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Genderqueer/non-binary celebrities

Amandla Stenberg: non-binary actress and singer (The Hate U Give, The Hunger Games) [she/her; they/them]

Ezra Miller: genderqueer actor (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Justice League) [prefers he/him but is comfortable with all pronouns]

Chella Man: genderqueer YouTuber, actor & model (Titans) [he/him]

Brigette Lundy-Paine: non-binary actor (Atypical, The Glass Castle) [they/them]

Angel Haze: agender rapper & singer (Battle Cry, Cleaning out my Closet) [she/her; he/him]

Indya Moore: non-binary actor & model (Pose, Queen & Slim) [they/them]

Ruby Rose: genderfluid actress, model, talk show host, DJane (Batwoman, OitnB) [she/her]

Asia Kate Dillon: non-binary actor (Billions, OitnB) [they/them]

Quintessa Swindell: non-binary actor (Trinkets, Euphoria) [they, them]

Jonathan Van Ness: non-binary television personality, podcaster & hairdresser (Queer Eye) [prefers he/him but is also okay with they/them & she/her]

Feel free to add other celebrities or to correct me if I’ve got something wrong!

Lachlan Watson: Nonbinary actor (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) [they/them]

Liv Hewson: Nonbinary actor (Santa Clarita Diet, Let It Snow) [they/them]

Bex Taylor-Klaus: Nonbinary actor and voice actor [Voltron, Scream]

sam smith (they/them) - singer

gerard way (he/they) - member of mcr

dorian electra (they/them) - singer

sonicfox (they/them) - esports player

Rebecca Sugar! (they/them she/her) - Cartoon show-runner: “Steven Universe”

Jacob Tobia - non-binary voice actor (they/them) played Double Trouble on She-Ra!

Jay Harper- andro/gender-fluid actor and singer (they/them but comfortable with he/him and she/her), jayisjo (@jayhoward_official on twitter), performer in ‘Ultimate Storytime’

Karin Dreijer (Xe): non-binary/genderfluid, queer, Swedish singer/musician/songwriter and co-founder of the Knife. Also has solo project called Fever Ray (which is very queer). Feverray on Instagram and @feverray on Twitter.

Andrea Gibson (they/them): Non-binary slam poet and activist

Janelle Monae: (Hasn’t specified pronouns yet) Singer, songwriter, artist and actor

Literally lost this post and had to scroll way the fuck back down my dash to find it again and rb because I’m going to cry over it. Yes I know, I cry over everything these days, fuck off. I literally just started halfway coming out to people in my real life this week and this shit is fucking validating.

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i love that one old timey 1910s trans dude who has a tiny wikipedia page for himself that he earned entirely due to him starting fights in bars and being the city’s hottest casanova

i mightve remembered it wrong but it still feels like half of this page is “I’m A Man For Fucks Sake” and the other half is “That Motherfucker Is In Jail Again And Also Bit A Cop”

oh my GOD this is the best list

“ “[DEADNAME] Again" “ 

Like this glorious jerk got arrested so many times that was literally ALL THEY HAD TO WRITE IN THE PAPER

He was a vagrant street kid and Seattle girls were all over this guy, to the point where it caused a moral panic. There’s a famous anecdote about a women proclaiming her love in Denny Park and then trying to shoot herself, but most of these reports were falsely worded in a way that suggest his female admirers were “upset about being deceived” when really they were upset that he was wooing other women, or trying to get his attention by being as extra as possible.

What you also should know is that back in the day “seduction” was a literal crime that could put you in prison (unless you married the woman you seduced) but since he wasn’t cis they couldn’t really CHARGE HIM with anything. Legend.

I especially like “Seattle Woman Appears in Men’s Clothes Because She Says Her Features Make it Possible.”  I can’t imagine anything but someone going “Hey!  You can’t dress like that!” and him responding “Oh yes I can.  You see, I look very good.”

I want a TV show about him

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Another popular one, especially in wealthier families, was that your son would “move to Europe,” and then a few months later your “niece” would move into town and live in his old bedroom.

Trans isn’t new. We just have to know how to look for it in history.

Just as a reminder: the reason we don’t see a lot of trans history is because it was actively erased. Literally.

Germany had a thriving LGBTQ community in the early 20th century, before the Nazis came around. Germans, specifically Magus Hirshfeld, literally coined the term “transsexual” and performed the first modern SRS in the 1920’s. Then the Nazis came and sent them all to camps and burned their books. One of the first major Nazi book burnings was the library of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft. We were purposefully erased from history.

We’ve always existed, and the people that oppose our existence need to know who they’re in company with.

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Assigned Corporeal At Birth


just overheard a little girl ask her father if I am a boy or a girl and all he said was “some people have bodies”

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My fav trans writer just made this on her Twitter so I thought I’d share.

The major unlock for me was realizing that wanting to be a girl was a symptom of being a girl.

Me realizing I was trans was me going “Wow. I wish I was transgender., I’d like to be a girl.” for MONTHS (this was when I started seriously questioning) till one day I was wishing I was trans and then I was just like:


I remember when I was like 13 I read something about trans people in an informative way for the first time and in the span of about three seconds I was just like “oh. That’s a thing. That makes a whole lot of sense.”

Ever since I could comprehend what a girl was I wanted to be one
Thought it was normal

These comments are so pure and sweet I had to reblog!

“wanting to be a girl was a symptom of being a girl” this was a huge stumbling block for me. I learned of the existence of trans ppl in my late teens, but always seen it framed as ‘they ARE [gender]’. But I thought I only WANTED to be a girl (which I didn’t realize wasn’t normal. Who wouldn’t, right?) It wasn’t until 6 or 7 years later that I figured out I was trans too… But that’s why posts like this are important to me, hopefully some trans ppl who haven’t realized it yet see them, and realize that this could apply to them. Cause while we are our gender, when you’re figuring it out; it feels less sure, cause the whole world is trying to tell you otherwise.

This is so important, and helped my own trans kid *so much* to figure out what she wanted.

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okay but this is the canes whole twitter brand and i’m here for it:


This is simply the best thing I’ve ever seen from an NHL Brand Twitter Account™️

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When Everyone Stays Home: Empty Public Spaces During Coronavirus | Via

In cities and regions hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis, quarantine measures and self-isolation efforts have left many public spaces deserted. Classrooms, plazas, malls, sports venues, cafes, houses of worship, and tourist destinations appear eerily empty as people stay home, cancel plans, and await further news.

These are historical photos

The Zwinger (Dresden) photo by my Ma. Usually this is crowded as hell. I didnt even recognize it at first when she send me the pic. It looks wrong without people

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