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depravity-disposed·5 hours agoText


Was that a cat purring? Or my stomach making that noise?

Did I swallow a live cat?

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depravity-disposed·5 hours agoText


I swear, I’m being visited by the kink-fairies or something.

My guts weren’t very vocal before. I’ve been into tummy stuff for as long as I can remember. My own stomach rarely ever made a peep regardless if it was hungry or stuffed or whatever. I was pretty envious of people online who posted audios and whatever of their very vocal tummies.

Welp, I guess the higher-powers of tummy-kink are smiling on me lately ‘cuz my guts have been pretty damned vocal lately. As I type all this my stomach (the organ) is bubbling up a storm. It’s sort of like the sensation one gets when they stick a straw into a glass of milk and blow bubbles into it really hard. The noises are audible without special equipment (not that I have any). Of course, whenever tummies make noise I get into a thirsty mood. Too bad I don’t have a partner to indulge in tummy stuff with. I wonder if my guts would be more, or less vocal if someone else were here, rubbing it or doing whatever they wanted to my guts.

I don’t know why my guts are so loud tonight. I didn’t eat all that much at dinner. Dinner was greens (Asian greens, a bed of brussel sprouts and onions baked under some chicken thighs) and a single chicken thigh. I definitely didn’t gorge myself, but my guts are bubbling away like I just consumed an entire feast. It kind of feels like…well, I’m not sure if anyone else has ever done this but there was one time in High School biology that we did a hands-on-experiment. We were given a strawberry and told to separate out it’s DNA or whatever. We had to liquify the strawberry in a plastic bag and add some stuff to it (one of which was some dish detergent) and the resulting mixture had some white threads in it. Apparently, those threads were the “DNA” of the strawberry (according to our teacher. When we were told to liquify the strawberry, the whole class paused, wondering how to do that. Some groups chose to step on the thing, others squished it with their textbooks. Neither of these techniques got it liquified to the extent our teacher wanted it. I took matters into my own hands, literally. I took the baggie with our strawberry in it, and after confirming that what everyone else did was ‘not liquid enough’, I rubbed the bagged berry between my hands, much like how one would start a fire with a set of sticks. I rubbed my hands together vigorously with the baggie between my palms and within seconds our group had a baggie of what looked like strawberry milkshake ('cuz of the added detergent). We got the best results in the class.

The way my tummy’s burbling away feels like that strawberry. The sounds and the sensations I’m feeling right now feel like my guts are squeezing and liquifying once-solid things really quickly. Wet sounding burbles that increase in volume and then taper off and then repeat. The sounds are coming from right above my navel and the bubbling sensation is there too. It really feels like someone stuck a straw into my tummy and started blowing bubbles–without the added pressure of the extra gases. 

Edit: the rolling burbles (noises and sensation) are pretty constant. They’ve gotten more frequent as I type all this. Currently, my guts have only remained quiet for maybe 10 seconds at a time.

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depravity-disposed·5 hours agoText


aw jeez I can feel my stomach gurgling and bubbling after eating a bunch of ramennnnn please somebody rub my tum

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depravity-disposed·5 hours agoText


no sleep is better than one where your partner envelopes your head with their belly, leading you both to slowly pass out as their soft stomach churns and gurgles around you, happy soft and warm 💕💞💕💞💕

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depravity-disposed·4 days agoText

Slimes are fun. Especially for internal views.

Not only can they fill you up in seconds with thier entire gooey mass, but you can also see completely through them at times too.

Not to mention that you can see the entirety of the digestive process happen right before your eyes.

Seeing thier meal:

  • Slide down thier throat….
  • Settle down into thier bubbly gut…
  • Getting to witness as the mass slowly decays into a creamy stewie mass….
  • Seeing it gradually moving lower and lower into thier Bowles until it’s finally absorbed or expelled as a slime itself…..

Fuckin perfect~

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depravity-disposed·5 days agoText


Haha I just had the thought: when Very Full, instead of referring to his tummy as “gurgling”, Nico would probably say “Oof… my stomach’s purring..” ❤💕

In Nico’s eyes, a Happy Tummy is a Purring Tummy c;

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depravity-disposed·6 days agoText

Another concept that I find absolutely hot is this. It kinda ties into stomach orgasms and hyperdigerstion all at once the more i think about it….

