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1d20 Reasons For Adventuring...
You thirst for knowledge and wisdom.
You're searching for something specific; A place, person, god, thing, etc.
You wish to one day rule a kingdom of your own.
This adventure was a quest given to you by a mentor, church, king, family member, etc.
You simply want to help the helpless.
This adventure is a part of your rite of passage into adulthood.
You're adventure just for the fun of it!
The glory and fame of it all has enticed you to stay in the adventuring business.
The world needs a hero, and you're willing to give it a try!
You're escaping from something, someone, a purpose, a calling, etc.
You're obsessed with danger, mystery and the unknown.
You drift from town to town, with no real home and making money no matter the danger.
You were dragged along on this adventure to keep someone you care about safe.
You were forced into adventuring by the will of circumstance.
You were indentured as a servant to your traveling mentor, learning their ways as you adventure together.
You were sentenced by the law or religious beliefs to adventure and prove your worth.
You really like to kill things and take their stuff.
You adventure to take out your frustration on creatures you're sure deserve it.
You adventure to gain money and support those that supported you in your youth.
You adventure in the hopes of gaining new allies and friends after years of lonely wandering.
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14 Random Weather Events...
The wind is strong, causing loose belongings to tumble down the streets.
There is a torrential downpour of rain.
The wind is light, causing the trees to sway gently.
There is surprisingly, no rain.
The wind is almost nonexistent.
There is a light spattering of rain.
A storm rolls in across the sky, causing the surroundings to grow darker and darker.
It's cold, but bearable for a trained adventurer.
The temperature is just around freezing, frost and ice are forming in some places.
The remnants of nearby storms funnel through the surroundings like a wind tunnel.
In a matter of minutes, a few inches of rain or snow will fall.
A thick haze has rolled into the surroundings, causing some colours to become muted and making the view even more mysterious.
Lightning arcs through the sky at random intervals, lighting up the surroundings in bursts and flashes.
Tons of dust has blown into the surroundings, covering everything in a thin layer of dirt.
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15 Things To See In The Astral Plane
Several dwarf stars are dotted around you, shining with spectral light.
You gently drift towards a dense orange nebula cloud, surrounded by intense magnetic fields that spark lighting across the sky.
You spot a young star incubating in a molecular cloud.
A comet with a tail of ionized gas whizzes past the outer edges of your vision.
Two stars in close orbit, connected by fiery tendrils of energy, light a path ahead of you.
A hypergiant star generates a turbulent solar wind that threatens to blow you away!
A shower of metallic and crystalline asteroids pelts your Party!
A turbulent gravitational wave that rips spacetime apart causes you and your allies to experience some strange warping sights.
A distant star emitting waves of plasma causes you and your allies to begin to feel lightheaded.
A swirling storm of ionized gas, thousands of times more massive than the sun, is on course to collide with your and your allies!
A star that flickers with bursts of intense plasma, creating a brilliant, rapidly moving point of light in a dark night sky.
A giant molecular cloud that burns hot and bright, sending out strange waves of sound and light.
An asteroid that glows with white hot molten metals leaves trails of burning lava in it’s wake.
Chunks of metallic silver wreckage, along with torn off pieces of a blackened purplish rubber-like substance, float past the Party at a speed just slow enough to catch.
A battle scene of years past has left several dead floating, perfectly preserved, along the banks of a dense fog cloud.
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1d12 Quests For Low-Level Adventurers!
Locals claim to have found treasure within a newly discovered dungeon. However, it is a complex trap intended to harvest souls, magical power, or life energy.
Something has cursed a local villager to live their entire life in a single day. Every morning they wake up a newborn and age a single year every 20 minutes.
A hag has cursed a small town due to a deal made with one of the residents. As time goes on, the residents discover they are unable to cast any sort of healing magics.
A young couple has gained immense fame from their macabre sculptures. They ask the players to be their new models. However, the eccentric couple turns out to be two Medusas in disguise.
