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diabolikscenario·3 days agoText

Hello yes haha this wasn’t even an ask but I landed in Kou hell so 🤡 This Admin is now officially a clown, so come take some very very fluffy but smu-tty Kou. OK?

[⚠️ NSFW ⚠️] (but love & fluff ❤️)

Sleepy, thirsty Kou…

Character: KOU

Kou Mukami x reader
A soft whimper tore you out of your sleep. As your gaze drifted to the clock, you noticed that it was already three o'clock in the morning. Gently, you rolled over with your body, as your gaze shifted to Kou. His forehead was sweaty, and he was talking to himself. He was having a nightmare, again.  You nudged Kou lightly with his index finger, after all, you didn’t intended to frighten him even further. All of a sudden, his shiny eyes opened, glancing around. Both your eyes met, and his facial expressions loosened. “M Neko-chan, you’re still here.” A smile fluttered across your lips. No one would ever be able to separate you from him, even if he was always afraid for that. Kou slowly began scooting into your direction, his arms now embracing you. “Ah, little kitten. You are so wonderfully warm.” The blonde buried his face in your neckline, rubbing his cheek against your skin. “Ne, M Neko-chan. I’m sooo tired. And I’m so thirsty.” A slight giggle escaped your throat, and you offered him a glass of water. But Kou wasn’t particularly thrilled. “Eh? Water? No, if you go now I’ll get cold. And besides, I’ve got everything I need right in front of me.” His fangs slightly nibbled at your tender skin, brisk and so vulnerable. A tingling sensation ran through your body, since you knew what would happen next. You drew in a relaxing breath, as his teeth slowly drilled into your skin. Kou moaned agitatedly into your collarbone as he carefully sucked the blood from your skin. Your arms slid slowly across his back, devouring his tender skin, only to deepen the embrace between you two even further. Seeking for air, Kou detached himself from you and stuttered a few soft words. “Hmm, M Neko-chan… I am so incredibly tired. But now look what you’ve done.” With an impatient movement, Kou pressed his lower body against you, making you notice his large arousal. With a gentle movement, the vampire rubbed his member against your leg, only increasing his tension. He licked over the two small, blood-drenched holes in your skin and chuckled. “Come on, little kitten, this is your fault now, I’m tired, so please sort this out, okay?” Nervously, your hand wandered from his back to his underwear, passing over his hips. His member stood up in excitement, and had already caused a small damp spot on the fabric. “Nee, M neko chan, hurry up!” With sweaty fingers, your hand traveled under his underwear, where you directly reached for his package. Kou moaned loudly into your neck as you started to pump his organ gradually. “Ahh, little kitten, you are doing great. Take care of me.” Gathering all your courage, you teasingly played with his manhood, slowly rubbing your finger on his delicate head. A whine scaped Kou, indicating that you were probably doing everything right. The voice of the blonde was now constantly audible, moaning softly into every move you made. His fingernails were pressing slightly into your back as your pumps slowed down. “Mh, don’t stop… there…” Contrary to his expectations, you now turned all your attention to his shiny glans. Droplets of precum revealing, Kou pressed his mouth against your skin with a pout. “Mhh. Hey. Little kitten. Hurry up, this isn’t fair…” Your finger collected the precum slowly, drawing circles of pleasure. The vampire shivered slightly, now pushing his member in your direction eagerly. You would have loved to go on like this forever, but you also wanted to see how he finally gave in to the temptation. With a single firm movement, you grabbed his whole length, firmly rubbing up and down. Kou moaned louder and louder as he suddenly, with a loud growl, spilled his seed on the bedding. While breathing out loudly, a smile formed on his face, hairs sticking to his forehead. Two small hands moved into your direction, holding your face firmly. Pulling your head down, he tenderly kissed you on the lips. “Thank you, M Neko-chan. You are the best remedy against bad dreams.”
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diabolikscenario·3 days agoAnswer

Can a get a scenario of yuma discovering his s/o talking to his plants when they water them or berating the weeds when she finds them ? I sometimes do this!

