Being dyslexic black on white writing looks like a dead insect died across a page I copy and paste on a color background so I can read

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directheat-stuff·9 hours agoText


Great job being done by Dr. Nicole Saphier on @FoxNews!

-President Donald J. Trump

Our Analysis

There is a 51% chance that Donald Trump wrote this tweet himself.

This is tweet number 1072 mentioning Fox News or Fox & Friends from @realdonaldtrump – 551 since inauguration.

Word probabilities: 73/26 (Trump/Staff)
Time probabilities: 45/54 (Trump/Staff)
Metadata probabilities: 42/57 (Trump/Staff)
Posted at: Mon Apr 6 23:39:01 2020 EDT [Link]
Tweet Source: Twitter for iPhone

The most informative terms in this tweet were:
great (Trump, 1.4:1), job (Trump, 1.5:1), done (Trump, 4.5:1), @foxnews (Trump, 2.4:1), ! (Trump, 1.3:1)

A computer sees the following emotions in this tweet (NRC):
{‘positive’: 1}

Grade level of this tweet (Flesch-Kincaid): 1.7

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directheat-stuff·9 hours agoText


Does My County Have an Epidemic? Estimates Show Hidden Transmission


No one else could have done this to us, put us under siege like this. Only trump and Republicons.

Failed public notification, failed transparency, failed testing, failed implementation of every one of the few options for protection.

So many lies, followed by recommendations to pop a magic drug, dangerous and unproven for this use, which some people actually need for effective medical management but can no longer get.

This map pictures our nation’s enemies within. Failed federal government in favor of the mystical stupidity of right-wing populism, trump, Fox, and conservative pundits.

We are the richest nation on the earth, but our Republicon oligarchic economy failed after one missed paycheck.

We have a massive and massively expensive military which is useless to meet our risks from terrorism and disease. Under trump, our intelligence community is oppressed and ignored and can do nothing to protect us, up against the brick wall of whatever trump prefers to hear.

Now we’re under siege, and millions of us will sicken and die in hideously underfunded public health and a vicious, extreme lack of every tool and resource our medical professionals need to stay in the fight to help us.

Our scientists and experts have been muzzled, defunded, fired, and oppressed. Our empowered fundamentalist churches lead their flocks to slaughter because they won’t loosen their lucrative grip, and pause their battles against science, information, and education.

We have organized chaos and internecine bidding wars instead of organized response.

This is what this country looks like as Republicons protect their priorities: trump, their power, their corporate donors, their position at the teetering top of our vast wealth inequality, and their conservative agenda of radical judges, with indifference toward protecting our unity of states, our nation, or our people.

We are a rich and powerful country which used to lead the world toward better aims, toppled to our knees by determined extremes of greed, sociopathy, and corruption, all perfectly represented right now by Republicon leadership, which has effectively flung open the doors to disease and poverty for our masses.

Those masses are us, in whole states of communities, with more to come.

The Republicons are still busy, even now, with deporting the hopeful, ravaging the country and the world with pollution, suppressing our democracy, installing a pro-fascist, anti-democratic judiciary determined to curtail our civic, physical, environmental, and economic rights and security, while at the same time, Republicons block all but the stingiest, putative, dilatory relief of any country of means in the world.

We will die by the hundreds of thousands, and possibly by the millions. We are dying under Republicons.

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happy disabled selfie night!!!!

my disabilities aren’t something i talk about often so i really appreciate nights like these because they make me feel less alone. along with depression and anxiety, i also suffer from a rare genetic disorder called ehlers-danlos syndrome, which causes me to have chronic joint pain. luckily, all these things have improved for me recently, but there are still very hard days. i know this is a scary time for me and probably everyone but we are in this together!!!!

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For a school project we had to research and share information about avocado farming in Mexico. Have a poster.

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