A traveling circus has come to town and proceeds to put on a fantastic show. However, they disappear in the morning without a trace, taking several children with them.
A wizard NPC must be raised from the dead to act as a living key to open his tower, but a demon has kidnaped the only cleric powerful enough to do so.
An water elemental has taken residence in the sewers. The crazed creature has waged a personal war on the citizens above for polluting its domain.
Treasure hunters recently unearthed a powerful artifact that allows teleportation in and out of the Layers of Hell. Demons and devils have begun to raid the town in search of the item.
After returning from another kingdom, the nobleman's wife begins acting strangely. The doppelgänger put in her place was meant to kill the nobleman, but has fallen for him instead.
A massive rift in reality appears in the skies above. Strange entities from alternate planes begin to emerge. It is up to the players to discover the intent of the invading individuals.
A blacksmith has asked the party to retrieve a recently fallen meteor. However, the players find were-beasts and lycanthropes worshipping the fallen star.
A local mage has mysteriously passed away, and all manner of creatures and magic has begun to creep from their tower into the surrounding cities.
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15 More Villains For Your Next D&D Campaign...
A brilliant criminal mastermind who is distinguished by a strange tattoo or birthmark.
The leader of an underground organisation, who’s minions are distinguished by a particular sigil, badge or piece of clothing they always wear.
A cult venerating a black dragon. They want to construct a worthy lair.
A peerless and nameless archer, who hires out their crew as a long-range assassins.
A corrupt magistrate of a large city, who helps release caught thieves from the guild in exchange for goods and wealth.
A Dragon of immense power, who uses others as pawns in their great game against another Dragon.
A witch living in the mountains, who seeks a way to maintain eternal youth and beauty.
An Orc Shaman, who entered into a pact with a dark god to bend the weather to their will.
A rebellious Freedom Fighter, who seeks to raise an army to defeat a leader that once humiliated them long ago.
A Giant from a lost and ruined Tribe, seeking to rebuild an army to conquer the lands of the small folk.
A devilish Rakshasa infiltrator that acts in disguise as the royal advisor to corrupt from within.
A jealous student of the arcane arts, who uncovered a book of forbidden spells belonging to Mages long past.
A former high priest to the god of the dead, now turned necromancer at large.
A kobold seer who divined a great victory for their people while using strange chemicals, and now attempts to command them to victory!
A Fallen Angel who seeks those who can enact revenge on their old church.
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Mini-Post: Debt & Darkness, Campaign Wrap-Up and Q&A!
Ever wondered what Tulkaz's grand plan was for the Multiverse, or how he came to such power only to be struck down by our heroes?
Well now is your chance to get those in-depth explanations and so much more in our Campaign Wrap-Up and Q&A, featuring the Players and DM of "Debt & Darkness", so we hope you'll ask your questions and listen in to the discussion live in our Discord Server!
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Mini-Post: Shattered Souls, Campaign Wrap-Up and Q&A!
Ever had a burning question about the stories and adventures of the Shattered Souls Group? Ever wondered what possible fates they could have met if they had not chosen to become the liberators of Shekpia's corrupt political elite, or what could have happened should they themselves have turned to darkness...
Well now is your chance to have those questions answered!
The Shattered Souls Group will be doing Live Q&A Session on our Discord Server! 
For those of you who have any questions about the Shattered Souls story, or for those of you who would just like to ask how the fates of the Party and the Allies could have unfolded, you are all invited to listen in!
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Discord Highlights & Updates: Big Finales & New Beginnings...
It's been so long since we've had an update on here about the wonderful World of Vaire and it's Adventures, and with Arc 2 of the World's Narrative coming to it's climatic close, we figured it was time for some kind of catch-up.
I'll just get right to the point: We've been having so much fun lately, with the last Campaigns of Arc 2 coming to their ends, we've had Boss Fights against Campaign-spanning villains, dramatic discoveries of ancient mysteries and lost lands, and all in a wonderful world and a timeline that seems to be constantly expanding. 
We've just been blown away by what everyone has been doing, so much more that we don't have time to fit all of it into a single update.
