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Hii, do you think you could do headcanons on how the bachelors (or if thats too much, just Shane) act when they have a crush on the farmer (fem pronouns)?
Stardew Valley Headcannons: How the bachelors act when they have a crush on you
Warnings: f!reader
I decided to do all of the bachelors for this one, so enjoy! Sorry if there’s errors here, it’s midnight for me and I wanted to get this out before going to bed. Thank you so much for your request!
When Sebastian has a crush on you he acts much more shy yet also clingy to you
At least at first
He hides his face whenever you get him flustered and blushing, and stumbles over his words more often than he would ever admit
But at the same time he starts to spend a lot more time with you
His mom and friends definitely pick up on this quickly, but for his sake they never tease him in front of you
When you aren’t around though…
“So… what’s the deal with you and the farm girl?”
“She has a name Sam. And nothing! Can I not be friends with a girl?” Defensive
When you first met Seb, you would have to come to him, only seeing him on the rare occasion that he isn’t holed up in his room
But once he gets a crush on you? That’s over
He leaves his house way more often, taking paths that he knows he’ll run into you on
He also begins to invite you over not only to his house for some Solarian Chronicles, but even to Sam’s place to attend their band practice
Not to mention he sends you at least one meme a day
Like Sebastian, Sam definitely becomes more clingy once he develops a crush on you
However, he is a lot more bold about it
He will often invite you to his band practices or to the bar with him and his friends
Whenever he notices you at the saloon on a late night he stops whatever he’s doing to walk you home, making the excuse that he just doesn’t want his friend to get hurt
But everyone knows that he doesn’t walk Abigail or Sebastian home
His mom definitely notices and teases him for it
“That girl has been coming around the house a lot. You two better not be doing anything inappropriate in your room while Vincent is home.”
He’s blushing for ages after that
Even when he has a crush on you, Shane is not one to be all head-over-heels for someone
He doesn’t think that you would ever feel the same about him
You’re young and healthy with a bright future ahead of you and he’s a sad guy with a dead end job and an alcohol dependency
Yeah he certainly thinks you’re out of his league
Despite this, he still acts nicer to you than he does most of the other villagers
He’ll start to show you some more of his personality, cracking jokes every once and awhile just to see you smile
One time he actually brings you your favorite gift, shrugging it off when you ask how he knew
“I just found it and figured you might like it.”
He definitely went out looking for it after you mentioned it one time in conversation
Harvey becomes very shy when he gets a crush on you
He always tries to converse with you, but sometimes he just can’t get out the words that he wants to say so he ends up saying some medical nonsense instead
He gets embarrassed really easily
Like, if you notice he has some hair out of place or something he says comes out suggestive on accident he becomes so flustered and red
If you compliment him it’s even worse
He’ll stutter out a thanks while his cheeks turn red, rubbing the back of his neck with a shy smile
He takes notice of what you like and often goes out to get you gifts, telling you that he thought you would like it and trying to hide the pride that swells in his chest when you tell him how much you love it
Like Sebastian and Sam, if Elliot has a crush on you he will find a way to see you just about every day
He isn’t overbearing, and he doesn’t often invite you places
Instead he starts to go places that he knows you frequent more often, in hopes of seeing you there
Surprisingly, it works
Of course there’s the odd day where you don’t come into town and are in the mines all day instead, but he doesn’t get too worried unless you’ve been gone more than a day
At that point he drops by your farm, telling you with no lane excuses that he was worried about you once you open the door
Once he is convinced that you actually do enjoy his company and don’t simply let him stick around for the fun of it, he becomes a little bit of a flirt
He’ll bring you beautiful gifts like seashells or flowers, telling you that they remind him of you
He’s also a big fan of walks along the beach
He definitely opens doors for you too
There’s one word to describe Alex when he has a crush and that is flirty
He doesn’t go out of his way to see you most days, since he doesn’t want to come off as desperate
He hasn’t been in a relationship since high school so he really isn’t past that mindset
However, when you two are around each other? Total flirt
He makes comments on your outfits or looks often, careful to make sure it doesn’t come off as rude or creepy
Alex would like to act like he doesn’t get butterflies when you flirt back, or when you hug him for just a second too long, but that would be a lie
Another thing is that Alex becomes protective when he’s crushing on you
Someone looks at you wrong? He puffs up and stands right by your side to scare them off
At the end of the day, though, he also shows you his soft side, kissing your hand before going your separate ways on a night when he’s feeling truly bold
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Requests are open! Please keep in mind that I have a job and a life outside of tumblr, so I won’t always be able to get posts out super quick. Please check the rules before requesting.
