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welcome to my blog! i'm lock, and i write exclusively for yandere. commissions are open! i'm still open to suggestions/requests.

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ddarker-dreams·14 hours agoAnswer
Darling : oh boy i missed naples! Hopefully now i can enjoy this cafe in peace! Giorno who just happened to be sitting there: Il vento d'oro time mark 3:45


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ddarker-dreams·2 days agoAnswer
"ur brave for wearing shigaraki’s musty clothes..." I'm washing that nasty bitches clothes whether he likes it or not.

you can try but he’s not gonna have any laundry supplies whatsoever. so unless you whip out some amish knowledge of washing laundry before detergent and washing machines his musty jackets will remain

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ddarker-dreams·2 days agoAnswer
Hey, do you have recommendation to blogs about hxh that you read?

Yup! These are hxh writing blogs that I really like and admire :D

- @ddarker-dreams

- @degenerate-yandere 💕💕

- @trashscenariihxh

- @izabo-san (her writing scares me with how good it is)

- @its-ya-boi-chrollo

- @evilzoldyck (they only posted the uvo thing but thats enough to warrant a follow imo)

- @needygirl17 (requests are open!)

- @agent-cupcake (has some very good works on hxh but has moved on from the fandom so don’t pester her for new hxh related content)

And in non-hxh and non-yandere related news also follow @ingeninyoom for sfw bnha hc’s OR @creepy-carrion if you’re into creepypasta

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ddarker-dreams·3 days agoAnswer
you're my favorite blog!! i check your blog daily to see if you posted something new! you capture everyone you write so amazingly and i crave your writing even when I'm reading proper books lol it's so much better than a lot of things i've read


oh my gosh this is so so sweet ; v;;; thank you so much bb, it really makes me happy to know that!! i’m working on a commission right now so headcanons and responding to asks is a bit slower, but thank you for supporting me even when i’m not posting as much!! <33 

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ddarker-dreams·3 days agoAnswer
Headcanon of Shigaraki and Dabi catching darling wearing their jacket/shirt because it was cold in the house.

ur brave for wearing shigaraki’s musty clothes…


  • Shigaraki wears the same two dark jackets, and he definitely blasts the AC all the time. It’s normal for you to feel cold in Shigaraki’s residence, wherever it is at the time. He doesn’t really provide you with an extensive wardrobe to deal with the chill either. So finally fed up with constantly shaking, you help yourself to a jacket that had been flung onto the floor.
  • It smells like him, with a mix of being a bit stale. It’s not that bad, you decide, finally feeling warm enough to go back to your game. You get so into it that you fail to notice Shigaraki slinking back into the room. In fact, you didn’t even notice him staring at you for a few minutes before he decided to speak up.
  • “That’s my jacket.”
  • With a squeak you look up from your switch, seeing an expression on Shigaraki’s face that could only be compared to a predator staring at its prey. Did you upset him? Frowning, you open your mouth to apologize, but never get the chance.
  • He wraps his arms around you in an uncomfortable, stifling hug. Your switch is all but forgotten as your face erupts into a blush. Shigaraki’s burst of affection is unexpected to say the least, he was more of the type to sit by you and stare. 
  • Wanting to be polite, you ask if he wants it back. He thinks about it, before deciding he’ll allow you to wear it a bit longer. The concept of his scent being on you, almost marking you in a way… pleases him greatly. Who would’ve thought? 


  • Getting adjusted to your lifestyle with Dabi has been full of twists and turns, temperature being one of them. It almost makes sense to an extent, that someone with a fire quirk would constantly feel warm. But does he really need to blast the AC all the time? He seems to think so, and doesn’t care much for your complaints. 
  • All you get in response when you complain to him about it being too cold is a suggestive look, accompanied with a flirtatious response. “I can think of plenty of ways to warm you up, babe.” 
  • Given the options, freezing doesn’t suddenly seem so bad. But an idea finally pops into your head. Disappearing into your shared bedroom, you stumble across one of Dabi’s torn jackets. It’s a bit breezy at first but it’s better than nothing. It has a faint scent of ash and smoke, but it’s to be expected.
  • When you reemerge with your new outfit, Dabi looks you up and down with a lazy smile. He compliments your new getup, before adding that it would look even better on the floor. You retort by saying that would go against the whole point of being warm. 
  • You’re in for quite the night. He won’t stop commenting on it, or trying to convince you to take it off for him. Hypothermia grows more inviting by the moment… 
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ddarker-dreams·3 days agoAnswer
Hi can i request Giorno's reaction when he found his darling after years of their escape? Like s/o think he has probably lose interest now so they're safe to go back to Naples. Rejected + desperate yandere is my weakness man 😔🤟


