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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Person holding Skeleton (S): I have a joke for you :)

Person in Boo Hat (H): What?

S: What is a skeletons favorite snack? :3

H: I dunno [go on guess] 圬eath? [Noo.go on刖UESS!] Hckhhgh I dunno.

(H starts to giggle)

S: Come on刖UESS! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!? I havent told the punchline yet! What is a skeletons. Favorite. SNACK!? GUESS!

H: [still giggling] Youre putting a lot of pressure-


H: [laughing] Bones?

S: NO!!! [slams against another crate] NO!!! WHAT IS IT!? WHY MUST YOU FAIL ME SO OFTEN?!

H: [holding face and laughing quietly]

S: 色色色 [yelling at the top of their lungs] RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!! SPARE RIBS!!! FUCK!!!

Always reblog the classic

bringing this back

There are very few things I will never not reblog, and this is one of them. I cant watch this without laughing.

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Heres the opposite story, though. With apologies because I dont have the book in front of me, so I may get some details wrong, but I read this Irenas Children by Tilar J. Mazzeo.

Irena lived in Warsaw during the Nazi occupation, and dedicated her life to rescuing Jewish children from the Ghetto, and her story is complicated in a lot of ways but - well, this story isnt actually about Irena, per se.

Its about a bus driver.

Its about a day when shes traveling across town by bus with a very young Jewish child, and partway to their destination the child looks up and asks a question - in Yiddish. and the whole bus goes quiet, because everyone knows what that means. And Irena thinks, okay, were going to die here today.

And shes running through her options - all of them bad - and suddenly the bus stops, and the bus driver announces that theres been a mechanical failure and the bus needs to return to the depot immediately. Everyone off, please.

And she stands and goes to get off the bus and the driver says - not you two. Sit down. So she sits down as everyone else leaves, because, well, what else is she going to do? the options are all still bad, at this point.

and when the bus is empty the bus driver says,

Where do you need to go?

And then he drives them as close to their destination as he can, and lets them off, and drives away. And Irena lives, and the kid lives, and they never cross paths again.

So a janitor got three people killed, and a bus driver saved two lives - not to mention all the other lives indirectly saved because Irena was able to continue her work.

I think about that almost every day now, to be honest.

We cant all be Irena. I couldnt be Irena. She was in a unique place with very specific skills and connections that let her do what she did. I am just one mentally ill librarian. I cant be her. But - I can be the bus driver. Or I could be the janitor. Because it doesnt matter what your job is. It doesnt matter who you are. In a world like this, every single one of us has the opportunity to do massive harm or massive good. We can save lives or end them.

And thats scary. but its also very comforting? at least for me. Because at the end of the day it means this: no matter of how small and helpless and unimportant you feel, youre never powerless in the face of great evil.

You can choose to be the bus driver.

I dont usually repost things like this, but sentientcitizens message is a powerful one.

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Native Woman JosieVF Arrested for Burning Sage in Denver CO at Trump Rally.

Ironically the cop arresting her had chewing tobacco in his mouth. Native to Americas, but she cant burn sage, so much for religious freedom.

Im confused as to how people can legally walk around with guns, but not sage.

Freedom is conditional

If ANY comments are trying to reason or defend her arrest尖oure on the wrong side

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Hi everyone, not an art update but a friend update. My friend Alfred Coleman, who you may know better as PaperboxHouse, (who you may know better as theEggman Announcement guy) is in serious trouble.

In the past month Ive taken him to the ER three times. Hes been suffering from serious stomach pain and anxiety, and he hasnt been able to keep down a full meal in almost a month. Hes suffering from malnutrition, and he hasnt been able to take care of himself. Yesterday morning I picked him up from endoscopy surgery, and the hospital discharged him when he was obviously still unwell. He was too weak to walk, and couldnt even get back in his apartment. I took him to a different hospital to hopefully receive better treatment.

While in the emergency room, I was able to set up a ko-fi page for him to help pay for any medical expenses. This new hospital has already been treating him much better so far, and he finally is being monitored overnight instead of being dismissed like he has been in the past. My only worry is that he would be unable to afford his new treatment, and thats where you guys come in.

Through some miracle, weve already been able to raise over $47,000. That is insane. But it only proves how much he is well-loved, and what he means to the artists community. Alfred is one of my dearest, oldest friends, and if you could help with this cause, whether its through donation, or just sharing this post, it would mean the world to me. Ive been keeping updates on the situation on the ko-fi page, with more minute to minute updates on my twitter. Thank you all for your support.


Link to the ko-fi page

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Need Financial Assistance!

Hi, Im Danneil John Flores (22 years Old) and Im asking donations because my sister Sharmaine Ann Flores 26 yrs old is suffering from Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension for near 4yrs already, this is a life time disease. We have been asking funds on tumblr or online for almost a year now because me and my parents does not have a stable Job and her medical expense is too much for us since right now both of my parents doesnt have any jobs and they are quite old now to do hard labors. lm the only one who can do the labors of getting her oxygen refilled daily, its a hard situation\ taking care of her while doing part time to get some money so that we can support our own too, and also in some case of emergency im the only one needed the most.

Your Donations go through the following:

  • Medicines
  • Daily Oxygen Refill (1 oxygen tank per day due to the high cc she needs)
  • Our foods/expense/hospital bills
  • Im currently investing some money in doing some local business so that it can help us too.

I use multiple blogs to keep this post spread they are all made to support this campaign, i take time to message blogs ive seen on my dashboard hopefully you dont mind.

Please Share our Twitter Post Here.


