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(jester): you’re gonna hate yourself in the morning if you stay up late.
(caleb): joke’s on you, i’m gonna hate myself in the morning no matter what.
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(vex): *to percy* hey babe, if this were the 1500s and i was accused of practising witchcraft....would you run away with me?
(scanlan): i think there’s some confusion vex, you’re not a witch, you’re a bitch. there’s a difference. 
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molly: yeah, so he broke up with me.
yasha: why are you looking up
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luc: i'm in my mom's car. broom broom
veth: get out of my car
luc: aww
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“I don’t need to buy anything on black Friday, i just want to get in a fist fight at bed bath and beyond to feel alive.”
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“We’re looking for our friend. Tall. Brunette. Bit of a bitch.”
-jester, about beauregard
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caleb: [talking in zemnian]
nott: mMM, CHICKEN
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jester, rolling around on a hoverboard with a metal spoon: would anyone like some stew. would anyone like some stew. would anyone like some stew.
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(caleb): ok, let’s go over this again. what do we do when something goes wrong?
(luke): we try to fix it before mum and dad gets home.
(caleb): and if that doesn’t work?
(luke): we blame jester.
(caleb): good. 
(jester): hey!
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(vax): here’s the plan, we go in, we start stabbing people and see where that takes us.
(percy & pike): no.
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(vex): i think we’re just kind of so alike that it’s weird....
(taryon): she’s a psycho.
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“Stealing is a crime and drugs is a crime too BUT if you steal drugs the two crimes cancel each other out and you’re basically doing a good. Trust me i am a detective.”
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(jester): name one time i haven’t been professional. 
(fjord): you’re holding a juice box.
(jester): ........
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molly: early to rise and early to bed makes a man healthy but socially dead.
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(jester): the child of a mermaid and a centaur has a one in four chance of being a normal human. 
(nott): and a one in four chance of being a seahorse.
(caleb): i’m glad we remembered out punnet squares. 
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(caleb): i am going to torture you.
(essek): sounds kinky.
(caleb): you are a good person and you deserve love and affection.
(essek): wait-
(caleb): just because you have done bad things in your past doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of change. 
(essek): stop it.
(caleb): you are loved and you are worthy.
(essek): i need a safe word!!
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(vex): what are some responses to getting stabbed?
(scanlan): rude.
(grog): i would like to rage.
(keyleth): that’s fair
(percy): not again.
(vax): are you gonna want this back, or can i keep it.
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