  • For you to have escape Giorno when he has all of Italy in the palm of his hand is an impressive to say the least. It would’ve required careful planning, bribes, and even illegal deeds. No one is racing to betray the Don of Passione – anyone who helped you is undoubtedly killed by Giorno after you escape. 
  • Your heart yearns for home. Although Naples was where a lot of misfortune to befell of you, there’s no place like home. You miss the sounds, the scents, the food. The life that you were accustomed to. It’s been years, surely it must be safe to return… right? 
  • You plan in advance. Fake name, fake identification, just in case. All the anxiety about returning home all but melts away as you get off the train, luggage following suit. It feels nostalgic in the best of ways, reminding you of a time before your nightmare. Maybe you can move on, maybe things will be like they used to be.
  • It’s daring, you have to admit. But your favorite cafe has been a craving of yours throughout the years. Just a short little visit. There’s no way Giorno is keeping an eye out for you anymore. It’s just how you remember, the door squeaking as it always used to. The small chimes that play when you enter, the fresh scent of baked goods hitting your nose. Closing your eyes, a smile appears on your face at the familiar area.
  • That’s when you freeze. Vision growing blurry, heart rapidly beating. In front of you is Giorno Giovanna in the flesh – similar to how you remember him. His legs crossed, a cup of what’s undoubtedly a mocha cappuccino in one hand, purple suit without wrinkle. His eyes widen immediately, mouth gaping at the sight of you.
  • This isn’t real life is it? This is just too cruel, the fate you’ve been subjected to. Before you can even turn around, he’s behind you, hand pressed firmly on your shoulder. You gulp, tears prickling the corner of your eyes. Tongue suddenly dry and devoid of ability to move, you realize you can’t even will yourself to scream.
  • “Don’t try anything,” Giorno’s voice is breathy, unsteady in a way you’ve never heard. “You’ll regret it.” 
  • Breathing has never been so difficult. You turn around, being prompted to follow him back to his table. His former shock is hidden behind a carefully portrayed facade, but you know he’s still reeling behind it all. Giorno stares at you, blinking to make sure he’s seeing correctly.
  • “There’s a lot to discuss.” 
  • Giorno questions you with cold, pointed words. Asking where you’ve been, what you were thinking. He heaps guilt over you in droves, snapping at you to look at him when your gaze falters to your lap. He tells you the painful fates that became of the people who assisted you, how they suffered until the very end.
  • Finally, he grows silent. You don’t know what to do, what to even anticipate anymore. Would he kill you? Torture you as he did the people who helped you? Or worse, would you return to the confined life from before? You don’t know, and you feel like Giorno doesn’t even know himself.
  • He takes a deep breath, Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows. Reaching out across the table, your body goes numb as he grabs a hold of your hand. You’re shaking, you know that much. But is there a slight waver in his own grip? No, you must’ve imagined it. He’s staring at you again, unblinking. 
  • The pad of his thumb rubs circles into your shaking hand, much to your surprise. Giorno has never shown so much emotion to you, as subtle as it is even now. You’re certain now that he’s shaking. Not as much as you, but a comparable amount. But he suddenly pulls back, clearing his throat to steady himself once more.
  • “I’m sure you could already guess this much… but we’ll be going back home together now.”  
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ddarker-dreams·4 days agoAnswer
E-darling can get away with literally anything besides having a crush on someone else, huh.

e darling had me laughing hjrtegomrk its really accurate for online darling though

and yea, basically anything that shigaraki would kill someone for is excused since he’s head over heels for online friend. it’s taking him some time to get used to that still 

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ddarker-dreams·4 days agoText


A Commission by @moonlightreetops​ for a 3.5k Feitan x Reader

Hope you enjoy!

