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red & navy blue skies


summary: Just like everyone else, you’re curious as to who exactly the Spider-man is, but you’re more concerned to why your best friend keeps randomly disappearing.

pairing: sero hanta/ fem! reader

word count: 8.1k+ words

warnings: spiderman!au, stupid idiots pining, no seriously they’re stupid, kinda angsty, embarassing situations, a lot of star wars references, blood mention

a/n: i am insatiable. i haven’t written a full sero fic in like months and some of you are starting to call urselves sero love bots, and i’m here to defend my title and put my opponents in their place 😌 loosely based off of @adoringwords spider-man au but i kinda based mine off of homecoming.


“Kami,” you sighed as you took a seat in your class, the buzzing of students ringing through your ears but did not stop you from noticing the one student who wasn’t there. “Where did Sero go?”

You knew the answer, but it was almost like tradition for you to ask every time he decided to go missing. 

“O-Oh, um,” Kaminari scratched the back of his neck. “He has to get called out for his internship thing again. You know how it is.”

Of course you knew he was going to say that, like he always did. But it didn’t stop your sneaking suspicion whenever Kaminari scratched the back of his neck, averted his eyes, or rocked his leg. All tell-tale signs of him lying, yet you could never prove that he was. 

Look, you didn’t mind that your friends had secrets with each other. They had some type of weird bro code that you never really understood, and never cared to understand. However, Sero and you have known each other since diapers, and were basically the definition of best friends. So the fact that Kaminari and Sero were blatantly keeping something away from you certainly didn’t settle the suspicion that rose in your stomach.

Or the hurt. After all, you were hopelessly pining over Sero Hanta. 

You expressed these feelings to Mina and Uraraka after class during your break, your sunken figure practically being dragged by the girls. Kaminari was always too busy making up late work, so you found yourself hanging out with them more and more.

“I just can’t understand what he’s trying to hide from me!” you groaned, rubbing your temple in annoyance while Uraraka soothed your shoulder. You nearly slam your locker on your head. “He never talks about his stupid internship yet he’s been so busy with it. He cancels our movie nights and study sessions last minute and swears it’s important. I-I don’t know if I did something wrong-“

“The only wrong thing that’s happening is how hungover you are over that loser,” Monoma, who just so happens to have a locker next to you, snorted. “But you could ditch him for me-“ 

You glared at him, and Monoma only shrugged in response, mumbling something along the lines of how it was your loss. 

“Maybe Monoma’s right,” Uraraka comforted you softly. “Not the loser part, but the fact that your so worried about him and he isn’t putting in the same effort.”

“Exactly,” Mina scoffed, crossing her arms. “He’s relying on you for classwork that he misses then leaves you sitting at the diner by yourself for an entire hour! I say give him a taste of his own medicine.”

Yikes. You internally cringed at the memory of you sitting by yourself at the diner insisting that he would show up soon, how embarrassed you felt when you walked out with hot tears. You weren’t even dating yet you still got stood up. 

“Walking out of that restaurant felt like a walk of shame,” you grumbled at the memory. “Then I just had to be nearly kidnapped. Good thing Spider-man-“

“The Spider-man!” Mina swooned, leaning against the locker. She pulled out her phone to get live footage of Spider-man fighting a couple of baddies, and you seriously didn’t believe that there was actually a Spider-man Live website. “I would kill to have him sweep me off my feet like that. I can’t believe you actually got to meet him in person!”

The idea of superheroes was a concept so foreign no one believed it to be true, until it slapped society right in the face. It started when the Avengers saved New York, and then suddenly people with superhuman abilities decided to pop up all across the globe. Even your own city got their own friendly neighborhood hero, Spider-man. 

Now, Spider-man was not like other superheroes. He obviously wasn’t government sanctioned, judging by the way his earlier suit consisted of a hoodie and red ski-mask. But he was relatable and funny and badass all wrapped up into one crime-fighting web slinging machine. He was so concerned for the common people that it was hard not to be pulled towards him.

