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Criminal Minds: Spencer Reid MBTI
Tumblr media
Warning: Spoilers
I know he initially gives off INTP vibes but I find he's quite affected by other people
He tries to put himself in the shoes of the Unsub and he realizes that to some extent, everyone shares certain feelings and dark thoughts and that can scare him at times
Once he experienced being a victim, it was really difficult NOT to feel what other victims might have been feeling
I believe his inferior Se creates a desire to escape who he is or how he feels at times and I think it is what caused him to want to use Dilaudid even after his traumatic experience because he liked how it helped him escape and ease his pain
He's able to sense when something is wrong with others and will usually do something about it. He'll ask them what's wrong and maybe try to reveal part of himself in order to gain their trust.
When he isnt able to save someone from themselves, he feels personally responsible. He feels that if he was really there for them and thus they didnt feel alone, they wouldn't have done a bad thing.
He sometimes trusts an unsub when everyone else sees them as a danger. He doesn't talk rudely to them and down to the last second he tries to think like them and appeal to them and talk them down to prevent casualties, even of the "bad guys"
When stressed, he may try to reinvent himself or push people away by acting like he doesnt care or by drawing attention to their faults instead of his own
Avoids conflict: he solely took care of his mother up until he was 18 but the guilt he felt over sending her away keeps him from ever visiting her even years later, but he still cares about her enough to write her daily but just can't build up the courage to see her in person.
Is driven by a sense of duty and loyalty
Finds comfort in facts and knowledge which is why he states off statistics and knows a lot about literature, culture, religion, etc.
He wants to do his best and enjoys a challenge - ex. continuously trying to beat Gideon at chess
When his intuition tells him something is off, he can at times get tunnel vision and only accept the truth which has to feel right for him in order for him to accept - and a lot of the times his initial hunch is right but ofc sometimes it isn't.
Although he may seem to lack social skills, he feels deeply and may not know how to help people so he tries to comfort them with facts that comfort him. He doesn't always know what to say to people which is why he tries to get them to open up to him because he's a good listener. INFJ's can be very attune to people's feelings but that doesnt always translate into knowing what to say which is why many are better at the spoken word - likely also why he writes his mother instead of talking to her in person.
He tries to look for the best in people and sometimes that can lead to him putting them up on a pedestal and when they don't live up to their image, he feels betrayed because his idea and internal world is shattered.
He tries his best to look composed and not show emotion but unlike Hotch for example, those who know him, know that in reality he's quite sensitive and craves acceptance. He isn't that hard to read.
Regardless of unwittingly being an open books at times, he still keeps a lot of his life to himself - maybe even without realizing it.
It's hard for him to keep quiet about his passions. Although he's a quiet person, when it comes to things hes interested in and has knowledge in, he could go on for hours which can surprise and impress people who underestimated him.
Although he's very knowledgeable and strives to do his best work, he isn't arrogant or competitive. He wants to be his personal best and strives to feel useful to the team. He feels like his only good point and all people talk to him for is his brain and knowledge. Deep down he feels like maybe people wouldn't like him without it so he tries his best to keep up appearances and maintain himself useful. He doesn't try to be the best in order to bring people down or gain notoriety or climb the social or work ladder - which is why he doesnt even introduce himself as a doctor and wonders why Gideon does, because that title isn't important to him. He doesnt weigh success based on money or career but rather on the difference he can make in the world.
Hes always learning and searching for answers in hopes that it will help him not only learn about and understand himself but other people as well.
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The Golden Girls MBTI
Dorothy - ENTJ
Tumblr media
Sophia - ENTP
Tumblr media
Rose - ISFJ
Tumblr media
Blanche - ESFP
Tumblr media
Who was your favourite Golden Girl? :)
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Who to Criticize and Who to Affirm
A guide to answering the question “What do you think?”
ENFJ: Always affirm. They want to hear that whatever they created is the best thing since sliced bread. Criticism is met with aggression. Suggestions are hit or miss.
ENFP: Affirm. They don’t need it as much as ENFJs, but they still want the confidence of knowing that their work is good. Offer minor suggestions if any.
ENTJ: Start with affirming. Then you can also move on to point out things they could do better, and they will value your feedback.
ENTP: Say exactly what you think, and be clear about it. They’re likely to take your words very seriously.
ESFJ: Affirmations are appreciated, but you should also be honest. As long as you go along with their excuses (ex: “I got no sleep last night”), you’re fine.
ESFP: The shorter you make your feedback, the better. “I think you could add more in the second paragraph, but otherwise it looks good.”
ESTJ: Honest feedback. As long as you explain your thought process, they will not be offended by it.
ESTP: Affirm more than you would think to; their egos are like pufferfish. Like ESFPs, keep criticism short.