The assignment was simple.

Some guy had been offering outside contracts for drug and weapon trade routes outside of meteor city, interrupting the steady flow of business the wretched city had claimed for itself. While a bit too close to philanthropy to really excite the complete Troupe, they still had to interfere on behalf of their own origins.

Meteor City gave nothing, and would have nothing taken from it, and if the Phantom Troupe had to intervene now and again to keep it that way, so be it.

The location of the guy spreading the contracts was still unknown, but after a few days of reconnaissance, Feitan had found a lawyer that would certainly know. The hunter website spoke novels about his interference in the contracts, and no bigshot arms and drug dealer would sign a contract without knowing both the lawyer and the supplier, meaning that the lawyer knew exactly who was playing this game.

Finding him was easy enough, and that would have been the end of it, if Feitan hadn’t found the guy through an obituary. He probably faked his death if Feitan had to guess, but trailing paperwork wasn’t really an activity Feitan looked forward to, and there were always other ways to get more information.

Asking a few questions, for example.

Keep reading

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ddarker-dreams·5 days agoText


  • Chrollo will always bring with him an element of surprise. His encounters with you bring new possibilities every time, never one to fall into a familiar rhythm with. There are times where he’ll whisk you away to the name of some place you’ve never heard of, or he’ll bring you an exotic gift that’s one of a kind. You always look forward to seeing what he has in store for you. 
  • But he also has a more personal side, where he would rather tailor his gifts more to your specific liking. While surprising you with rare treasures of immeasurable value is always enjoyable, he also wants to show that he pays attention to your likes and interests. Which prompts him to offer you more personalized gifts that he knows you’ll use
  • One of the times he came to visit you, he prepared what he thought you might find to be a thoughtful gift. Since you use technology often he got you high quality noise canceling earphones, having it wrapped and placed on your shared bed for you to open.
  • When you find the gift you can’t help but feel excited and curious, wondering what could be inside. Anything from Chrollo would be valued in your eyes, knowing that he took the time to get it for you. He watches with a knowing smile as you unwrap your latest gift, carefully observing your reaction.
  • As usual you’re ecstatic for the gift he got you, thanking him profusely and giving him a hug. He never would admit it but there’s a warm, foreign feeling in his chest from your gracious words. Chrollo already figures this is how you’d react, but experiencing it is nicer than imagining it. 
  • Wanting to make sure that they fit you well, he prompts you to put them on for him. Chrollo’s guess for your size was correct, the style being one he would like to see you on you. Chrollo compliments your appearance, the sight of you in a gift sating his desire to mark you as his. H
  • Chrollo loves gifting you accessories or clothes that fit his specific aesthetic, typically neutral colors on the darker side. If your fashion sense is different than that he’ll still occasionally get you something that fits your style more, but he always has a soft spot for you wearing what he picks out.
  • His appreciation for how it looks on you may appear subtle at first, but he’s someone that has intent behind all of his actions. He’ll start by softly ghosting his hand over your skin, whispering a compliment into your ear from behind you. Goosebumps will line your skin as he does so, before he teasingly walks away like nothing happened. He wants to leave you full of longing, after all. 
  • The rest of the night goes on as it usually does, Chrollo settling down to read on your couch and you enjoying your new headphones. Had you been paying close attention you may have been able to pick up on how Chrollo’s eyes shift to you occasionally, his attention on his book waning as time goes on. Seeing you happily humming away and having fun really did something to him that he couldn’t put his finger on. 
  • It all has a pleasant, domestic feeling to him. While he never thought he’d be the type, he couldn’t help but think that even in quiet moments he enjoys your presence. His thoughts start to venture elsewhere, however, when he notices your sleeves had started slipping down. 
  • You were wearing one of his shirts, one that’s far too large for you. When he inquired about it in the past you bashfully murmured something about liking his scent. But seeing you in it now, your thighs revealed and bare, along with your collarbones… it was growing too tempting to resist any longer. He quietly shuts his book, thinking of what it is exactly he wants to do. 
  • It doesn’t take much for him to sneak up on you normally, being able to conceal his footsteps without any effort. But with your entire ability to hear being deprived it makes it all the easier. Chrollo feigns going to get something elsewhere in your place, so you don’t think much of his disappearance.
  • When he comes back he sneaks up on you, watching you listen to your music entirely oblivious to his nefarious intent. Chrollo scoops you up with ease, an amused chuckle leaving his lips at the surprise noise you let out from his sudden action. Before you can nudge your earphones off, Chrollo stops your actions with a shake of his head.
  • Confused but not willing to disobey, you follow with what he’s silently asking of you. He gently places you on your shared bed, drinking in your vulnerable position and flustered mannerisms. He pauses to allow you to settle, chastising you every time you attempt to take off your headphones. He makes it evident that they’re staying own throughout this. 
  • Sensory deprivation was never something you’ve done with Chrollo, you were unaware of his newfound interest in playing around with it. You still accept your fate, shivering at the thought of what Chrollo wants to do with you. 
  • He’s always teasing whenever you’re together, but this takes away a huge element of your control. All you’re capable of hearing is your own rapidly beating heart, your face warming as Chrollo crawls over to you. He gently presses you down, taking your lips in an eager kiss that grows more heated at times goes on.
