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delaneydiaries·2 hours agoAnswer

Are there strengths/good things that come with having Neptune in 2nd house and Uranus in 2nd because all I see on tumblr are the negative side of having this placement.

There are strengths in every placement!

These placements

  • Use their money to make a difference, probably donate to causes they care about or wish they could if they had more money
  • Very likely to be wealthy
  • Their spirituality and creativity can help them attain material wealth
  • Does not view material things as important as most other people
  • Very independent in terms of money and possessions, does not rely on others for those things
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delaneydiaries·3 hours agoAnswer

I love your blog so much! Could you please do an air sign Venus chart? :)

Just posted it!

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delaneydiaries·4 hours agoAnswer

Could you bless us with a moodboard/ aesthetic featuring the air Venus’s? Like the earth Venus post. Please and thank you

Gemini Venus

talkative, curious, noncommittal

Libra Venus

Dynamic, charming, balanced

Aquarius Venus

eclectic, aloof, cool

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delaneydiaries·a day agoAnswer

jupiter trine mars culture?

🏆having luck when they take risks

🏆assertive but not intimidating

🏆keeps to themselves and stays out of drama

🏆ambitious and optimistic about their goals, definitely likely to be successful in all that they do

🏆making great leaders

🏆9/10 getting what they want

🏆having amplified passion, energy, and sex drive

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delaneydiaries·a day agoText


6 Mindfulness Tips✨🦋🌞

1. Gratitude

2. Eating

3. Cleaning

4. Mindful Dressing

5. Cooking

6. Mindful Walking

*[artwork & credit: @amycharlette on Insta]

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delaneydiaries·a day agoAnswer

Hii, I love your header and the warm calm oakly vibe of your blog :3 do you think you could make an aesthetic/moodboard of the earth venuses? Thank you very much and have a good day 🥺💖🌷✨🌿✨☘️

Thank you!💋

Taurus Venus

sensual, loyal, possessive lovers

Virgo Venus

reserved, analytical, controlling lovers

Capricorn Venus

traditional, cautious, mature lovers

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delaneydiaries·a day agoAnswer

Hi:) can you please do a Pisces sun ,libra moon culture for me ❤️

🙌🏻can come off extremely aloof but they just feel so much that they shut down

🙌🏻the pisces absorbs the emotions of others and the Libra moon wants to make everyone happy and keep the peace. This can cause them to become swallowed emotionally and become overwhelmed

🙌🏻conversely, they can be manipulative and victimize themselves

🙌🏻tendency to get caught up in a lot of drama, but they have good intentions

🙌🏻getting stuck in a fantasy land they created for themselves instead of facing reality

🙌🏻can make amazing mental health / social workers if they can learn to find a healthy outlet for the emotional baggage they will get placed on them

🙌🏻life is centered around love, beauty, creativity, dreams, and spirituality, which means they’ll spend a lot of time in their own heads

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delaneydiaries·2 days agoAnswer

Venus in 3H?

🖋having recognizable voices

🖋people are drawn to them by the way they speak

🖋can easily swoon over someone just by the way they talk to them and for the the things they say

🖋speaking beautifully and poetically, makes for a great poet or a singer/songwriter. Musically inclined in general

🖋loves to read and write, probably a book worm and/or has a journal they write in all the time

🖋needs mental stimulation in love

🖋may get scatterbrained when they’re in love

🖋very flirtatious and likes to give compliments

🖋great at mediating and settling arguments

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delaneydiaries·2 days agoAnswer

Hello again! Could you do an aesthetic moodboard for the earth and water signs as what twilight character they'd be? I'm thinking more towards the books than movies tho (also thanks for answering my ask!)

Taurus x Edward Cullen

stubborn, protective, sensual

Cancer x Carlisle Cullen

compassionate, emotionally aware, family-oriented

Virgo x Bella Swan

reserved, worrisome, practical

Scorpio x Aro

mysterious, calculating, intuitive

Capricorn x Rosalie Hale

status-oriented, cold, reliable

Pisces x Alice Cullen

psychic, loving, empathetic

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delaneydiaries·2 days agoAnswer

Retrograde in the birth chart & how it effects each planet.

Retrogrades shake up, block and/or internalize the effects of the planet it’s happening to, but it’s apparently for a karmic reason. The retrogrades in the natal chart show us where our biggest lessons will occur.

Mercury: struggles with communication, may be anxious regularly, may be shy or reserved, and may second guess their ability to learn. Will think, speak and learn a little differently than others. Has to learn how to communicate effectively, to not read too much into the things that other people say, and to trust their intelligence.

Venus: struggles with relationships, may be emotionally cold towards others, and may struggle with feeling attractive. Will love and flirt differently than others. Has to learn to not fear relationships or sabotage their relationships with others. Trust your ability to love.