I personally feel that this second arc of the world and its narrative has had the most fun and wacky storylines, from plane-hopping puzzles to stop a Lich, to finding the pieces of a Dead God, all the way to hunting down and getting revenge on a very mean Archmage that stole some Magic Items, these stories have been great and I just wanted to thank everyone for making it as great as it was.
Now, after all that, it's time to talk about the upcoming endings of Arc 2 and the beginnings of Arc 3!
Arc 2′s Climax! 
This is it! The Second big Story Arc of the World of Vaire's Narrative is finally come to its grand conclusion.
As we've been anticipating for a while now, with the destruction of the final vestiges and remnants of The Cult of the Red Star and their schemes to drown the World now destroyed, the World's been left to return to its own, peaceful cycle, with new stories to arrive on the World's periphery.
Shattered Souls: A Glowing Finale!
After what could be years of conflict and over a year of games with this group, the strife, political intrigue and corruption they’ve been facing finally seems to be defeated, with the citizens of Shekpia and the World at large finally able find some peace after the death of the evil and amoral Queen Tuala, the defeat of the scheming Archmage Vekey, and the destruction of what seems to be the last of the Soul-swallowing magical stones the Party has been hunting down since their adventures began so long ago....
But the question remains, with their duties done and the world left in peace, what will our heroes do now, and how will this chapter of their lives come to its close?
It seems the only way to find out right now is to listen in to the  penultimate and final chapter of Shattered Souls in its Campaign Finale on our Discord Server! 
Debt & Darkness: Crescendo!
With the nightmare of the Tulkaz the Whisperer’s reign of terror now over and the future seemingly secured after the Lich’s defeat, our heroes return to the Underground Dark Elf City of Maydeen, where they take advantage of the situation to return to their normal lives, and finally rekindle their relationships with others, as this chapter of their life's stories plays out to a final crescendo!
But can our heroes truly grow so comfortable, knowing that the Soul of Tulkaz has been sent to the depths of the Infinite Abyss, and that the Lich’s evil has only been temporarily contained? 
Will this period of peace be merely the lull before the storm of Tulkaz's return? Or is their a worst nightmare just beginning?
It seems the end will only be known by those that join in on Debt and Darkness's Campaign Finale in our Discord Server, as these final chapters of our ongoing adventures reach their climactic conclusion.
Arc 3 Begins!
Arc 3 is so soon to be in just a few short weeks of this Post going live!
As mentioned before, Arc 3 hopes to be one of the biggest, toughest and most interesting Arc of Games that the World of Vaire and its storytellers have ever seen: From a whole Crew of Sailors charging into the Astral Sea, to Divine Champions hoping to gain the favour of the very Gods they worship, these Games will take us across the Planes of the Shadowfell, Feywild, The Astral Sea and more as our heroes race against time to stop a New Cult and their malformed creations of un-life from completing their chaotic mission to release the powers of a Mad God upon the Multiverse!
And if you're interested in joining us, either by listening in on the live sessions, chatting with the Players and DMs or even becoming a Player in the Games as they happen, check out Discord Server for more information on how to get involved and save the World of Vaire from the clutches of a Mad God's Cult!
You can join our Discord Server right HERE and check out the schedule of what is going on and how to join in on the fun!
Heaven & Hel: Season 2 Begins!
With their acquisition of the Petrified Head of the Old God known as Baldur the Beautiful, our heroes head in Arc 3 with the hopes of reuniting the scattered Pieces of Baldur's Body and Soul, so that the fallen god may return to the Halls of Valhalla and stop the quickly approaching darkness of the coming Ragnarök...
Season 2 of Heaven and Hel promises to be the toughest yet, as our duo of heroes, Maltuul the Elven Wizard and Saeunn the Tiefling Ranger, face the strongest forces of the Multiverse: From sailing the Astral Sea of Stars on a Githyanki Void Cruiser, to hunting down the Soul of a Fire Giant and even entering the Palace of the great Hela, Goddess of Death, with the hopes of stealing away Baldur's trapped Soul from her grand banquet halls.