  • His hands go to your shirt, fingers working to take it off without wasting anymore time. Once revealing your bare chest, Chrollo massages it with fervor you normally wouldn’t associate with him. All the while looking at you with a knowing smile, watching as you unravel in front of him.
  • Every aspect of your body has been memorized with a strict attention to detail. All of your preferences and reactions cataloged in his mind, allowing him to reduce you to a moaning state whenever he so desires. This time is no different, as he leans forward to mark the sensitive areas of your exposed skin.
  • Pulling back momentarily, he watches as you stare at him in confusion. Before activating his Hatsu, his book appearing in hand. There’s already a stolen ability he had in mind for whenever he wanted to do something like this, and he plans on using it to his advantage. You feel your wrists being pulled above your head, the sensation of rope materializing against your skin making you shiver.
  • “You can’t hear me, but,” Chrollo begins, watching with a pleased gleam in his eye as your arms are bound above your head. “It won’t cause you any harm. Although I doubt this was the intention behind this ability… It’ll still work.”
  • After taking another moment to drink in your appearance, Chrollo returns to his previous ministrations. Alternating between teasingly running his hands over your thigh, and brushing it over your core. He would comment about how wet you are for him, feeling as if you could tell what he was saying just from his lips.
  • Eventually he would give into your pleading whines to offer you more friction. He does take a while to soak in your moans of his name, always having enough patient to take his time. But when there are tears in the corner of your eyes he’ll finally give you what you want. If he was feeling crueler he would make you wait even longer, but you were too precious to constantly deny. 
  • It feels strange to not hear anything but your own heavy breathing and heartbeat. At the same time you can focus only on what Chrollo is doing to you, you’re incapable of thinking about anything but him and his touch. What felt uncomfortable at first isn’t all that bad, anxiety melting away into pleasure and lust. 
  • Chrollo always had an appreciation for watching your facial expressions. As embarrassing as it might feel, he’d stop his movements if you ever looked away for too long or closed your eyes. So you have no choice but to return his gaze or never experience release.
  • It feels so good, but every time you grind against Chrollo’s hands he slows down. Smiling at the whines you let out in response, you know he won’t let you come as fast as you want to. Chrollo’s patience is a blessing and a curse, but in these situations it always feels like a curse. He always slows down when you need him to go faster, taking in your needy actions. 
  • Eventually he removes his shirt, which is always a sight you love to see. It’s impossible to not stare at his defined chest. At least with these earphones on you don’t have to hear his relentless teasing of how much you must like him. As if you need to be reminded. 
  • After rubbing your clit for long enough, Chrollo notices your panties are soaked. He’s pleased to see you’re wearing a pair that he had bought you a while ago, a lacy black pair with floral accents. It’s one of his favorites to see against your skin. But while Chrollo loves how it looks, he’s more interested in what’s underneath. 
  • You can see his member straining against his own boxers, showing proof of what you did to him. He’s able to cover his reactions and control his facial expressions better than you, but from his touches getting rougher you know what he wants. He’s only human after all, he can’t hide all of his desire. 
  • For good measure, Chrollo slowly places his middle and pointer finger into you. Sharply inhaling at the new sensation inside of you, Chrollo eases his fingers in and out of you with ease. Seeing you’re ready enough for him, he removes his digits and expects them with amusement.
  • You see his lips moving but you don’t know what he’s saying. Eventually he cocks an eyebrow, before holding his fingers in front of your mouth. Holding your gaze he tells you to suck. Finally understanding what he was telling you, you hesitantly open your mouth; face on fire.
  • Chrollo is always pleased with your eager obedience, and he allows you to clean his fingers. He removes his fingers after a minute or so, a small pleased hum leaving his lips. He removes his boxers before lining himself at your entrance.
  • He bites his lip while entering you, taking in the sensation of you around him. Chrollo places a firm grip on your waist, and you can’t help but think of the bruises it would most likely leave later. Setting a steady pace, he leans forward to leave more marks against your neck.
  • Your own release feels so close, and by how Chrollo’s thrusts are getting sloppier you know he is as well. Low grunts leave his lips, eyes glazed over with lust at the sight of you. You look perfect to him like this, vulnerable and entirely submissive to him and his desires. Chrollo wants to give you a reward for being so good for him. 
  • He knows you well, his touches growing more fervent. Slipping his fingers to your clit, he sloppily rubs circles until you throw your head back with a needy whine. Meeting his every thrust with your hips, you finally feel the coil snap within you. Riding out your high, you see Chrollo chasing his own.
  • Feeling like a complete, tired mess, you look at Chrollo through your eyelashes. He pulls out of you, stroking himself a few more times; before cumming on your bare thigh with a low moan. He takes a moment to compose himself, before removing your restraints and taking your headphones off.
  • Chrollo can’t help but laugh at your current state, putting a stray strand of hair behind your ear with affection. You instinctively go to cover your chest, blushing, noting the soreness that’s already settling in. Gathering yourself for a moment, you watch as he dresses himself once more. 
  • “So I take it you liked your gift?”
  • “… Just a bit.”
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ddarker-dreams·8 days agoAnswer
which of your jjba yanderes would be the proudest of a hickey they were given and which would be the shyest?