** —> in progress
Stardew Valley
First meeting them
First time hanging out
How they act when they have a crush on you
First kiss**
Elliot x m!reader headcannons**
First meeting them
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can you do “when the bachelors first meet you” but with the bachelorettes? If that’s too much, than specifically Haley :D
(also I could find any rules or anything on your blog, so sorry if this violates something)
Stardew Valley Headcannons: When the bachelorettes first meet you
Warnings: none
Hi! I don’t really know some of the bachelorettes very well, so I apologize if some of them seem out of character. Also, you’re actually my first request on this account! Hope you enjoy!
Abigail started off apprehensive about a new person coming to town
Not that she thinks you’re going to be a bad person or anything, she’s more just worried about how much things will change
She’s used to the farm being abandoned, and for some reason she can’t even imagine it up and running again
Meeting you made a lot of her anxieties go away
You weren’t uptight or boring, in fact you seemed pretty similar for her
Well, as similar as a farmer can be, considering that she doesn’t exactly enjoy the physical labor of farming
You seemed pretty cool, and to be honest, kind of pretty
If you compliment her hair or outfit when you first meet she 100% will blush and try to hide it
To be entirely honest, when Haley heard someone new was coming to town she kind of didn’t care
Not in a grumpy way or anything
She was really just expecting someone much older and boring, so she wasn’t too excited
To say she was surprised when she saw you would be an understatement
Not only are you close to her age, but you’re cute too?!
You don’t know it until talking to Emily later on, but Haley was actually a LOT nicer to you right off the bat than anyone else she met
She actually invites you to go shopping in the city with her at some point, adding on “you know, so you have more than just old farming clothes” to not seem too eager
Needless to say, you agree
She’s actually kind of surprised that you agree to go with her, becoming a bit shy afterwards
If Emily makes fun of her for having a crush after you leave she gets mad and stomps to her room, trying to hide the way her face heats up
Emily was excited for you to move in
She loves new people, soaking in the chance to make new friends and get socialization whenever she can
Immediately you could tell she’s a little different from the other people in town
Not in a bad way, though
She’s unique!
Her interests are less common, but to be fair farming and fighting monsters isn’t too common either
She offers to help you out on the farm if you ever need it in your first conversation, showing how truly caring she is
Even for people she barely knows
Before you leave, she adds in a quick compliment, calling your name before saying “By the way, I just wanted to say you’re really pretty!”
And she says it so casually that you can’t help but think about it as you continue your day
Leah, while not being as excited as Emily, definitely looked forward to the prospect of a new farmer
To be honest, she was just excited to have readily available fresh fruits and veggies in the general store
When she first met you it wasn’t anything too special
She was never one for ‘love at first sight’, it takes getting to know a person for her to develop feelings
However, she wouldn’t deny that you were attractive
When you two actually meet you get a chance to talk about farming together, it’s a pretty good time
When you leave she tells you to stop by and chat with her every so often, promising your continued interaction together
Penny was somewhat indifferent on a new person
She already has enough on her plate helping out with Vincent and Jas, she was too busy to get too antsy about it or anything
She heard from some of the other villagers when you got to town, but didn’t have much time to come greet you, so she made a mental note to stop by the farm at some point with a home made dinner to welcome you
However, when you come up to her first she is surely caught off guard
She’s very shy when you first meet, and the fact that she wasn’t expecting to meet you so soon did not help that
She was welcoming and nice, but very reserved
Like a few of the others, she wouldn’t be crushing instantly
She definitely recognizes that you are good looking though
After your meeting you make it a goal to gain her trust, being able to tell that there’s a beautiful personality hiding behind her shyness
Maru looked forward to your arrival in Pelican Town
She heard that you were around her age, which she saw as an absolute win
Most of the people in town are a lot older than her, which led to her feeling a bit lonely when she wasn’t working
She had Sebastian and his friends, but that isn’t the same as having a real friend
She’s friendly right away, making you feel welcome to the community
Like Emily Maru compliments you when you first meet
Whether it be your outfit, hair, or maybe even just telling you that you’re beautiful
It doesn’t seem flirty at the time, though, and she didn’t mean it to be either
She just genuinely wanted to make your day like that, and she believes her compliment too
But she definitely finds later on that you linger on her mind more than anyone else does
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Tumblr media
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Stardew Valley Headcannons: First time hanging out (Bachelors)
Hi guys! I wanted to mention a few things. First, some of these turned out a little shorter than the others, sorry about that. Second, I am accepting requests! Rules
Your first time hanging out with Sebastian was impromptu
You had come over to give him a chunk of quartz that you found in the mines and found him half asleep sat in front of his computer
He didn’t respond to you knocking on his door so you cracked open his door cautiously
“Sebastian? You in here?”