The time of cold and darkness is approaching, and there may not be easy victories for our heroes in the coming months of their adventures, but it seems they are the only hope for a Multiverse that doesn't devolve into a chaotic, violent battlefield...
And if you're interested in listening along to their adventures and hearing their latest news, be sure to join us on the Heaven and Hel channel of our Discord Server, and join in on our live sessions every week to hear of their latest adventures as they happen!
Skin & Fog: A New Story Begins!
With a Demonic Cult quickly rising in power to the West, Archmage Eitha Carandol-Norgalad, the Archmage of Benlochia, rushes to her country's aid, hiring some of the greatest sailors and most knowledgeable scribes to sail the waves of the Astral Sea of Stars and bring back a collection of sacred tomes from the very depths of the otherworldly ocean.
Not much can be said right now about this Campaign (to avoid spoilers), but it definitely looks to set off the new Arc of Games in a big way, with a lot of focus on the Astral Sea of Stars, the Crew of 'The Vendetta', a magical star-sailing ship, and the powerful artifacts, experiments and space junk left behind in the Astral Sea from before the Wars of the Gods...
And if you want to jump right on this new Arc of Stories of Games, with no need to know of the previous Arcs, then hop on in to our Discord Server and join as this new Campaign starts!
Well that was a big ol' update on my part, but with so much happening and the World of Vaire transitioning from the climatic finales of it's current games into the exciting beginnings of new games, I hope you're just as excited as I am for the next chapter of this wonderful story, whether you're a big time player or just along for the ride...
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Discord D&D Highlights: The Endgame Approaches...
As Arc 2 and the Story of the Red Star and its Cult is slowly coming to close, why not take a look back at the last few weeks of Games and Story?
Shattered Souls: A Breakdown In Negotiations...
Following some Downtime while the Party waited for Archmage, they finally heard word from him, as he agrees to their invitation for a “Diplomatic Meeting” upon the Politically Neutral Grounds of Outlander Rock.
Initially negotiations were tense, with the Archmage making a demand that the Party’s Monk be brought forth in nothing but her skivvies and bound in chains, so that it is ensured she could not cause trouble before her trial in front of the Queen of Shekpia.
Eventually however, Blanche (the Party’s Warlock/Sorcerer) was able to persuade the Archmage into holding Ibernia’s Trial upon the Neutral Grounds of Fort Blaise-Hold, but only after they could ensure Ibernia was in a secure location, and only after the Queen’s Private Council unanimously agrees on such a thing, with the Archmage even extending an offer to Blanche to join him in the Private Council’s meetings.
However, negotiations soon turned to the topic of Ibernia’s current status, as the Archmage grew increasingly suspicious as to her true location during this totally Diplomatic Meeting, until he wished to view the Fort Donjon’s Security, where after entering the Fort, he noted that is was very clearly not to his standard, and he instead wished to bring Ibernia with him, as discussed before.
But those negotiations broke down rather quickly once an invisible Ibernia revealed herself in front of the Archmage, and after a few insults and threats from the Archmage, he disappeared in a spark of conjuration magic, before the sounds of Warning Bells quickly followed suit.
The Party and the Guards with them then quickly rushed to the front gates of the Fort only to witness a Gargantuan Red Dragon, truly ancient in size and stature, as it flew over their head, and with a beat of it wings sent guards flying from the Fort’s walls, and though they tried their mightiest to stop it, a wave of enchanting magic compelled and forced them to simply watch as the Red Dragon set the Fort alight.
With Blanche and Ibernia both knowing the potential for hundreds of innocence lives lost, the Party watched the Fort burn and crumble, as Archmage Vekey revealed himself behind them, his charming magics compelling them to remain open-eyed and staring at the Fort as he teleported both the Party and himself elsewhere, leaving the fate of Outlander Rock and its Fort unknown...
