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black lives matterim sadie i’m 18 and i never learned how to read (except the designation:miracle series!!)

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if u have eyes u should read this series ! @umisabaku

Designation: Miracle - umisabaku - Free!, Haikyuu!!, Kuroko no Basuke | Kuroko’s Basketball, Ookiku Furikabutte | Big Windup! [Arch

here i is the first post and correction if u have reading ability or voice to text ability check this bad boy out. anyway if u can access this series go for it

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realised today i forgot to do the this is love quotes compilation. oops. one day i promise

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Behold! Shine the Brightest is now available as a paperback!!! You can buy it here.

If it’s not available in your region, *probably* you just need to wait a couple of days and then it will be. My understanding is that sometimes it takes a few days before it’s fully processed, and I just finalized everything yesterday.

I have also reformatted the e-book… I caught some lingering typos when I was going through the hardcopy proof (*sobs in a corner*) and some formatting issues, so those should now be fixed. I am very sorry for the previous errors =(

I feel like I am unduly plagued by typos. I think there are some people who don’t have nearly as many errors from the get-go, and I envy those people SO MUCH. I used to think it’s just because I type fast, but then I noticed I’ll have typos when I’m *handwriting* things out, which I know does not quite count as a typo and I don’t know how that happens, but there we go.

At any rate. Fixed now!! The paperback version is pretty cool.

Also, just as a general head’s up, if anyone is on twitter and would like to find me there, I’m at While there isn’t much there yet, I am hoping to be more engaged with it as I figure things out =)

Thanks, everyone!!

Reblogging here to announce that Shine the Brightest is for sale as a paperback AND I am on twitter, for anyone who is interested in either of those facts =D

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thinking abt how the second hinami thought abt how she couldn’t function around pretty girls and then was like or pretty boys and i sent an anonymous ask in that was like “HINAMI BI??” yes, me over a year ago. hinami bi.

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“If you learn nothing else from me, I hope it is that family is not always connected by blood.” - Kasamatsu Youji - "We’re Never Coming Back (To Your Filthy Halls)”, part of the Designation: Miracle series [human experimentation AU of Kuroko no Basuke] by @umisabaku

Listen here

“Second Child, Restless Child” - The Oh Hellos - "See, I was born a restless child / And I could hear the world outside calling me / And heaven knows how hard I tried / But the devil whispered lies I believed / Can you hear it hanging on the wind? / Can you feel it underneath your skin?“

“Falling in Love With Your Best Friend” - Paul Baribeau  - “It had been so long since I felt young / Maybe I was just running away / As if it’s just a bad thing / to try and make my life better"  

“Feed the Wolf"  - Breaking Benjamin - "I can feel the animal within / I chain the beast crawling inside myself / I hear the call of violence / I sleep no more and I can't  / I’ve lost it all”

“Runs in the Family” - Amanda Palmer - "I can run using every last ounce of energy / I cannot, I cannot, I cannot run from my family / They’re hiding inside of me”

“I Have Made Mistakes” - The Oh Hellos - “And oh my heart, how can I face you now?  / When we both know how badly I have let you down / And I am afraid, I am afraid  / Of all that I’ve built, fading away”

“Goodnight Demonslayer” - Aurelio Voltaire - “I won’t tell you, there’s nothing ‘neath your bed / I won’t sell you, that it’s all in your head / This world of ours is not as it seems / The monsters are real but not in your dreams / Learn what you can from the beasts you defeat / You’ll need it for some of the people you meet”

“Critical Mistakes” - 888 - “I want a house on the hill by the ocean / I’d let the tide wash away all my critical mistakes / Let me rewind / We fill our minds / Let me rewind (to the times where we never felt ill)”

“All the King’s Horses” - Karmina - "Run with my hands on my eyes / Blind, but I’m still alive  / Free to go back on my own / But is it still a home when you’re all alone?“

“Its Alright” - Mother Mother - "I don’t wanna know who I am / ‘Cause heaven only knows what I find  / I don’t wanna know I’m not capable of coming out alive / I don’t wanna see what’s inside / I think that I would rather be blind / I don’t wanna know I’m not capable, I’m capable” 

CD Liner Notes

So Youji’s playlist was difficult in that  I didn’t want to frame it in terms of his romantic relationships but rather his estrangement from his family, his own self-doubt/self-worth issues, his messed up relationship with his physical strength, and his fatherhood. That said, do you know how hard it is to find songs not about romance? The more I seek it out the harder it is to find, it seems. But I found a good amount, pared it down from an initial list, and here we are! 

“Second Child, Restless Child” and “Falling in Love with Your Best Friend” to me are both in the Iwatobi phase of Youji’s life, where he just wants something more and better. (I actually have two songs from the album with Second Child on it - I Have Made Mistakes is also on that album, later on). Despite the name of the second song, it’s mostly about trying to leave a bad place and make a better life for yourself. The title is just sort of coincidental, haha. 