Mars: struggles with aggression and sexuality, may be unable to stick up for themselves the way they should, and may struggle with bursts of anger. Will be passionate about and desire things that are out of the ordinary and may be into taboo sex. Has to learn how to healthily express their anger and sexuality, how to be assertive when needed, and how to have self-control.

Jupiter: struggles with their beliefs and faith and may be pessimistic. Will have different beliefs and morals than others. Has to learn to trust other people a little more and stop being a skeptic, to see the positive side of things, and to worry less.

Saturn: struggles with discipline, may be prone to making poor decisions, may internalize their fears more than usual. Will function and handle their responsibilities different than others. Has to learn how to be organized and structured, to understand their fears and not let them control their lives, and to not feel guilty or insecure over their mistakes.

Uranus: struggles with major changes and with showing their quirks, may be self-centered, and may be stubborn and rigid in their routine. Will express themselves and socialize differently than others. Has to learn to let go of strict expectations, to set their true selves free from the cage they’ve put it in, and to be more selfless.

Neptune: struggles with spirituality and imagination, may be too straight-laced, and may have trouble getting inspired. Will be have different dreams and aspirations than others. Has to learn how to let go of their reservations, to get in touch with their spiritual side, and to not be afraid to reach for the stars.

Pluto: struggles with power and control, may be easily taken advantage of or manipulated, and may be prone to self-sabotage. Will be transformed differently than others. Has to learn how to place themselves on a pedastal and take the reigns to their lives back, to be assertive when people have ulterior motives, and to not doubt their skills and talents.

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delaneydiaries·2 days agoText

Zodiac Elements + Seasons

I noticed that each element only has signs in three of the seasons, which means that they are missing out on one of them and most likely missing out/ need to work on what that season has to offer. The seasons are part of a natural cycle and each one represents an important part of that cycle.

Fire signs are missing Winter

winter represents introspection and hibernation. Fire signs may feel uneasy in winter because of this. They need to learn to slow down and look within themselves to figure themselves out and what they want/ need out of life. They feel uncomfortable when they’re not active or when they’re in situations where they’re forced to sit and think, but that’s actually what they need. Fire signs need to take the time to be by themselves and not always out socializing. Time alone is so important.

Earth signs are missing the fall

Autumn represents gratitude and change. Earth signs may feel uneasy during this season. They need to take the time to count their blessings and stop wanting “more more more”. Earth signs are tied to their earthly possessions and need to let them go. They need to be thankful for what they have and see the beauty in minimalism. Earth signs also need to be more open to change. They are the most susceptible to stagnancy and letting comfortability hold them back. They need to embrace changes so they can grow!

Air signs are missing summer

Summer represents youth, Romance, and warmth. Air signs may feel uneasy during this season. They need to learn to relax and have fun, open their hearts to other people and not be so closed off emotionally. Air signs have a tendency to be restless and sometimes cold. It’s okay to relax and let their guard down, it’s good for them!

Water signs are missing spring

Spring represents renewal, joy, and productivity. Water signs may feel uneasy during this season. They need to stop feeling negative emotions and let themselves feel the happiness they deserve. Water signs can get too far in their feelings and end up despondent or depressed. They need to start a new project, get up and moving, and practice positive self-talk. It’s okay to be emotional, but it’s not okay to let emotions run your life. Just like earth they’re prone to becoming slaves to the comfort zone. It’s time to break free from it!

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delaneydiaries·3 days agoAnswer

Your aesthetics are always so unique❤Love it🌟🌟Can you pls make Mercury in aspect to Neptune with dark academia vibes??😭😍

Thanks so much! ❤️ I just posted it :)

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delaneydiaries·3 days agoAnswer

Best mars sign match for each venus sign, & why?

Venus is the passive, lovey dovey one and mars is the initiator and aggressor. So I feel like the best mars match for Venus is one sign away and the opposite sign, because they compliment them well. For instance, a cancer Venus will be more shy and reserved so they’d need someone more outgoing like a Gemini or Leo to take initiative and/or a cap Venus to offer what they lack.

Aries Venus: Pisces, Taurus, Libra Mars

Taurus Venus: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio Mars

Gemini Venus: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius Mars

Cancer Venus: Gemini, Leo, Capricorn Mars

Leo Venus: Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius Mars

Virgo Venus: Leo, Libra, Pisces Mars

Libra Venus: Virgo, Scorpio, Aries Mars

Scorpio Venus: Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus Mars

Sagittarius Venus: Scorpio, Capricorn, Gemini Mars

Capricorn Venus: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Cancer Mars

Aquarius Venus: Capricorn, Pisces, Leo Mars

Pisces Venus: Aquarius, Aries, Virgo Mars

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