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daisybrekker · 8 hours ago
Okay so in Az pov he can't stand the smell of the elucien bond.. even when no one else can smell it. In acowar Lucien snarls at Az and Az only when he's close to Elain, completely ignoring Cass and Rhys in this regard. Az smelled the elucien bond, what if Lucien smelled the elriel bond but didn't know what it was, only that he didn't like it?
Hello anon!
I actually think this might be possible, especially considering how SJM confirmed that someone can have 2 mates👀
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daisybrekker · 19 hours ago
i find it funny how gwynrie/s know there isn’t a lot of story to tell so now they’re saying gwyn is related to lucien/eris and her storyline will revolve around the autumn court. and these are the same people who say elriel don’t have any storyline. what do you think of it?
Hello anon!
I just think they're reaching at this point...
They want Gwyn to have her story and share a POV with Azriel, right?
Now, let me ask, what has Azriel got to do with the Autumn Court?
Answer: Nothing.
I've seen so many crack theories trying to make up excuses why Gwyn will be an MC and it's getting ridiculous at this point.
One of them is how Gwyn is going to save Illyrians. Not Emerie, a POC who actually is an Illyrian, but Gwyn🥴
I'm not saying that Gwyn will never appear again, but it's obvious that she's not going to be a major character in the series like Elain, Azriel, Lucien, etc.
Let's say that Gwyn will end up being revealed as a Vanserra. Do they really think SJM is going to write a whole book on that? A whole book on a side character discovering her "true family"? Please😭
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daisybrekker · a day ago
Lmao ppl said that as a joke Bc elriels on Twitter were saying that your racist and homophobic if you like Gwyn more than emerie
I won't name names, but the people who posted these claims were clearly not joking, unless you simply haven't seen them and don't know what you're talking about.
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daisybrekker · a day ago
The fact that people claim Elriels are racist for not shipper Elain with Lucien since he's a poc while conveniently forgetting that Azriel is also a poc? Like.. who we ship Elain with has nothing to do with race????? But instead about like.. who she doesn't physically shrink away from????
Hello anon
I know, I was so shocked when I saw the Elriels considered as racists & ableists because we don't ship Elucien.
Lucien's skin colour and disability has NEVER been a reason why we don't want Elain with him, and for those people to accuse us of having this mindset is a serious accusation, based on no evidence at all.
I have never seen a single Elriel make a post where they portray Elain as this white, innocent victim meanwhile making Lucien look like a villain and feeding into that stereotype that they spoke about.
As you can see, we have plenty of reasons why we don't ship them:
"Elain only shrank further into herself, no trace of that newfound boldness to be seen." - She was finally starting to become better and seeing him again, decreased that progress.
Feyre had to nudge Elain for her to invite Lucien to Velaris. She wouldn't have done it herself.
As soon as she opened Lucien's gifts for her, she dismissed them without a second glance - She wants nothing to do with him.
When she asked him if he could hear her heart beating, he said no to which Elain said that no one ever hears her. - All along it's implied that Elain needs someone who will hear her in a way no one else will. This is one of the first signs hinting that Lucien isn't the one for her.
When they're all together, Elain makes sure to sit as far away from Lucien as possible. - She can't even stand to be in close proximity with him.
Lucien told Feyre that he wanted to see Elain to see if she's worth fighting for. So what exactly would he consider for her to not be worthy?
The first thoughts he had of Elain were that she was nothing like Jesminda (who was his real love) and that she was "thrown at him". It's basically confirmed he doesn't want this mating bond either.
He was the male who took part in her trauma and didn't listen to Feyre's, her sister's, cries for help when she was still with Tamlin. Why would Elain want to be with someone like that?
I'm sure there's plenty more, but that's the main reasons. Are any of them centered around Lucien's skin colour or his disability? No.
To all my fellow Elriels who have been accused of being racists, please do your best to ignore these empty accusations because that's what they are. Empty.
I'm sending all my love💕
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daisybrekker · a day ago
Currently scrolling the Elriel tag for the first time in ages and I just want to say I am loving all your replies 💕☺️👏🏻
Thank you so much for this message!