Imagine, you’re so wound up from stuffing yourself silly. You’re a panting mess and your bulging gut just won’t stop grumbling no matter how much attention you give it.

The feeling overtakes you and you can’t help but slip a hand under your underwear to attent to the next most needed part of tour tender body.

As you find yourself closer and closer to orgasm, your free hand continues to work down the massive load in your burbling stomach. The noises emitting from your midsection are so loud and clear that you could’ve sworn the whole process was speeding up every second.

Your climax catches you off guard, sending your head thrown back in Ecstasy. You grip your belly as a series of violent churns makes your entire abdomen shake. You feel your meal quickly become more liquidy as your belly shrinks down to a little bump compared to what it was before.

Your stomach sloshes as you flop back onto your bed. Your a sweaty, panting mess, but nothing compared to the immense satisfaction that followed after a thundering belch passed through your lips.

Hhhhgng I’m fuckin horny again-

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depravity-disposed·7 days agoPhoto


Reallllyyy self indulgent nonsense because I was in a mood™ and had to get some out of my system in the form of a sequence lmao This boy gives me a complex

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depravity-disposed·9 days agoAnswer
Chubby tony belly kink/belly rubs please

here ya go! pepperhony pizza night.

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depravity-disposed·13 days agoText

Stomach Orgasms.

I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought of this concept.

Via belly rub or just your stomach going absolutely nuts from something you ate or HAVEN’T ate, it would be the best feeling ever.

My stomach is already hella sensitive as it is, so whenever someone offers a belly rub I greatfully accept. It’s so delicate that even a powerful rumble would have me staving off kinky thoughts for the time being (granted I’m in the mood in the first place)

Like now I can feel my lower gut constricting and groaning trying to push everything through me, and it feels amazing! I’m trying not to get horny all over again because I have to go back out tonight, but it’s not working… >~<

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depravity-disposed·13 days agoText

Forensics files really be callin people out man 👀👀👀

But fr I remember one of my family members coming up to me and being all like “maaan you should see this episode, this dude had a stomach fetish! Weird right?”

And I’m over here like “YeAh Tf 👀👀”

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depravity-disposed·13 days agoAnswer
May I ask if you have any headcanons for Dusknoir, be it for gas, stuffing, or just in general?

I’ll be talking PMD Dusknoir here~

  • We meet him as a very collected individual, very respectful, helpful and friendly. Manners and appearance are very important to him. Things like gas and stomach cramps make him severely uncomfortable when he’s in public. He’s awfully scared to accidentally burp or fart in front of someone. He feels like he couldn’t handle the embarrassment. Like he would ruin his reputation.

  • He has a bit of a nervous belly in general. It’s often upset and achy when he’s in a bad mood, making life a bit hard for him. Simultaneously, he isn’t one to complain about stomach aches. It would have to be very bad in order for him to even properly acknowledge it. 

  • I can kinda see him as a stress eater. Whenever he’s frustrated, he stuffs his face until he gets so full his belly hurts. He’s simply someone who really needs his food in order to feel better - but it also makes him feel worse. 

  • The mouth on his stomach is very sensitive. Rubbing and feeding it is a really strange experience; the food is covered in plasma and “chewed” until it dissolves. Besides that, it feels very arousing for Dusknoir to have the inside of that mouth rubbed. He can even have “stomach orgasms”. That’s something he never talked about to anyone before, though, and probably never will.

  • His stomach noises are kind of hollow and metallic sounding. Most of them are caused by plasma stirring around inside his belly. When he opens his stomach mouth and you put your head inside, you can hear it all around you. 

  • His farts and burps never make any noise at all. But they smell like he has a graveyard inside his belly. 
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depravity-disposed·13 days agoAudio



Y’all are so nasty I love you 

Ok sooo I have NO idea if this is what you expected?? I honestly had no idea what to do with it jsdfhfdj

So yes… I tried :T


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depravity-disposed·13 days agoText


(The following is a commissioned story from a user who has requested to remain anonymous, featuring a realistically overstuffed Bakugou and a POV reader.)