“Yeah, after I almost got murdered. It’s not like we actually met. He didn’t even talk,” you laughed, remembering how awkward it was after Spider-man beat up your assaulter. “I said thank you and he kind of just stood there before running away. It’s like he knew me or something.”

“Do you think he’s hot?” Uraraka asked curiously. “Like, maybe he’s around our age-“

“Or maybe he’s an old man,” you shuddered your nose at the thought. “Or maybe he’s some type of secret government robot-“

“Can you please not ruin our fantasy?” Mina narrowed her eyes at you before flicking your forehead. Rubbing the spot, you whined in pain. 

Uraraka and Mina laughed at your pouting face, as you swore that you would get them back for it. As the passing bell rang, you walked side by side with them to your next class, conversations of Sero and Spider-man dwindling out.

You didn’t notice the irony of how maybe the people you were talking about were one in the same.

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denqis·4 hours agoText

HISTORY — a kirishima eijirou social media au

synopsis: y/n and kirishima have been friends since kindergarten up until their last year of middle school. unfortunate events started piling up and their strained relationship ended in a catastrophe.

warnings: mentions of drugs, depression, suicidal thoughts and death


part three < part four > part five (tba!)

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Bro-trip to return the heart of te fiti anyone?!

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denqis·17 hours agoAnswer
LMAO ok!! What about Kami, Kiri, Baku + Hanta and how they would react when someone walks in on them doing something “intimate” with their s/o?

hoOOOO SHIEEEET, it’s currently one am, who needs sleep when you can write THIS!!

warnings: nsfw, smut, 18+!!!!

kaminari denki

- he had told you time and time again that wednesdays were for the bros but you just needed him that time

- it all started pretty innocent, a make out

- but when he led you to his bed and stared down at you he forgot about everything else

- he started undressing you, his lips not leaving yours once

- you practically ripped the clothes from his body, leaving both of you in your undergarments only

- his hands explored your body and when he was about to release his length from its confinement

- “fuck babe, i want you so bad.”

- you were about to respond when

- “what… denki i thought today’s bro day!”

- sero stood there, dumbfounded and pouty

- he didn’t even care that he had just busted the two of you

- if anything he enjoyed the little show

- denki will rip his blanket from underneath you and quickly cover you with it

- he’d grow so red, body still positioned in front of yours

- nobody but him was allowed to see like this

- “sero bro, i’m sorry dude! give me a few and then we can get to it.”

- “just sort your boner out first, i really don’t wanna see it any longer.”

- thank god it was “just” sero

- if it had been anyone else denki would’ve short circuited immediately

- you didn’t dare to continue, so you just left with a kiss

- “maybe thursday’s are gonna be our day from now on?”

- he’s so embarrased oh nooooo

kirishima eijirou

- okay so

- baby boy ALWAYS makes sure to lock the door and set the mood before even starting to initiate anything

- but today.. well today you were in your room and a boner happened to pop when you had a tickle fight

- “want me that bad?”

- you turned on the tv, making sure to turn the volume up by a lot

- he devours you, his mouth can do wonders

- you have your hands buried in his hair, moaning his name

- he’s eating you out so extremely well and you cum, screaming profanities and his name

- “you’re so hot angel, i’m the luckiest man in the world.”

- how can one look so soft and pure with your juices coating his chin

- “eiji, i need you to fuck me.”

- “and i need you to tone it down or i’ll not get any work done!”

- there she stood

- momo.

- oh no no no no no no

- kiri’s expression drops and he just blankly stares at her

- he can’t move, he’s absolutely mortified

- the mood? ruined.

- “i’ll never go to class again.”

- he’s scarred for life

- y'all only ever get it on in his room after that

hanta sero

- you pretty much fuck everywhere and anywhere

- he doesn’t have a sense of decency tbh

- like i stated before and will state again

- he’s into voyeur stuff

- you had sent him nasty pictures throughout the whole day

- he’s had enough

- during lunch he stayed back and started groping you, shoving his tongue down your throat

- “you wanna be dirty?”