It really means a lot because when I first made an account on Tumblr, you were the first Elriel account I followed and I was going crazy over your posts, so to see this from you is definitely a big thing for me😅
But genuinely, thank you so much🌹
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daisybrekker · a day ago
So I saw someone joke on Twitter that Feyre would paint the whole description that she made when Azriel gave Elain his Truth-Teller as some anniversary gift for Elriel.
For reference:
I saw the painting in my mind: the lovely fawn, blooming spring vibrant behind her. Standing before Death, shadows and terrors lurking over his shoulder. Light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two. The only bridge of connection...that knife.
But, can we please go back to look at what Elriel gave Feyre individually as Solstice gifts in ACOFAS?
"From Azriel: rare, vibrant paint from the continent."
"From Elain: fine brushes monogrammed with my initials and the Night Court insignia on the handle."
What if SJM did this on purpose so that Feyre will actually create the painting using the gifts from Elain & Azriel?
This needs to happen🙏
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daisybrekker · 2 days ago
Are you worried about the severe amount of backlash that elain’s book will get from the fandom? Like gw*nriel is pretty popular right now among the active fandom & a lot of people hate on Elain (I’d argue that Elain receives more hate than nesta did)…. And if elain is confirmed as the next book or Elriel is confirmed then I feel most of the fandom will go rabid.
Hello anon!
Truthfully? Not really
It's obvious that the fandom will go crazy when SJM confirms an Elriel book, but if you think about it, it'll just be history repeating itself.
SJM's readers were acting the same way when she announced Chaol and Nesta's books (who are also extremely hated) and if you look at social media now, you'll see that many changed their minds when they read the books.
I have no doubt that SJM will manage to make more Elain antis start to like her when she finally tells her story.
The only people I can see really going crazy over Elain's book is the Gwynriels when they realise that their ship isn't canon, but it's not like they can do anything about it🤷‍♀️
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daisybrekker · 2 days ago
Cassian: So, did you kiss her?
Azriel: No, the moment wasn't right. Look, Elain could be my future wife and I want our first kiss to be perfect.
Cassian: Aw, Azriel that's sweet. You chickened out like a little bitch.
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daisybrekker · 2 days ago
Cassian: Ten years ago today, I married my best friend.
Feyre: Aw, that's sweet!
Cassian: Nesta's still mad about it, but Az and I were drunk and thought it was funny.
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daisybrekker · 2 days ago
helloo, im honestly lowkey an elriel shipper since they met, but i cant help be disturbed about the last line az felt/said when he pictured gwyn seeing the necklace he meant to give elain. you know the “a thing of secret, lovely beauty” line :(( not to mention what he felt after picturing it too :(( whats your take/opinion on it? TT
Here is a post which summarises my belief about the line:
Meaning of the Line
As for how he felt after picturing her? Remember that this line follows after it:
"For whatever reason... he could see it."
Personally, I think it's a parallel to one of the previous lines in the chapter:
"But when he returned from the cabin in the mountains, he didn't go to the market square.
Instead, he found himself at the library [...]"
Here you can see that Azriel had full intentions to go back to return the jewelry, but for some reason he "found himself" at the library.
It's clear Azriel didn't mean to picture Gwyn, nor go to the place she is often at.
I believe this links back to the lightsinger theory with Azriel being unconsciously lured in by Gwyn's powers.