It was harder to tell which was groaning louder, your angry boyfriend or his angry stomach.  The two of you had just eaten dinner, which the young spike-y haired blond was good enough to cook.  You’d long since accepted the fact that some people just find a way to cook angry.  In fact, you’d kinda lost count of the amount of times Bakugou screamed for the meat to “die” as he was grilling it.  Yet, in spite of that, it turned out delicious.

Perhaps, too delicious for some…

“Urrf, fuck,” Bakugou groaned wearily in a strained sort of voice as he laid down on his bed, roughly massaging his firm, muscular stomach with both hands.  He was wearing a pair of workout pants and a sleeveless black tanktop, his usual wares for sleeping.  You simply watched and listened as you brushed your teeth, getting ready for bed as well.

“I told you to pace yourself,” you murmured between brushing.

Bakugou just groaned as he tenderly massaged his belly and said, “And I told you not to fucking talk when you’re brushing your fucking teeth.  You’re gonna spill toothpaste all over my floor…”

You rolled your eyes with amusement but nonetheless headed back to the bathroom to rinse your mouth out before heading back.

The way Bakugou was rubbing his belly caused his shirt to hike up, exposing Bakugou’s six-pack abs as his hands roughly ran up and down his bare flesh.  You could hear Bakugou’s belly gurgling loudly as it worked down his dinner.  Sufficed to say, the boy ate a LOT, and boy did it show.  Bakugou’s stomach, usually concave was now pushing out with a slight rounded curve to it.  His abs were still ever present but now slightly thinned out from just how much he’d ingested in so short an amount of time.

As a result, Bakugou’s digestive tract was working overtime, and the young man was feeling it, needless to say.  Even when you headed back to Bakugou’s bathroom to finish your teeth, you could still hear the loud, gastric gurgling from the young mans’ mighty midsection breaking down his meal.  Of course, that was nothing compared to the huge, rumbling belch you heard erupt from the bedroom moments after washing out your mouth.


The loud, abrasive sound was loud enough to reverberate all throughout Bakugou’s bedroom and still loud sounding from the bathroom.  After a few seconds, it eventually tapered off into a breathy sigh of relief.  No doubt the sheer volume of food being decimated by Bakugou’s digestive system was stirring up a bit of excess pressure in his belly and letting it all out at once like that was bound to feel like bliss.  You walked in just in time to watch Bakugou reel his head back in his pillow and give his slightly bloated belly a hearty slap of satisfaction.  It sounded like slapping a watermelon.

“How attractive,” you joked as you settled down besides Bakugou, cuddling up against him as the two of you laid together in his bed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Bakugou grumbled as he kept trying to massage his aching gut.  You didn’t really care, to be honest.  It was just fun teasing Bakugou and seeing him get annoyed the way he did. 

As you both laid together, you rested the side of your head gently against Bakugou’s firm stomach.  Even in its’ currently distended state, it was just as firm and rock hard as it ever was.  Bakugou’s six-pack formed small but notable bumps in flesh you were using as a pillow, rigid, but not unpleasant against your own head. 

You listened fondly as Bakugou’s belly gurgled and churned intensely to break down the especially large meal he’d consumed.  Bakugou’s digestive system bubbled and burbled intensely in your ears, almost as if it were a vat of chemicals you were listening to; something out of a chemistry experiment.  Due to how much Bakugou had eaten, his belly ended up feeling noticeably taut, with his flesh feeling a little tighter than usual.

It was accompanied by slightly labored breath on the part of Bakugou.  Having eaten so much had really knocked the angry boy out.  As he breathed in and out, Bakugou’s taut belly slowly rose up and down, lifting your head up and down as his stomach muscles expanded and contracted with each breath.  Strange as it seemed, it was an oddly relaxing feeling, like being lulled gently to sleep.