  • He would live for you leaving marks on him. It’s an important sign to him that you’re finally coming around to return his eager affection, and he for one welcomes it with open arms. You leaving a hickey on came as a surprise at first, but he teased you about how much you must want him to mark him. 
  • Everyone should expect to see it on proud display until it fades away, and at that point he’ll ask you if you want to give him another one. Mista won’t just let you have all the fun though, for every mark you leave on his skin expect double on your own. 


  • It’s amusing to him in a way? It took you a long time to even manage to leave a faint mark on his skin, and he was flustering you throughout the entire ordeal. He wouldn’t care to cover it up since none of his underlings would dare so much as even stare at it, but he isn’t really showing off your work either. He would like it if you left it on his neck for the irony of it all.


  • He kinda just doesn’t care if anyone sees marks on him. Jotaro wouldn’t offer you much in terms of a comment after you finished leaving it on him, but if you know him well you could tell he was pleased about it. If anyone commented on your mark they should expect a frightening glare, but most people would feel too intimidated by Jotaro to even mention it. 


  • He would be blushing so hard throughout the entire ordeal. Eventually he might try and make a joke about it but it’d come out as more of a strained stutter. Josuke would find it too embarrassing to show off in public, but when you’re alone together you’d find him staring at the hickey you left in the mirror with a pleased expression. 


  • In the moment he’s all for you doing it, but he does have a professional reputation to keep in mind. Giorno would playfully chide you for what you did, intentionally covering it up when he goes in public. He doesn’t care to cover it in his own home though. If you were to point out to him that he could just heal it if he really wanted to, Giorno might pause to think about it before saying it has a certain appeal. 
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ddarker-dreams·10 days agoAnswer
What is Shigarakis favorite Pokémon ?

shigaraki would probably like something like drifblim, and luxray. shigaraki and online darling shiny hunted in call for a few weeks when the latested pokémon came out.

but shigaraki ran out of poke balls after finally finding a shiny drifblim and now online darling won’t stop making fun of him for it. if anyone else did this they’d die tbh but online darling gets away with shit like that

he also names his starter after you!!