- he would’ve fucked you on a desk but neither of you had a condom

- so he opted for a blowjob

- you were crouching underneath his desk

- the only thing on him is a sly smirk

- “you’re so pretty like this.”

- you wanted to reply but his cock already filled your mouth

- you moaned around him and spluttered

- “oh, hey kami, forgot something?”

- you freeze and clench around him

- but he tugged on your hair and pushed you further down his length

- you choked, a lot and not quietly

- “bro what the fuck, is y/n really blowing you right now? you’re so disgusting.”

- he just shrugged and pointed down at you

- “wanna watch?”

- “no! you sick fuck.”

- you couldn’t look at denki for months after that

- “you’ve gotten even harder, babe. you really like this after all?”

- he just pushes you back down on his length and fucks your mouth vigorously

- “you’re amazing.”

- he came with a loud, long moan

- he didn’t even think about being quieter than usual

bakugou katsuki

- ok so

- i’ve read my fair share of bakugo smut and he apparently loves being loud and gets turned on by getting busted

- but… i don’t think i agree?

- for katsuki sex or any sexual act is something that requires a lot of trust and love

- it’s something so private and beautiful to him

- don’t get me wrong he’s feral in bed, but your body is for him to see and for him only

- your naked ass is in the air, as you wait for him to return from his shower

- you start growing impatient and start pumping a finger in and out of your core

- when you finally hear a door open and close you let out a dirty moan

- “i’ve been waiting for so long daddy, come and give me my reward.”

- “holy shit you’re not kacchan!”

- your heart drops

- you slowly turn around and lock eyes with deku

- he stared at your naked form and then scanned around the room

- “is kacchan-”

- he was cut off by a naked katsuki, cock standing strong and proud

- he takes a few seconds to grasp the situation

- his face looses all color and expression

- “deku…”

- the poor boy

- he just wanted to ask him about the homework and what he got was this

- not only that but..

- “tell me. right fucking now. why are you in here with my naked girlfriend and WHY ARE YOU HARD?!”

- deku’s about to faint and katsuki’s about to go off on him

- if it weren’t for you the green haired boy wouldn’t have seen the sun rise another day

- “suki, calm down.”

- deku had to promise to never tell anyone and never even look at you again

- the next morning you’re covered in hickeys

- he was raging and sex that night was… extreme.

- he almost kills deku in training again

- he’ll never let this die down tbh

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I put all the pictures in a gif !! kiribaku first kiss ~

this did something to me🥺

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Dabi (Touya) Todoroki, having been healed by Eri, being reversed before the moment he completely scorched his skin. He’s stopped dyeing his hair black, cut most of it out to try and get used to seeing red - get used not despising the sight of it. 

“You’re not him,” Shouto assures.

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sero is the pothead of class a and i will not be taking critisism. if u have seen his room u should know why i say this.

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A/N: This is part of a bnharem collab and you can read the rest of the pieces here.
Warnings: I’m calling this kink “thrill seeking” or “fear play.” As in, enjoying the risk of getting caught in the act. 18+, obviously. 
Word Count: 2.4k

»»————-      ⚜     ————-««

Having Kaminari Denki for a boyfriend was like a constant adventure. And often times, a horny adventure at that. You never knew what was going on inside that little blond head of his- and you weren’t really convinced he ever knew, either.

Some days, you would set out to play Pokemon Go and you would end up finding yourself in some vacant building or behind it, hooking up. Other days, he would say you were heading out to dinner, and you’d find yourself riding him in the front seat of his car – settling on just bringing take-out home.