INFJ: Play it safe and affirm. This is especially true if they’re worried about their words/writing offending someone and they need to make sure it isn’t.
INFP: Be honest, but not too harsh. If you have criticisms, it helps to explain your thought process so they fully understand what you mean.
INTJ: Give real, honest feedback. They don’t really care about affirmations and wouldn’t ask if they didn’t want to genuinely know how they’re doing.
INTP: Stick with affirm if they seem uncertain, because INTPs doubt everything, or if not try to start a discussion about what they are doing well or could do better.
ISFJ: Point out specific corrections and be direct but kind. Affirmations aren’t entirely necessary but always appreciated.
ISFP: Be honest and briefly explain things. If they’ve already decided on something, don’t expect to change their mind. It also helps to end on a positive note.
ISTJ: Keep criticisms minimal and gauge their reaction. They already know more or less which things you’re supposed to point out, and so if they don’t agree, stop.
ISTP: Be honest and to the point. They don’t need sugar coating, but know that they feed off of people telling them they’re talented.
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Tumblr media
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How we use all 8 mbti functions
Si: starting to reminisce about an experience you had with someone until you realize they don’t remember it at all
Se: starting a sentence and then having no idea where you were going with it
Fe: smiling and waving at someone and they don’t wave back
Fi: bumping into inanimate objects and then apologizing quickly
Ne: repeating “what?” way too many times because you CANNOT understand what the other person is saying
Ni: accidentally saying something really heavy during a light conversation
Te: not realizing someone was trying to be nice to you and dismissing them
Ti: trying to talk to someone about your obscure interests and then seeing them give you the “uhh that’s weird” look
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Actual text from ENFJ:
You have to be careful! There is a lot of misinformation out there. They told me it would be safe to go the grocery store wearing a face mask and gloves. They lied everybody else had clothes.
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When someone tells you you're using too much logic
Tumblr media
Well maybe cuz I ain't dumb-
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Me, INFJ: I keep taking IQ tests online instead of doing my homework which I think proves that I'm dumb :))
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When people "correct you" you unnecessarily cuz they were the ones who misinterpreted what you were saying in the first place
Tumblr media
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How INTPs are Like Cats
-or at least comes off that way when really they actually secretly care
-quiet until excited about something like birds—cause oh wow theres a rare kind outside the window and its call just sounds so interesting I need to get closer to study or catch it—
-invisible most of the time until they’re specifically sought after
-sleep during the day and ‘wakes up’ at night
-turbulent moods of accepting affection
-physical touch only allowed at certain times, otherwise they want to be left alone
-won’t be offended/deterred by many things cause they just don’t care
-very direct (will tell you when they want something—like food)
-pretty easy to care for (simple needs)
-not very outwardly emotional but shows love in subtle ways
-will kill for you
-loyal and loving even if it doesn’t seem like it every second
-likes trying to find different viewpoints (they like to climb and explore)
-observing and suspicious of everything
-independent and loves it
-concerned mostly with their own world
-strange little demons that people still can’t help but love and accept anyway
-content with stillness and quiet for hours
-will act in mysterious ways so sometimes you still don’t know what’s going on with them
-run and hide from conflict unless confident after testing the waters (watch a cat stand up to a much larger animal it’s hilarious)
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how to get an INTP to like you
jokes? puns? yes please
so long as you aren’t making them for attention–we haven’t got that much attention to give
appreciate our obscure references. You don’t have to actually understand, just smile like you do
feed us
be able to hold a conversation, and also sit with us in silence
periodically supply us with books referrals, useless facts, and random trivia
yes, we are often self-destructive, but don’t smother us with your protection. Let us walk into walls sometimes, it brings us back to reality
did I mention we like food
don’t call our ideas stupid or impractical, even if they are. Gently supply advice
if we finally fall asleep, do not awaken us. Do Not.
small doses of affection at first. We are affection-starved and have learned how to operate without it. INTP will rebel if showered with affection too soon
if we come to you, don’t shut us down. We’re Fe stupid, and will take it to heart and never approach you again
really we’re cats. Just treat us like you would a cat
we’ll probably even chase the red dot
inspire us, but don’t pressure us to do better
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The INFJ idol, everyone.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
even sehun wants to take care of jonginnie ♡ [trans]
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Tumblr media
Just INFJ Tingz
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Tell me why I overthink what other people say as if I've said them myself and feel the need to scrutinize it and think of what else could've been said and how other people perceive this other person and how it negatively effects either of them-
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Intuitives when left alone or disinterested in their environment for too long
My fave: "Would the spaceship also need a helmet?"
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Tumblr media
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Me @all the INTP's:
Tumblr media
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