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I was tagged by @dancewithyoutoday thank you!! I’m honored 😭💕

rules: tag 9 ppl you want to get to know better

top 3 ships:

Gallavich and Gallavich again from Shameless. Gallavich x3. Those two have the best chemistry in the world. Period. But ok Klaine from Glee. Even if I don’t ship them like I used to, Kurt’s one of my favorite character ever and he will always be my baby. Cazzie from Atypical, I was so happy with those girls, gimme more.

last movie:

Aladdin live action. It was all I needed.

currently reading:

I’m reading El Jardín de al lado by José Donoso, I bought it from my neighbor in a yard sale and it has been helped me a lot during this quarantine. But like, literally in this right moment I’m re-reading this lovely Gallavich fanfic “None the wiser” by Loftec because it always makes my heart feel better.

food im craving:

I don’t feel like eating too much right now, my appetite closes every time i’m nervous and well, you know, hard times for the world. BUT maybe some homemade pizza could help 🥺?

Now I wanna know this about you 👀 I tag @lovelyklaine @milkymickeyway @loftec @imikhailo @fabreagab @babygoldfish921 @gallavich-and-millagher @mickeys-upset @tryintosurvive

Awww! I feel special 🥰💙

Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better.

Top three ships: Gallavich, Larry, and any combination of pairings between the members of 5 Seconds of Summer.

Last movie: my dad and I started watching the movie called like father. We didn’t finish it.

Currently reading: Ten of Swords by forthewidowsinparadise on Ao3. They are one of the people I follow on here but I have the memory of a dead guppy so I have no idea what their tumbler handle is. If you know who they are, tag them for me.

Food I’m craving: chicken nuggets covered in teriyaki sauce. I had that for lunch and dinner and they are so good I want more.

Now I want to know more about you. - @gallavichthings @gallavich-af @grumblesandmumbles @ao3feed-gallavich @cameronmonaghanclan @fuck-me-for-giving-a-shit @hotestshit @heylilmilky @its-a-queer-thing @littlespooneven @nostalgic90s

Thank you @babygoldfish921 for the tag!

Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better.

Top three ships: Gallavich (duh), Valeska (Jerome and Jeremiah, maybe it’s twinleska? Not really sure), Reddie (From IT, Ritchie and Eddie)

Currently reading: Well, I ordered two books and I’m waiting for them to come in the mail. But my last read was “One For Sorrow”

Food I’m craving: Tacos, greasy beef (or shrimp) tacos with lots of hot sauce and sour cream XD

Now I want to know more about you. @jamisjustanothermanic @datolya @cannibalgh0st @twinleska @decomposedgod @naydoesntlike-liars 

Thankies  @nostalgic90s for the tag-!!! 

Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better.

Top three ships: (Oh man this is a hard one!!!) Riddlebird/Nygmobblepot (Yes the same characters but I like to think Riddlebird is their villain ship name) Batjokes (Uhh..many versions of Batjokes…!!) oh and I’ve fallen back to Drarry..!!! but I have many ships..!!!

Currently reading: oof.. I just finished all the Harry Potter books and it was a ride…!!! Now after finals I can catch up on fanfictions and maybe I also can read Curse Child !!

Food I’m craving: Ahh…Dim Sum!!!!  

tagging: @empressgreyofphoenix @cannibananabalism @jinxofthedesert @i-swear-its-just-me  @gh0stshrimp  (only do this if u wanna for fun ^-^)

@cannibalgh0st Thanks luv for the tag~

Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better.

Top three ships:



I have a lot more ships then this but these are my current ones.

Last movie: 
Um … this is difficult because I literally only watch tv shows these days … but I wanna say it was either Jojo Rabbit or Knives Out … I think. (Both really good movies, would recommend)

Currently reading: 
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince & Tokyo Ghoul (kinda on break though cause my college summer classes have started)

Food I’m craving:
Always craving steak; would love some good Texas Roadhouse to be honest.

tagging (I NEVER know who to tag lol but I will try. Also, only do it if you want too!): @mysticalninjanut , @yoko-goto , @wabbitwrites@awitchwithbooksandphotos , @thedarknessinyou67 , @batsy-poo , @rachie-neyiea , @suffering-lesbian , @empyreandarkling

@jinxofthedesert you tagged me?? Aw thanks darling 😘😆

Rules: tag nine people you want to get to know better.

Top 3 Ships:

1. Wayleska

I didn’t actually watch Gotham and I’ve only seen Jerome’s interrogation scene when it first showed up on Youtube. Only God knows how confused I got when I saw Jeremiah a few years later because why did Bruce call him Mr. Valeska when Jerome was literally on that car?? 😅 Caught up with Jerome’s scenes throughout the seasons all the way up to Jeremiah’s scenes aaand the rest is history 👏🏻👏🏻

2. Destiel

First ship and only ship until I eventually stopped watching Supernatural (I think it was mid-season 9). Back then, those were some tough times in life and this ship was honestly one of the few things that actually made me happy. Having to stop watching the show was obviously a difficult decision but I couldn’t continue on after realizing what they were turning it into. I still drop by the destiel tag occasionally to check up on what’s going on though 😊

3. That’s all. Those are my 2 ships 🤣 Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to ship people together if I can’t see/feel that there’s something special between them 😅😅

Last Movie:

Deadpool 2! ❤

Currently Reading:

I wish I have time to reaaaad. I don’t even have time to wriiiiiteeee 😭

Food I’m Craving:


