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deltamb3r·10 hours agoAnswer

I just wanted to say thank you for creating the Sanitized!Goggles comic. I really like your version of the idea and I'm excited to see what you do with it in the future. I also find your Brainwashed!Goggles AU to be really interesting and unique. The way you changed Goggles' character is both heartbreaking and intriguing, I'm curious on how you'll go forward with it but I'm all for it. Again, thank you for creating these two AUs and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Awgh thank you so much ;-; ♥️

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deltamb3r·a day agoAnswer

How did the blue team and capn cuttlefish reacts of goggles being snaitized?

At first they were very scared on his suddenly appearence, of course they were worried about their friend but they’re like: “well, defeating the bad guy will make him normal again.”

But when they realize It couldn’t…

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deltamb3r·16 days agoAnswer

Another question i wanted to know....where is goggles after getting yelled by rider and before got sanitized because it seem like he at the final phase before getting captured

He was lost in the test facility, got captured, sanitized and his first order was to capture blue team before his battle with Rider.

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deltamb3r·16 days agoAnswer

Hey may i ask a question? Does the blue team blame rider for yelling at goggles which cuz him to get sanitized and why tartar sanitized goggles?

Good question.

Blue team don’t blame anyone for what happened to their teammate. They just consider it as an “unfair accident”.

But Rider, oh, he’s the one who really blames himself. He thinks they have all the right to hate him (even if they don’t)

But, still, we’re not at that part yet, I ain’t spoil everything.

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deltamb3r·18 days agoText

Man, I didn’t draw Code Lyoko doodles and stuff in like, forever.

This is a Code Lyoko AU where Xana is actually a human child who lived in a lab for a government’s project and was brutally abused by the staff (in both physical and mental way), growing up only with self care and an unnatural hatred for people.

In the series’ events, she’s 31, trapped in a 17 years old body, trapped into the lab’s digital world, while she controls a puppet-like virus left in the supercomputer to cause problems to the lyoko warriors.

She knows Franz Hopper and his wife very well, since she was under their protection and hate him for leaving her behind in that hell.

She’s no good with people, but she knows a lot of things.

In the AU Aelita discovers her terrible childhood and secret, so Xana, after a long time decides to give up and lock herself away until Aelita talks to her. They decides to make a deal. Aelita offered to free her, while Xana could have to help Aelita in finding her mother and father (who’s not dead).

With a lot of work for each other, Xana starts to trust her and her friends a little, while the rest of the gang starts to uneerstand her more as a human than a monster-like machine.

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deltamb3r·21 days agoText

New upcoming Hollow Knight work.

Edit: oh my God this is going to take forever…

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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

Soooooooo When do u plan to start the brainwashed goggles comic🧐

When I’ll finish the comic I’m currently doing.

Sequels and asks included.

But I’m pretty much busy these months. Being at home doesn’t mean I have all the time I want to draw.

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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

Are the shades on him hypno-shades or regular shades and its his brain that got rewritten or something like that

Yes, Brainwashed Goggles has hypno-shades, like everyone of his team except the leader.

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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

So for brainwashed goggles, was the whole brainwashing proccess painful? Does he even have any memories of his past?

No. It wasn’t painful. It gave him only a headace. And no, all of his memories have been rewritten.

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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

How do the other teams respond. ( like kings team and skulls team etc.)

They didn’t recognize Goggles at first, but when they did…

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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

Are you going to do a comic of brainwashed goggles

Yes :)

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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

Is your Brainwashed Goggles the final product of Sanitized Goggles, or just a different timeline? Sorry if this been asked already

Just another timeline.

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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

What’s the Brainwashed Goggles’ opinion on non-binary people?

“… They’re ok, I guess?

Why should I care about it, anyway? The only thing I care about is crushing anyone who stands in my way in battle.”


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deltamb3r·a month agoAnswer

Can you draw blue team seeing goggles brainwashed

Soon, friend.


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deltamb3r·2 months agoAnswer

Do Rider and Team Blue ever get Goggles’ out of his brainwashed state? Also let him curse.

Let’s wait for it in an upcoming comic, shall we?


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