FOR DONATIONS (Sometimes our paypal gets limited so if it doesnt work please donate on our gofundme or gcash)

Full name: Danneil John Tiano Flores
Birth: December 3, 1996
Address: La Carlota City, Philippines
Contact Number: +639506420580

Campaign Link

Paypal: (just send on which one will work) or use this link
or or use this link


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Im watching AOC and Ilhan Omar play Among Us on twitch and this clip has me CACKLING. Ilhan was absolutely dominating the game.

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A rich person wrote this article

fuck im so good at this

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@1010meha @sunflowerscytheand @pepperlilly wanted me to explain a bit further, but lemme start by saying that Ive been having these convos with my friends for a while now on our blogs, so explaining is something Ive gotten kinda used to at this point, but I am in no ways an expert, I can only speak to my own experiences, I also kinda have a bit of burnout from answering so many asks about this so hopefully this will be the last I have to think about it too hard jaja

also heres some other links that might help get the brain juices flowing:

asian rep in TAZ | blue taako | lucas miller | lucas miller pt 2 | taz racism tag

(the taz racism tag is new so it doesnt have all my older posts yet but hopefully Ill be adding onto this in the future)

Okay so usually I save this part to the end but lets start with this point first since it helps set up the rest of this discussion. Carey is white. This might not be that big of a deal but as an artist I can assure you our lives and experiences very much affect the way we see and illustrate the world. So a white artist will always have to work harder and do more research when it comes to having good rep. Thats not a bad thing ofc! Research away! But this also means there will be underlying issues when it comes to her work, because again she is white, so even if its a mistake, it WILL happen. Now there is a very easy solution to this, hire nonwhite artists!!! Or at least have nonwhite creatives on your team! The GN team has always been pretty much white, and I have never seen a nonwhite person on the book team at panels or interviews so I think its safe to assume, that the lead team at least is 100% white. Now, what if we still wanted Careys artstyle? Easy! She can be the lead artist while there are other artists on the team OR she can be the only artist BUT we have a nonwhite character designer who helps and assists when it comes to character design decisions. OR they can also have a sensitivity group who reads the comics before hand, etc, etc.

If the McElroys REALLY want to push their message of wanting to create a diverse narrative, then their creative team NEEDs to also represent that.

Im gonna try and keep these points short and simple since the links above go into a bit more depth, but I tend to ramble so I apologize if things get a little longer fjfjf

1) Our heros are essentially 2 white male leads and a racially ambiguous man, this makes things complicating when Carey makes any of the antagonists nonwhite… (and before u ask YES taako is white in his GN design, his blue skin does not change this)

2) Her designs often feel ambiguous when it comes to race, except for Lucretia and angus who I feel have pretty cool designs and are really cool and interesting characters whom I love, but with other characters it can become unclear especially when Ive noticed she tends to kinda stick with the same 3 nose types, and has some difficulties portraying various hair textures, at this point it would be nice to have some outside confirmation about what races some of the characters are, cause i think its cool to know and also shows that there was careful thought put into the design, like is Sloane Desi, Peruvian, Mex-Indigenous etc.? I would love to know!!!

3) We should not shy away from these convos, it may make some uncomfortable, but theres no reason these discussions should be, I mean its already uncomfortable having to deal with casual microaggressions, addressing them will only make fandom spaces more chill and fun for everybody!

4) Having gray or morally ambiguous characters of color is not a bad thing at all, and is often a sign of GOOD writing, i love a good flawed character! BUT, again when your protags are 2/3 white, and a majority of your antags are nonwhite well…. now we may have an issue. There are a few characters who especially make me feel very weird about them NOT being white, Lucas, who aside from performing highly unethical experiments on living creatures, used bugbears as servants (slaves? brainwashing? its a lot to get into) after having done these experiments on them, he also falls into theannoying nerd trope and if he is meant to be Desi, well thats even MORE inappropriate. Not to mention the gross amount of white fans thirsting over him after his design was revealed despite never caring about him until now. (evil sexy brown man trope anyone?) Why is the rich gross capitalist, Artemis, also brown? I dont get that one either, and also Johann, although I DO personally love his design, worry that he will end up getting no character depth (despite being such a cool dude in the podcast) in the comics and will just be killed off… it feels… so bad

5) A lot of these concerns seem very obvious to me and my friends, but then again, we are nonwhite so it only took us a second to realize oh shit wait, this sucks actually. I mean the SECOND Lucass design was revealed I started making posts about it. Again, this is WHY the TAZ GN team NEEDs nonwhite creatives on the team if they plan on creating such a wonderfully diverse world. Even if its a fantasy world,free of racism the real world and the people making this book are not.

6) At the end of the day the McElroys are pretty good when it comes to addressing issues of inclusivity and good rep, but theyve always had an easier time when it comes to lgbt+ issues compared to racism. Im not sure how to properly go about bringing this up to their team or anything like that, (i refuse to use twitter it is very scary) and Ive only been in publishing for 2 years and have been in the fandom for even less time, so I wouldnt even know where to begin. But I do think that its nice to at least have these convos in fandom so people can become aware of these issues and think a bit more critically about the media they consume.

I love TAZ very much, and thats exactly why I am critical of it. <3


Its just so upsetting to talk about an issue in a predominantly white fandom and have it be drowned out or often times purposely ignored, and then only become a popular hot take once white people start talking about it… like I was trying so hard to get people to talk about the racist decisions Carey makes with her character design choices but I always fear coming off as confrontational or mean but like!! Even when Im nice about it white people in the fandom get scared and unfollow me or ignore what me and others have to say… anyways again Im just glad people are discussing this finally but I wish we were having this convo sooner when we first brought it up…

thanks for readin

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