Sure, that’s such a lovely Idea, ngl 🥺 A little fluff for you ❤️

[✅ SFW ✅]

Catching you talking to his plants

Character: YUMA

“Huuuh? Sow, whaddaya doin’ over there? Didn’t I tell you not to–! Eh?” Yuma came to a halt next to you, suddenly cutting off his own voice as he saw you talking to his precious plants. You knew Yuma loved those, and you’ve recently heard that talking to them would help them grow. So obviously, you thought giving this a shot won’t hurt. Not paying attention to the Vampire, you continued to water the flourishing greens. A shadow casted on your right, as Yuma crouched down next to you. Suddenly, his shoulder bumped into yours. “Oi.. Sow.” You felt flustered - did you …maybe do Something wrong? Trying not to look too anxious, your eyes finally made contact with Yumas. Your guts churned, as you saw that his face was now tinted in a flushy pink tone. Quickly peeling his eyes away from you, he searched for words. “So.. you were talkin’ to my plants don’t cha? I .. sometimes do that too. It’s not like.. I would do that every day but…” Yuma scrached his head furiously, and wrapped his arm around your neck just to pull you a little closer. “Thanks, for helping me out. N’ stuff like that…”
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diabolikscenario·4 days agoAnswer

Hi, I don't want to bother you or make you feel pressured, I just wanted to ask you if you're going to do the Tsukinami. 😳💕

Thank you for... You know 😳😂

Haha don’t worry. I already did some edits for a friend today (Ikemen Vampire) so sure why Not? But I am not sure If there are topless Tsukinami Pics? If so, ppl let me know! I will Work on Shin and Carla.. THINGYS 🍆! ❤️🥺

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diabolikscenario·5 days agoAnswer

The bois naked... I'm crying 😂😤

I actually never knew I’d be capable of doing that 😂 I want to do Ayato and Kou too, maybe Reiji, but I can’t find good sprites anymore 😞

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diabolikscenario·5 days agoAnswer

👀👀👀 Those Laito and Azusa pics are amazingesonfsnf[a do you ever plan on do the rest of the boys? I'd love to see a Yuma & Ruki or a Kou & Shu! Its your choice if you want to continue though but I'd love to see the others! 👀

Oh you mean those super super schmexy pp Pics? Fear no more, I did Ruki and Yuma today lol. The Picture without mosaic can be found -> HERE



Pls don’t steal, re-drawing those wasn’t easy.

For real look at the uncen0red Pics it’s 🔥

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diabolikscenario·6 days agoAnswer

You truly did us Laito and Azusa simps a great service with those pictures. Thank you very much ^^

Wjsajsn THANKS?

I did it out of mere fun and I laughed so hard while doing it. Diabolik Boys with PPs is fun LOL

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diabolikscenario·6 days agoAnswer

nsfw- Kou, this kitty is craving your cream...


Character: KOU

“Nh, hehe~ M Neko chan! How lewd of you! Hmm… you are a small little kitty, so we need to get some milky stuff for you right? ♪ We want you to be strong and big. Ne, ne, I didn’t touch myself for a while now. So while we’re at it, take this into your hand. All M Neko Chan has to do is shaking it suuuper fast and the your cream will be served in no time… Eh? Uaaah! Kitty, with your mouth? I am impressed. Here, I am gonna pat your head nicely while you lick it~ Ah, ngh, hey… if you keep going like this.. I will c*m too soon and your precious cream will be spilled everywhere! ”

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diabolikscenario·7 days agoAnswer

could we have some nsfw for kou? with a really submissive neko-chan... maybe it’s her first time?

Not first time but suuuuper sub! (~ ̄³ ̄)~

[⚠️ NSFW ⚠️]

Sub!missive reader x Kou

Character: KOU

“Ah.. M Neko-Chan~ .. Ngh… You’re doing great. Hehe, what a great little Kitty you are! I trained you so, so well.~♡” Huffed Kou, as he shoved his hard manhood deeper into your warm and clenching core. The lewd, wet sounds of your connection made your face blush even more. Doing it face to face wasn’t something the Idol would usually do, let alone doing one of his “Training Sessions” at full daylight. Shame was creeping up your body, as you slowly tried to hide your face with the nearby pillow. An annoyed sigh of Kou brought you back to reality in seconds. He pulled his hot length out of your achingt canal, just to carelessly toss you and your legs to the side of the bed. “Tch. If you don’t feel like it, just say so. Seems like you don’t like me anymore… I should look for another cute kitten.” He waved with his hand. Your eyes fluttered open in shock, as you sat up in horror immediately. This isn’t what you wanted! Your hand searched for Kou’s porcelain chest, determined in wanting to convince him of the opposite. “N-N Kou! I - … I’m just so embarrassed. Don’t look for someone else. Tell me what to do, and… I’ll do it!” Kou grinned and licked his lips, as he suddenly opened his arms wide. “Hehe. Ne, ne~ M Neko-chan, come here into my lap. Show me what you can do, you’re skilled by now, aren’t you? You love me, right? Then show me how muuuuuch you love me.” You swallowed in shock. Kou could be pretty affectionate, but somehow one might forget his sadistic side. Slowly collecting all your courage, and crawled up on all fours into Kou’s lap. His member was now pressing onto your still wet and sore opening, resulting in his groin twiching in excitement. “Hmm, little kitty, you smell so~ good. It’s the best. I want to feel good today, so do what I am saying. Okay? ” With these cutesy words, he pushed your body down with force, ramming is rod deep into your innermost being. The idol mewled into the sudden pleasure, burying his head into your neck. “Ne~ when my d! ck is inside you, your blood is even more delicious than usual.” Kou slowly trailed his tongue across your soft skin, just to bite you slowly and tenderly. Goosebumps ran down your spine, as you tried to focus on a steady rhythm. With a heavy breath, Kou detached himself from your new wounds and immediately approached your mouth. His lips were stained with blood, thick and lustful, while his eyes were wet and filled of arousal. “M Neko-chan… Show me your tongue. Go on, open your mouth…~ ” Immediately following his command, his tongue sought it’s way into your warm mouth. Impatient and wildly your tongues danced and flicked, while Kou groaned into each and everyone of your tenderly kisses. “Ngh… ah, my kitten, you are so good to me. My training has… really paid off.”
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diabolikscenario·12 days agoAnswer

