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Would also be really annoying if they wore heat resistant gloves to throw back the hot tear gas canisters and if this got shared to all those protesting…

Would be a further shame if people started covering cameras (as seen in Hong Kong, with protestors using poles and rakes to lift cardboard boxes over security cameras), blinding drone optics with laser pointers, and flooding police-run reporting apps with junk data.

It would be a shame if the protesters noted that plainclothes cops can be identified a number of ways, such as wearing steel-toed boots; an armband or wristband of a particular color; driving white, black, or dark blue cars with concealed lights; or having the outline of cuffs visible in the back pocket or the bumps of an armor vest’s shoulder straps under their shirt.

It would be a shame if the protesters began making their signs out of inch-thick plywood to stop rubber bullets, forming a tight shield wall to prevent police from singling out and mobbing individual protesters. It would be a shame if the people behind the shield wall held up umbrellas so that tear gas canisters fired over the heads of the front line will be bounced away. It would be a shame if protesters began constructing improvised armor vests out of duct tape, hardback books, and ceramic tiles.

It would be a shame if protesters started wearing safety glasses, hard hats, respirators, and gardening gloves, all of which can be found at the same hardware stores as the plywood. It would be a shame if they started using traffic cones (the kind without the hole in the top) upside-down buckets, or other improvised lids to contain tear gas by placing them over the canisters.

It would be a shame if protesters learned that police scanners are legal to own in the US, allowing them to learn where police are moving and what routes they intend to take. It would be a shame if they discovered that these scanners can be used to send as well as receive, allowing them to flood the scanner frequencies with noise.

All this would be a terrible, terrible shame.

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davidmann95·2 days agoAnswer

I’m in the mood to tear some shit up. I feel incredibly pissed off at the way things are right now. What are some Superman stories that channel that feeling of rage? I don’t want any sickly super-saint stories where Supes advocates turning the other cheek or that shit.

Grant Morrison’s Action Comics, while on one level being about his start as the Golden Age social crusading bruiser and his evolution to something ‘more’, is also a loop where the story still ends with him fighting a piece of shit suit who thinks he can buy the world. The first arc of Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder’s chunk of Truth, while probably not entirely what you’re looking for since it slips in juuuuuust enough metaphor and faux-ambiguity to wiggle through editorial, is overtly a Superman vs. Cops comic. And plenty of stuff from the 30s.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Best Superman writer that is: A) Not Straight, B) Not White C)Not Male D) None of the three (This is asking for four different answers, if that wasn't clear)

A. Steve Orlando did an issue with him in Supergirl that was A+, plus a pair of fun stories in the Walmart giants.

B. Either Greg Pak or Gene Yang; hard to make that comparison, when Yang got the chance to do a big standalone Superman opus for his definitive statement on the character, and Pak very much did not.

C. Gail Simone.

D. To my knowledge this has never happened.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

So how would Superman handle a protest/riot in Metropolis?

The tough thing about Superman these days is I can’t really justify him not engaging with these sorts of things as “letting humanity determine its own destiny” so much as “he’s rightfully concerned that if he oversteps then every country in the world is going to launch Kryptonite nukes at Metropolis”; thinking he should use his power to decide how the world should be run is lightyears from physically joining the fight against police brutality, but to those with their fingers on the buttons, probably not so much. I think he reports as Clark, he saves people quietly as Superman, and he only visibly intervenes if unquestionably necessary, after which - not wanting to toe the line but having to make the best of what the situation had become - he’d defuse as much as he could while presumably making perfectly clear he was on the side of the protesters.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Thoughts on Greg Pak's post Doomed "Horror in Smallville" storyline? It's probably the only other time the character's had a full on horror story besides Moore's Swamp Thing one shot and has a radically different version of the Ultra Humanite that was dropped almost immediately for the classic gorilla version

Just reread it for this, and better than I remembered! The reinvention of the Ultra Humanite is a shockingly lazy ‘homage’ - “well, this is our version of the first thing Clark ever fought, so let’s call it that!” - and like a lot of that run it’s working with filler art, but Pak and Kuder’s take on Superman slots into horror easily, and it digs into his fears and limitations in a really engaging way. Not an all-timer, but definitely worth a read.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Thoughts on Luthor as a "self-made" billionaire, given that there's no such thing?