Where is Archmage Vekey taking them, will they be able to even escape his Grand Scheme, and will Ibernia survive her Trial in front of the Queen of Shekpia?
It seems all these questions and more will be revealed live during Shattered Souls as it happens,  Live in our D&D Discord Server!  
Debt & Darkness: To Acheron!
After peering beyond one of the many illusory walls within Tulkaz the Lich’s Mirror Donjon, the Party found not only some hideous experiments, but the Severed Head of an Old God, with which Tulkaz was experimenting in order to achieve some form of divinity, all in order to avoid Death.
After choosing not to leave the Severed Head behind, they strapped the head to the Party’s Cleric using the leather straps from an old baby carrier... I’m not joking.
And so, as they came to the Final Room of the Mirror Donjon, they managed to defeat the last of Tulkaz’s Phylactery Guardians, rid the room of traps and magics, and finally, after solving one last riddle, the Party was able to obtain and eventually destroy the Phylactery of Tulkaz the Whisperer, but not without alerting him in the process.
Now the Party is in a race against time, with what could be only days before Tulkaz crafts a new and far more unbreakable Phylactery, but with the aid of the Queen’s Council and Archmage Nogastreth, the Party was able to finally locate the Physical Body of Tulkaz, and after finding out his home within the 3rd Layer of Acheron, the Party prepares themselves as they fight across an Infinite Battlefield, trying desperately to stop Tulkaz before he regains his immortality...
Will the Party survive the Infinite Battlefields of Acheron, will they be able to infiltrate Tulkaz’s Lair and bring him down before he crafts his new Phylactery, and will they finally face the Lich himself in the spooky month of October?
Looks like the only way to find out is to listen to Debt & Darkness as it happens, Live in our D&D Discord Server!
Like The Highlights? Join The Server!
Do you like what you see? Want some more context on the Party’s shenanigans or an end to those massive cliff-hangers?
Well come on down and enjoy the Games as they happen by joining the Official CreativeRogues Discord Server, and perhaps even join or create your own Games!
You can join the Server as a New Member right now by using our Link: Right Here!
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The First Campaign of Arc 3 Is Looking For Players!
Skin & Fog 
Campaign Length: ~8 to 12 Sessions.
Campaign Themes: Space, Travel, Space Opera-Like.
Pillars of Play: High Exploration, Medium Roleplaying, Medium Combat. 
Campaign Pitch!
Lady Eitha Carandol-Norgalad, The Archmage to the Kingdom of Benlochia, wishes to hire some highly talented explorers to go into one of the deepest parts of The Astral Plane, navigating and sailing the Sea of Stars quickly in order to find the fabled Lost Library of Gyann the Scholar, where they can read through (or even walk away with) the Books containing the magical True Names of several Wizards and Priests working for the evil Cult of Tharizdun known as “The Unchained”...
Additional Information
This Adventure is for Levels 5-10, and will mostly be taking place upon a Sailing Ship known as "The Vendetta", captained by Miss Arson Azar, a quite fiery freedom-fighting Fire Genasi Pirate with a love of trickery, charms, and a mutual dislike for authority...
And this Adventure will also be quite nautical themed, as the Party works together with the Crew of The Vendetta to navigate and avoid many of the Astral Plane's dangers, and so it is recommended (but not absolute) that Players create a Character with some kind of sailing experience, or some kind of knowledge of The Astral Plane.
If you are interested in joining this Adventure (or future adventures) as a Player, we recommend you Join our D&D Discord Server, or speak to CreativeRogues on Discord for further info!
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Mini-Post: What Dangers Does Arc 3 Contain...?
With Arc 2 of the World’s narrative coming to its grand finale and the next Story Arc of the World to soon begin, I thought that it’s about time to catch the newer Readers up on the events in the Story so far, and where the Story could be going in the future...
So without further interruption, let’s start, as most stories do, at the beginning...
Arc 1: The Raging Tides
In this first chapter of the World’s Story, the Heroes of Vaire discovered the existence of a secretive Cult to an Old and Powerful Demon Lord. 