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denqis·a day agoAnswer
hello!! i'm the 🦋 anon you matched with akaashi!! thank you so much, it made me smile and laugh a little (it was very on brand slkjdljk). thank you for taking your time to do this sort of thing for people, and stay safe

thank you! i’m glad you enjoyed it, x

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may i have a matchup for haikyuu? i’m a 5’3” girl and i have black medium length hair with red dyed highlights. i’m introverted to a fault, and can be shy even with ppl i’ve known for a very long time. i give off an aura of indifference since i’m rather level headed and stuck in my head, hardly aware of my surroundings. i dislike handling other’s emotions but i try to maintain harmony within a group nonetheless by offering a voice of reason. i have a strange but creative sense of humor (1/2)🌌

i match you with…

yamaguchi tadashi!

- shy baby club!

- you got to know each other during a group project

- he was so impressed by your ideas and determination

- dw about coming across cold or arrogant, he’s used to it

- he can snap you out of a slump or make you open up a little more

- he loves the advice you give him, especially because he tends to overthink and get super nervous

- i think it’d be pretty hard for him to read you, though

- he just kind of wants to protect you because you impressed him so much and he thinks there’s more to your introverted lifestyle

- he’s so good with befriending people so he’ll just tag along and annoy you until you give in

- you’d be the one confessing, tbh because he still can’t read you very well and doesn’t want to risk it

- your relationship would be very superficial at first, but he’s getting better at reading you

- you know so much and can just listen to you talk for hours and hours

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denqis·a day agoAnswer
Hey,can I please have a mha/hq matchup? I'm a straight girl,5'1,shoulder length black-brownish hair,dark brown eyes,and I wear comfy/casual clothing. I'm not very girly. I'm an introvert,loyal,quiet,and quiet. Kinda dark humor too,tbh. I like reading,music,writing,baking,and drawing. I get flustered easily,and I'm very emotional. I get talkative with people I'm close to,and I give pretty good advice. Thanks in advance,hope you have a wonderful day~

sorry matchups are closed.

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hi! could i possibly have haikyuu & bnha matchup? i'm a female, 5'4, INTJ & a libra. i'm super passionate about art, and i love to bake and cook! some things i love are animal crossing, scary movies, cute things, iced coffee and birds! i'm really shy around people i don't know well, but once i do get to know them i open up a lot and rarely ever stop talking & can be really sarcastic. i play field hockey & i love swimming as well! i mainly like just chilling at home, though.


i match you with…

akaashi keiji!

- the way to his heart is food

- you’re close with fukurodani’s managers so you just brought cookies once

- ever since then

- akaashi is very in love

- nobody knows, they don’t have to

- but when everyone was invited to kaori’s birthday and you brought 80% of the buffet akaashi almost left again

- he was overwhelmed, especially when you were forced to play spin the bottle and it landed on him

- you wanted to kiss him, you really really wanted to but you were too shy

- he just pecked your lips

- at the end of the night he held you back

- “want to watch a movie with me? i heard you like horror?”


- both of you gain a lot of weight once you’re in a relationship because you both love eating way too much

- he once gifted you an owl plushie and you almost cried


i match you with…

midoriya izuku!

- because you’re so shy around new people he can’t really get information on you and your quirk

- so one day he just comes to your room and is shocked

- your room is really cute and girly with bird plushies and he’s just really overwhelmed

- you’re really embarrassed but he assures you that it’s okay

- he’s so nice and respectful you just grew closer to him and more fond of him too

- you’ve had a major crush on him for the longest time when you and him were on for cooking duty

- you still don’t know what got into you that time

- but he was struggling with chopping veggies and you just put your hands on top of his and guided his hands

- he was so shocked and flustered

- his nose bumped yours and that’s when you realized how close you actually were to him

- you stared at him for what felt like minutes before both of you leaned in and started kissing

- let’s just say the meal was slightly burned but it was okay because you finally had deku

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Hi, could I req for a male haikyuu or bnha matchup? I’m a fem, quiet, patient, open-minded, dreamer, 5’3”, virgo INTP. I have straight/long/black hair w black eyes & a slim hourglass shape. I‘m v reserved and alw analyze my surroundings & ppl. W other ppl I’m v distant but caring. W ppl I’m comfortable w, I’m more engaging and bubbly. It’s hard to vocalize more deeper feelings or confront others. I like art/memes/exercising/nature. I crave physical intimacy but it’s hard to be initiative. ty!

i match you with…

kozume kenma!