are requests open?

Yes! I am just catching up with requests :)

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diabolikscenario·17 days agoText


Please don’t spam my inbox. This is obviously the same person. Even so, I don’t do specific stuff like that.. this will end up deleted…

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diabolikscenario·17 days agoAnswer

NSFW- Can I ask for a scenario of Shu losing his virginity? (Always wanted to see one of the diaboys having sex for the first time)

I am crying bc Tumblr keeps on rejecting this?? and idk how to post it. Urgh sucks… Anyways I hope you like it. I had real trouble writing this Anon! ;o; <3

[⚠️NSFW ⚠]

Taking the virginity of the boys / 1st time

Character: SHU

Shu Sakamaki x Reader
What, you’re still a v!rgin?! It gushed out of your lungs. Shamefully, you covered your mouth with your right hand. That should have remained unspoken… Yes, you already guessed, but now he was fully upfront about it. Shu sighed and scratched his head in a carefree manner . Tsk, don’t be so noisy. And, what’s the big deal? Having sex.. that never really piqued my interest. It’s exhausting to do. Overall, don’t they say good things should remain untouched? So, now you know - can I leave?“ What a blatant lie. With these words, he grabbed his Headphones and got up from the sofa. Panic arised in your body, not knowing what to do. One part of your brain wanted to leave it be, while the other one had the urge to deflower him. You knew he was lying, recalling some spicy Magazines you found recently-  as well as a selfmade pocked vag hidden in the trash. His baths took longer than usual, and he started locking his damn room every night. You knew 100% he wanted to do it, more sooner than later.  In a rapid movement you shifted and grabbed onto his Shirt. "S-Shu, I-!” A grin formed on his lips while he brushed your hand off his body. “Haah? Don’t tell me you want to do it with me? Come on, that’s-” Interrupting and half screaming, you made it very clear. “Yes!” Shu’s eyes widened, trying to process this sudden outcome. After a few seconds of silence he blinked furiously, nodding in agreement. “Seems like you got me there. Come here.” Shu grabbed your sweaty wrist and flipped you around quickly. Suddenly pushed against the Sofa, you immediately lost your balance, landing face first on the cold and leathery armrest. A inaudable gasp escaped your throat. Your head slowly turned to the side, just to catch a glimpse of Shu’s red, flushy face. His breath was getting ragged and his trousers revealed a pretty spicy tent. The blonde slowly leaned down to your face and words started to fill the empty room. “Oi. I know what you’re thinking. That I don’t have experience and I don’t know what to do. But in reality I jacked off so many times to your face I know how to get myself going.” Your head was now all mush, the evidence of everything you suspected beforehand … It almost send you over the edge. Your sex now drenching your lacy panties, you just hoped Shu would take them off in no time. He slowly bit his lip as He reached for your skirt and panties. Your guts were tightening, your everything was extremly moist and now you just hoped he’d release himself inside of you. Quickly taking off your panties, he chuckled at this wonderful view. “Hah, so this is what anticipation looks like..” Shu pressed his fingertip against your entry, as you breathed heavily and tried to push his finger inside of you. Originally you wanted to go easy on him, but the thought of you being his first made you absolutely crazy. A whisper rolled off your tongue “Shu, please touch me. Touch me as much as you want. Use me, as you always imagined while you touched yourself.” Shu gulped hard, droplets of sweat forming on his forehead while fumbling around on his pants, just to reveal his hard and thick groin. Slowly pumping his manhood a few times, he moaned through his teeth. "I hope this will be as good as expected.” Placing his hot member on your entry, he immediately did what you asked for. In a quick movement, he pushed all his dick inside of you,  filling you with joy and excitement. Deeply moaning, Shu opened his eyes and tried to focus. “Oi. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t do this with anyone but me.” Shu started to move and quickly upped his pace. His arm was now wrapped around your Body as he pounded forward into the heat of your dripping canal. Slaps were filling the empty mansion, taking your joy to unlimited levels. Your orgasm was just around the corner, but you didn’t wanted to le go without letting HIM know. “S-Shu.. I’m gonna– If you keep up like this..” Hearing this, his hand cupped your face. Both your foreheads meeting, Shu whispered slowly. “Urgh. Let’s… Do this together then. I can’t go any longer…” After two more unsteady slaps, his hot manhood twitched a few times while shooting his load into your deepest bits. All that was left was a long moan filling the room. Just as you realized he actually said your name, your orgasm was kicking in and the sweet release you wanted was finally there. Shu slowly came to a halt, kissing your cheek tenderly. “Hm. I guess I am addicted starting today. But I am sleepy now, so let’s take a nap." 
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diabolikscenario·18 days agoAnswer