“Feed the Wolf” fits so well - especially the parts calling the singer a monster, given what happened during the Ichikawa arc and how Youji was perceived. (Fun fact: it seems to be debated if the lyrics are “Bury me in this cold lie” or “light” but I like “light” better so I chose that as the title lyric.) The singer in this song seems very frustrated with their own inner struggle and monstrosity and I feel that fit Youji well during his moments of not really understanding why no one else could defeat him earlier in his college days. 

The next three for me are during the Youji new to fatherhood phase. “Runs in the Family” is fairly self explanatory, particularly the “They’re hiding inside of me” line as his Legacy blood is inside him. The line about “knock me up” in a reverse senseis  also is poignant for Youji given his fear of passing on his looks/genetics to his kids. I felt that “I have Made Mistakes” is fairly self explanatory, likely aimed at Hinami and how he fumbled raising Yukio at first. Goodnight Demonslayer is how Youji feels towards his kids - protective but also aware that he can’t shoulder the burden of their protection on his own. They’ll have to learn to defend themselves from the actual monsters out there, like Kenji. I feel the tone of the song - lighthearted but also fairly serious at one point - fits Youji’s parenting style. 

“Critical Mistakes” and “All the King’s Horses” reflect his time after Hinami’s death and his regret at the choices he made during then. However, it can also apply in general, as he already struggled with self-doubt before her death. 

“It’s Alright” has a hopeful end to the song (as the singer goes from being convinced by others that he’s not an awful person to telling himself he is not an awful person). However the first part of the song very much reflects how Youji feels about himself during a lot of the series. It’s not like he magically fixes all them at the end of This is Love, but rather, accepts that he can work on them and that it’s not a failure to try to do so.

Honorable mentions:

Hilariously, “Ordinary Day” by Vanessa Carlton has lyrics that fit MasaYou’s first meeting exceedingly well but the tone is a lot more hopeful and optimistic than their first meeting so it did not make the cut haha. 

I originally had “Animal I Have Become” by Three Days Grace in here but given that “Feed the Wolf” by Breaking Benjamin fits the vibe better and basically already fills that song’s role, thus I didn’t include it in the final playlist. It is still a banging song though. On that note I wanted to include a lot of Breaking Benjamin songs in this but I also know I have a bias towards that band so I restrained myself. 

“This Year” by the Mountain Goats is also very applicable to Youji fleeing Iwatobi but I see it used on a lot of playlists so I felt Second Child, Restless Child filled that slot fairly well instead. 

In a weird frustrating twist, I wanted “Photosphere” by Ivy Hollivana on here but it is not on Youtube! So I could not include it, sadly. Here it is if you want a listen.  

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“I think– sometimes I think that Masaomi and I have the same kind of soul. And that’s why we met each other. If there’s such a thing as types of souls, or material for souls, then we have the same kind.”  “This is Love (I’ve Never Loved So Much)”, part of the Designation: Miracle series [human experimentation AU of Kuroko no Basuke] by @umisabaku

Listen here

“Ribs” - Lorde  “You’re the only friend I need / Sharing beds like little kids / Laughing ‘til our ribs get tough / But that will never be enough”

“Let’s Talk About Spaceships” - Say Hi to Your Mom - “Let’s talk about spaceships / Or anything except you and me, okay?”

“Snow White” - Jaymay - “The wall is white and streaked and splattered / The pipes are broken, the leak, oh, no matter to me / ‘Cause I prefer this distraction / When the piano calls off key / I love you but I’m gonna keep quiet about it / I love you but I’m keepin’ my mouth shut about it"  

“Dark in my Imagination"  - Of Verona - “Are you somewhere waiting for me / I don’t wanna think about it now / Is there something you said / All these secrets that you keep / But I don’t wanna think about it now”

“Wake Up, Open the Door and Escape to the Sea” - blqck audio - “Please catch me now / I’m lying  / You taught me how / How it can feel like love  / Just catch your breath / We’ll dive in / And our descent  / Will somehow feel like life goes / Oh, my, my / You’re oh so sly / Let’s leave unsaid  / What’s left unspoken" 

"Snuff” - Slipknot - “I still press your letters to my lips / And cherish them in parts of me that savor every kiss / I couldn’t face a life without your lights / But all of that was ripped apart when you refused to fight / So save your breath, I will not care / I think I made it very clear / You couldn’t hate enough to love / Is that supposed to be enough?" 

