Horror is Happiness

Trouble used to come in threes, but now it comes with a camera. Has anyone ever told you that you could be a model? indie oc/fandomless/written by abbie

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crowsmiles·5 years agoAnswer
[text: gryffindor] Griffy? I went by Phil's grave a few hours ago and I don't think I can make myself leave. If I'm not home by tonight I'm in the cemetery. - Dan, 6:16 PM


[ text: nerd boyfriend ] I’ll come by later and see how you’re feeling. do you need anything?

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crowsmiles·5 years agoText


Dan rose an eyebrow and shook his head. “My god? What the hell is wrong with you Griff?! I’m not doing that, the fuck?” Daniel was quite frankly way to busy to even get up, he was to busy browsing twitter and tumblr to even attempt to get up.

“Your laziness offends me, get in here.” Griff chuckled softly, “Shirtless. Now. Immediately.” He stepped down from off the coffee table and looked toward the door again, “It’s for a project, just come in here.”

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crowsmiles·5 years agoPhoto


“I absolutely adore all my writing partners, but my favorite AU writers are crowsmiles and sean-mc-fucking-loughlin. Not only are they both amazing people, but they handle everything my muse throws at them in stride, not to mention my OOC notes of “oh, this works better in another verse, I’m gonna change it”. Thank you both for thinking me good enough to play with.”

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crowsmiles·5 years agoText

thedcpths replied to your post: Mun play. This sounds so cute wtf.

“What? Really? Oh man - that’s so cool.” B) !

“Mine’s a bit more shaved on the sides, but the top is just as much of a mess as yours, bud.”

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crowsmiles·5 years agoAnswer
Mun play. This sounds so cute wtf.


“We’ve almost got the same haircut.”

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crowsmiles·5 years agoText


“Hey, asshole, get out of the way. I’m workin’ here.” Griff was knelt down, trying to get shots of people walking down the street, nothing specific. He looked up at the man, a look of disgust spelling across his features as he shooed the other.

A look of confusion quickly replaced the one of disgust as he looked at the man again, “Shit.” He smirked slightly, stood up, letting the camera hang against his chest. He bit his lip, oh fuck which one was this.

He wasn’t drunk. Was he? No, no, he’d skipped breakfast this morning. He hadn’t done drugs in years, so… Yes. It was Dan. The more lively of the two he’d lost. “Now,” Griff started, ice blue eyes misting over as he looked at the other, “What did I tell you about standing in front of things I’m trying to get photos of?”

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