- you’re shibayama’s best friend (he’s the cutest pls i love him)

- which is why you spend a lot of time with the team

- you’re the unofficial manager of nekoma tbh

- you always analyze different plays and strategies, helping them improve

- kenma is the brain on the team, you’re the brain off the team

- you often stay behind and talk about different attacks and how to prevent mistakes with him

- one day you’re so tired you just fall asleep in the gym and your head falls onto kenma’s shoulder

- he doesn’t know what to do oh no

- but his heart is racing and that’s when he knew he was in deep

- he wanted to call shibayama to pick you up but he also wanted to savor this

- he’s obsessed with your brain, he admires you so much and how you always stay objective

- after an important game you meet with the team but something is super weird

- kuroo has this weird smile on his face and shibayama kept giggling and smirking

- kenma had told kuroo about his feelings and he cannot keep his damn mouth shut so he told the whole team and shibayama confirmed that you felt the same

- so here you were, in front of kenma and didn’t know what to do

- “i like you…”

- the rest is history, you’re great for him

- you force him outside and he has opened up a bit more

- you’re the sweetest little babies🥺

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denqis·a day agoAnswer
Helloo~ saw your matchups were open, so here i am lol, haikyuu and/or bnha please. im 164 cm, male, pretty gay ngl, i like learning alot, especially about science or criminology, my friends have called me a cryptid, cause im kinda cursed and walk very quietly, so i scare people alot. Im quite sarcastic too, and like to make self deprecating jokes, or tease others, or i just make a "wendigos eat ass" joke, i also love puns lol. i hope this is good, im far too ranty for the 500 character limit lol


i match you with…

oikawa tooru!

- i feel like he’d listen to you nerd out

- but only if you listen to his rants about aliens

- both of you seem super talkative which helps you a lot with getting close

- but oikawa just is super confident and the laughing stock

- you’d definitely take advantage of that

- he’s just so easy to tease and wind up

- but when it comes to you putting yourself down even jokingly he’ll tell you to stop

- he doesn’t like it when you joke about yourself because it’s his job

- both of you are really freaking gay and everyone just thought of you as a couple before you even made it official

- you had to ask him out because he’s scared of rejection

- you two together balance each other out

- you love to sneak up on him to scare the shit out of him

- he hates it lmao

- he screams like a little girl and you always tease him about it


i match you with…

shinso hitoshi!

- he’s very much into scary shit

- i also feel like he binges true crime series on netflix

- you once saw him watching your favorite true crime show and just sat down next to him, scaring him a bit

- he was very confused why you’d randomly sit down next to him

- you can talk about criminology for ages it’s great

- you scare people he scares people, a match made in heaven

- you want to ask him out so bad but you don’t know if he’s gay or not

- so you just kinda snoop around, hoping to find out

- “you could’ve just asked me, you know?”

- this time he snuck up on you and scared you shitless

- he laughed so loudly you were shocked

- “wanna grab some food some time?”

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Hello, could i please get a mha/hq matchup? I'm a straight girl, 5'8, got shoulder length blonde hair and my style kinda matches the "wattpad bad boy" even tho I'm a girl. I like literature, music, singing, swimming, also psychology and science. I tend to be brutally honest, but i care a lot in my own way. I'm usually very closed off, hard to get close to, but I'd call myself very loyal and someone you can count on once you get closer to me. Thank you in advance and i hope you have a great day~


i match you with…

kuroo tetsurou!

- he likes his girls tall, you can’t change my mind about that

- so when he saw you at the school’s pool he was… intrigued

- he’s not ugly, he knows how to appeal to the people he’s into

- also super persuasive and honest

- just steps up to you and bluntly asks you out

- and holy fuck it’s kuroo tetsurou

- you’re very impressed by his guts to ask you out straight up

- you’re flustered and just nod

- your first date was… rocky

- you didn’t talk much, he realized that you’d probably be another case of kenma

- but since he’s competitive and doesn’t really take no for an answer

- he asked you out for a second date, surprisingly enough

- it was better, good even

- you talked a lot about science and you finally started opening up

- he loves that you’re straightforward

- you grow closer, eventually inseparable and he comes swimming with you one day

- first kiss while he pulls you out of the water?

