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Luz and Amity are hanging out and eating in the school cafe

then suddenly two girl witch students passed by and greets the two and said to them (mostly the witch girls in Wing it witches in the grudgeby match against Luz team)

Witch Girl A & Witch Girl B( nodding): Good Morning, Lumity!

Luz nods and greets them back

Luz: Good Morning! (blushing)

and the two witch girls are gone, Amity just watch them greets each other and until the two witch girl eaves and she said to Luz with a serious and curious look on her face (blushing)

Amity: What was that Luz? did they mistake you for someone?

Luz: Huh? Oh, well about that Amity! is supposed to be our couples pair name..

she said that as Luz looks at Amity blushing

while Amity face all flustered in shocked blushing and screaming!


(and the whole school knows because of the Hexside school weekly newspaper club in the bulletin board)

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Let me Touch it

Luz: Hey, Amity can I ask you something?

Amity: Sure, what is it?

Luz: Can I touch your hair?

Amity: What? why Luz?

Luz: Well, I been wanting to ever snce, so can I please?

Amity: I see, if you insist go ahead!

Luz: Really?

Amity: Yes really!(blushing)

Luz: Cool (blushing)

Luz approach Amity and starts to touch gently her hair and she said

Luz: Wow, Amity you have pretty soft silky hair!

Amity: Thanks Luz, I always wake up early to take care of it. (smiling and blushing)

A few moments later

Amity: I think you getting carried away Luz please let go of my hair now.

She said that as Luz keeps stroking her hair gently finger combing it

Luz: Of course, sorry Amity!

Then she let’s go as the two is both blushing

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