The Cult was so devoted in their efforts that they were willing to drown the World of Vaire in saltwater and blood, in order to keep all lands under the control of their Dark and Demonic Master, Dagon...
Arc 2: The Red Star
During the second Arc, the World of Vaire is still recovering from the massive damages done to the lands and people at the hands of Dagon's Cult, but a sickly Red Star, forged by Dagon's Cult during a ritual-gone-wrong, still hangs in the sky.
And with it, the fragmented remnants of Dagon's Cult form again under a new name: The Cult of the Red Star.
Arc 3: The Clarion’s Call
In the upcoming 3rd Chapter of the World's Story (scheduled to start soon), the World of Vaire seems to be finally rid of The Cult of the Red Star, and with it they destroy the last parts of Dagon's influence.
However, a greater threat from the demon-filled Infinite Abyss rises, and a New Cult known only as “The Unchained” arrives to attack Vaire once again, with the hopes of breaking their Chained Mad God free from the walls of his Prison at the very bottom of the Infinite Abyss, and using his "Gifts" to set him upon the World of Vaire and send the Multiverse itself into a spiral of chaos and oblivion!
I hope this short and sweet summary of the World of Vaire and its Story is helpful to both new Readers or veteran Game-Masters.
This world is a fascinating place full of both mystery and secrets waiting to be uncovered!
We have a long history behind us and a vast amount of history that’s about to start; The coming adventures of the World of Vaire are about to begin, and we can’t wait for you to hear all about it and get involved!
And if this little post has peaked your interest in the World of Vaire and its many tales, you can always join the rest of us by joining our Discord Server (Link Here!), where we'd be delighted to help you get involved in our stories! 
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Discord D&D Highlights: Crazy Days, Huh?
With many of the World of Vaire’s Campaigns reading their own endgames, let’s have a look back at the events of the last few sessions, shall we? 
Shattered Souls: There & Back Again, I guess?
After returning from the Feywild into the Material Plane, the Party is immediately caught trying to sail through a Sea to a Foreign Land, and after being placed in a Holding Cell (with Ibernia the Monk specifically being chained up) a figure gained entry into their cells in the middle of the night, before banishing and teleporting the Party elsewhere, scattering them across the Planes before they finally reconvened once again in... you guessed it... The Feywild!
Now after finally making it back to the Material Plane, the Party finds themselves on the small Isle of Outlander Rock, where they found out the mysterious figure is none other than an Archmage to the Kingdom of Shekpia!
But with Outlander Rock being Neutral Ground, they now plan to bring the Archmage to them, and perhaps get an answer for why he wanted to abduct some of the Party for his nefarious schemes...
Heaven & Hel: The Training Arc...
After barely managing to convince the many Archfey of The Summer Court to aid them in their time of need, the Party was sent to the Starlight City of Astrazalian, under the rule of Queen Titania’s Niece, and told to train there for the time being as the Court deal with other matters.
With that, Maltuul the Elven Wizard brought the rest of the Party to the Private Estate of Lord Haleth, Maltuul’s Uncle, who after a somewhat awkward reunion, agreed to train them in his Private Grounds...
However, with Maltuul’s relative asking question after question, it seems it won’t be long until they have to reveal their intentions, or face a very awkward family dinner...
Will they spill the beans about their God-hunting adventures, will they even survive the upcoming family dinner, looks like the only way to find out is to listen to Heaven & Hel as it happens, Live in our D&D Discord Server!
Debt & Darkness: The Phantom Zone...
After surviving Tulkaz the Lich’s Demiplanar Island and the monsters within his Arcane Volcano, the final chest of Tulkaz’s Third Ward was opened, and within the Party found  a full length, brass-framed mirror, which after staring at for just a little too long, they were transported into Tulkaz's Donjon of Mirrors and Mist, awakening inside their own private extradimensional Cells...
But they weren’t stuck for too long, as Innocence was able to dispel the illusions of the mist and mirrors thanks to a well-spoken prayer to Forseti, and after escaping the confines of their cells, the Party found themselves inside a Mirror Zone Donjon where every surface had a mirror-like sheen.