- yes. (i needed my free! moment i’m sorry)


i match you with…

iida tenya!

- you initially bond over your academic interests

- he saw you reading a book he was very interested in in the library

- he asked you about it later and pressed you about it

- you didn’t think anything of it and just answered all of his questions

- the next day he asked you to join him and the others at lunch

- and then he asked you to just eat with him after a while

- “tenya you know that this is date you’re asking her out on, right?!”

- you overheard ochaco, she was probably more excited and nervous than he was

- great, now it would be awkward

- but it wasn’t! you talked without pause

- you almost missed class so he told you to hop on and he rushed to class

- he loves your height a lot tbh, he enjoys not having to look down too much

- you’d tiptoe around confessing and every time you or he’d try there be intrusion

- so one night when you were about to go in your room he ran after you and pushed you against a wall

- he finally confessed, leaving you speechless but very happy

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hi i've arrived to kindly rq a matchup for hq & free!🦦 i'm female, 175cm (5'9), straight! i'll split dye my hair soon and i almost exclusively wear black clothes. i have two minimalistic tattoos and a nose ring! personality wise, i have pretty bad rbf and i always speak my mind. i'm a perfectionist but never really follow through with my plans/ambitions. i get super nervous around new ppl/ppl i haven't seen for a while and i start stuttering, i'm witty and sarcastic and a great listener.

sorry this took me so long skljsdj that uni workload caught up to me,,, but here you go! free! matchup is just under the cut

so, for haikyuu!!, i choose… 


sawamura daichi! 

✧ i love him so much,,, i’ll do my best to stop this from turning into a daichi appreciation post but i make no promises,,, oh, and he’d adore you– 

✧ daichi’s got great people skills, and i think it’d be very easy to get to know him despite your nerves? he’s very patient and accommodating, so being around him would just be,,, easy. until you catch feelings, of course, and then you’ll be stuttering for a completely different reason dslkfdjs 

✧ he’s quite the hard worker himself, so to some degree he understands your tendency to be a perfectionist? i wouldn’t call him one himself, but he knows where that desire to succeed comes from, and he’ll be very supportive of you.  

✧ but, it means he’ll absolutely kick your ass into gear. he’s going to do his best to motivate you, because he doesn’t want to watch you waste your talents. and, he wants to see you flourish in your ambitions. yes, he will whip out his glare if necessary– 

✧ you’d have surprisingly good banter? i feel like daichi’s sense of humour can be a little dry sometimes, so he’d enjoy your wit and sarcasm. he usually has to take on the responsible role, so he enjoys being able to relax a bit when hes talking to you. 

✧ he’s a great listener! and he wants to make sure you feel heard! he’s observant, so he notices how you let other people rely on you like that, and he wants to make sure that you never get overwhelmed. and, it’s one of the ways he expresses his gratitude; sometimes, he has a lot to get off his chest, and he knows he can come to you. he sincerely hopes that you feel the same!

✧also, i love the visual contrast of you looking all cool with your nose ring and your (soon to be) split-dyed hair and daichi looking like he’s just walked out of church alkjdslj 

✧ you’re about the same height as him, but please let him be the big spoon, it’s all he wants,,, he likes feeling like he can protect you? curl up and cuddle into him and you’ll make him supremely happy kljddlkj

✧ i feel like you two would just be super comfortable in each other’s company? you can truly rely on and support each other, which daichi would appreciate quite deeply. bless you guys salksajd

other matches! 