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daisybrekker · 3 days ago
I’ve read so many adult books and I’ve recently got into dark romance. If you compare Azriel to those men, he’s a baby. Azriel in the pov was nothing and majority of people knew acosf and the rest of the books were now NA and were going to be filled with smut . Azriel acted exactly like Rhys, cassian, Rowan,hunt, and lorcan do. All of those men are very sexual and have had fantasies. Some have touched themselves to though of their partner which is what Azriel did. Rhys was jealous of feylin which he admitted to, cassian was jealous of feysand which he also admitted to in acosf, and now Azriel is jealous of what his brother’s have which is very normal. Rhys couldn’t think of a future with feyre because she was with tamlin. Cassian said he never thought of Nesta and he couldn’t be with her because of Nesta, and now Azriel can’t be with Elain because she has a mate and Rhys forbade them from seeing each other. Rhys avoided feyre for 3 months, cassian avoided Nesta for almost a year, and Azriel avoided Elain for months and moved out of his house because of her. All three bat boys save their girls and put them on a pedestal and yet I only see Azriel being hated for it . All three bat boys are going overprotective of their girls and Azriel is the only one being hated on for doing it with Elain (protecting someone show’s you care for them). All three batboys have called feyre,Nesta, and Elain perfect but when Azriel does it, its a problem and it’s toxic.All three of them have sexual thoughts and Azriel is the only one being hated on for it. Azriel acted exactly like how his brothers do and he acts like the tog men but since Azriel does it, it’s a problem which is very hypocritical. I don’t see anyone talking about Rhys and Cassians behavior, and saying it’s unhealthy and toxic. The whole point of the pov to show Elriel’s sexual attraction and plot for the next book and the antics decided to turn it into diagnosing Azriel with things he doesn’t have and calling him abusive even though there is no evidence of that. If they have a problem with all of this they shouldn’t read sjm books. She writes morally grey men who are protective and will put their girls above anyone else . If it really bothers them than sjm books is not for them . Sorry for the long Anon, the antics just frustrate me with their twisted narrative.
Never apologise for long asks! I totally understand and relate to your frustration!
I genuinely don't understand why people have the audacity to complain about Azriel's thoughts in his chapter because as you've mentioned, SJM made it known that her books are now marketed as NA and even then, there was nothing wrong with his thoughts. Last time I checked, Cassian was also revealed to have sexual thoughts about Nesta in Wings and Embers, so why is it any different for Azriel? Because his thoughts are about Elain and not Gwyn, the character they want him to be with so badly :)
Honestly, I just find it ridiculous. As you said, basically all SJM men have been protective and possesive over their love interests, and just because Azriel is the same with the character they hate, they've decided to diagnose him with some kinds of mental health issues and call him "toxic".
Apparently, Azriel calling her perfect and immaculate means that he's putting her on a pedestal and if she'd ever dare to do something that he'd disapprove of, his perfect image of her would be ruined. I just find it so funny because despite the fact that all the men love their women, there's a lot of situations where their lovers have went against their wishes, but it doesn't mean that anything becomes "destroyed" between them?
However, I must admit that the funniest thing I've seen is how apparently Azriel wouldn't be like this with Gwyn and how she'd teach him "true love"😭If Azriel has been "so toxic" with Mor and Elain, why do people think it'll be any different with Gwyn? I can bet that if he started calling her perfect and immaculate, it'd be a completely different story because Gwyn is a character they actually like.
Here are some excuses that I've seen them use for Elriel moments:
Azriel fantasising and masturbating when thinking about Elain shows that he only lusts for her.
Azriel only saved Elain because she's his High Lady's sister
Azriel is only interested in Elain because she's the 3rd sister
Remember when Elain made Azriel laugh so much because of the headache powder she gifted him? According to some antis, he was actually laughing at her naiveté...
Apparently the necklace was a very generic and badly thought out gift for Elain
And so on and so on...
These continuous "reasons" why Elriel is wrong for eachother just shows how they're reaching to look for any sort of proof why they may not work out. Deep inside their minds, they see that SJM has been building this ship up for a long time now, but they're in denial.
Why do you think they shipped Emerie with Azriel after ACOFAS? It's not because there was any potential, but because they wanted to be rid of Elain. The situation is the exact same with Gwyn.
If they're really trying to psycho analyse a toxic ship, I think they should go back and reread ACOTAR when Feylin was still a thing...
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daisybrekker · 4 days ago
I loved Gwyn as a character but the gwynriels have made it so bad for me that the moment I see her name in a post I have to scroll past without reading a single word because of how much some of the things they say upset me.
Hello anon!