Following some investigation, they found some new Allies in some of Tulkaz's many Prisoners, including a millennia old Storm Giant known as Eenar, and another Experiment of Tulkaz: A Clockwork Dark Elf Woman by the name of Zilvrathel'Llar, who had several self-sustaining, self-generating organs placed in her to “Test the limits of Reincarnation”...
With these new allies, the Party navigated the many properties of the Donjon, eventually entering a new floor of the Mirror Donjon where Eenar halted the Party, and after dispelling some of Tulkaz's magics, the Party found an illusory wall leading to another one of Tulkaz's work rooms, with what Eenar says is "An Old and deep Wrongness" held within.
So how many more arcane atrocities can the Party uncover in this Final Ward against the Party’s hunt for Tulkaz’s Phylactery, and what is this “Old and deep Wrongness" in the next room?
Looks like the only way to find out is to listen to Debt & Darkness as it happens, Live in our D&D Discord Server!
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Well come on down and enjoy the Games as they happen by joining the Official CreativeRogues Discord Server, and perhaps even join or create your own Games!
You can join the Server as a New Member right now by using our Link: Right Here!
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1d20 Powerful Dark Lords To Be...
A phantom rider who sweeps through the village, stealing victims who disbelieve their legend.
A priestly cleric obsessed with creating an impenetrable shelter that will preserve them through the coming apocalypse.
A former paladin driven insane and delusional by their fall from grace.
A lich king whose dark ascent to godhood was cut short by their own untimely death.
A poisoner who seeks to manipulate history through targeted killings.
A crime boss that steals souls of those who cross them.
A malignant spirit that commits its atrocities through possessed pawns.
A wraith that torments both living and dead out of rage at their pointless death.
A treant who demands living limbs to replace the branches of trees cut down by an ever-expanding town.
A desperate general who unleashes otherworldly armies that they can’t control.
Someone who loves a monstrous creature and does anything to keep it fed and safe.
A serial killer whose murders follow a highly complicated mathematical sequence.
The animated mind of a dead necromancer that seeks to regrow their body.
A devil that appears when youngsters speak a rhyme into a darkened mirror.
An artist who manufactures terrible accidents to provide inspiration and reference for their art.
An astronomer, broken and enraptured by what they saw in the stars.
A great sage who seeks to solve an endless war by preventing anyone from dying.
An aging king obsessed with creating a new body so they can continue their reign indefinitely.
A night hag that dwells in the dreams of those who drink a special soporific tea.
The spirit of a long-dead murderer who stalks the same types of victims in death as in life.
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1d6 Mishaps & Encounters During Sea Travel...
Spring a Leak!: Your boat springs a leak and takes on water. The leak must be repaired, but your journey can continue while you do so. If the leak is not repaired, the boat sinks after 1d6 hours.
Sudden Sea Storm!: A sudden squall makes your boat tilt suddenly. One important item falls into the water. The DM decides what it is.
Run Around!: Your boat runs aground and must be abandoned or repaired. The boat must be on the shore to be properly repaired, or risk sinking into the sea the moment it sets sail again!
Man Overboard!: A Crew Member of the DM’s choice falls overboard after a large wave hits the boat. If no one notices, they may leave them behind!
Whirlpool: Your boat is caught in a whirlpool. The Crew must survive the great waves and pull of the whirlpool using their own wits, skills and teamwork. Failure means the boat runs aground and has to be repaired before your journey can continue.
Navigational Error: You sail off course and make no progress during this part of travelling.
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Villains For Your Next D&D Campaign!
A local Actor and Musician. They're sabotaging a Rival!
An Alchemist who's trying to map the Infinite Planes by sending captured thralls through a Portal.
A Cleric of Gruumsh. They're trying to create a stronger species of Orcs by interbreeding with powerful monsters and demons.
An Alchemist who's trying to gain the powers of a terrible monster!