✧ kozume kenma: he’s got a very different vibe from daichi, but i think you two would get along really well? i think he’d be easy to spend time with because he also gets nervous around new people, and that might balance out into mutual understanding? and i think he’d find your sarcasm pretty funny; he doesn’t outwardly laugh at much, but you might be able to get him to snicker every once in a while. the general gist is that i feel like you two could properly relax around one another, and that’s something kenma would take a lot of comfort in. 

tsukishima kei: you had him at ‘sarcastic’, tbh. he’d likely enjoy your company because of your wit (he likes clever people, after all), although he’s definitely doing to tease you for getting flustered so easily. he makes a bit of a hobby, to be honest. but, i think there’s room for an interesting dynamic between your perfectionism and his apathy; you two could have plenty of interesting discussions with one another, and i think it could incur growth in the both of you. i nearly changed him to be your main match, but daichi’s just,,, too powerful,,, 

and now, from free!, i match you with…

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↳ Once he’s decided something, you can’t stop him.

He looks so good and handsome rip me

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white lie ㅡ bakugou katsuki

warnings: body dysmorphia, depression, suicide, cursing. if you struggle with any of the above, please seek help or talk to someone, my dm’s are always open!

word count: 1442

it was dark, the room you were in just slightly flooded with the light from the hallway that shone through the crack between door and floor.

it wasn’t late, in fact, class had just ended an hour ago, but you felt drained and restless at the same time.

you got up from your bed, only to stare at yourself in the mirror, stomach churning at the view.

your thighs looked fat, your belly sticking out and your eyes enhanced by dark circles. you looked disgusting, despite trying your darnedest to look put together at all times.


a knock on your door, another one and a third one following fit.

you didn’t react, you couldn’t. you were too busy degrading every single detail of your existence, ripping yourself to shreds in front of the mirror.

“i’m coming in.”

the handle lowered and soon enough bakugo stood in the middle of your room, eyeing you.

“are you ignoring me?”

your boyfriend of almost two years crouched down beside you, putting his big hand onto your thigh.

“hey, y/n?”

he sounded confused, but to you it read like annoyance rather than confusion.

“dinner’s ready. we’re all waiting for you.”

you took a shaky breath and finally turned to bakugou, his red eyes piercing right through you.

“i’m not going to eat anymore.”

you said, looking down at his hand on your thigh.

“don’t be ridiculous! you gotta eat, come on.”

he simply lifted you from your seated position, causing you to squirm and squeal.

“bakugou, stop! you’re going to break your back, let me down.”

his brows furrowed and he dropped you to your feet.

“y/n what’s going on with you? did someone say something stupid to you? if so i’m going to beat them-”

you put a finger on his lips, effectively silencing him.

“i’m going to stop you right there. nobody told me anything, i just want to be fitter and then finally beat your ass.”

this wasn’t the issue, it was a cheap white lie.

“you’re great the way you are, now come on, kiri’s already starting a riot down there.”

he pressed a quick peck onto your lips before leaving again.

this happened three weeks ago and from that point on you spiraled out of control. you worked through nights and studied during days, never finding time to eat or rest. never mind spending time with your boyfriend.

“i miss you, i miss us. y/n please. talk to me.”

he had sat you down in the common room for a talk, completely ignoring the fact that almost the whole class was there as well, listening in on your conversation.

“i need to better myself, i just don’t have time to be with you anymore!”

you just snapped, suddenly yelling it out, not even meaning it. you missed him too, you wanted to tell him everything but now, you had just ruined your relationship. in front of everyone.

he stared at you, dumbfounded, in disbelief. his eyes went blank and slowly but surely his face started to shift from sad to angry. his eyes started getting wet, tears threatening to fall.