When he didn’t answer again you took a step inside, any anxiety easing away as you see him passed out from working so hard
Even though his job didn’t require hard labor like working on the farm, you still felt like he deserved a break from how hard he worked on coding
With a bit of protest, you manage to get Sebastian out of the house and in one of the booths at the saloon
The two do you talk for a while, eating while gradually getting more comfortable with each other
He would talk about his programming and gaming hobbies, while you talked to him about life in the city and why you moved onto the farm
At the end of the night he would walk you to the edge of town, thanking you for helping him relax before awkwardly trying to figure out if he should hug you or not
You take the lead and hug him, feeling his body relax into the gesture as a soft smile lays on his face
Robin 100% teases him when he comes home after dark from hanging out with you
As is to be expected, your first time hanging out with Sam was when he showed you his music
He had invited you over to listen to one of his songs, taking you into his room and setting up his guitar
It’s definitely awkward at first
I mean it’s your first time hanging out alone and it’s in his room?
Yeah if Jodi saw you going in she would exit the house immediately, thinking something else was going to happen
I mean, would you complain if it did?
After awhile Sam flops down on his bed, and the two of you begin talking about the most random things
Anything that comes to mind is discussed as the two of you quickly become comfortable in each other’s company
He invites you to stay for dinner, but you politely decline and head back home, not wanting the embarrassment of Jodi’s misunderstanding hanging around at the dinner table
Your first time hanging out with Shane came much later than with the other bachelors
It takes awhile for him to warm up to people, especially enough to actually hang out with them
So it makes sense when he avoids your invitations with lame excuses or even straight up rejection
One day though, he feels guilty for always saying no and shows up outside your door in a tank top and shorts, asking you to teach him how to care for plants
The two of you end up working together essentially all morning, you showing him how to plant seeds properly and telling him how often to water the plants
At noon you check the time and realize how long he’s been out working alongside you and invite him into your house for lunch
He almost declines, but seeing your expectant face broke him
“Sure, yeah, why not?”
The two of you share a bit of conversation while eating, Shane becoming more comfortable with you but still not spilling his troubles to you, that would come another day
Once he leaves you find yourself spacing off throughout the rest of the day, wondering why he came around to help you, but thankful for the chance to spend time with him
Your first time hanging out with Elliot started at the library
You found him reading a novel in the afternoon and decided to sit across from him
The two of you exchanged a short ‘hello’ before going back to reading
You both sat there in comfortable silence for hours, so caught up in your books that it felt like you were in your own little world
After awhile though, your aching body told you that it was time to get up
This caught Elliot’s attention, his eyes glancing at you before he marks his page with a bookmark
“Care for a stroll?“
You nod, the both of you leaving the library and walking towards the beach, and in turn Elliot’s house
You thought he was going to just go in and go to bed, but to your surprise he instead removed his shoes and walked over to the shore, walking along the water
After a moment of him looking at you expectantly, you followed suit and walked along the beach alongside him
It was mostly quiet, but the sound of the waves crashing and the crickets chirping made up for the silence when the two of you weren’t talking
The night ends on a peaceful note, but the warm fuzzy feeling in your heart leaves you blushing the whole way home
The first time hanging out with Harvey is probably in his clinic
Not as in a patient checkup
No, you just come in to say hi every morning and decided to stick around a little longer since nobody was coming in
It isn’t like Harvey wouldn’t have wanted to hang out somewhere else, he was just far too shy to ask
Anyway, you stay there for a little while, asking him about his work and getting him to get comfortable with you gradually
It isn’t the most interesting time of your life, but listening to him ramble out answers about what certain tools are used for what and that sort of thing make up for it
Before you leave Harvey finally musters up some courage, croaking out “Hey, do you want to go to the saloon sometime? With me?”
Of course you say yes, then continue on your way, not noticing the blush that was covering Harvey’s face
Your first time hanging out with Alex also happens on the beach
You didn’t plan it out or anything, you both just happened to go out on the same day
He “accidentally” throws a beach ball at you, using it as an excuse to come up to you
“So sorry about that man, but uhm… can I just say you look amazing in that swimsuit?”
Massive flirt
You sit next to each other on the beach for a bit, talking about anything
And eventually he gets you to come into the water, ending in a huge splashing fight with lots of laughter
It’s an amazingly fun time, and even cooler getting to see Alex’s more genuine side
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Rules for Requests
Hey guys! I just started writing on here, so expect the rules to change over time. Pop over to the rules every once and awhile to make sure nothing has changed before requesting!
