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... ... Production Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Credits include: Raya & The Last Dragon, Frozen II, Trolls World Tour I love taking care of artistic teams and working in animation! Here are sketches I do to relax. ... ♦ Instagram ♦ Etsy Art Shop ♦ Website ♦ Inspiration Blog ♦ Photo Blog

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demi-chen·a month agoAnswer

Exactly how does one become a production coordinator? I graduated from CSULA with a bachelor in film, media, and television and would like to know more on how the animated positions work.

Hi there!

Oh how exciting! The entry level role for animation productions is Production Assistant, and from there you get promoted to be a coordinator. I actually talk about this in the latest podcast episode with Animation Happy Hour if you’d like more comprehensive info! :)

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demi-chen·2 months agoAnswer

Oh, of course! No pressure; I totally understand that COVID has complicated everything. I'll bookmark your shop for now and just check it out every few months. Take care!

Aww thank you so much!

Actually, I was able to check with my local print shop and they came through super speedily! So I now have a limited run of field mouse art prints available on my Etsy shop if you feel free to peruse! ❤️ Thanks again for your interest! 

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demi-chen·3 months agoPhoto

Raya & The Last Dragon

So thrilled to share this sneak peek at what we’ve been working so hard on here at Walt Disney Animation Studios!

I’ve been lucky to be a Production Coordinator on Character Assets, and soon, Lighting! This movie is looking gorgeous!

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demi-chen·4 months agoAnswer

Would you ever take commissions? Just wondering!

Aw, thanks so much, Anonymous! ❤️ I currently don’t take commissions due to my full schedule, but sending you lots of warm vibes and appreciation, your support and interest means a lot! 

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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demi-chen·4 months agoAnswer

Hi there. I was looking for some nokk drawings to buy from frozen 2 and came across your drawing of nokk and elsa and absolutely love it! I've got a nokk inspired craft room and was looking for something I could hang up. Do you sell your drawings at all?I iif so where? as I don't want to just take it and print it. Look forward to hearing from you 😊

Aw, thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Unfortunately, I do not have prints of that for sale since I should not sell Disney artwork, as it’s an infringement on their IP! 

For future reference, if you did want to purchase original art from me, I do have a stocked Etsy available here! :)

Thanks again for asking, so kind of you! 

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