An Arcane Scientist who's trying to unleash a powerful monster, in order to better study its destructive power.
A Thieves' Guild. They're planning to steal a magic artefact.
A Wizarding Scientist who's trying to create a living vessel for the sentience of a Magic Item.
A Cult venerating Juiblex, the Demon Lord of Oozes. They want to cultivate slimes, oozes, and jellies big enough to swallow entire towns!
An Alchemist who's trying to find a way to control monsters for use as soldiers.
A Wizard who's trying to find a way to permanently wipe memories from the minds of their peers.
A Guild Leader. They're devastating the natural resources in the area for the sake of their profits.
A Cult worshipping a local slumbering Kraken. They want to open a portal to the Plane of Water, starting an endless flood and awakening their great demigod!
A collection of Kobolds and Dragonborn who work for a White Dragon. They want to gather treasure for the Dragon.
A Scientist who's trying to grant sapience to their Constructs.
A Wizard who's trying to unlock psychic powers by experimenting on animals.
A Local Hero. They're developing a dangerously fanatical cult based around themselves.
A Cleric of Asmodeus. They're using their clergy to monitor the progress of an Archfiend's brewing rebellion.
A Cleric of Bane. They're using their clergy to enact a bloody coup against a local ruler.
A Cult venerating Orcus. They want to create new types of Undead using the local Graveyards, before turning to robbing the Mausoleums of Noblemen and Royalty.
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creativerogues · 4 months ago
1d20 Reasons For The Big Bad Evil Guy To Have Some Minions...
They are in love with the BBEG.
They're the BBEG's mouthpiece, the BBEG speaks through them.
They plan to overthrow the BBEG.
They're one of the BBEG's arcane experiments, stuffed full of magical things! 
They serve because the BBEG blackmailed them.
They're the Leader of the BBEG’s troops.
They’re the Leader of a Cult that is allied with the BBEG.
They serve because the BBEG has their loved one as a hostage.
They are a fugitive and the BBEG is sheltering them.
They're the guardian of the BBEG’s stronghold.
They're the BBEG's spymaster, following the Heroes and learning all their secrets.
They are an old friend or relative of the BBEG and believe the BBEG can still be redeemed.
They are actually a double-agent, working to gain info on the BBEG’s weaknesses.
They are fanatically on board with the cause thanks to the BBEG’s magics warping their thinking.
They believe that serving the BBEG is going to make them famous.
They're the Leader of a small strike team of warriors and assassins working for the BBEG.
They serve because the BBEG has their beloved pet as a hostage.
They believe the BBEG is going to make them fabulously wealthy.
They see the BBEG as a role model and hope to be like them one day.
The BBEG is helping them get revenge on a certain person or guild.
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1d12 Enemies & Rivals...
You stole something valuable from the wrong person, at the wrong time. You were hunted and had to run for your life.
A rival saw you as a thorn in his side. For a period, your fates were intertwined in the most troublesome ways: love, money, and work. In the end, it was too much. You were challenged to a duel, and you were injured. Maybe your rival is still out there somewhere.
A strange group of odd peoples seek my doom for what I am and what I represent.
A Mage of immense power believes that if my head is on a spiky pole, it will increase their position in the Realms.
I was discredited for an act of heroism I performed. Someone else stole claim for my deeds. I’d rather no one know of this, it is still a stinging wound.
A servant of some otherworldly being seeks to bring me low, to force me to undergo changes that fit their unknowable and grand design.
A blood-seeking vampire has, on more than one occasion, sought me out.
A warlord from times long past still desires I die in combat to them.
A cruel necromancer is known to make living corpses of their enemies, and how I’ve remained alive despite this enmity is a vile riddle I try not to think on.
I awoke one night to an assassin sitting upon my chest with a jagged dagger at the ready. I beat them back easily, but every time I go to sleep, I dread their re-arrival.
A clan of savage men, women and even children all seek my head for their own glory.
A famed and untraceable killer is very notable for screaming my name while they butcher other innocent beings.
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