Of course, you knew it wasn’t as pleasant for Bakugou.  So, it wasn’t long before your delicate hand drifted up and rested against that firm but taut midsection of his.  Gingerly, you slowly ran your hand up and down Bakugou’s firm but slightly bloated abs, feeling his belly gurgle and groan beneath your touch.  That furrow in Bakugou’s brow quickly softened as that strained look on his face soon turned to one of bliss.

“Ohhhh, fuck me, that feels good,” Bakugou moaned, arms dropping to his side as your palm rubbed slow, firm yet smooth and soothing circles all around Bakugou’s belly.  You continued listening to his rough gut gurgling away all as you continued massaging the taut surface.  As you continued to rub away, you pulled the waistband of Bakugou’s sweat pants down, exposing more of his belly and showcasing just how bloated it actually was.  With his underbelly exposed, you could see the rounded curve protruding much more noticeably and had more of a visual of just how much Bakugou had packed away.

Nonetheless, you kept on rubbing, your hand now tenderly sliding down to the lower region of Bakugou’s firm, bloated stomach and kneading into it firmly.  Slowly yet firmly, your hand caressed every square inch of Bakugou’s rock hard yet visibly full stomach.  All the while, you listened as it groaned and gurgled away, his digestive tract hard at work and clearly in need of an ease of pressure.

As such, your fingers dug into Bakugou’s flesh, but his belly was so rock-hard that you could barely get any give.  So you pressed a little more firmly into the underside of Bakugou’s belly.

Sure enough, you could hear a deep, gastric gurgling emit from Bakugou’s belly, a gurgle that soon rose up Bakugou’s gullet and to his mouth.  Bakugou grimaced for a moment, before turning his head back and letting out another mattress-rattling belch.


This one rumbled DEEPLY, indicating that it came from the very depths of Bakugou’s belly.  It was kind of broken up into parts, sputtering before ending loud and hefty sounding.  All told, it lasted close to six seconds.

When it ended, Bakugou grunted, hitting his chest a few times before sitting up a little and grimacing with discomfort as he glared down at you.

“Mph!  Watch it!”  He barked angrily in a strained voice before adding, “th-that was-”

Bakugou stopped talking mid-sentence, grimacing again with a look on his face that told you he needed to burp again.  And sure enough…


Bakugou grabbed his belly with both hands, threw his head back and unleashed another titanic belch, one with enough force to make his lips ripple slightly as a few flecks of saliva flew out of his mouth.  Far from the most attractive sight you could imagine.  Still, you couldn’t help but snicker with amusement at the sight.

“Good one,” you said, patting the center of Bakugou’s belly with approval.  Bakugou gave his gut a hearty pat, letting out a smaller burp after the fact, followed by a few more smaller burps.  There was so much pressure in his belly that with that monster eructation released, all the residual pressure just came rushing out of him one after the other.  After a few more moments of Bakugou just gripping his belly and letting out a string of burps in rapid succession, Bakugou flopped back down onto his mattress, groaning with utter relief.

“Oof…fffffuuuuuck, that’s so much better,” Bakugou moaned with blissful relief.

“Jeez, next time, open a window,” you joked, fanning the air around your face in an exaggerated fashion.

“Oh fuck off, it doesn’t stink, you fucking liar,” Bakugou growled, albeit in a soft fashion, given how much relief and bliss he was feeling.

Snickering some more, you shrugged and once again rested your head against his belly.  As you pressed your ear up against it, you could hear it burbling still, albeit in a much softer fashion.  Gingerly, you continued caressing Bakugou’s midsection, relaxed at the feeling of it burbling into your ear, and the feeling of Bakugou’s belly slowly rising and falling with your head on top of it.  Then, sure enough, with your relaxing ministrations applied to his stomach, that breathing became much slower.

You looked up to see Bakugou out like a light, snoring rather comically as his belly rose and fall with you on top. 

Smiling, you gave Bakugou’s firm gut a gentle kiss, just above Bakugou’s belly button, and resumed rubbing away long into the night.  Bakugou’s slow breathing and burbling belly had lulled you into enough of a relaxed state that you found yourself drifting off into a peaceful slumber.  Before you closed your eyes for the night, you found yourself wishing more nights would end like this…

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