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I promise it’s not all Black Butler... I just have a weirdly obsessive relationship with the series. I write for a lot of other series as well so check it out! Please ask me about my OCs!—Requests are OPEN! (See current pinned post for details)—Tags: DBStupidity - Anything that isn’t related to writing and/or personal. Self Reblog Wednesday- I don’t think I need to describe this one.—If you RB one of my fics I’ll love you forever. The wedding is next Saturday.

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In order to prove that I am not dead, I offer you one (1) line from a WIP. It’s cool af and I am proud!

The smell of blood and death was an acquired taste.

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When Blood is Spilt, Water May Suffice (ao3 link)


E Carter, orphaned before their first birthday, lives a fairly normal life with their aunt Amanda. Besides seeing men and women fly over the rooftops.


When a young child is saved and brought to the Reaper Realm temporarily, they begin to see those who shouldn’t be seen.


Or! The fic where the Reapers all collectively adopt a child. Next chapter up either later tonight or tomorrow, I hope you enjoy! ~<3

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Alright I’ve finally organised my thoughts into coherent she texted so the ranting, headcanoning, and rambling may begin. This is gonna be pretttty long. So!

Reapers and Demons in Kuroshitsuji, a theory/headcanon/AU/Rant:

In Kuro, we are introduced to 9 Reapers:

  1. Grell Sutcliffe
  2. Ronald Knox
  3. William Spears
  4. Alan Humpries (I think Kuromyu 2 and 2.5 can be considered canonical due to the following panel)
  5. Eric Slingby (see above.)
  6. Othello
  7. 136649 (Undertaker)
  8. Zasha
  9. Ludger
a manga panel depictinf both Eric and Alan. Alan is dead (or unconsious) in Eric's arms with his scythe (a saw) at his side. Alan and the scythe are both covered in blood.

Now, what do we know about the Reapers? Well,

  • All Reapers were once humans who committed suicide
  • All Reapers have phosphorescent, yellow/green eyes
  • All Reapers have bad eyesight and require glasses (with the exception of UT, though he is still unable to see clearly. He just uses other senses.)
  • Reapers have enhanced agility, endurance, and technology.
  • All Reapers have a Death Scythe that they can customise if given permission (It can cut through any material, except another Death Scythe)
  • They need food, water, and sleep to survive. They can likely get drunk and do drugs as well if Ronald’s character song can be interpreted as canon (unlikely but I’ll take it)
  • Collect souls to review and store them
  • They are forbidden from interfering with humans. They must remain neutral between humans and gods

This last one is what got my tiny little goblin mind thinking. And not very many things can do that.

“You [Grell], who should have stayed neutral between God and humans…”

- Sebastian (Chapter 9: Page 9)

Sebastian mentions God(s), possibly plural because this is Japanese and there is no singular/plural differentiation.

What God(s)? Is there a third supernatural being in this universe? Well, let’s look at the other one, besides Reapers.


There is only 1 demon confided in canon (I refuse to acknowledge season 2, no matter how much I love Hannah and the Triplets). We do not know very much about demons, but here’s what I have. Some of these are assumptions based on Sebastian (and Claude unfortunately):

  • A demon’s eyes change into a pinkish-red colour when using their powers
  • Demons have enhanced speed, strength, and perception
  • They do not need to eat, drink, or sleep. Though the last one is recreational.
  • Steal/kill for souls to eat them
  • Can interfere with mortal lives by forming contracts.

Demons and Reapers are seen as opposing forces in canon multiple times, think about Will’s reaction to seeing Sebastian at the circus, there is obvious distrust and hatred between the two. However, what if the real opposition to demon’s is the third supernatural being from earlier.

Demon and Reaper eyes

Both of the above species have a strange eye colour that represents their character. Now, if you compare the colours

Indulge this photography nerd for a second if you will. Both clearly are supposed to add to the inhuman effect but why yellow-green and pink-red. It could be a random choice by Yana (I know the Reaper eyes are supposed to be the phosphorus in a corpse and everything. Please stay with me)

Well, while these 2 colours seem random at first, take a look at a colour wheel. I found this one online and Will link it at the end.