I totally get you :(
The one thing that really bugs me is how a lot of them romanticise how Azriel met Gwyn. That scene was written to tell Gwyn's story and to make the readers aware of her trauma, and it sickens me to see comments like "I wonder how Azriel felt when he saw her" or "I hope we can see a flashback of Azriel's POV of that scene". It's so inappropriate to see an SA victim be reduced to nothing but a potential love interest.
She definitely deserves better from her so called stans.
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daisybrekker · 4 days ago
We know that Cass's love language is physical touch.. given how Az tends to seek out people one on one (like how he was more comfortable when it was just him and Feyre) and spend time with them, maybe his love language is quality time. So maybe him seeking out Elain (offering her to show her the garden and later sunning his wings beside her) is his way of telling her he cares for her? Ngl I really want a crapton of domestic Elriel where they just sit in the garden and eat cakes or smth 😊😊😊
Hello anon!
I can definitely see Azriel's love language as quality time!
It's been shown that he's a very private person and even Mor, the female he loved his whole life, confirmed that it took her approx. 400 years for him to spend his free time with her at Rita's.
Therefore, Azriel offering to show Elain around, spending his free time with her, etc. is actually a very big thing for him even if it doesn't look that way at first glance.
Elriel would definitely be the couple that could just sit together in silence, doing absolutely nothing and just being happy in eachother's presence.
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daisybrekker · 4 days ago
Sarah J Maas Drinking Game
Drink whenever:
Feyre's "bowels turned watery"
A character has "eyes lined with silver"
A character "sketched a bow"
A character makes a vulgar gesture
A character barks, hisses, growls, snarls or purrs
The word "mate" is used
Food tastes like ash in Feyre's mouth
A character picks at invisible lint
A character ends up "shredded to bloody ribbons"
"[Insert Character] said by way of greeting" is used
A character's "throat bobbed"
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daisybrekker · 5 days ago
Thinking about how the symbol of the Starborn fae in CC (the ones Bryce is the descendent of) is an eight-pointed star and how there was an eight-pointed star in the Prison underneath the Harp 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Hey anon!
That's actually quite interesting
I mean, we did get a confirmation that when Aelin flew through the different worlds, she passed Feysand and Crescent City so it's not impossible for the stories to be linked!
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daisybrekker · 5 days ago
In a lot of fantasy books when you have a seer, the one caveat is that they can't see anything that directly relates to them. In acowar when Elain mentions the queens and Vassa, she says the onyx box is "shadow and mist" or smth. Maybe this means that Elain has to be the one to find the box? (Also the things that Elain can't see are "shadows and mist" and the Fourth object looked like bone covered in shadows.. and Az controls shadows.. interesting)
Hello anon!
Ooo, I quite like this!
It's pretty obvious that shadows are majorly related to Azriel so it could be a hint towards him & Elain being the ones to find it together!
Also, let's look at this quote below:
Life and death and rebirth
Sun and moon and dark
Rot and bloom and bones
It's pretty obvious that the first line relates to Feyre's story, meanwhile the second refers to Nesta, so it leaves us with the third one going to Elain.
As you mentioned above, the Fourth Object looked like bone covered in shadows, right? And where do we have a mention of bones? In the line referring to Elain👀
It all ties up very nicely...
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daisybrekker · 6 days ago
“No matter how much she claimed to be a part of this court ... it sucked the life from her” how do think Elain will be able to thrive in the night court if she stays with Azriel?
Hello anon!
Firstly, I wouldn't put too much attention on this quote since this was what Cassian thought. And what do we know about Cassian? He can be extremely oblivious... (Example: "Azriel offered her a small smile that Elain quickly looked away from. Cassian tucked away his puzzlement.")
However, let's look back at what Elain herself thinks, shall we?
"Elain, mourn as she might for the life she would have had with Graysen, had found a place, a role here. Tending to the gardens of Feyre's veritable palace on the river, helping other residents of Velaris restore their own destroyed gardens—she had purpose, and joy, and friends: those two half-wraiths who worked in Rhysand's household."
