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cr0ssyourheart7 hours agoText

Soooo I was in this boujie Psych hospital for a week and let me tell you…. it doesn鈥檛 fucking matter. 50 percent of the staff actually help and then the other half don鈥檛 give a fuck.

The fucking ER played me during my mania: Sure, I wanted to get committed but in Zville (30 mins) not an hour and a half away!??

I was manic and just wanted to spend the night at the hospital THERE. but they wanted me OUT.

So they had me call people and at the time no one picked up. It was like 2am in the morning by that time.聽

My grandma was confused and thought I was in Zville.

Scott blew me off and started his boo hoo depression shit. He鈥檚 BLOCKED

My calls SUSPICIOUSLY didn鈥檛 go thru to my parents lmao

but since I wasnt thinking straight/manic i thought that I hallucinated my mom鈥檚 voice on the phone.

THEY LIED. And lied about EVERYTHING.聽鈥淪orry you cant stay here. no beds.鈥澛

鈥測ou can鈥檛 go to _ because no beds鈥

鈥淏ut You said I could go home? why am i being pink slipped?鈥

鈥淏ecause you accepted.鈥


They also fucking lost my shoes. The ambulance people/the fuck wads at the ER.

Anyway lmao

im done and home and im hypomanic but on the right meds!!

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cr0ssyourhearta day agoVideo


鈥淎merica has looted black people. America looted the Native Americans when they first came here, looting is what you do. We learned it from you. We learned violence from you. If you want us to do better, then damnit, you do better.鈥 鈥擳amika Mallory, Nat. Co-Chair of Women鈥檚 March

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cr0ssyourhearta day agoText


my future husband: stop crying you foolish little man just tell me what鈥檚 wrong:

me: I,, ,,,, hnnn,,, hhwhghhhh,

husband: *grabs my waist* TELL ME! *tearing up, pleadingly* PLEASE! WHAT AM I DOING WRONG

me: *shakily hands him this faded photograph* yyyy鈥欌欌檓nnf hhfhg,g,,

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cr0ssyourhearta day agoText


me: flicks the lights on

all of my insecurities: just standin there

me: immediately flicks the lights back off

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cr0ssyourhearta day agoText


George Floyd. asphyxiated until he died in Minneapolis, he beg and said that he couldn’t breath. a cop had his knee on his neck. he died. the cop has been fired. no prosecuted. not charge with first degree murder.

Regis Korchinski-Paquet. pushed off her own balcony in Toronto. she died at the scene.

Tony McDade. trans man murdered in Tallahassee. the very few news that reported his murder misgender him.

Scream their names. Remember their name. Remember why they died. Remember the anger and the pain. Black Lives Matter. They have ways matter and always will. Silence is violence. Staying silent is not an option. Sign the petitions, text, send mails, donate to their memorial.

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cr0ssyourhearta day agoText


My TV show pitch

Me, the rambunctious daughter who cracks wise and smokes pot: *entering the house to applause* Gnarly sesh, what鈥檚 up boners?

My mum: *looking at me disapprovingly* woah there cowboy, why are your eyes so red?

Me: I鈥檝e been smoking the whacky tabaccy mum. Got a serious case of the munchies so could you whip up some of your famous double stuffed cheesy quesadillas? You know your cooking is the bees knees.

My mum: *resigned sigh* Oh That scoundrel! Smoking the devils lettuce again.

Dad: *looking up from his newspaper* Thats our daughter for you.

The live studio audience: *Looses their minds. Goes absolutely apeshit and starts cheering. I have to pause to take a bow. The woman playing my mum looks at me proudly as if I were her real child and for a moment I feel something akin to real familial love.*

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cr0ssyourheart2 days agoText


Thanks mania for making me an absolute basket case and making all the people in my life hate me

Also treating people badly because of my attention seeking behavior 馃憤馃憣

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