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ddarker-dreams·10 days agoText

hello, lock here!

i’ve been working on commissions so that’s why my uploads have been slower this week, but once they’re finished i think y’all will enjoy them!!

i hope that everyone has been staying safe, and please continue to take care of yourself during these times! it always helps me to read since it takes my mind off things, but do anything that works well for you.

we’ll make it through everything, even though it feels uncertain now. i love you all! ❤️❤️❤️

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ddarker-dreams·10 days agoAnswer
Hey, so I was thinking, would dabi ever take things too with his darling? Like would he ever do more than innapropriate jokes and touches? Or would he have some self control?


  • For Dabi, he’s all about getting you flustered. There’s a variety of ways he accomplishes this, most often with lecherous words or putting you in flustering situations. He always keeps a keen eye on your reactions, and uses that as a way to figure out how you feel about him. There’s only so much body language a person can hide after all. It’s a method he uses to test if you’re ever pretending to like him back.
  • He’s very touchy feely in general, he likes starting off his touches as seemingly innocent before his hands go further. But it’s more so that he gets a kick out of your reaction, or wants to see what you’ll do or say in return.
  • Dabi ultimately wants for you to give into him and his desires, and has varying amounts of patience waiting for you to do so. For him, it’s an issue of pride. He wants you to see how much easier it’d be to just give in, and how good he’d make you feel. So he would love to hear you begging for him, which gives him self control for the time being.
  • Dabi still has urges of his own, and if he really can’t contain himself he’ll go relieve himself elsewhere. You’ll hear distant murmurs of your name, as he doesn’t really care much if you hear. If he senses you listening for a while he’ll invite you to come join him.
  • Honestly he would use various things to bribe you. Sitting on his lap could earn you a game you want, stuff like that. He’d prefer if you did it of your free will but in the mean time will offer mini “rewards” for things he’d like to see you do. He means it when he says he treats you better than he treats anyone else, whether you believe him or not.
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ddarker-dreams·10 days agoAnswer
Just imagine how sweet Narancia would be with a s/o who’s as clingy as he is! Someone to treat him like the prince he is and to give him all the kisses and cuddles he could ever want! Or would it ward him off?

narancia would sell his soul for a darling like this


  • It took Narancia a while for him to get used to this constant stream of affection. He’s the type of guy who can give lots of love easily without feeling any sense of shame, but receiving it from his darling is a different story. He’s always taken aback at the start of your relationship, still in disbelief someone as cute as you likes him.
  • It’s a good thing you do though! You avoided a lot of potential pain because of your affection for Narancia. He always gets blushy whenever you go to hug him, stiffening at the contact before returning it in full. After a few months of your relationship he’s able to get used to it though, but the feelings it causes within remain as strong as ever.
  • Narancia would get really mushy if you ever complimented him and his intelligence in some way. It’s an aspect of himself that he’s been insecure about, even if he can hide it well. If you say an idea of his is good or that you trust his insight, he’ll think about it for literal days on end.
  • You can cuddle him for a while, but eventually he gets antsy and wants to walk around with you while holding hands or something. It’s not that he dislikes cuddling, it’s just that being around you makes his heart pound so fast he’s unable to relax. Being around you gives him energy!
  • Narancia would love you holding his hands the most, or clinging to his arm. There’s just something about it that he finds really precious, and he’ll grin at you and let you know how cute he finds you.
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ddarker-dreams·11 days agoAnswer
Hello may I ask who are your favorite jjba characters?

giorno is definitely my favorite !!

but following close after would be bucciarati, mista, narancia, josuke, rohan, and jotaro!

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ddarker-dreams·11 days agoAnswer
hello i rly like ur writing. ur giorno? fantastic

thank you so much!!

giorno actually feels pretty tricky to write for, i rewrote so many of his sentences to get it where i thought it should be gkskfkdkgksk

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ddarker-dreams·11 days agoAnswer
Holy moly that new giorno fic was so good djjdjdj thank you writing it and thanks whoever commissioned it

AAA thank you!!!

giorno is my favorite jjba character so i really wanted to do him justice!! c: i’m glad that you liked it!!

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