Tagging: (feel free to join in!) @rowenaaine @evyrob @endiness @kinsin1 @hgduffy @jerome-valeska-trash @futuristicmagnificenthologram @helpthebeatles @nameless-sovereign

thank you @wabbitwrites

rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better

top 3 ships;

- Johnlock: it was the first ship i ever truly loved and supported, it also helped convince young homophobic me, that it was okay to be gay and what not [ i live in a very religious household, so i was taught very conservatively]

- Spirk: i know it’s sounds dumb, but i saw something en validating their relationship and it convinced me to watch Star Trek which is now one of my favorite shows and made me fall in love with science and space

- Loki/happiness: i’m just tired of seeing the poor emo kid being sad. he thinks his brother doesn’t love him, his father was just- i can’t even. he was mind controlled to try and take over midgard, and just overall i want the overdramatic emo baby to be happy :<

last movie;

i’m watching Horton Hears a Who with my sister while i’m filling this out, so…

currently reading;

- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

- Timekeeper by Tara Sim

food i’m craving;

i’m more craving the vibe of a croissant rather than the actual food if that makes sense


@swe3t-meg4n @aceacademia @dumbpuppymlm @angelicmlm @jamisjustanothermanic @desi-dark-academia @darkmacademia @dreams-like-honey @sappylittlebitch

I was tagged by @nameless-sovereign ty 💓

Rules: tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Top 3 Ships:

- Noam & Dara from The Feverwake Series

- Achilles & Patroclus

- Jackie & Hyde from That 70s Show (I wanted to say Stefan and Elena from The Vampire Diaries but I have very strong opinions on how only the first 3 seasons of that show are good and don’t want to get into that rn)

- I know it’s only supposed to be 3 but I have to mention The Heroes of Olympus so any ship from there :)

Last Movie I Watched: Fire Walk With Me

Currently Reading: The Song of Achilles

Food I’m Craving: Sushi

Tags: @wedarkacademia @cafeandliterature @ladykalila @gracelessnight @desi-dark-academia @jupiteronic @genterie @novatarotastro @venusscancer

thank you for the tag @sappylittlebitch 🥺🥺

RULES: tag 9 people you want to get to know better!

TOP 3 SHIPS (gah i have so many but. here’s three)

— achilles and patroclus, the song of achilles

— adam and ronan, the raven cycle

— klance, voltron

— solangelo. percabeth. and p much all ships from pjo. i lied it’s more than three ships


— all the bright places


— the guinevere deception, kiersten white


— japanese food in general, and chicken rice

TAGS (if you’d like to do it!)

@hyuari @reznikxvs @latingansey @juneacademic @theoblongboy @dark-sappho @the-stars-and-moons @thehistory @elfhamestars

Thank you for the tag @gracelessnight

Top Three Ships:

  • Ghanith, Skulduggery Pleasant
  • Catradora, She-ra and the Princesses of Power
  • Narlie, Heartstopper

Last Movie I Watched:

  • Night at the Museum (2006)

Currently Reading:

  • Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer by Derek Landy
  • Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
  • Boulevard Wren and Other Stories by Blindboy Boatclub

Food I’m Craving:

  • Right this second I’d love a bowl of cereal haha

I’d prefer not to tag anyone at the moment but thank you this was fun!

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“…the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”

-Walt Whitman

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On May 25, 2020, George Floyd was slowly and mercilessly killed by 4 Minneapolis police officers while being videotaped by concerned citizens begging them to stop. Floyd was surrounded and brutally dealt with by the police as Derek Chauvin’s knee pinned down his throat. Floyd kept screaming “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” but they didn’t listen. He then became unresponsive but was continually choked until his nose began to bleed, and his lifeless body was shoved into a stretcher and into the back of an ambulance.

The officers involved have been fired and the FBI has been called to investigate. But we must do our part to ensure that George Floyd receives the justice he deserves. Please sign these petitions addressed to the FBI, The President, The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, The Minneapolis Police Department, & DA Mike Freeman. An email on your behalf will be sent to all of the above. The lawyer representing Floyd’s family, civil rights attorney Ben Crump, urges us to call DA Mike Freeman (612-348-5550) and tell him to arrest and charge these officers for the Murder of George Floyd, I encourage you to do so.


if you cannot sign without american postal codes, feel free to use these:

90015 - Los Angeles, California
10001 - New York City, New York
75001 - Dallas, Texas


TEXT “FLOYD” TO 55156!


If you want to be educated and informed more, refer to the official page for #BlackLivesMatter:

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dark-sappho·4 days agoAnswer

What books would you recommend to read?

I’ve been thinking about this ask.

As I said in a previous answer I’m rereading Skulduggery Pleasant at the moment, because it was my favourite series as a teenager.

I think right now I would recommend that people visit their old favourites. Any books that always make you laugh, or comfort you, or make you feel at home reading them. Familiarity and predictability are things I believe we all need right now.

(I’m sorry that this doesn’t quite answer your ask, but I haven’t been reading any new books at the moment that I could recommend.)

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Dead poets society🖋for the dark academia asks

Do you prefer poetry or prose? Do you get along with your parents? Do you resist authority or do you deal well with it?

I love both but I think I prefer poetry.

Fortunately I do get along quite well with both of my parents.

I definitely don’t resist authority. I’m far too anxious to try haha

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If you could take only one of these keys which would you choose?

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