It never fully occured to me before reading this that there’s always a big shining “PART OF HOW HE CAME TO POWER WAS BY WORKING WITH ORGANIZED CRIME, THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW HE’S EVIL” neon sign in recountings of how he built his wealth, as if him owning half of Metropolis isn’t itself a warning sign regarding the nature of his wealth. Of course, then you’ve gotta reopen the “but what about Batman” box all over again; on the one hand we also roll with that guy having child soldiers, and he and his parents before him were beneficiaries of an inheritance who are trying to do the best they can with it rather than having stepped on backs to get to the top themselves, but surface level he is also a billionaire with fingers in every pie in his city. So given that and DC wanting to appear at least somewhat palatable to all sides, I can see how it would avoid flat-out using Luthor’s money as itself a sign of his moral weakness. Regardless, that he thinks of his global empire employing thousands as solely *his* accomplishment is a perfect character note, even if the stories have never properly dived into that.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Is every problem with Modern Superman because of how they trying to turn him into Spider-Man?

Not ‘every’ by a long shot, not even most, but it’s in the mix.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Why is Zod’s current chest insignia a Z?? Kal-El bears his family crest, a symbol for “hope”, that happens to look like our S, while Zod, for some reason, bears his last name’s initial from an Earth alphabet. What?

Because it looks like a Z.

I’m in favor of Superman’s s-shield as being a Kryptonian symbol (and of course having meaning in that regard in line with what he’s all about), because in-universe if you’re trying to come up with a character-driven rationale for it, that guy wouldn’t put an ‘s’ for ‘Superman’ logo on his chest. But it’s still really s for Superman. So now Zod wears a z for Zod, and presumably one day someone’ll explain that it means One Who Makes His Enemies Kneel Before Him or something in Kryptonese. That’s fine, we’re into weird hyper-blunt metaphors in the first place here.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Superman is now going to be a cinematic vagabond. Woe is us. Drat the accursed Snyder

Among all the speculation of movies Henry Cavill might pop up in - and true, Dwayne Johnson sure seems to be playing up the idea of them coming to blows in Black Adam - I just last night realized that it’s weird people aren’t talking about New Gods in that regard. DuVernay and King are still working on that, it’s early enough in production that things can easily be changed, and that’s the story Superman is actually a part of. Not that I’d want them to be ordered to rewrite the whole thing around him, but totally give him a little spot, and maybe a larger role in any potential sequels. 

Also, include a scene where he sticks out like a sore thumb in his dumb rubber muscle-chest outfit on New Genesis, so the New Gods hand him some modified traditional clothing, and that’s how you fix his costume.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

How would Superman/Batman comfort someone (maybe a cop or soldier, maybe a fellow vigilante) whose big source of guilt is that they couldn't kill someone when it came down to crunchtime?

That no matter how things turned out, lacking a killing instinct isn’t something to be ashamed of.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

It's been argued that the reason that Batman is such a popular character because he's very flexible and there are many ways to interpret the character. You can have gritty Batman, noir Batman, campy Batman, etc. It's also been said that the reason that Superman is not as popular, is because he is much more inflexible as a character. What do you think ? Is Superman an inherently inflexible character ?

Disagreed. He’s probably somewhat less tonally flexible than Batman, but thematically and narratively I think his horizons stretch much farther.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

What supervillain would you want as your best friend? No tricks, they're 100% sincere, but otherwise their personality stays the same.

If for some inconceivable reason he wanted to be my best friend, maybe The Shade? That guy’s chill even pre-reformation, and no doubt a great conversationalist. Alternatively MODOK, because then my best friend would be MODOK.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Let's pretend that the WB isn't full of shit and engage with the idea - that DC Film is an avenue for directors to depict their own varying, "visionary" interpretations of these characters - in good faith. Who are THREE creatives that you would be most interested in seeing do their singular, standalone stories? What characters do you think would benefit most from this format? Superman, yes - but, also: in general and for everyone else.

Not the biggest movie buff, but if any were interested I’d love to see what the Wachowskis or Chad Stahelski could do, and since Del Toro’s former passion project in Justice League Dark is off the table, maybe Denis Villeneuve? And basically any DC hero would benefit from that freedom, but I particularly think any Flash movie should be totally bizarre.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Can Superman see Wonder Woman's invisible jet with his super-vision?

Presumably not - it’s not detectable by radar, meaning all kinds of light pass through it rather than just the visible spectrum, and even if he could somehow see such a thing if it were created by normal technology, the jet is magical.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

What is the best Civil War comic and why is it Time Runs Out by Hickman?

That, because it’s the good one.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Hey man quick question: what superman stories (shows, movies, comics) are you using to get through quarantine? Which ones are most uplifting to you?

Surprisingly haven’t read a ton of Superman lately, even as he always remains on my mind. Recently reread Up In The Sky and Smashes The Klan though, both of which are great.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

John Byrne seems like one of those guys who throws everything else away because it’s not his own vision, is that true?

That’s basically his entire career/driving force as a human being, yes.

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davidmann95·4 days agoAnswer

Hot take: Rogol Zaar is better than Doomsday, because he was just a springboard for a bigger story about Superman, Jor El and Galactic Civilization screwing things up rather than being the "real" main baddie.


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