I admit the colours I chose are not exact, the green should be more vibrant and the pink more reddish. However, the point still sticks. Pinkish-red and yellow-green are related, as long as blue is there to make a Triadic effect.

Now, back to the third supernatural creature from before


The idea of god usually represents some all-powerful supernatural force. But, what if they were just another supernatural creature instead. More specifically, the leader of the third species mentioned previously. We know not all Reapers are equal due to the mention of ‘Higher-ups’ throughout the series. Sebastian is also not the only one of his kind (Reaper academy teaches how to kill Demons in general. Not just the one that hangs around London alleys with a child and only sleeps for the fun of it). So, it is likely that the Demons also have a head of some sort. From now on I will call this unknown character the Devil just for convenience sake.

So, if there is the ‘Higher-ups’ and ‘the Devil’ then the third party would likely also have a leader of some sort. God. God would oversee their workers, The Devil oversees the Demons, and the Higher-Ups oversee the Reapers.


Angels….certainly are an idea in Kuro. Angela and Ash come to mind immediately but they belong to the fan fiction that is the anime so take it with a grain of salt. Angels in season 1 are also kind of, you know, evil assholes. So when I say Angels I’m not talking about them. In this increasingly bizarre idea I’ve created, Angels are God’s little worker bees. They are responsible for creating life while Demons end it and Reapers sort out everything in-between. Here’s some thoughts!

  • Some were Reaper’s that we’re redeemed and others were originally human
  • They have blue eyes (see above.)
  • They have encreased perception, speed, and strength
  • Do not require food, water, or sleep. Though the first two are recreational
  • Responsible for creating souls

And that’s all I’ve got that actually makes sense. What is this? I don’t really know. I wouldn’t call it a theory and it doesn’t feel like and AU so it’s just me screaming my thoughts to the wind for attention I guess. Everything below this is pure crack and just some stuff I wanted to say but couldn’t support.

If you’re looking for a real theory stop here. This is just some notes on the AU that I’ll never actually write.

Angels have perfect vision while Demons are blind and must rely on other enhances senses. Reapers are a mid ground between the two
A Reaper that is redeemed can either become and Angel or have their soul released. A Reaper that breaks too many rules will become a Demon with a choice
SPOILERS FOR A FIC IM WRITING! After having his soul redeemed Alan becomes an Angel. Meanwhile, Eric becomes a demon as a punishment.
Angels interfere with humans through blessings theyre similar to contracts but only available to the purist humans.
Reapers are humans who commited suicide, Demons are humans who commited murder, and Angels are humans who were killed or died too early in life.
Reapers and humans can both become any of the other 2-3. Angels can become Demons. Demons cannot become Angels.
There are more angels than reapers and there are more reapers than demons.
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Poisonous and Formless. Yet, Always Protecting (ao3 link)




Anon requested:

Can I request number 55 with either Soma and Agni or Sebastian and Claude from Kuroshitsuji, whichever fits the flower more? I really love the idea of writing fics based on the language of flowers so I’m excited to see what you post!

First off, I’m glad you like the idea and secondly, I went with Sebagni because, thirdly, the 55th flower is Amorpha.


Amorpha (aka Blue False Indigo, Indigo Weed, Rattleweed, etc.) symbolises

  • Deformation
  • Formlessness
  • Shapelessness
  • Some other ones that don’t really matter to the fic

It is known to have the power of protection and should be planted around a house for protection and worn as an amulet to protect spiritual helpers.

The body that had melted rig before his eyes to kill a dozen people instantly.

To protect him.

He showed something he had hidden from the beginning to protect him. Why?

I hope you enjoy. If you do/did please RB! Its the only way other people can see my work! Requests for the Fall Flower Fics are still open, see my pinned post for details ~<3

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