"When Feyre had offered to let her remain home, Elain had squared her shoulders and declared that she was a part of this court—and would do whatever was needed."
As you can see, Elain is clearly happy and thriving in the Night Court already, and I think her opinion on whether she belongs or not is more important than Cassian's, wouldn't you agree?
Now, let's bring some context in:
Cassian said this when referring to Hewn City, yes? I don't know about you, but I doubt any of the Inner Court's members would like to belong to that kind of place...
Why did Cassian say this in the first place? Because Elain wore black, the opposite of what she is usually known to wear. I think it's pretty obvious that the darkest colour wouldn't suit a person who is known to be so lively and sweet. That's like Azriel wearing pink. It just wouldn't look good.
And we all know that the only reason that Elain wore black is so that she would purposefully look worse so that everyone's attention would be on Nesta.
To sum everything up, I can assure you that Elain would be more than happy to stay with Azriel in the Night Court. She has a love interest, family, friends and activities that bring her joy.
Why wouldn't she thrive?
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daisybrekker · 6 days ago
James Herondale & Cordelia Carstairs
Tumblr media
[Credits to loweana.art on Instagram]
[Commissioned by Cassandra Clare]
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daisybrekker · 6 days ago
lol why on earth would Gwyn be any sort of villain? She's been nothing but sweet and selfless through acosf and implying that a sexual assault victim would try to coerce/lure a man against his will (no matter if she intends to do so) is harmful. I know that SA doesn't make someone exempt from bad actions, but still, SJM would never write Gwyn as any sort of villain/antagonist, especially a lightsinger, with how evil and seductive they are--it'd be a terrible and hurtful twist, with real world implications, no matter how she wrote it.
"She's been nothing but sweet and selfless"
You do know that's how most traitors start off like, right? Obviously, authors don't want to make it predictable. If you've read many books with betrayal in it, you'll see that they want to make it a shocking plot twist when they reveal that someone who seemed to be a good, charming character has been a villain all along. (The Darkling, Maven Calore, etc.)
As for the lightsinger theory itself, I personally don't believe in it simply because it looks beneficial to my ship, but because of the textual evidence present in the book which match Gwyn to be this sort of creature. Here is a post that backs up this theory. So as you can see, it isn't a theory that was made up out of thin air. I believe that as long as you have evidence to back up your theory and it makes sense then it's possible, and this theory definitely seems possible.
There's also this theory floating around that Gwyn is somehow manipulated herself by Merrill to get information on Azriel for Koschei (I don't remember who made it, but I'm sure the post could be easily found) which could make sense since Gwyn did end up giving Merrill some vital information that she wasn't supposed to (The Dread Trove)
"SJM would never write Gwyn as any sort of villain/antagonist, especially a lightsinger, with how evil and seductive they are"
Firstly, that statement is outright wrong considering that she already wrote about Feyre experiencing SA Under the Mountain from Rhys, a male who experienced SA himself.
Yes, it was later explained that he did it for Feyre's good, but it doesn't change the fact that his actions were done without consent and against Feyre's will.
Should SJM have included this in the book? I don't believe so, but it shows that since she's done it once, she could do it again. It's the plain truth.
You said it yourself, being an SA survivor doesn't make a character exempt from doing bad things.
Overall, do I think that Gwyn will be revealed as this completely evil persona? No, but I do believe that she is a lightsinger who may be manipulated or blackmailed by someone to get close to Azriel. I feel like Gwyn herself doesn't fully understand her powers and someone may be using her for this reason. I do like her as a character and I sincerely hope she gets her own HEA, but it's impossible to just ignore all the descriptions surrounding her that point towards her being something more.
Who knows? Maybe in the end it'll turn out she was good all along, but I firmly stand by the theory that she is a lightsinger.
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daisybrekker · 7 days ago
Sarah has confirmed that we will get a scene of Azriel singing, do you think it could be an elriel scene?
Hello anon!
Truthfully? I don't think it'll be a romantic scene at all.
I personally believe it would actually be a scene where Azriel sings to Nyx😅
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