As Fearless in Death as He Was in Life

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Tumblr paired up with Humans of New York to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief.

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Tagged by @wardenari Thank you so much!! 

I worked on this last night and it had me chuckling 😁 (from Chapter 26:)

“Ah,” said Falk, smiling, “Now this one is interesting. Dancers are apparently divided between those who intend to ask for a partner, and those who intend to accept. This also determines who will lead—unless I’m mistaken on that part. In any case, those who wish to accept wear these cards on their wrists—” He held his hand out to the servant, who dutifully produced one of the little cards, handing it to him. “—whereupon they write the name of each partner they accept, corresponding to each dance. Like, so…”

He asked for a little pencil next, then carefully wrote down on the card his name: Falk. He then showed it to me with a cheeky little smile before handing it to me.

“…Is this mine?” I asked, starting a little, for I’d only just caught on to what he was doing.

“Did you have someone else in mind?” he asked, and I gave him a chastising look, making him laugh.

“…But now other people will know to ask me,” I said, frowning at the card in my hand. “What if… I don’t wish to dance?”

“Then you tell them, ‘no, thank you,’ and they ask someone else. You danced with many others last time, I think, including your friends,” he pointed out. “However, if it makes you feel better…”

He took the card from my hand again and began to write on it once more. He was already on the fourth line down when I realized…

“…You’re just writing your name on every line!” I cried.

I seized the card back from him, trying not to smile as he laughed.

Falk is very silly and Laurie likes him a lot 😊

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People in the comments being all bitter. As if the arts aren’t out here giving you a reprieve from all the shit y'all go through. As if the arts aren’t out here making sure you live a little bit instead of just surviving.

I’m reblogging this cuz, same. As an artist i confirm even without turbulents, this ux my purpose of existence

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god astarion is so funny as a character concept. he’s 1000x more pale than any other high elf, his teeth are like 3 inches long and he makes no effort to hide them, and he takes actual visible damage if he touches running water. you find a boar completely drained of blood and he’s just like “oh man, definitely a vampire, definitely not me though. im not a vampire”. king your 9 intelligence score is showing.

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Absolutely amazing how AO3 is a part of the internet that doesn’t sneak in any ads and doesn’t have an algorithm and doesn’t watch you or record how much time you spend looking at each fic or whatever. It’s just right there to use for free. Legend

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Hi, Artemis! Have two questions from the WIP hearts: 💕: what has your favorite scene been?💞: which future scene are you looking forward to writing? Whatever pieces you choose :) <3

💕: what has your favorite scene been?

Spoilers for Book 2…

That’s hard but let’s face it; I’m a romantic at heart 😅 So probably the wedding at the end of Book 2. I remember writing it and feeling so light and joyous inside. It was a pretty good time in my life, too. But writing the boys finally committing to one another like that, it was like walking on air through sunshine and rainbows  🌞🌈💗 

💞: which future scene are you looking forward to writing?

Well, I won’t give any spoilers away here, but, let’s just say a very pivotal scene at the end of Laurie’s book ;)

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curiousartemis·18 hours agoAnswer

Everytime a Lauriebeard hc comes in, Casien is somewhere pouting 😂

Probably 🤣🤣🤣

But for real though, he’s come to really love his friend, and he’s quite happy other people do, too 😊

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I FINALLY GOT GALE’S WEAVE SCENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aaaand I’m replaying it for the fourth time because I failed a 2 check, then 7, then 3 🙃

THAT WAS SO ROMANTIC OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

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❤️: what’s the working title?
🧡: what were previous working titles/ideas?
💛: what is the title based on?
💚: how long have you been working on it?
💙: how has the idea changed between starting it and where it is now?
💜: where are you in the writing process?
🖤: what are your MC names?
💔: give a brief character bio of your 3-5 MCs
❣️: which scene has been hardest to write so far?
💕: what has your favorite scene been?
💞: which future scene are you looking forward to writing?
💓: is it part of a series or standalone?
💗: what genre is it in?
💖: are you planning on publishing it? if so, how?
💘: give us a huge spoiler
💝: who has your favorite character arch? give a brief summary
💟: how is your style different in this work compared to previous ones? has it more shifted for the story or just developed in general?

Ask me something, if you’d like! :)

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My experience as a fic writer is a constant and equally matched tension between “people are not obligated to read or interact with my writing and I refuse to guilt them with posts about how readers should comment and respond to writing” and

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