“do you think i’m stupid?! i hear you every damn night, be it crying or doing jumping jacks or whatever the fuck you’re doing! i’ve tried so hard this entire fucking time, trying to understand you, be patient with you, hear you out, but you never gave a shit about all of this, huh?! you don’t care about me, you never listened to me because you’re selfish! you’re a selfish, miserable bitch who just wasted my fucking time! two years of my life?! down the drain! you’re a fuck-up and you know it, you’re a slut, you’re a failure, useless, ugly and insecure, i fucking hate you!”

you stared at him, who had jumped from his seat, face red with anger, hands clenched into fists and tears streaming down his face.

kirishima had his hand on his shoulder, trying to calm him down, but it was too late.

you sat there, wooden chair drilling into your backside and hands holding onto the table for dear life. your jaw started quivering and when you got up to leave, your knees felt like jelly.

“you’re right.”

you turned and left the dorms, leaving everyone in a state of shock.


kirishima started but bakugou just ran up to his room, locking himself in, only loud thuds, screams and explosions could be heard from then on through the night.


mina ran up to him, panic evident in her every move.

“i can’t find y/n anywhere! she hasn’t been replying at all and just sent a ‘thank you’. for what?”

he told himself he didn’t care, he wasn’t involved with you anymore, but something deep down told him that something was wrong. there was a pit in his stomach and it was starting to drill deeper, numbing his entire body.

“please, you have to find her.”

mina now begged, tugging on his sleeve, she must’ve been very worried for a very long time.

his phone suddenly started ringing, it was you.

“come find me. i’ll give you a hint: we had our first kiss here.”

he wanted to reply, but you already hung up on him.

“fuck. fuck. fuck!”

he didn’t explain a thing to mina who was staring at him more confused than ever.

his feet started running, faster and faster, leaving the school building, running back to the dormitories.

he ran up the stairs, heaving breaths, shaking with fear and adrenaline.

when he finally reached the rooftop his heart rate dropped from 200 to 0 as he saw you standing there, on the edge.

“y/n what the fuck do you think you’re doing?!”

he panted, supporting himself with his hands on his knees.


you turned to him and he audibly gasped, you looked so frail and tired, not like yourself.

“don’t do it. don’t you fucking dare do this to me.”

you cocked your head, a small smile playing around your pale lips.

“do what? i just wanted to enjoy the view, come sit.”

your legs dangled from the rooftop as you stared down the swindling height.

“the view’s so beautiful.”

you suddenly felt two strong arms around your waist, heard his ragged breathing and were finally engulfed by his familiar scent.

“i got you, y/n. now leave the edge and come with me. we can talk this out.”

“there’s nothing to talk about, you already said everything. you hate me, i can’t blame you.”

his grip around you tightened, as he pressed a sole kiss to your neck.

“i could never hate you. please, come.”

then he suddenly felt you stand up and his body started to feel awfully light.

“y/n, don’t fucking use your quirk on me!”

he floated off the rooftop, stopping mid-air, hovering.

“you told me to come, i’m glad you could help me one last time.”

you took a final step, your body leaving the ground.


he tried to move but he was stuck. stuck seeing you, the love of his life, plummeting to the floor.

he screamed your name, over and over, his voice cracking, throat going sore and his ghost finally returning to his physical body.

“hey… bakugou. it’s time.”

kirishima put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder, who was staring at the floor, eyes bloodshot.

“come on big guy.”

he helped him up and straightened his black tuxedo for him, pushing him into the venue, right into the first row.

a picture of you smiling joined by white lillies adorned the black coffin.

“did you prepare an eulogy?”

the redhead whispered, nudging his friend.

“no. it’s fucking dumb.”

all of ua was there, the staff, the students and your family.

“now, her boyfriend with the eulogy.”

bakugou slowly got up, making his way next to the coffin. he stared down at it, trying to imagine your lifeless body inside of it.

he suddenly felt sick, his eyes starting to water.

he hadn’t cried this whole time, why now?

he tried to speak, but only gargled sobs escaped. after minutes of only his sobs filling the room, he took a shaky breath and spoke up.

“i love you… y/n.. please.. just come back to me.”

his voice was coarse and quiet and after he said a simple sentence he crouched down in front of your coffin and put a hand onto it, just like always would do with your thigh.

“come back, come back y/n.”

his voice broke and tears started streaming down his cheeks all over again.

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