No full NSFW — I am not yet comfortable with writing full on descriptions of smut. I will write on some semi-sexual topics, but please don’t ask for me to go into the graphic details.
Limited triggering content — While I am willing to reference depression, EDs, bad home life, SA, etc. I will not go into gorey details. This means I will not describe the act of suicide, self harm, SA, abuse, all of that stuff
Remember to include pronoun preferences! I will do masculine, feminine, and gender neutral pronouns. If not specified, I will default to gn pronouns.
I will write for LGBTQ+ as well as poly relationships.
I will do oneshots, headcannons, drabbles, and possibly the occasional series if I feel inspired. Headcannons are definitely my favorite to write, but feel free to request something different!
I will NOT write yandere content. I know this is something that a lot of people enjoy but I am not comfortable with it at all.
Please keep in mind that I am only one person with a life and job outside of writing, so requests might take awhile depending on how busy and inspired I am.
I also retain the right to decline requests that I don’t want to write, but that should be a rare occurrence. I love getting requests and interaction from the tumblr community, so it shouldn’t be a problem!
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Stardew Valley Headcannons: When the bachelors first meet you
warnings: none
100% a grouch at first
Seb probably didn’t look forward to having someone new move in, because that means having to meet and talk to a completely new person
But he completely forgot about how much he hates people when he saw you
“Woah.. um, hey. You’re the new farmer here right?”
He plays his shock off as being surprised that someone new ACTUALLY came to Pelican Town
After your first interaction he doesn’t really know how to feel
How does he even talk to someone new?
And extremely good looking
It takes him awhile to open up and get comfortable with you, but give him a chance. It’s definitely worth it
The exact opposite of Sebastian
Sam is stoked that someone new is moving in
Someone new that he can make friends with and maybe even for get into his music? Great!
He was so confident that your first meeting was gonna go great
That is until he saw you walking over to him
Poor boy turned into a blushing mess
Nobody told him that the farmer was hot
It’s been years since Sam has had a crush, so it’s safe to say he has no clue what to do with himself
He manages to not embarrass himself when you introduce yourself, surprisingly not stumbling on his words as much as he was expecting
Once you leave he puffs up a bit, confident that you didn’t notice his flustered demeanor
You definitely noticed, but he doesn’t need to know that
When Shane was told that a farmer would be moving to town, he quite honestly didn’t care
Someone new to ignore him like everyone else? To judge him for his bad habits?
No thank you
The first time you talk he still hasn’t given up that sentiment
“What? Leave me alone.”
After a few days of you greeting him whenever you cross paths, he begins to realize that you’re different
He slowly begins to open up, but the back of his mind still wonders if you judge him like everyone else
Elliot was happy about you moving to town
Not overly excited, but definitely looking forward to the arrival of someone new
Someone different and exciting
Not to mention the (hopefully) delectable crops that would come with a farm
He was certainly shocked when he saw you
He was not expecting this new farmer to be so… beautiful
Unlike many of the other bachelors, he shows you his poetic personality fairly quickly
Using quotes and fancy words that fly over your head
Elliot knows the importance of first impressions
And he definitely made a good one
Like Sam, he was happy to hear that someone new was coming to town
A new friend AND a new patient?!
Sign him up!
Even after you introduce yourself to him he has a hard time being genuine with you, his awkward personality shining through in all of your conversations
It doesn’t help that he thinks you’re like… really pretty
Like REALLY pretty
You’re so beautiful and so gentle to him…
The moment that you left he let out the biggest breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead
He swears you’re going to be the death of him
Alex was pretty indifferent to a new neighbor
Like, yeah it’ll be nice to have a new person around, maybe even someone closer to his age
But at the same time he would be just fine staying in his current little circle
That isn’t to say that he didn’t start getting antsy when he heard that you were in town and introducing yourself to the villagers
When you do introduce yourself he finds himself much more excited than he expected to be
“Hey, you’re the new farm girl/boy aren’t you?”
Yeah that definitely came off as chill
Yes he starts off just talking about sports and his work outs with you, but he’s really a big puppy behind his jock persona
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i love this
Tumblr media
just a little Seb sketch i did yesterday night
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pls not the old memes about me not understanding discord </33
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here are some of my favorite memes from the server about the time @grimescoven changed her username and I could not figure out where she was and said “rip maddy she’s dead”
@dangerousnightcycle @sammymantiss @augustmccn @fangorl-ali
Memes made by both me and my amazing friends
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here is my star wars master list from my old account! not many posts but still
* = angst
Obi Wan Kenobi
So Help Me Maker - Sith!AU
To The Ends of The Galaxy
Anakin Skywalker
That Would Be Enough* 
Luke Skywalker
Books Are Overrated
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