Hey, hey ~ Subaruuu! How fast can you make me cum? UwU


Time it takes to make someone c*m

Character: SUBARU

“W-What? What are you babbeling about? Don-Don’t come so near, get away from me I Said! Tch. Like hell I would fall for your tricks… You know I would easily make you loose control, why do you need evidence again? Hey, why are y– DON’T COME CLOSER! Ngh, urgh damn, if you keep going like this… Fuck that, fine. Shut up and spread your legs …I’ll show you once more. I am pent up since I woke up and I need to get off some steam either way.”

Admin: He’d be so fiddly It would take a while lol 😂.. Maybe abt 20mins with all the foreplay.

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diabolikscenario·18 days agoAnswer

A scenario where you're running away from ayato, only to be caught in a corner :3

( Could it be NSFW please~ )

Here we go anon, Ayato is my all time fav so I absolutely love writing about him! 🥺💕 Oresama deserves more love in my opinion. (And so does his D, lol)💦

[⚠️ NSFW ⚠️]

Running away just to get catched Ayato x Reader

Character: AYATO

“CHICHINASHI!? Oi! Are you trying to make fun of me? You know Oresama is faster than anyone else! Stop running!” Grasping for air, you stumbled around the next corner in the hallways of the dark mansion. The blood in your veins pulsed and you had the feeling that your legs would give up any given minute. Running away from Ayato was actually pointless, but you had accidentally eaten his portion of Takoyaki, which clearly meant the end of your life. Just when you thought you were way ahead the red-haired, you were pushed into next corner with a sudden bang. Shockingly shifting your gaze, you looked into wide open green orbs - sparkling with sudden rage and excitement. Ayato chuckled while licking his canines in anticipation. “Tsk. That was an pathetic attempt. You can’t outrun Oresama, ya know? Oi, you do know my stamina by now, don’t you? You should know better, how incredibly dumb you are.” Ayato slowly approached your throat, only to trail along slowly with his wet tongue. “Chichinashi. You ate my food. Ya know, you have to bring this in order now. You don’t want your Oresama to starve, do you?” This whole situation sent shivers down your spine, only to form sudden sparks in your innermost sex. Without even realizing, you let out a small and cute sigh. “Tsk, Oi! Chichinashi, are you getting off to this? Hah, there is no one better than me I guess.” Ayato laughed suddenly, while trailing your hand to his still clothed, but already hard dick. Squeezing both your hand and his rod, he moaned in anticipation. “Let’s make up for making me run around the house, alright? Chi-chi-na-shi ♪.” The red haired leaned in to delicately kiss your forehad, only to push your head into deeper areas. Finally sitting on your knees, your face stopped in front of his crotch. Ayato smirked and caressed your chin with his left hand. “Make Oresama feel good, and don’t you dare to stop until I finish up.” The clicking of a belt followed, only to press his hard and hot arousal against your lips seconds later. Precum already oozed off the red and thick head, just waiting to be licked off by you. The red haired bit his lip while looking into your devoted and sparkly eyes. “Oi, open up for me. I am about to burst, I didn’t get off for days. Make sure not to waste any drop of my royal juice.”

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