tk art :I
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coy-lee · a month ago
I think I is.... Is I?... I is.... Yes?.... YES I IS!
Tumblr media
You beckoned? :3
Reblog if you are an sfw tickle blog
i want to find more sfw tickle blogs because i’m not interested in nsfw stuff at all. 
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Yall are crazy.... My kind of people X3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Seriously, the first 2 big milestones came so fast I didn't really get to celebrate them. THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT! You guys just hangin around really means so much more than you realize. I haven't drawn this much in... ever.
What you've done for me is worth much more than a simple thank you. I only hope that my silly hobby can bring you a little bit of light when you need it.
Thank you
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