"Dear Fellow Traveler"  - Sea Wolf - "You spoke my language / And touched my limbs / It wasn’t difficult to pull me from myself again / And in our travels / We found our roads / You held it like a mirror, showing me the life I chose / And now we turn to my beautiful city / Black skies changed into blue / And my love is so wise and so pretty / But tonight I still dream of you"  

"Astronaut” - Amanda Palmer - “But you are, my love, the astronaut / Flying in the face of science / I will gladly stay an afterthought / Just bring back some nice reminders / And is it getting harder to pretend / That life goes on without you in the wake / And can you see the means without the end / In the random frantic action that we take”

“Sommeil” [Sleep] - stromae - [Translated from French] “You can say it all you want / Under your crazy laughs and your air of grandeur / It’s not worth the trouble  / You can lie to whoever you want / You smile too much to be happy  / You make me sad / I love you all the same / And if I count, I will count for you  / I will recount to you my stories”

“Small Hands” - Radical Face - “And if you wind up in the dark again / Just turn and call my name / And if the fire in your chest comes out / Well I’ll hold you all the same / And if you need to take this out on me / Well you know I won’t complain"    

"Always” - Panic at the Disco - “It was always you / Falling for me / Now there’s always time / Calling for me / I’m the light blinking at the end of the road / Blink back, to let me know"  

"Two Men In Love” - The Irrepressibles - “If I asked you now / Will you be my prince / Will you lay down your armour / And be with me forever / When you open me / All the power in me moves / How you want to see / All the depths of me real / When you open me / All the power in me moves / I feel real"  

CD Liner Notes

So I haven’t yet written "CD liner notes” for any my playlists but because the MasaYou one was so long in the making (I started collecting songs for them back when I first read Filthy Halls, I think) that I felt I wanted to detail why I picked certain songs. I also wanted to list the Honorable Mentions in the end that didn’t fit the mood of the playlist but are absolutely MasaYou songs. (It feels extremely self-indulgent to write liner notes for a playlist but no one can stop me and no one will so here I go!)

The first three -  "Ribs”, “Let’s Talk About Spaceships”, and “Snow White” - I felt took place during the college years. Lots of that awkward, quiet yearning.

“Dark in My Imagination” and “Wake Up, Open the Door, Escape to the Sea” are both when Youji is in the military and they are at odds regarding his place there/what they mean to each other. “Wake Up” to me is especially poignant here because the language used is M/M, which is significant since a lot of their story revolves around how the queer aspect of their relationship affected how things went. (Masaomi claiming he was straight, Youji’s bisexuality factoring into his relationships, etc). The song also has this sense of giving up and falling due to this lack of communication and understanding. “Dark in my Imagination” factors in Masaomi feeling resentful of what Hinami could mean to Youji’s life/safety, as well as the jealousy factor of Youji no longer being right there with him.  The mood of both songs - untrusting, sad, bitter, yearning - definitely lead up to the next part of the playlist which is the anger/sadness phase.

“Snuff” is definitely an angry and sad song, and I feel it has parts that fit Youji’s sadness and confusion when Masaomi removed himself from Youji’s life. I also felt there had to be some anger there,even though outwardly Youji isn’t the type to show anger the way the song did. But I feel the sentiments still stand, especially in the way the song makes it very clear the singer is conflicted throughout the song. The song also has the sadness and mourning that was very present when Masaomi pulled away.

“Dear Fellow Traveler” and “Astronaut” are both during the time when he and Masaomi are just orbiting in each other’s lives when Hinami and Shiori are still alive. “Dear Fellow Traveler” has both that description of Masaomi and Youji being drawn to each other, but also the separation and wondering about what could have been. I found the line “And my love is so wise and so pretty / But tonight I still dream of you” to be especially important here since both men genuinely love their wives but still love each other. “Astronaut” to me really stems from that  line where Youji says he doesn’t feel he’s in Masaomi’s orbit. This song really evokes that feeling of sadness and yearning that Youji felt, seeing Masaomi living his life far away from him like something untouchable. Youji’s lack of self worth - “I will gladly stay an afterthought” - is also apparent in this song choice, as he only sees himself, at best, an as afterthought to someone as brilliant as Masaomi.

The next one - “Sommeil” I felt fit the time when they both had their Miracle children and were in that friendship phase where they both knew they were interested but unable to talk about bring it up to each other. The song itself is platonic, but I think addressing the friendship aspects here is important since, at their base, they were friends first and fell in love after. Youji noticing Masaomi’s stress about Seijuurou and trying to be there for him, I felt, was really reflected in this song. “Small Hands” also fits in during this time period, especially the “if you wind up in the dark again, just turn and call my name” referencing when Masaomi was there for Youji after Hinami’s death. The reliance on each other, and that one line where Youji reflects that he is glad that Masaomi could still come to him about issues that were bothering him.

