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Sometimes a girl just wants to be choked, slapped, and fucked by daddy, you know? I’ve got a filthy mind and a daddy that knows what to do with it. Unsolicited pictures will result in being blocked. Just ask, I’ll say yes. I do not Snapchat or Kik. All of my communication will be on here. All of my original content is under #me. Any questions? Look under the tag #frequentlyaskedquestions .Look at my posts and my likes. Come in and take a peak 18+ NSFW💋

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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

dirtylittledollface·4 hours agoText


Please don’t send me long, explicit messages with detailed verbage about raping me. This is how you get blocked. Just because I’m open about my sexuality and kinks does not make it okay to send me messages about sexually assaulting me. If you want to have a conversation, that’s fine, but to begin our first interaction with a story of how you will rape me is not okay.

Just a casual reminder that I’m a person.

Doll xo

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dirtylittledollface·18 hours agoText

Life is way too short to not be fucked on the hood of your car in the driveway at 2am. Sorry neighbors, I know I can be very loud , but at least after I came twice we went inside.

Daddy came inside me and then made me sit on the car so he could watch it slowly leak out of my pussy and ass. My brand new lingerie didn’t make it, but that’s okay. I got to stare at the moon and stars while he fucked me, my naked body both hot and cold from the car. Despite the lateness of the hour, there were so many cars driving by, I felt headlights hit my skin a dozen times. It’s so exhilarating knowing that you’re being watched, every time a car drove by he would smack my tits or face and call me a “filthy cum slut” and my pussy would just clench so sweetly knowing I was being used as his fuck Doll. My nipples were so hard from the chill of the night and he kept biting them so hard while choking me, tears would come to my eyes from the overstimulation. Once he was satisfied that both of my holes were filled and leaking, we went inside so he could put a plug inside, holding his cum inside me.

He took a seat in his chair and I took mine on my knees in front of him. He told me to make up for the time we had been apart and suck his cock until he was satisfied. Time got fuzzy from there, but he told me I was there for over an hour and that I swallowed him twice. He stands up and throws me over his shoulder and carries me to the bed where he ties my legs to the bedpost with rope. With another silk piece he blindfolds me. He keeps my legs spread and I feel his gaze on me, driving me insane. I hear his footsteps leave the room and in my hazy state I hear the front door open and moments later close again. His footsteps return and I feel his thumb graze my lips and I suck it gently. He squeezes my mouth open and shoves my panties that had been ripped apart outside in my mouth to gag me. His hands move down to my tits where he roughly gropes and slaps them repeatedly until they’re warm from the abuse. His hand travels down farther and gently caresses my pussy before giving it the harshest slap ive ever felt. My body bucks and he pins my hips down, continuing his slaps on my pussy. “Filthy slut, you’re dripping from me slapping you. I bet I could make you cum this way”. He wasn’t wrong. My poor little pussy is so sore from all of the attention, but regardless I still came all over his palm. At this point I’ve blacked out and regain consciousness only when I feel lotion being applied to my tortured skin. The ties, the gag, and the blindfold have all been removed, all that’s remaining is the marks littered all over my body from our 4 hour sex-marathon.

I’m not entirely sure how I’m supposed to work tomorrow after what my body went through, but it was totally worth it 💋

Doll xo

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dirtylittledollface·19 hours agoText


What if I spooned you with my hand wrapped around your neck then slowly slid myself inside you. Then kept softly fucking you until you sleepily begged me to cum

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dirtylittledollface·a day agoPhoto

Where is she and how can I love her?

Doll xo

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dirtylittledollface·a day agoText

What am I thinking about?

Getting absolutely ruined tonight. I want to be edged all night until I’m crying and begging. He needs to choke me and spit in my mouth while I maintain constant eye contact. I want to worship his cock for an hour. Just sucking and licking his huge, fat cock until I’m cock drunk. I want him to rip off my lingerie and spread me open and spank my little pussy. I want him to just use me like the fuck doll I am. I want to hear him on the phone with his friends telling them to come over and play with me.

It’s not too much to ask, right?

Doll xo

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dirtylittledollface·a day agoPhoto


BILL NYE can’t stress the importance of Climate Change enough

This is your friendly, neighborhood scientist reminding you to trust science!

Doll xo

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dirtylittledollface·a day agoAnswer

So did you get pussy or ass fucked first? And every surface covered? 😈

His flight got delayed yesterday so he won’t be home until tonight 😓

So I basically fucked myself all around the house, but it just wasn’t the same, you know?

Doll x

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