“Always” sums up how the feelings outed themselves during the climactic events of This is Love - that it was, in the end, always Youji and Masaomi who wanted each other, and that Youji wouldn’t have considered loving other people romantically besides Hinami and Masaomi. The reason I chose “Blink back to let me know” as the title for this playlist is that for the longest time, the other person was just waiting on some sort of sign or signal to proceed.

Ending the playlist on “Two Men in Love” was a tossup as I was torn between ending it on “Always” or this. However, “Always” is open-ended, whereas “Two Men in Love” feels more definitive. Given as I mentioned earlier how important the queer factor was to the story, the song being explicitly about two men in love felt like a good way to end it. The repetition “I’m in love” over and over at the end felt so important too, as the men in the story often told each other “I love you” in the story but did not say they were in love until the climactic events had passed. Therefore, declaring “I’m in love” over and over again makes it a powerful way to end the playlist, I’d say.

However! There are some songs that didn’t make it on this playlist as the genre or tone of the song didn’t quite fit but I still feel their lyrics are relevant.
The following Abba songs (including some that umisabaku mentioned in a post about songs that were MasaYou): “Mamma Mia”, “Waterloo”, “Honey Honey”, “SOS”, and “Winner takes it all”.
“Would you come home” by Tyler Blackburn (as suggested by umisabaku)
“Sleepwalking” - Bring me the Horizon (specifically when Youji was grieving after Hinami’s death)
“Jenny” by Studio Killers
“Nearly Witches” by Panic at the Disco (honestly was torn between this being Masaomi to Youji or Masaomi to Shiori but either way it works)

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poll: post or post with directors commentary (neither are my post)

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Akaryu Masaomi is in bed, although not asleep, when they come to arrest him.

It had been a pleasant evening, spent in the enjoyable company of a woman who is now passed out in the bed beside him. She had told him her name but he can’t remember it now. In fact, he can’t even remember if she told him what she was. Not that it matters, but it’s usually polite amongst bedfellows.

He would have recognized another dragon, and one of the lower divisions wouldn’t have been allowed at the party they had been at. Given her amber eyes and her stamina, he’s guessing she’s a tiger. He had told her, “You’re going to have to leave after we’re done, I don’t sleep next to other people.” She had just said in a purring sort of way, “Who said anything about sleeping?”

Which had been too tempting of an offer to make a big deal out of things, although now that dawn is approaching and she’s asleep in his bed and he’s very much not asleep in his bed, he somewhat wishes that he’d been more insistent.

The feeling becomes all the more relevant when the doors of his room are broken down with a deafening burst, and his bedroom is insultingly filled with the Tenou army, all pointing their guns at him.

This is not how Masaomi wants to spend his morning, and all things considered, if he is must be surrounded by armed soldiers he would very much prefer not to be naked.

“Akaryu Masaomi, you are under arrest.”

He takes a few seconds to compose himself in the face of this indignity, refusing on principle to seem at all surprised by this intrusion. He just sits upright in his bed and smiles slowly. “Am I?”

Then the other grand dragons enter his room, and he knows he’s fucked.

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Reblogging the first chapter of Shine the Brightest over here, since I just now remembered that was something I meant to do much sooner than this =P

Side note, my adventures in having two blogs so far is just an exchange of reblogging myself. I will come up with something more interesting to do on the other blog, I swear.

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Loved the ending of 'This is Love'. It was so amazing to read this conclusion story to the KnB part of D:M. I think I might have cried when I finished reading it - I've read D:M since 2016 and it's my fav KnB fic series. I love it so much and it's so close to my heart. But I am so hype to read 'Shine the Brightest' (About to buy it!) and any future fics for D:M! Wanna share any tidbits about what anime will feature next for D:M? ;) All the love you amazing author!

Thank you so much, anon-friend! I’m glad you enjoyed the ending!! And it is so amazing there are people who have been reading this story for the past four years, thank you so much. 

I wasn’t sure how many tidbits of the loose ideas I’ve been having for Designation: Miracle I should share, since I don’t want to get people too excited for a story that is probably not going to be written for a good long while. (I am SO COMMITTED to finishing that Fantasy AU. And Fairy Tale KagaKuro. Those are the two stories that haunt me the most, and they’re for sure where I’m turning next.)

BUT. I will say, the most likely candidate to expand D:M (at the moment) is Yuri on Ice. I would need to re-watch the anime before I do, but I have an idea for the next extension of D:M and Yuri on Ice would work really well for it. Although, if it ever gets a second season, that might change things, so WE SHALL SEE.

Thank you again for reading the series, I hope you enjoy Shine the Brightest! 

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rereading on final update day turned out to be getting to chapter 10 and realising the last chapter + epilogue have been posted oh god oh fuck i am gonna be going straight from chapter 10 to chapter ELEVEN OH GOD

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